InterPrep PRO – January 15, 2021

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• Margaret O’Brien (Meet Me In St. Louis) is 83

• Actor-director Mario Van Peebles is 64

• Chad Lowe is 53

• Regina King is 50

• Eddie Cahill (Conviction, CSI: New York) is 43

• Quarterback Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) is 42

• Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie, The Descendants) is 25


• 1889: The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, was originally incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia.

• 1892: James Naismith published the rules for basketball.

• 1967: In the first ever Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10. Tickets to the first Super Bowl ranged from $6 to $12.

• 2009: The Miracle on the Hudson. US Airways flight 1549 made an emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River. No one was injured.

• 2011 Wikipedia turned ten.

• 2018: US Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Simone Biles said she was one of more than 130 women sexually abused by former team doctor Larry Nassar.


• Wikipedia Day

• Bean Day

• Humanitarian Day (Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday)

• Bagel Day

• Hat Day

• Thank Your Mentor Day

• Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

• Strawberry Ice Cream Day



• Country singer Ronnie Milsap is 78. Country singer Jim Stafford is 77. Radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is 74. Director John Carpenter is 73. Debbie Allen is 71. David Chokachi is 53. Kate Moss is 48. Lin-Manuel Miranda is 42. James Young of The Eli Young Band is 41.

• Appreciate A Dragon Day. Bald Eagle Appreciation Days. Civil Service Day. Fig Newton Day. Nothing Day. Quinoa Day. Use Your Gift Card Day. Religious Freedom Day. International Hot and Spicy Food Day.


• Betty White is 99. James Earl Jones is 90. Maury Povich is 82. Joanna David is 74. Steve Earle is 66. Steve Harvey is 64. Susanna Hoffs is 62. Jim Carrey is 59. Denis O’Hare is 59. Michelle Obama is 57. Naveen Andrews is 52. Kid Rock is 50. Maksim Chmerkovskiy is 41. Zooey Deschanel is 41. Dwayne Wade is 39. Jonathan Keltz is 33. Kelly Marie Tran is 32. Jake Paul is 24.

• International Mentoring Day. Kid Inventors Day. Bootleggers Day. Popeye Day. World Religion Day. World Snow Day. Hot Buttered Rum Day.


61 billion: Tea bags used by the British every year.


Melania Trump is reportedly breaking tradition by not inviting the incoming First Lady to the White House. [However, Melania will leave behind a leftover casserole in the fridge.]

Police in the UK are looking for two men who robbed a driver and then tried to carjack his vehicle, but had to flee on foot because neither knew how to operate a stick shift. [If there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s people who don’t know how to do their job.]

A study found a link between sugary soft drinks and pancreatic cancer. [So let me see if I have this straight — the Jack Daniels is still okay as long as I don’t mix it with Coke.]

Two police officers from rural Virginia are facing federal charges for their alleged role in the Capitol riot. [“Sorry fellas, I’m gonna have to ask each of you to hand over your bullet.”]

Nearly one in four women say they wish their man had better table manners. [Guys — always remove your shoes before putting your feet on the dinner table.]

According to a study, babies born smaller than normal tend to have lower incomes as adults. [This doesn’t mean that babies born much larger than normal have higher incomes as adults. Otherwise, Sumo wrestlers would be able to afford to buy clothes instead of wearing diapers.]

Valentine’s Day is in a few days. [I’ll be giving my wife candy that I hand-picked from the very best stuff we had left over from Halloween.]

2020 set another global temperature record. [We’re living in one big tanning salon.]


THE RICHER YOU ARE, THE MORE LIKELY YOU’LL SOCIAL DISTANCE _ A new study found the higher a person’s income, the more likely they were to protect themselves at the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Johns Hopkins University economists found people who made around $230,000 a year were as much as 54 percent more likely to increase self-protective behaviors compared to people making about $13,000.

… The research team found it was much easier for people with more money to take extra safety measures. Higher-income individuals were more likely to report being able to work from home and more likely to have transitioned to telework instead of losing their job. The researchers found the ability to telework emerged as a huge predictor of whether someone would social distance. Compared to somebody who continued to work, people able to telework were 24 percent more likely to social distance.

YES, KEEP YOUR MASK ON WHEN YOU SNEEZE _ It appears there’s some confusion about what to do when you’re wearing a mask and you need to sneeze. As Matt Karolian noted on Twitter, a man at the recent impeachment vote pulled down his mask to sneeze into his hand, which is exactly the opposite of what you are supposed to do. The purpose of wearing your mask is to keep your personal respiratory droplets out of the air that other people may breathe. If you need to sneeze, keep the mask on AND sneeze into your elbow or a tissue through the mask. If the inside of your mask is now unbearably gross, change your mask.

TRUMPS WILL BE GONE BY INAUGURATION DAY _ Except for Donald and Melania, the Trump family will reportedly be out of Washington D.C. before inauguration day. A source claims that since none of the Trump family is attending Joe Biden’s swearing in, the plan is for the Trump kids and their significants to be out of D.C. before the break of dawn on January 20. The source says Donald and Melania will spend the night in the White House then jet off to Florida hours before the swearing in time of noon.

AUSTRALIA TO KILL PIGEON THAT CROSSED PACIFIC FROM OREGON _ A racing pigeon survived an extraordinary 8,000-mile Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia. Now authorities consider the bird a quarantine risk and plan to kill it. Kevin Celli-Bird said Thursday he discovered the exhausted bird that arrived in his Melbourne backyard on December 26 had disappeared from a race in Oregon on October 29. Experts suspect the pigeon — which Celli-Bird has named Joe, after the U.S. president-elect — hitched a ride on a cargo ship to cross the Pacific. Joe’s feat attracted the attention of the Australian media but also of the notoriously strict Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Celli-Bird said quarantine authorities called him on Thursday to ask him to catch the bird. He told them he’s not been able to get close and that quarantine authorities are considering contracting a professional bird catcher.

… The Agriculture Department, which is responsible for biosecurity, said the pigeon was “not permitted to remain in Australia” because it “could compromise Australia’s food security and our wild bird populations.”

… In 2015, the government threatened to euthanize two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, after they were smuggled into the country by Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Faced with a 50-hour deadline to leave Australia, the dogs made it out in a chartered jet.

… Celli-Bird said the Oklahoma-based American Racing Pigeon Union had confirmed that Joe was registered to an owner in Montgomery, Alabama. Celli-Bird said he had attempted to contact the owner, but had so far been unable to get through. Hello… Facebook?

INSTANT HAPPINESS BOOSTER: WALKING WITH FOCUS _ Fully immersing yourself in the art of walking, instead of allowing your mind to wander, can actually make you happier. That’s based on a Harvard study that found that the more distracted people are while doing tasks — even mundane ones like washing the dishes — the less happy they are at that moment.

… Researchers have found that our brain’s “default mode” tends to be a state of contemplation; we think about the past to learn from it, or the future to prepare for it, instead of being in the present. Unfortunately, we don’t feel as good in that default mode, so we actually have to make a concerted effort to be present in the moment — a concept called mindfulness.

MORE AMERICANS ARE USING FULL-SIZED DUMPSTERS TO DE-CLUTTER _ There are an estimated 60,000 storage facilities in the United States. Not individual storage units — storage buildings, each with dozens or hundreds of storage units. So, obviously, we’re a nation of hoarders.

… Our homes and storage units are filling up so now Americans are renting full-sized construction dumpsters to de-clutter. People are having the giant dumpsters dropped in their driveway and filling them up with years of stuff accumulated in basements, attics, garages and spare bedrooms. In fact, some dumpster companies are even marketing direct to home consumers.

… By the way, most in-demand city for self-storage units is Houston.

HERE ARE THE BEST AND WORST STATES TO RAISE A FAMILY IN 2021 _ Some states are better for raising a family than others. At least that’s what multiple experts at the personal finance website WalletHub have determined with their Best & Worst States to Raise a Family report for 2021. WalletHub’s report analyzed the 50 U.S. states in five categories, which were broken down “across 52 key indicators of family-friendliness,” including family fun, health and safety, education and child care, affordability and socio-economics.

… In ascending order, the top five states to raise a family are Vermont, New York, North Dakota, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

… On the opposite side of WalletHub’s list, the bottom five states for families are Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, Mississippi and New Mexico (50th).

PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS ANGRY MAY HAVE A SMALLER ‘EMOTIONAL BRAIN’ _ If you’re always angry and prone to rage attacks, researchers say you have a smaller “emotional brain”. Researchers concluded that people with this condition, called intermittent explosive disorder, have less gray matter in the so-called frontolimbic regions of the brain, structures that regulate emotions. Researchers (University of Chicago) say intermittent explosive disorder is defined as “recurrent, problematic, impulsive aggression.”

THE MOON IS NOT MADE OF CHEESE _ 2020 census data will be released this spring. Which reminds me of this strange-but-true census story. Back in 1988, the U.S. census bureau determined that a stunning 13 percent of the population believed that some portion of the earth’s moon is actually comprised of cheese.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: THE INSIDE OF YOUR COFFEE MAKER IS DISGUSTING _ Your coffee machine could be one of the dirtiest parts of your kitchen if not cleaned often. Bacteria, yeast, and mold could be growing in your machine because of irregular cleaning, and those little devils don’t discriminate — it doesn’t matter whether you have a coffee pot, a Keurig, or a fancy espresso machine.

… Researchers say the part of the machine that stores water is the biggest culprit of disgustingness: half of the coffee reservoirs tested contained mold and yeast. The intense heat from the machine will kill some of the bacteria, but it’s not saving you from all of it.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEF FORCE-FED BANANAS TO FIND SWALLOWED LOOT _ A man had denied snatching a gold chain from a woman on the street in Mumbai, India, but X-rays indicated he had swallowed it to conceal his crime. Initially an enema was administered to try and retrieve the jewelry. When this failed, officers resorted to a more unorthodox technique: he was fed more than 40 bananas throughout the day. A police spokesman said, “Eventually the chain was found. We made him wash and disinfect it.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLARS COOK LUNCH, DRINK, LOOK AT ADULT SITES _ Burglars broke into a home in Hungary, cooked up some lunch, looked at some adult websites on a computer, then drank some expensive alcohol before running off after being disturbed.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN USED DEAD DAD’S PENSION ON BOOZE _ A Romanian faced charges for keeping the body of his dead dad in the house for three weeks so he could use his pension to buy

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRONE TO THE RESCUE _ Four adults and a 6-month-old baby had driven to see the Blencoe Falls in Queensland, Australia. Coming back down, only about 12.4 miles from the bottom, they crossed one of the many creeks and unfortunately swamped the car. Stranded, one of the men tried to call for help but had no signal. But he did have a drone. He typed an SOS text message, attached the phone to the drone, and sent it up. When he brought the drone back down he confirmed the message had been sent, which raised the alarm and alerted rescuers.



MACGYVER (8p ET, CBS) — New.

SHARK TANK (8p ET, ABC) — New. Products include a twist on traditional sauces and a vibrant beauty and lifestyle brand that celebrates the creators’ multicultural heritage.



20/20 (9p ET, ABC) — A new, 2-hour edition

MAGNUM P.I. (9p ET, CBS) — New. As a major hurricane hits the Island, Magnum and his friends find shelter inside La Mariana, along with two armed killers. Roger E. Mosley, who played TC in the Original Magnum, P.I., returns.


ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI (Amazon Prime) — Regina King directs this fact-based film. After winning the heavyweight title in 1964, boxer Cassius Clay (Eli Goree) gathers his friends and fellow icons – NFL star Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), singer Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.) and activist Malcolm X (KingsleyBen-Adir) – for a celebration. Their meeting includes an in-depth discussion about their lives, passions, beliefs and roles in the civil rights movement.

WANDAVISION (Disney+) — The Avengers’ Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprise their MCU roles in this new superhero series. Picking up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda Maximoff (Olsen) and Vision (Bettany) find themselves living super-normal suburban lives. But they can’t remember where they came from or how they got there. Once they travel through decades, they begin to realize that things aren’t quite as “normal” as they seem. Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings, Randall Park, and Kathryn Hahn also star.

SEASON PREMIERE: CARMEN SANDIEGO (Netflix) — Gina Rodriguez returns as the voice of Carmen for the third season of this animated series.

SEASON PREMIERE: DISENCHANTMENT (Netflix) — This animated fantasy comedy is back for a 3rd season.

OUTSIDE THE WIRE (Netflix) — Anthony Mackie (The Avengers) stars in this new action thriller that’s set in the future and follows a drone pilot (Damson Idris) who teams up with an android soldier (Mackie) to help locate a doomsday device.

SEASON PREMIERE: SERVANT (Apple TV+) — The nanny (Nell Tiger Free) returns in the second season of M. Night Shyamalan’s mystery drama. Lauren Ambrose also stars.


NFC DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF (4:30p ET, FOX) — The L.A. Rams take on the Packers in Green Bay.   

AFC DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF (8p ET, NBC) — The Baltimore Ravens play the Bills in Buffalo.


AFC DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF (3p ET, CBS) — The Cleveland Browns take on the Chiefs in Kansas City.

NFC DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF (6:40p ET, FOX) — Tom Brady and Drew Brees meet again as Tampa Bay takes on the Saints in New Orleans.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES (8p ET, CBS) — New. NCIS must track down an organized crime leader who is trying to buy stolen defense technology. Gerald McRaney and Erik Palladino guest star.

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE (8p ET, ABC) — New. Karamo Brown plays for charity.

SEASON PREMIERE: BATWOMAN (8p ET, CW) — Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me) takes over the title role from Ruby Rose, who left the show after one season. After Kate Kane mysteriously disappears, Ryan Wilder (Leslie), a homeless martial arts expert, stumbles upon the Batsuit.

PREMIERE: MISS SCARLET AND THE DUKE ON MASTERPIECE (8p ET, PBS) — Kate Phillips (The Crown) and Stuart Martin star in this new series set in 1882 Victorian London. Eliza Scarlet (Phillips) is the daughter of renowned London private detective Henry Scarlet. After Henry suddenly dies, a heartbroken Eliza discovers his considerable debts, and her only option for survival is to take on the family business.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (9p ET, CBS) — New. The team investigates the murder of a Navy therapist, with a high level of security clearance, who was working around the system to get justice for victims of sexual assault.


THE ROOKIE (10p ET, ABC) — New. Nolan’s mom makes an unannounced visit that complicates his life. Brandon Routh begins his recurring role as Officer Doug Stanton.


IN THEATERS _ In select theaters this weekend:

Some Kind of Heaven, a documentary about Florida’s The Villages retirement community.

MLK/FBI, a documentary about the surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Dig starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes.

• The Romanian documentary Acasa, My Home.

U.S. BOX OFFICE PLUMMETS 80% _ North American box office revenues in 2020 hit a 40-year low, struggling to reach $2.2 billion in total amid the coronavirus crisis. Movie theaters were forced to stay closed for a significant portion of the year beginning in late March and struggled to recover when some cinemas were able to reopen months later in August. That resulted in an 80 percent year-over-year decline from 2019. Box office returns from January 1 through December 31, 2019 brought in a near-record $11.39 billion, thanks to the smash success of Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

… Worldwide returns suffered a similar drop, with global ticket sales totaling $12.4 billion — a 71 percent slide from the year prior. In 2019, the global box office cemented a new industry high as worldwide receipts surpassed $42.5 billion.

FULL TRAILER FOR CHERRY STARRING TOM HOLLAND _ The last time Tom Holland teamed up with the Russo brothers, it was on the highest-grossing movie in the history of cinema, but their latest collaboration is about as far away from Avengers: Endgame as you could possibly get. Instead, they’ll be gunning for awards season glory, with Cherry ticking all of the boxes required of a prestige drama. Based on an acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel, the Spider-Man star plays Nico Walker, a young and innocent man who enlists in the army and returns home from the front lines a completely different person. Suffering from undiagnosed PTSD and an opioid addiction, he turns to robbing banks in order to fund his habit, while desperately trying to keep his relationship with his childhood sweetheart intact. • VIDEO

… AppleTV+ reportedly shelled out a huge amount of money to secure the distribution rights, and the movie will screen in theaters for two weeks beginning from the 28th of February in order to meet the criteria that any project needs at least some form of theatrical release in order to be considered eligible for the Oscars.

THE MANDALORIAN BEATS THE OFFICE IN STREAMING _ With the help of a de-aged and reanimated legendary Jedi, Disney+’s The Mandalorian finally triumphed over visual comfort food favorite The Office. For the week of December 14 — in which the Season 2 finale of the Star Wars spinoff series delivered a healthy heap of fanservice in its surprise cameo and plot twist reveal — The Mandalorian blasted off to the top spot of Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming programs list, edging out the always-popular workplace sitcom The Office, led by Steve Carell. This win marks the first time that a non-Netflix show landed at number one on Nielsen’s streaming ranker.

TOM CRUISE DID NOT BRING COVID-19 ROBOTS TO THE SET OF MI7 _ There’s a story making the rounds that sounds too good to be true. Here’s the gist: Tom Cruise apparently brought a pair of terrifying robots to the set of Mission: Impossible 7 to guard against COVID-19.

… As you probably recall, Tom made headlines recently when he angrily berated certain crew members on the Mission: Impossible 7 set who were ignoring COVID-19 safety protocols. Now there’s an addendum to that, insinuating that Cruise is so determined to make sure no one else messes up again that he shelled out a ton of money for some COVID-19 robots. The robots are said to be “an intimidating reminder to obey the COVID safety rules when filming resumes.” But on top of that, the alleged Cruise-bots can also “administer on-the-spot tests to staff.”

… The rumor about Tom Cruise’s COVID-bots comes from The Sun, which is a tabloid.

TYLER PERRY EARNS HONORARY OSCAR _ Actor, filmmaker and philanthropist Tyler Perry is getting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, an Oscar statuette, at the 93rd Oscars ceremony in the spring. The Motion Picture & Television Fund, which provides emotional and financial support to entertainment industry members and their families during times of need, will also receive the award. This year’s Oscars event is scheduled to air April 25 on ABC.

CHRIS EVANS REACTS TO CAPTAIN AMERICA REPORTS _ As fans await the return of Marvel Cinematic Universe films to theaters, a bomb of a news story dropped Thursday that reported that Chris Evans is in talks to potentially return as Captain America in the MCU. After the news report hit some pretty mainstream websites, Chris Evans tweeted: “News to me.” The message was accompanied by a shrugging emoji.

GAGA SINGS FOR BIDEN, SOPRANOS MOVIE DELAYED AND MORE _ The inaugural committee for President-elect Joe Biden has unveiled the lineup for next Wednesday’s event, and it includes not one but two music superstars: Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem and Jennifer Lopez will perform.

SOPRANOS SEQUEL FILM IS MOVED _ The Sopranos prequel film The Many Saints of Newark has been pushed back from a March 12 big-screen release to September 24. The movie is also scheduled to debut on HBO Max the same day it hits theaters.

JEFF BRIDGES SAYS HIS TUMOR HAS ‘DRASTICALLY SHRUNK’ _ Jeff Bridges has shared that his tumor has “drastically shrunk.” The screen legend revealed his lymphoma diagnosis three months ago, and shared an update with fans this week, telling them he was “elated” after his CAT scan showed a significant reduction in the size of the cancerous mass. He wrote on his website: “January 6th I go in for CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumor. Turns out it’s working beautifully.”

SIEGFRIED FISCHBACHER OF SIEGFRIED AND ROY DEAD AT 81 _ Siegfried Fischbacher, one-half of the flamboyant big cat illusionist act Siegfried and Roy, died Wednesday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 81. Fischbacher was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and recently underwent an operation to remove a tumor. He was released from the hospital earlier this month and had been under hospice care at home. The perpetually tanned magic man’s death comes less than a year after the passing of his longtime stage partner, Roy Horn, due to complications from COVID-19.

… In 2003, Horn suffered a gory career-ending injury when Mantacore, a 400-pound Siberian tiger, sunk its teeth into his neck during a live performance — on his 59th birthday — at the Mirage hotel-casino.

ANIMAL KINGDOM RENEWED FOR A SIXTH AND FINAL SEASON _ TNT has ordered a sixth and final season of the hit crime drama Animal Kingdom ahead of its Season 5 debut this summer.


Find these on the Pro Audio page.


Jennifer Lawrence


Share the story of how you left something on top of your car and drove off. Prime the phones with one of these real callers.


The Ridgewood, New Jersey, mayor talks about a pickleball noise problem. (1/13)


No Time To Die is reportedly delayed until fall.


Mike Tyson. Play the clip, see if your cohost or listeners can guess.


January 12 Wacky-But-True: People find over $600 on the floor of an ATM booth.



Ever text someone and you get an auto-reply that says, “I’m driving”?

I (you) texted a friend yesterday and this came back: “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb While Driving turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going. (I’m not receiving notifications. If this is urgent, reply “urgent” to send a notification through with your original message.)”

So I replied with “urgent” and told him I needed him to pick me up a six-pack ASAP.


One thing no one ever talks about being an adult is how much time you debate yourself on keeping a cardboard box because it’s, like, a really good box.


An online survey of 9,000 women discovered what makes up the perfect man. Here’s the list. Guys, put a check mark next to what you have covered…

__ Athletic

__ Has a graduate degree

__ Makes between $150,000 to $200,000 a year

__ Green eyes

__ Brown hair


Some of the new courses being offered for the Spring semester at (local) Community College:

• Course #HIS024: U.S. History Since About an Hour Ago

• Course #GEO222: Countries That Are Orange on Maps

• Course #FRH106: Elementary French Toast

• Course #ARC123: Designing Modern Cities Using Legos

• Course #MAT185: Mathematics So Hard That No One Can Do It

• Course #PHY276: Hypnotizing Your Pets


TRIVIA: The U.S. has nearly 15,000; Brazil has 3,803; Russia has 2,609; and Mexico has 1,827. What? (Airports)

TRIVIA: Within the space of three hours, inventor Walter Hunt of New York City conceived the idea for this, made a model and sold his patent rights for $100. What? (The safety pin)


• Life insurance policy (1792) or the umbrella (1740)

• Shopping mall (1922) or tattoo shop (1846)

• Microwave (1947) or the waffle iron (1869)


Guess the word that’s missing from this real news headline: “FLORIDA RESIDENTS CALL POLICE WHEN THEY SEE ______ DRIVING AROUND THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD!”

A) Vladimir Putin
B) Gorilla
C) Tank*

Video on social media showed what looked like a military tank driving around a Florida (Palmetto Bay) neighborhood on Sunday. Some residents wondered if the tank was part of a military operation. But a spokesperson with the Florida National Guard said the tank was not part of its fleet, and military experts said the tank appeared to be a British combat vehicle. The matter was cleared up by police: “The vehicle belongs to a private collector of decommissioned, surplus military items. The vehicle in question is demilitarized and unarmed. It was purchased as a collector item and was being delivered to the owner at the time that the video circulating social media was taken.”



• Kevin Costner is 66

• Comedian Dave Attell is 56

• Actor-wrestler Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer in Marvel films) is 52

• Jesse L. Martin (The Flash, Law and Order) is 52

• Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Freaks and Geeks) is 41

• Ashleigh Murray (Riverdale) is 33

• Zeeko Zaki (FBI, 24: Legacy) is 31


• 1964: Plans were revealed for the World Trade Center in New York City.

• 1993: For the first time the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was officially observed in all 50 United States states.

• 1996: Australian scientists who claimed to have contacted life on other planets stumbled on the real source of the signals — a microwave oven in the kitchen of their laboratory.

• 1996: After 20 months of marriage Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Jackson.

• 2008: In Berlin, Germany, a burglar broke into an apartment to rob it. But when he got inside he found something completely unexpected — a body. The burglar called police from within the apartment, hung up and left. Officers discovered the 64-year-old resident dead in his bedroom. The man had passed away two weeks earlier.

• 2018: The first drone rescue of swimmers was used by lifeguards in New South Wales, Australia.


• Martin Luther King Jr. Day

• Disc Jockey Day

• Thesaurus Day

• Gourmet Coffee Day

• Peking Duck Day

• Winnie the Pooh Day, on the birthday of Winnie’s author A.A. Milne.