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• Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey) is 75

• First Lady Jill Biden is 70

• TV journalist Anderson Cooper is 54

• Vik Sahay (Chuck) is 50

• Nikki M. James (The Good Wife) is 40

• Tennis pro Rafael Nadal is 35

• Anne Winters (13 Reasons Why, Grand Hotel) is 27


1888: The poem Casey at the Bat, by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, was published in the San Francisco Examiner.

• 1964: The Rolling Stones debuted on U.S. television on Hollywood Palace. Dean Martin hosted the show.

• 1980: The NBA Board of Governors voted to make the 3-point goal a permanent part of pro basketball.

• 1981: Pope John Paul II left a Rome hospital and returned to the Vatican three weeks after an attempt on his life.

• 1982: Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion, Graceland, opened as a tourist attraction.

• 1989: China’s government sent troops to force protesters out of Tienanmen Square after seven weeks of occupation.

• 1997: Residents of the Dickinson, North Dakota, school district voted 2,035 to 569 to continue to call the high school sports teams the Dickinson Midgets. The name, chosen in the 1920s to honor a short basketball team, had been challenged by residents who felt it was inappropriate.

• 2005: An 8-inch french fry found by an Iowa bartender sold for nearly $200 on eBay. Mindy Marland said she was working at the Checkered Flag Bar & Grill when she spotted the unusually long french fry. Marland said she decided to sell it on eBay. Bids started at $1. By the time bidding ended, it had sold for $197.50. She also contacted the Guinness Book of Records after reading the record for the longest french fry was 6 3/4 inches.

• 2017: The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum opened in Springfield, Massachusetts.

• 2019: Jay-Z was named the world’s first billionaire rapper by Forbes magazine.


• Wonder Woman Day

• World Bicycle Day

• Chocolate Macaroon Day

• Egg Day

• Repeat Day

• Moonshine Day


10 billion: Donuts consumed by Americans each year.


A survey found the games that cause the most fights are Monopoly, Uno and Sorry. [In my family it was Drunk Darts that caused the most problems.]

A study found 53 percent of us die in our sleep. [I have a plan to die in my sleep and it involves movies with either Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel, or James Franco.]

President Biden has announced a National Month of Action to get more Americans vaccinated. [For a moment married guys were like, “Honey, it’s a national month of action — the president needs us to, uh, you know…”]

A study found only half of adult men brush their teeth at least twice a day. [I must confess I only brush when it’s convenient. Like when I’ve already got my toothbrush in my hand after cleaning the shower grout.]

Donald Trump’s blog failed to gain steam and has gone belly up. [Maybe he should try selling steaks.]

Donald Trump has shut down his blog after just 29 days. [I demand a recount. I’m pretty sure it only lasted 27 days.]

Walmart is having a huge Black Friday-like sale at the end of the month. [Perfect timing — I just paid off the credit card from last Christmas.]

A 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl broke into a Florida home, found weapons and opened fire on deputies. [Worst TikTok challenge ever.]


NASA WILL SEND TWO MISSIONS TO VENUS BY 2030 _ At the start of last year, NASA awarded four teams $3 million each to develop potential missions the space agency could expand into full-fledged expeditions. It now plans to move forward with two of those projects, and there’s a shared Venus theme between them.

… The first of those is called the Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry and Imaging, or DAVINCI+ for short. The craft will travel to Venus to snap high-resolution photos of the planet’s surface and its unique geological features.

… The second mission, VERITAS or Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy, will travel to the planet to create detailed, three-dimensional maps of its surface using special radar. It will also track infrared emissions from the surface to map the makeup of its rocks, which is something scientists don’t know a lot about.

WALMART IS DOING BLACK FRIDAY IN JUNE _ Walmart has just announced Deals for Days June 20-23. During Deals for Days, Walmart says customers will find Black Friday-like savings on top items.

HIKER INJURED TRYING TO STOP MAN’S 500-FOOT PLUNGE _ A California hiker survived a 30-foot fall Monday after trying to stop a companion from plunging off a mountain ridge in Sequoia National Park. Rescue crews were able to pull the woman to safety from a ledge, but the man she was trying to save fell 500 feet to his death. She’d grabbed the man when he lost his balance and they both fell. Another hiker in the group used a GPS beacon to call for help.

DONALD TRUMP’S BLOG SHUTTERED AFTER 29 DAYS _ Donald Trump launched his blog last month, touting it as a “place to speak freely and safely.” But this week the former president ordered his team to shut down the site. It was up for just 29 days. An insider — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — revealed that Trump didn’t like that his blog was “being mocked” and “had so few readers.”

JUST TWO SERVINGS OF FRUIT A DAY CAN SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER DIABETES RISK _ It’s no secret that fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. However, a new study finds the right amount of your favorite berries and melons can also stop diabetes in its tracks. Researchers (Edith Cowan University) say eating at least two daily servings of fruit each day can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 36 percent. Their findings reveal people consuming that much fruit regularly display higher levels of insulin sensitivity in comparison to those eating less than half a serving of fruit each day.

OBVIOUS: PANDEMIC LOCKDOWNS TIED TO LOWER CRIME IN MANY CITIES _ Stay-at-home policies put into effect to help control the spread of COVID-19 were linked with a 37 percent average reduction in crime in 27 cities across 23 countries. According to the study robberies and thefts fell the most — by 46 percent — perhaps as people stayed at home instead of going to work. Homicides fell 14 percent.

FDA: DON’T EAT CICADAS IF YOU HAVE SEAFOOD ALLERGIES _ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning for those interested in sampling cuisine containing Brood X cicadas: stay away if you’re allergic to seafood. The FDA tweeted Wednesday that people with allergies to seafood should steer clear of eating cicadas because of their relation to sea creatures. The FDA tweeted: “We have to say it. Don’t eat #cicadas if you’re allergic to seafood as these insects share a family relation to shrimp and lobsters.”

🔈 THE NAME ‘KAREN’ PLUMMETED IN POPULARITY IN 2020 _ Baby names don’t tend to move too dramatically on the popularity list from one year to the next, but there are notable exceptions. Katrina and Isis, for example, fell off the Top 1,000 ranking after negative news coverage around those names (the hurricane for the former and the terrorist group for the latter). The latest data from the Social Security Administration highlights another special case: Karen. In 2020, Karen fell 171 spots on the popularity list to No. 831 (down from No. 660 in 2019). Last year, only 325 baby girls were named Karen in the U.S., compared to 439 in 2019.

STUDY: THICKNESS OF A POPCORN’S KERNEL’S OUTER LAYER IS THE KEY TO BIGGER PIECES _ Popcorn is an American classic and although the snack seems simple to make, choosing the right kernel is key to perfecting it. A new study (State University of Maringá) investigated how popcorn characteristics relate to the expansion of a kernel with the hopes of improving the iconic treat and identifying which kernels have ‘good popping quality.’ After analyzing 49 different types, scientists determined that the greatest popping expansion depends on how thick the kernel’s outer layer is — a thicker outer layer allows the starchy substance inside to transfer heat longer and make larger pieces.

🗣 TOPIC: What’s your secret for popping your own popcorn (not microwaved!).

WOMAN MISSES POWERBALL DRAWING, WINS $2 MILLION IN THE NEXT ONE _ It’s a common fear among lottery players that your numbers would be picked in a drawing you did not enter, but one North Carolina woman could not have had better timing after missing a Powerball drawing and winning a $2 million prize in the next one. Elizabeth Johnson did not buy her Powerball ticket in time for the drawing on May 19, but that fateful error earned her $2 million in the one on May 22.

… Johnson, who works as an interpreter, had a particularly busy day last Wednesday, May 19, and rushed to buy a ticket for that night’s Powerball drawing. However, she missed the 9:57 pm cutoff by one minute. Lucky for her, the Quick Pick she bought was valid for the next drawing on Saturday. Since she thought she bought her ticket in time for Wednesday’s drawing, she was stunned to find out that she had won $2 million in a drawing she never believed she entered.

CHINA TRIES TO KEEP ELEPHANT HERD OUT OF CITY OF 7 MILLION _ A herd of 15 wild elephants that walked 300 miles from a nature reserve in China’s mountain southwest were approaching the major city of Kunming on Wednesday as authorities rushed to try to keep them out of populated areas. Chinese wildlife authorities say they don’t know why the herd left a nature reserve last year. The group was 16 animals, but the government says two returned home and a baby was born during the walk. Authorities have blocked traffic on roads while the elephants crossed and were setting up barriers and using food as bait to try to keep them away from populated areas. A task force of 360 people with 76 cars and nine drones is tracking the elephants.

MONOPOLY LEADS TO THE MOST FIGHTS AMONG FAMILY, FRIENDS _ Does a battle over Boardwalk and Park Place always turn family game night into family feud? A new study finds you’re not alone. One in five people have actually banned a board game for causing problems on game night. Out of those who’ve brought down the banhammer, it’s Monopoly that stands out as the most debated — and most forbidden — board game of all time.

… Typical antics include someone quitting because they’re losing (46%), someone accusing another player of cheating (44%), and two or more players getting into an argument (44%). Thankfully, only 11 percent of respondents said they’ve witnessed a physical fight break out.

… The top three games that cause the most fights are Monopoly, Uno and Sorry.

🗣 TOPIC: What game did your family have to stop playing?

PEOPLE ARE PUTTING MUSTARD ON THEIR WATERMELON _ Another day, another random food trend taking over the depths of the internet. This time, that trend involves watermelon and mustard, so it’s safe to say we’ve all officially lost our marbles. It all went down on TikTok — and even Lizzo went ahead and tried it out.

… Lizzo went ahead and duetted a video from TikTok user @yayayayummy and tried the trend out for herself. Although @yayayayummy said that using French’s yellow mustard was the key to the combo, Lizzo used a Heinz yellow mustard instead. After she took a bite she looked perplexed and went in for a second bite, although she never gave an official verdict on the taste.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: LAUGH TO BURN CALORIES _ It may not be as good for reducing the waistline as going to the gym or resisting that ice-cream sundae, but researchers have found that 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn off the number of calories found in a medium square of chocolate. Researchers (at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee) recruited 45 pairs of friends, shut them in a room decorated like a cheap hotel, played them comedy clips on a TV and measured how many calories burned when they laughed. Those who were laughing burned 20 percent more calories.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN BITES OFFICER’S FINGER TIP _ Police in South Africa arrested a man after he bit off an officer’s finger tip. Doctors were able to stitch the tip back on. The officer picked up his fingertip, holding on to it while calling for back-up from colleagues who chased down the fleeing biter.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ARTIST SELLS ‘INVISIBLE SCULPTURE’ FOR $18K _ When it comes to art, there really aren’t any rules. Anything can technically be art, as long as it expresses something and there are people who are able to get something out of it. For example, an art fan recently paid thousands of dollars for an invisible sculpture. What is an invisible sculpture? Well, in this case, it’s a sculpture that doesn’t actually exist. The art piece was created by Italian artist Salvatore Garau. It was reportedly sold for 15,000 Euros, which is equal to about $18,300. Newsweek reports the artist was adamant that while sculpture doesn’t physically exist, that doesn’t mean that it’s nothing. Instead, he prefers to think of it as a vacuum. He told reporters, “The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that ‘nothing’ has a weight. Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN LOCKS HIMSELF IN BATHROOM AFTER GIRLFRIEND ‘GRAPPLES’ HIM _ In Nashville, Jennifer Johnson was waiting outside when police arrived to take her into custody for domestic assault Tuesday Night. She and her boyfriend were grappling beside the bed when she scratched his face, and he locked himself in the bathroom where he called police to get assistance to prevent further assault.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY DROPS NEARLY $9,000 AT LAS VEGAS POOL PARTY, $75 ON CHICKEN FINGERS _ When you go out to the bars, there’s always two types of people: those who get expensive fruity mixed drinks and overpriced bottles of tequila, and those who get the cheapest beer available. For one random guy in Las Vegas on Memorial Day it was the more expensive path. A guy was exposed by one of his buddies after a long pool party at a Las Vegas hotel (Encore Beach Club), revealing a bar tab that seems obscene. The friend of the big spender shared a receipt on social media that shows the guy dropped nearly $9,000 on food and beverage at the party — including $825 for a single bottle of Tito’s and over $4,000 on champagne. Oh, and $75 for a chicken fingers platter. • IMAGE

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SEES INJURED COCKROACH, TAKES IT TO THE VET FOR TREATMENT _ A doctor in Thailand recently took to Facebook to share photos of a rather unusual patient: a cockroach that someone spotted on the side of the road after being stepped on. The veterinarian says a person came in last week with an injured cockroach that they had witnessed being accidentally stepped on by someone else. Unable to let the insect die on the side of the road, the person took it in the palm of their hand and brought it in. Instead of laughing at the person who brought in the bug, the vet took the case and treated the cockroach for free. The doc admitted that this was the first time someone brought in a cockroach. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much he could do other than place the insect in an oxygenated container to increase its chances of survival. No word on whether the cockroach survived or not.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ANY IDEA HOW TO ROB A BANK? _ In Japan a man walked into a bank, went up to a teller and asked her meekly, “Any idea how you rob a bank?” She said, “No,” and when she told him to leave, he quietly turned and walked away. A security guard stepped up and escorted him to the door and on the way out he noticed a bloodstain on the man’s trousers. He had stabbed himself in the leg with the knife he had planned to use in his heist.


SEASON FINALE: STATION 19 (8p ET, ABC) — New. Maya addresses some unresolved family issues, and the crew takes matters into their own hands when faced with a life-or-death moment on scene. Station 19 has been renewed for another season.

MANIFEST (8p ET, NBC) — New. Michaela makes a difficult decision regarding Saanvi’s secret.

SEASON PREMIERE: BEAT SHAZAM (8p ET, FOX) — Host Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne, return for Season 4.

TOP CHEF (8p ET, Bravo) — New. The chefs compete at the Portland Japanese Gardens, where they must create dishes featuring various textures of tofu.

SEASON FINALE: GREY’S ANATOMY (9p ET, ABC) — New. Meredith takes on a new role at the hospital, and Jo makes a life-changing decision. Grey’s has been renewed for an 18th season.

SEASON FINALE: LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — New. Benson and Rollins try to help a homeless single mother who’s being trafficked in exchange for safe housing. SVU has been renewed for 3 more seasons.

SEASON FINALE: LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME (10p ET, NBC) — New. As Wheatley goes to court to face the litany of charges against him, Richie makes moves to save himself and his family name. The show has been renewed for a 2nd season.

SEASON PREMIERE: WHY WOMEN KILL (Paramount+) — This anthology series returns for a second season, set in 1949. The cast includes Allison Tolman (Fargo) and Lana Parrilla (Once Upon a Time).

WE ARE LADY PARTS (Peacock) — This six-part, London-set comedy series follows a Muslim female punk band called Lady Parts.

WOMAN IN MOTION: NICHELLE NICOLS, STAR TREK AND THE REMAKING OF NASA (Paramount+) — This feature-length documentary features the inspiring true story of how renowned Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols pioneered the NASA recruiting program to hire people of color and the first female astronauts for the space agency in the late 1970s and 1980s. Nichols formed the company Women In Motion, Inc. and recruited more than 8,000 African American, Asian and Latino women and men for the agency. In addition to Nichols, the doc features celebrities, activists, scientists and astronauts including Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Takei, Pharrell Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Rod Roddenberry and more.


HALLMARK CHANNEL RELEASES 2021 CHRISTMAS IN JULY LINE-UP _ Santa is coming early this year as Hallmark is bringing back its Christmas in July holiday movie lineup. A new Christmas movie will even debut on July 10. Titled Crashing Through the Snow, the latest new Hallmark Christmas movie stars Amy Acker and Kristian Bruun as Maggie and Jeff — former spouses who are remaining friends. Jeff’s new girlfriend invites Maggie and her two girls to join their Christmas getaway and she decides to go even if she does feel like a third wheel. Jeff’s brother Sam (Warren Christie) makes an unexpected appearance and some new feelings start to develop between him and Maggie. A Christmas miracle perhaps? • LINEUP

JEOPARDY FANS LOVE MAYIM _ Jeopardy fans have a new favorite guest host, and it’s an actress who is known to be a total brainiac. Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik has been killing it during her guest hosting stint on the hit trivia game show, with some fans saying she’d make the perfect permanent host.

ELIJAH WOOD REPORTEDLY PLAYING MAIN VILLAIN IN TOXIC AVENGER REBOOT _ Peter Dinklage’s Toxic Avenger has reportedly found his nemesis. Late last year, the Game of Thrones star joined the reboot of the cult classic B-movie, and now it’s been revealed that Lord of the Rings icon Elijah Wood has joined him to play the main villain.

… The reboot is based on the 1984 original, which spawned three sequels. The Toxic Avenger reboot is set to start shooting in Bulgaria later this month.

SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE EXTENDED CUT WITH 20 MINUTES OF NEW FOOTAGE _ 1993’s Super Mario Bros. is a notorious cinematic disaster, but if you want to revisit it, there’s now an extended cut available on the Internet Archive for free. Starring Bob Hoskins as Mario, John Leguizamo as Luigi, and Dennis Hopper as Koopa, it’s considered a terribly conceived adaptation that reimagines the cute and cuddly game series as a cyberpunk dystopia.

… The oddball movie isn’t without its fans, and they’ll be happy to watch Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut, which is 20 minutes longer and restores several previously deleted scenes.

APPLE TV+ RENEWS THE MOSQUITO COAST FOR SEASON 2 _ Apple TV+ has renewed Mosquito Coast for a second season. The Justin Theroux-led drama series is based on his uncle Paul Theroux’s famous novel. The Season 1 finale is Friday.

SHROUD IS WORLD’S BEST 90 SECOND HORROR FILM _ If you’ve got not time for full-length movies, or can only handle horror in small doses, check out a movie called Shroud. It’s about 90 seconds long. Shroud made by filmmaker Patrick Mason and his wife Ingrid Heidelberger during lockdown at their own at home. • VIDEO



Freelance writer Laura Bassett shared video of her grandmother talking about how she enjoys her wine, Tito’s and rum. Apparently grandma was afraid her shakes were a sign of Parkinson’s. Here’s the original video.


California teens knocks bear off fence to save dogs.


Someone added some piano to a recent maskless Karen rant to create Karen, The Musical. Here’s the original video.



Recently a family friend told us she’d broken off her engagement to her fiance. It seems she’d caught him in a couple of lies. The first lie was that he’d once been a “district manager” for a restaurant chain, when in fact he’d only been a restaurant assistant manager. Another is that she saw his credit card statement in his apartment and he owed about $15,000 on it — $14,000 more than he said he did.

🗣 TOPIC: Why’d you dump your fiance?


EDITOR: This is a conversation starter. Discuss off-air, find a fun direction and take it on-air.

If you found a book and started reading only to realize it was your life, and you got to the page where you find this book, would you turn the page?


At its most basic, an analogy is a comparison of two things to show their similarities. Sometimes the things being compared are quite similar, but other times they could be very different. Nevertheless, an analogy explains one thing in terms of another to highlight the ways in which they are alike.


• Finding a good man is like finding a needle in a haystack.

• That’s as useful as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

• Life is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get.

Some really bad analogies:

• Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center.

• He was as tall as a 6-foot 3-inch tree.

• John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met.

• The ballerina rose gracefully en pointe and extended one slender leg behind her, like a dog at a fire hydrant.

• Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.

🗣 TOPIC: What analogy do you wish should go away?


Scientists (University of Lincoln in England) have revealed the five types of relationships between cats and their humans. Researchers polled 3,994 cat owners about their own behaviors towards their feline friends — and vice versa.

CO-DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP — This cat has often come to depend on a very emotionally invested owner — the cat is very important to the owner, possibly seen as family or as a great friend. The owner typically plays regularly with the cat, and is seen as a part of the same social group and as a secure base (the cat will seek the owner when worried). The cat doesn’t relate well with others and is even likely to hide when, for example, someone comes to the house. This relationship is common among cats living in a one-person household with no access outdoors.

CASUAL RELATIONSHIP — These cats have always preferred life outdoors to life in their busy households. They will often visit several homes in their territory and might be gone for days at the time. Even though these cats behave in a friendly way towards the owner they will not try to stay close to their carer.

FRIENDSHIP — The owner is emotionally invested in the cat and will often find time to play with the cat. The cat is very warm and friendly towards the owner and will often sit on the owner’s lap. The owner is seen not only as part of the same social group but also as a secure base. Alongside the friendly and warm relationship, cat and owner can happily function independently.

OPEN RELATIONSHIP — The cats in this type of bond reflect a prototypical view of the cat as a solitary, independent animal, who should have access to the outside. The cats relate well to other people and have some affiliation with the owner, but have little need for owner proximity and may be seen as aloof.

REMOTE RELATIONSHIP — Cats in this type of relationship are cared for, but not typically considered to be a close friend or part of the family. They may not be very close emotionally, even though the cat’s behavior towards the owner may be quite friendly. These cats prefer to maintain distance from people, possibly because they lack confidence. They will not lick the owner’s hands and face, nor will they seek the owner even when worried.

… Alongside the study, the team published an interactive quiz so that cat owners can find out what kind of relationship they have with their pets.


• Mauve: You’re intelligent, outgoing and have an understated elegance admired by many.

• Yellow: You’re a warm, outgoing person who loved good conversation. In social situations, you’re always the center of attention.

• Blue: You have wonderful, lively imagination and you’re not afraid to trust it. You tend to set lofty reach-for-the sky goals and find creative ways to reach them.

• Red: You’re passionate, courageous and constantly active. You’re as competitive as they come, but your strong sense of justice won’t let you bully or take unfair advantage of others in your drive to succeed.

• Turquoise: Your mind is a constant fountain of great ideas and others gravitate to you when your own mental reserves are running low. Of the entire spectrum of personalities, you’re the least likely to cheat on your mate.

• Pink: Your kindness and compassion draw people to you and make you one of the most popular personalities in the color spectrum. You are also highly intuitive in practical ways and have a wonderful gift for helping others achieve their goals.

• Green: “Balanced” is the word that best describes you. You’re a deep, methodical thinker and have a great head for figures.

• Purple: There’s a good chance you’re psychic. At the very least, your intuition often baffles and amazes your friends. You often have “feeling” about things that turns out to be right. You’re centered and always remain calm no matter what calamities go on around you.

• Orange: Your boundless energy and enthusiasm for all you do make you a magnet to the opposite sex. You are neat and organized.


TRIVIA: 53 percent of us die in what way? (In our sleep)

TRIVIA: Camden, New Jersey, had the first one of these anywhere. Hint: It could accommodate up to 500 cars. (Drive-in movie theater. It opened in 1933.)

TRIVIA: It is estimated that at any given time, there are five of these in the Florida Everglades. (Dead bodies)


I’ll describe four unrelated things or places or people. The first begins with the letter ‘F’; the second begins with the letter ‘O’; and so on.

• This is Ford’s most popular vehicle. (F-150)

• Walt Disney World’s location. (Orlando)

• The thing you rent when you have to move. (U-Haul)

• A little girl’s hair decoration. (Ribbon)


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: DUBAI CUSTOMS OFFICIALS STOP PLAN TO SMUGGLE FAKE ______ WORTH $108,000!

A) Vaseline
B) Lego
C) Nike shoes

Dubai’s Customs Intelligence Department halted an attempt to smuggle in a shipment of 17,280 packs of counterfeit Vaseline, with a street value of over $108,000.


• Bruce Dern is 85

• Parker Stevenson is 69

• Fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli (married to Lori Loughlin) is 58

• Scott Wolf (Party of Five) is 53

• Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live) is 52

• Noah Wyle (ER) is 50

• Russell Brand is 46

• Angelina Jolie is 46

• Model Bar Refaeli is 36


• 1937: Grocery chain owner Sylvan Goldman introduced the shopping cart at his Humpty Dumpty store in Oklahoma City. Goldman’s first cart was wheels and a basket on a folding chair.

• 1973: The patent for the ATM was granted.

• 1989 The Tiananmen Square protests were violently ended in Chinese capital city Beijing with People’s Liberation Army soldiers and tanks.

• 2002: A young Swedish girl who suffered for seven months with breathing problems finally got relief when a surgeon removed a peanut from her nose.

• 2003: Martha Stewart stepped down as head of her media empire, hours after federal prosecutors in New York charged her with obstruction of justice, conspiracy, securities fraud and lying to investigators.

• 2008: Residents of a wealthy neighborhood in Florida suffering a two-year drought went public with their dissatisfaction with singer Celine Dion. They claimed her home was using almost 18,000 gallons of water per day.

• 2018: Former President Bill Clinton and author James Patterson publish their thriller novel, The President is Missing.

• 2019: Professional gambler James Holzhauer’s 32-game winning steak ended on Jeopardy just short of Ken Jennings’ record $2.52 million.


• Banana Split Day

• Donut Day

• Hug Your Cat Day

• Gun Violence Awareness Day

• Cheese Day

• Applesauce Cake Day



• Fred Stone of Sly and the Family Stone is 74. Financial expert Suze Orman is 70. Kenny G is 65. Ron Livingston is 54. Mark Wahlberg is 50. Navi Rawat is 44. Sophie Lowe is 31.

• Belmont Stakes. Baby Boomers Recognition Day. Drawing Day. Hot Air Balloon Day. Black Bear Day. Play Outside Day. National Trails Day. Veggie Burgers Day. World Environment Day. Ketchup Day.


• Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger) is 74. Playwright-actor Harvey Fierstein is 69. Sandra Bernhard is 66. Amanda Pays is 62. Colin Quinn is 62. Max Casella (Doogie Howser, M.D.) is 54. Paul Giamatti is 54. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily on Modern Family) is 14.

• D-Day (WWII) Atheists Pride Day. Drive-in Movie Day. Animal Rights Day. Cancer Survivors Day. YMCA Day. Yo-Yo Day. Gingerbread Day. Frozen Yogurt Day.