How to eat your Christmas tree.

Disposable surgical mask is best for being heard clearly when speaking.

A 93-year-old veteran whittling walking sticks has raised $16,000 for food pantry.

“Santa’s Winter Village attracted complaints that it was overpriced.” I dunno, that’s a pretty festive mobility scooter.

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She got arrested for punching an officer over a pot belly pig.

Florida mom arrested after child calls vodka ‘mommy’s drink’ during traffic stop.

Someone is selling a dumpster fire ornament on Etsy.

Nothing says Christmas like a 6-foot LED unicorn on your roof.

You can buy a turkey chainsaw for Thanksgiving. It’s called Mighty Carver.

Taiwan teen woken from 62-day coma by words ‘chicken fillet’.

Man caught walking stuffed dog after curfew in Czech Republic.

Dog shoots man in leg.