How to Use InterPrep’s New ‘Lookback’ Links

While co-hosting my morning show, I regularly reviewed InterPrep back issues and our show planning grids from the year before. I always found it interesting and useful to see our hot topics — both in the news and in our personal lives. And very, very often, we found ways to resurrect these old topics and conversations, which is why I love our new “Lookback” links in the prep sidebar.

With Lookback, you are an easy click away from jumping back a year and discovering what you might have been talking about, and I would encourage you to use some of this content to resurrect and update unique and personal topics. For example, on January 5, 2023, we learned how to make vacations feel longer. You could easily resurrect this item, transition into a more recent and interesting vacation experience, and invite listeners to share the best place they traveled to in 2023.

Or resurrect a segment that touched you personally and include an update. For example, in early January 2023, we had audio of a relationship coach offering tips for three things you should stop doing on dates. How has your dating year been since then? Do you have a sibling back in the dating pool after a break-up? Snag the social media audio (the link is still in the January 5, 2023 issue), share your personal story, and remind them, with the audio, of the conversation you had the year before. Ask listeners to share their best and worst dating experiences.

And finally, use Lookback when you simply need more material. For example, you might find a Wacky-But-True story from a year ago that made your team laugh uncontrollably. Toss it in at the end of your daily Weird News segment with a line like, “Remember this one from a year ago on the (Your Show Name)?”

With Lookback, I think you’ll have an even easier way to rediscover some of our best content and your best conversations.

January 4, 2024