Mac users doing an interview: Here’s the first question you should ask your guest

It’s a great time to be in the audio business. With little more than a laptop and a USB mic anyone can record an interview from almost anywhere. And while podcasters and home-bound radio pros debate the best audio platforms — Zoom, Skype, Cleanfeed, etc. — if you’re an Apple user, you have one of the best recording apps already installed.

Before I record an interview the first question I have for a guest is: “Do you use an iPhone?” If they do, I’ll use Facetime on my Macbook to record a Facetime audio conversation. Notice I said Facetime audio.

The geniuses at Apple have figured out how to deliver some pretty amazing audio with the iPhone’s built-in mic. When I interview an iPhone owner I ‘call’ them using Facetime audio, then instruct the guest to hold the phone to their ear, as they would during a normal phone call.

To record our conversation I use a Mac app called Audio Hijack to record my USB mic in one file and my guest in another. The audio quality is better than cellular, better than Zoom, and better than Skype — without the requirement that my guest be at a computer.