PRO June 5, 2014

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This is day 156 of 2014. There are 209 days remaining.


• Musician Freddie Stone (Sly and the Family Stone) is 68

• Financial guru/TV personality Suze Orman is 63

• Saxophonist Kenny G is 58

• Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers, Office Space) is 47

• Mark Wahlberg (Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Fighter, Shooter) is 43

• Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is 35

• Sophie Lowe (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) is 24


• 1783: The first public demonstration of a hot-air balloon flight took place at Annonay, France, where brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier succeeded in launching their 33-foot-diameter balloon. The unmanned balloon rose an estimated 1,500 feet and traveled about 7,500 feet before landing after a 10-minute flight.

• 1851: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery serial, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, started a ten-month run in the National Era abolitionist newspaper.

• 1956: Elvis Presley introduced his new single, Hound Dog, on The Milton Berle Show, scandalizing the audience with his suggestive hip movements.

• 1968: Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy died the next day.

• 1977: Singer Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor was bitten by a live rat it was being fed for breakfast. The snake died.

• 1981: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that five homosexuals in Los Angeles had come down with a rare kind of pneumonia; they were the first recognized cases of what became known as AIDS.

• 1993: A New Jersey court ruled that a father had to pay for the legal defense of his two teenage sons, who were charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill him.

• 1999: Steffi Graf won her sixth French Open tennis title, beating top-ranked Martina Hingis.

• 2001: A burglar fell asleep after taking sleeping tablets to calm his nerves during a raid on a hospital pharmacy in Amman, Jordan. The raider took three tablets from the haul of medication he had stolen. He then fell asleep and was later awakened by police.

• 2002: Elizabeth Smart, 14, was kidnapped from her bedroom in her family’s Salt Lake City home. (She was found alive in March 2003; two people accused of abducting her have been found mentally unfit to stand trial.)

• 2003: A severe heat wave across Pakistan and India reached its peak, as temperatures exceeded 122°F in the region.

• 2004: Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died in Los Angeles at age 93.


• Today is Hot Air Balloon Day.

• It’s World Environment Day.

• National Moonshine Day.

• It’s Ketchup (Catsup?) Day.



15: Percentage of pet owners who dress up their pet at least once a week.



A New York City man sold his bedroom furniture then spent $26,000 to turn the space into a classic video arcade. However, it cost him his fiancee. [He doesn’t understand why. He used to give her free game tokens and everything.]

Remember Pharrell’s Mountie hat? Well, now he’s causing controversy by appearing on the cover of a magazine in a Native American headdress. [There’s talk that the scandal will lead the NFL to force Pharrell to sell the Washington Redskins.]

According to a new study, scientists have figured our why koalas are always hugging trees. The surface temperature of the tree is lower than the surrounding air, so koalas hug the trees to stay cool. [Their behavior has nothing to do, as was formerly believed, with drinking too much.]

A 5-foot alligator wandered into a Mississippi backyard, and had to be removed from a swimming pool. [They think it may be the one also responsible for breaking into Miley Cyrus’ place.]

The Pope says that Catholics need to have more children. [Bachelors have an opinion on everything.]

Arizona’s Maricopa county government is trying to get a woman who attends county government meetings to stop turning cartwheels. [Or at least start wearing underpants.]

In Florida a judge and an attorney stepped out of the courtroom to have a fistfight. [Well, to be honest. that probably works just as well as our legal system.]

A German museum is displaying a copy of Vincent Van Gogh’s ear built using genetic material taken from his great-great grandson. [Is it just me or does that museum have “romantic first date” written all over it?]

Alaska is on high alert due to an ongoing volcanic eruption. [Authorities say the warning should be of special interest to those who have problems breathing or problems running.]



AMAZON WILL LIKELY UNVEIL ITS SMARTPHONE JUNE 18 _ Amazon is inviting customers, developers, and members of the media to an event in Seattle on June 18, where the company plans to unveil a new… something. Amazon isn’t saying what it is, but it’s probably a smartphone. We’ve been hearing rumors about an Amazon smartphone for years, but they’ve really picked up in the last few months. If you believe the rumors and alleged leaks, we can expect a 4.7 inch phone with a 720p display, 2GB of RAM, and a 3D user interface that relies on front-facing sensors to track your eye movements and adjust on-screen elements accordingly. Amazon teaser video

CLOTHING COMPANY LABELS SIZES AS ‘FAT’, ‘SKINNY’ AND ‘JUMBO’ _ Fatyo clothing company in Japan has started labeling their clothes in sizes ranging from “twitch” to “jumbo.” Most clothes are in sizes labeled XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL but Fatyo has decided on a more abrasive approach with four labels: “Twitch”, “Skinny”, “Fat” and “Jumbo.”

MAKE-A-WISH HELPS 8-YEAR-OLD BECOME A PARK RANGER _ An outdoorsy 8-year-old boy got to be a park ranger at Yosemite National Park in California for a day. Gabriel LaVon-Ying of Gainsville, Florida, put out a fire and participated in a mock search-and-rescue for an injured hiker, all as part of an experience organized by the Make-A-Wish chapter of Central and Northern Florida. The youngster suffers from a disorder that affects connective tissues and causes overly flexible joints and stretchy skin (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

A COUNTERTOP ICE CREAM SANDWICH MACHINE _ It’s a great time to be an amateur chef. Want to crank out quick cupcakes, hot pretzels, waffles or practically anything else with little fuss? There’s an app for that. And by app I mean appliance. Now we can electric ice cream sandwich. If you’re so into ice cream sandwiches that you need a dedicated appliance for them, Amazon’s now selling them.

NFL DUMPS SUPER BOWL L _ The 2016 Super Bowl will be ‘L’. But don’t call it that, or write it that way. The NFL has, for a long time, used Roman numerals to designate which Super Bowl we’re on, but because “Super Bowl L” seems so, well, lame, the league says L will be written as 50.

… An NFL spokesman said, “When we developed the Super Bowl XL logo, that was the first time we looked at the letter L. Up until that point, we had only worked with X’s, V’s and I’s. And, at that moment, that’s when we started to wonder: What will happen when we get to 50?” Super Bowl 50, set to be played at San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium, will be the first championship to carry an Arabic numeral designation since Roman numerals were introduced in 1971 for Super Bowl V. The NFL says it will revert to Roman numerals beginning with Super Bowl LI in 2017.

SOMEONE RECORDED VIDEO OF PRESIDENT OBAMA WORKING OUT _ Someone secretly taped the president of the United States while he was working out in a Polish gym. They captured Obama on an elliptical and doing various exercises with free weights. Video

… Obama routinely works out at hotel gyms during his travels. Hotel guests are permitted to remain in the gym during his workouts. Anyone who stays in a hotel where Obama is spending the night must pass through a metal detector. The Secret Service did not consider the Warsaw hotel incident a security violation. A Secret Service spokesman said the gym visit, which was not on Obama’s official schedule, was no different than the president’s surprise attendance at a restaurant where other diners can gawk and take pictures.

DONALD STERLING TO DROP $1 BILLION LAWSUIT AGAINST NBA _ Donald Sterling’s $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA will be dropped, according to his attorney.

GRAVES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN HOMES IN HONG KONG _ Due to a land shortage in the 1970s, officials in Hong Kong banned the construction of new permanent cemeteries, making it more expensive to find a place for the dead to reside than the living. Right now, if a resident in Hong Kong is lucky, they can find a burial plot through their church if it has a private graveyard. A private plot, which is hard to come by, can cost up to $387,000. In public cemeteries, people can be buried for six years before they are exhumed by the government, cremated and thrown into a communal grave.

… If a family chooses to cremate their loved one’s remains and put them in a public columbarium, they must wait five years and pay $3,000. There are currently over 21,800 deceased people on the waiting list. Private columbarium slots can cost upwards of $129,000.

… In Hong Kong, luxurious homes cost about $1,950 per square foot, making it less expensive in many cases to house the living.

STUDY SAYS PREGNANCY MAY BE CONTAGIOUS _ If it always seems like pregnancies among your social circles come back to back or in multiples, a new study suggests that it’s not all in your head. According to the study, young women whose high school friends have had children are more likely to join the mommy club shortly after. The baby-making decisions of friends showed no direct impact on unplanned pregnancies.

CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT? YOU NEED TO HAVE FUN _ Doing your best to shed those extra pounds in the final weeks before summer? Well, according to new research, you should probably try having more fun. Those who see their workouts as playtime, or have fun doing them, subconsciously make healthier food choices after the workout. Researchers (lead by Dr. Carolina O.C. Werle) told some study participants to walk for exercise, and to focus on their exertion during the walk. Other participants, however, were told to go on a walk for enjoyment. This group was encouraged to have fun, to take in the view, and to have a sight-seeing adventure. The walkers told they were doing so for fun hoarded fewer of the sugary foods and snacks provided afterwards.

PENS THAT UNFOLD INTO ‘TRANSFORMERS’ ACTION FIGURES _ If you need a little inspiration while thinking up and penning down your next big idea — or if you’re a Transformers fan — there are some awesome pens from a Japanese company (Sentinel) would be a great addition to your work desk. The chunky plastic pens is not only easy to grasp, but also unfold into cool ‘Transformers’ action figures when they are not in use. Currently the pens are available in “Optimus Prime”, “Optimus Prime Black” and “Ultra Magnus” versions and will be released this fall. | link



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SLEEPER UNHARMED WHEN TRAIN DRIVES OVER HER _ A woman in Alabama may have proved to be the best sleeper in the world. She fell asleep on train tracks in Auburn and remained both asleep and unharmed even as a train drove over her. When authorities responded to a call about the incident they expected to find some gruesome remains, but instead they found the woman not only unharmed, but still asleep.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SANDWICH THROWN IN DISPUTE OVER PARKING _ A Florida woman was arrested on Tuesday after police (in Fellsmere) say she argued with a man over his use of multiple parking spaces. Police say the woman and the man called each other names in the presence of each other’s children, allegedly prompting the woman to throw a half-eaten sandwich at the man, striking him in the back of the head.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BIKER CAPTURES ROBBERY ON A GOPRO HELMET _ While riding along a mountain pass in the Western Cape province of South Africa, Malcolm Fox was flagged down by an armed suspect, who ran up to him and robbed him of his belongings with the help of two accomplices. What the thieves didn’t take was Fox’s helmet, which had a GoPro camera attached to it. The entire robbery was caught on the GoPro and the footage helped lead to three arrests. Video

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ZOO MISTAKENLY SHOOTS GUY IN GORILLA SUIT _ If you, for whatever reason, think it’s a good idea to run around in a gorilla costume, let this be a warning: Earlier this week, a veterinarian at a zoo in Spain reportedly shot an employee dressed in an ape suit after confusing him for a real gorilla. The incident happened during a practice drill at the zoo. The employee was running around the park mimicking an escaped gorilla when the veterinarian spied him and, apparently uninformed about the drill, shot him in the leg with a tranquilizer dose meant to take down a 400-pound gorilla. The employee was taken to a nearby hospital.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 911? MY WIFE DUMPED MY BEER _ What do you do when your wife throws out your unfinished beer? Carlos Bueno Mir of Miami, Florida, was so distraught he called 911. Seven times in a four-hour period. Police charged Mir with misuse of the 911 system.



JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: GAME NIGHT (8p ET, ABC) — Kimme’s pre-show to the pre-show for the start of the NBA Finals.

HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (8p ET, NBC) — Jenna Fischer; Darren Criss; Jason Biggs; Laura Prepon; Natasha Lyonne; Mario López.

HELL’S KITCHEN (8p ET, FOX) — Each team creates its own menu, from which guests can order during dinner service.

NBA COUNTDOWN (8:30p ET, ABC) — The NBA Finals pre-show.

2014 NBA FINALS (9p ET, ABC) — Game 1: Heat vs. Spurs.

PAWN STARS (9p ET, History) — Two new back-to-back episodes.

LAST COMIC STANDING (10p ET, NBC) — The comics deliver their sets during the final round of invitationals.

HOUSE HUNTERS (10p ET, HGTV) — New. A new House Hunters International follows.



MELISSA MCCARTHY TO LAUNCH PLUS-SIZE CLOTHING LINE _ Actress Melissa McCarthy is tired of being disappointed in fashion. The 43-year-old Bridesmaids actress covers the July issue of Redbook, and shares her frustration in the interview with the lack of fashion choices for plus-size women. She plans to launch her own plus-size clothing line, and illustrates her point with an anecdote about the 2012 Academy Awards: “When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed. Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers — very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people — and they all said no.”

OSTNB TEASER BORROWS FROM ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT _ The second season of Orange is the New Black hits Netflix tomorrow (Friday) and a new teaser borrows from the opening sequence of Arrested Development — complete with the voice of Ron Howard, the narrator of A.D. Video

MARK WAHLBERG AND WILL FERRELL WANT TO RETEAM _ The buddy action/comedy film The Other Guys was a hit and fans have been hoping for a sequel to the Mark Wahlberg-Will Ferrell film for awhile. While it’s not The Other Guys 2, Paramount is setting that film’s two stars as leads in the comedy Daddy’s Home, about two men battling for the love and attention of their children. This movie’s been around awhile. Not long ago it was going to be a Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell movie.

LARA LOGAN RETURNS TO 60 MINUTES _ Lara Logan is back at work at 60 Minutes after being suspended from the CBS newsmagazine last fall. Logan was forced to take a leave of absence in late November, not long after an interview she conducted with security contractor Dylan Davies was discredited. The interview aired on October 27, 2013 as part of a report on the September 11, 2012 attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. She apologized for the inaccuracies on CBS This Morning on November 8.

OJ SIMPSON FILES NEW APPEAL IN VEGAS ROBBERY CONVICTION _ O.J. Simpson’s lawyers have resubmitted their appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court seeking a new trial in the former football star’s Las Vegas kidnapping and armed robbery case. Simpson’s lawyers turned in their 20,000-word appeal last month but were told by the court to reformat it. The new 102-page document filed Wednesday asks the high court to reconsider whether Simpson’s trial attorney in 2008 had conflicts of interest and botched his defense.

WHAT GINNIFER GOODWIN AND JOSH DALLAS NAMED THEIR BABY BOY _ Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas welcomed their first child together last week, and they’ve named their baby boy Oliver Finlay Dallas.

PRINCE WILLIAM TELLS STUDENTS HE LOVES COLDPLAY _ When he’s not raising his heir or attending public engagements, Prince William may be jamming to Ghost Stories. The royal revealed he’s a big fan of Coldplay while speaking to school children Wednesday — though he declined to play drums with their samba band. He told one drummer, “I used to play the piano, trumpet and drums when I was your age but I couldn’t read music. There’s only so much you can remember from the top of your head.” When asked about his own musical tastes, reporters heard William reply, “I really like Coldplay, Linkin Park.”

GEORGE CLOONEY TO BECOME A POLITICIAN _ George Clooney wants to launch a career in politics. The 53-year-old actor, a noted political activist, is said to be planning the move after he weds fiancé Amal Alamuddin in September. He is reportedly gearing up to take part in the next U.S. election, hoping to join the Democrats’ 2016 election campaign.

FROZEN STILL TOPS HOME VIDEO CHART _ Frozen continues its domination of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales chart. It was number one again last week, marking the eighth time in a dozen weeks it’s been at the top.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN REPORTEDLY EXPECTING THIRD CHILD _ Apparently, there’s always something exciting going on in the Kardashian family. It’s been less than two weeks since Kim Kardashian tied the knot in a star-studded Italian wedding, but according to Kardashian family current events, that’s already old news. Us Weekly is reporting that Kim’s big sister, Kourtney, is pregnant with her third child by longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. The new addition is expected to arrive in December.

JOHN LENNON MANUSCRIPTS, DRAWINGS SELL FOR $2.9 MILLION _ Original manuscripts and drawings by former Beatle John Lennon, produced for two acclaimed books he wrote in the mid-1960s, sold for $2.9 million on Wednesday, more than double the pre-sale estimate. All of the 89 lots in the sale were snapped up by buyers.




Haven’t read the book yet? No problem! Here’s your guide to the most romantic movie of the summer.

• The story follows a 16-year-old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She has stage four thyroid cancer and must use an oxygen tank to help her breathe.

• She doesn’t like when people pity her for her disease, and she won’t let anyone close to her because she considers herself to be a ticking time bomb.

• She meets Augustus Waters at a support group. He had osteosarcoma and had his leg amputated to save his life. He is now cancer-free.

• Augustus is witty, charming, and tries to find a positive outlook, while Hazel is much more pessimistic about her disease and her life.

• Instead of saying “I love you” to each other they say “Okay.”

• Isaac is Augustus’ best friend. He has eye cancer and learns in the beginning of the book that he will soon need surgery, and will be permanently blind. He’s also got a wide sense of humor about his disease though.

• Hazel Lancaster is based off Esther Earl, a 16-year-old girl who passed away from thyroid cancer. Author John Green met Esther when he worked at a children’s hospital and credits her for giving him inspiration to write the book.

• Shailene Woodley plays Hazel and she begged the casting director to audition for the role because she is obsessed with the book. They almost didn’t let her. John Green said she came into the room and everyone was in tears by the end of the audition.



Roll some graduation music behind, like this.

To the graduating class of 2014, I offer the following advice learned over my (XX) years.

• Don’t throw a brick straight up.

• The stuff on the bottom of your shoe is not for internal consumption.

• If you’re riding a bicycle down a hill, turn your head before you spit.

• Wash behind your ears, not behind your eyes.

• The warning “Don’t try this at home” really means “Don’t try this at all.”

• Only squeeze the handle end of a sword or knife.

• Don’t lick dry ice.

• Don’t microwave yourself.

• If you want to chew gum, buy some. Don’t use the gum from underneath the seats at movie theaters even though it’s free.

• If you’re on a ball field and someone shouts “Heads up!” don’t actually raise your head up. Cover it with your arms and duck.

• When sticking thumb tacks into bulletin boards, press on the flat end.


Is there really a living to be made by taking and selling celeb photos to the tabloids? Yep. A paparazzo reveals a few rules of the trade:

• It’s all about context. For instance, a picture of Kim Kardashian buying coffee would probably fetch only $1,000. A picture of her eating might go for $10,000 or $15,000, either as an exclusive or sold to five different magazines for $2,000 or $3,000 each.

• Pictures of most celeb couples together are a dime a dozen, and therefore might not command even $1,000. But pictures of one or the other can get $20,000 or $30,000. The magazines can then say, “Where’s Famous Actor? Why isn’t he with her?”

• Anyone in a bikini. If a celeb is a beach or poolside regular the photo might fetch $5,000. If it’s someone who’s rarely seen in a bikini it could be worth up to $50,000.

• Exercising celebrities are always good for a few grand because it shows them, often, without makeup — more human. And if they’re nice and sweaty the photo could be worth $5,000 to $7,500.



TRIVIA: There are about 200,000 people in the world who have this in common. (They’re over 100)


This is a quick, fun contest that a listener can’t lose. After you ask each question the caller presses their phone keypad. Since you won’t be able to tell which number is pressed, you yell out the correct number on every one, assuring your listener of an easy victory.

Q1: What state in the U.S. is the slimmest?

  • press 1 for Illinois
  • press 2 for West Virginia
  • press 3 for Colorado*

Q2: What is the average life span of a dog?

  • press 1 for 12 years*
  • press 2 for 14 years
  • press 3 for 16 years

Q3: Where in the world will you find the largest Elvis statue?

  • press 1 for Memphis, Tennessee
  • press 2 for Israel*
  • press 3 for Japan

Q4: The average person will chew how many pieces of gum each year?

  • press 1 for 100
  • press 2 for 200
  • press 3 for 300*



Two nuns were shopping in a food store and happened to be passing the beer and liquor section. One asks the other if she would like a beer. The other nun answered that would be good, but that she would be queasy about purchasing it. The first nun said that she would handle it and picked up a six pack and took it to the cashier. The cashier had a surprised look and the first nun said, “This is for washing our hair.” The cashier without blinking an eye, reached under the counter and put a package of pretzels in the bag with the beer saying, “Here, don’t forget the curlers.”



A supercut of TV’s best catchphrases.



You’re driving too fast.


Source: unknown. Do not direct link to image.



• Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain countdown trailer.

• Honest trailer for the game app Candy Crush.

• No more click-bait with this Twitter account.

• How the news covered Pac-Man in 1982.

• Donuts that look like people.

The Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions is full of 1,000+ ideas.



This is day 157 of 2014. There are 208 days remaining.


• Gary “U.S.” Bonds is 75

• Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger) is 67

• Sandra Bernhard is 59

• Amanda Pays (Leviathan, Max Headroom) is 55

• Music producer Jimmy Jam is 55

• Colin Quinn is 55

• Guitarist Steve Vai is 54

• Max Casella (Vincent “Vinnie” Salvatore Delpino, Doogie Howser’s best friend) is 47

• Paul Giamatti (John Adams, Sideways, Cinderella Man) is 47

• Uncle Kracker is 40

• Staci Keanan (Step by Step, My Two Dads) is 39

• Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family) is 7.


• 1752: A devastating fire destroys one-third of Moscow, including 18,000 homes.

• 1833: U.S. President Andrew Jackson becomes the first President to ride a train.

• 1844: The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is founded in London.

• 1925: The Chrysler Corporation is founded by Walter Percy Chrysler.

• 1933: The first drive-in theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey, United States.

• 1944: World War II D-Day: 150,000 Allied Expeditionary Force landed in Normandy, France (70th anniversary).

• 1944: Honoring the D-Day invasion baseball canceled all games.

• 1946: The Basketball Association of America is formed in New York City.

• 1969: The first Internet connection was created. (Network control protocol packets were sent from the data port of one IMP to another.)

• 1973: The world’s tallest totem pole, 173 feet, is raised at Alert Bay, British Columbia.

• 1990: U.S. District court judge Jose Gonzales rules that the rap album As Nasty As They Wanna Be by the 2 Live Crew violates Florida’s obscenity law; he declares that the predominant subject matter of the record is “directed to the ‘dirty’ thoughts and the loins, not to the intellect and the mind.”

• 1996: Hungary’s Arpad Nick sets a world record at the Budapest airport by pulling a 17-ton airplane 36 feet with his teeth.

• 2002: A near-Earth asteroid estimated at 10 meters diameter explodes over the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Libya. The resulting explosion is estimated to have a force of 26 kilotons, slightly more powerful than the Nagasaki atomic bomb.


• Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. In the military, D-Day is the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. The best known D-Day is June 6, 1944 — the day of the Normandy landings — initiating the Western Allied effort to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II. The Normandy landings were codenamed Operation Neptune.

• Today (Friday) is Drive-In Movie Day.

• Today (Friday) is Yo-Yo Day.

• Today (Friday) is Russian Language Day.

• Today (Friday) is Doughnut Day.

• Today begins the International Horseradish Festival in Collinsville, Illinois.

• Saturday features the running of the Belmont Stakes. Will California Chrome win the Triple Crown?

• Saturday is Pencil Day.

• Saturday is Drawing Day.

• Saturday is National Trails Day.

• Saturday is Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

• Sunday is World Oceans Day.

• Sunday is Best Friends Day.

• Sunday is Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day.