PRO September 9, 2014


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This is day 252 of 2014. There are 113 days remaining.


• Tom Wopat (Dukes of Hazzard) is 63

• Hugh Grant is 54

• Charles Esten (Nashville) is 49

• Adam Sandler is 48

• Model Rachel Hunter is 45

• Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) is 43

• Henry Thomas (E.T.) is 43

• Goran Visnjic (ER) is 42

• Michael Buble is 39

• Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain) is 34

• Julie Gonzalo is 33


• 1776: The second Continental Congress made the term “United States” official, replacing “United Colonies.”

• 1850: California became the 31st state of the union.

• 1893: Frances Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland, gave birth to a daughter, Esther, in the White House.

• 1926: The National Broadcasting Co. was created by the Radio Corporation of America.

• 1956: Elvis Presley made the first of three appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

• 1971: Prisoners seized control of the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York, beginning a four-day siege that claimed 43 lives.

• 2003: The Boston Roman Catholic Archdiocese agreed to pay $85 million to 552 people to settle clergy sex abuse cases.

• 2005: Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown, the principal target of harsh criticism of the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, was relieved of his onsite command.

• 2005: A New Zealand police recruit had a hand in his own arrest for an unsolved assault. As part of a training exercise in fingerprinting, the recruit gave his prints — and they matched him to an arrest warrant for a serious assault.

• 2007: A Vineland, New Jersey, man was arrested and charged with lewdness after two young girls and their mother witnessed him showering naked on his front lawn. The man admitted to showering on his front lawn with a garden hose telling police, “I’m sorry, but I need to take a bath.”


• Today is Wonderful Weirdos Day.

• Today is Teddy Bear Day.

• Today is I Love Food Day.



657: Miles of toilet paper used in a lifetime by the average person.



The Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhist monks, said in a new interview that the centuries-long tradition of naming new Dalai Lamas should end with him. He says the position has served its purpose, and should be discontinued. [So, in a special ceremony at Yankee Stadium they’re gonna retire his jersey and sandals.]

Prince William and Kate are having another child. [Fine, but I certainly hope that they don’t expect me to give them another stroller.]

A meteorite from that asteroid that passed close to earth the other day is suspected of causing a crater in Nicaragua measuring 40-feet wide and 16-feet deep. [Have you ever noticed how there never seems to be a Guardian of the Galaxy around when you need one?]

Very soon voters in Scotland will decide whether to remain with the UK or go independent. [They could stay with the team or declare free agency. There’s even talk that they may return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.]

After a wildfire spread through Yosemite its visitors had to be airlifted out. [That’s a rotten vacation unless, of course, you’re a kid. First you get to see a huge fire, and then they give you a free ride in a helicopter.]

The appliance division of GE is being bought by Electrolux, the Swedish company. [Which means that in the event of war, my dishwasher is neutral.]

Robert Downey, Jr. says that there are no plans for Iron Man 4. [Well, not until they finish counting all the money from the first three.]

Harvard has received its largest donation ever, $350 million. [Good. Now maybe that school can finally make something of itself.]

George Clooney announced that his wedding will take place in Venice. [No word yet on whether he will provide wedding photos to the top celebrity magazines or simply wait until he’s hacked.]



IT’S iPHONE TIME _ Today (Tuesday) is a big day for Apple. They are taking the stage at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California, to take the wraps off of the iPhone 6. There are also rumors of an iWatch, secure payment, and other bits and bobs. For Apple geeks, it is the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Christmas morning all wrapped up into one.

… Two models: Early on in the game, signs pointed to the launch of two versions of the iPhone 6: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

… Bigger displays made of sapphire: Apple know we like to drop our phones and put them in pockets with keys, so it’s always looking for materials that are durable but thin.

… Touch ID and New Sensors: The iPhone 6 will have a new and improved Touch ID sensor on the home button. Various reports say that the sensor will be more accurate, but look and function the same as before. The iPhone 6 is also expected to have a variety of sensors, including a barometer and air pressure sensor. However, the most highly anticipated addition to the iPhone 6 is NFC technology. Several publications, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, have confirmed that Apple will include NFC on the next iPhone. What’s NFC? It will you a quick way to pay with your iPhone.

… Better camera: The iPhone 6 will receive an upgrade to its camera, but it’s unknown just how big of an improvement we’ll see. Some reports claim that Apple will bump up the camera’s resolution to 13 megapixels.

NEXT iPHONE WILL LIKELY USE MORE DATA _ If you buy the next iPhone, your bill could go up. The Huffington Post has an expert that claims the next iPhone is going to be a data hog in a world where unlimited plans are scarce. This expert says that data consumption doubles with every generation of iPhone, so he expects the same pattern with the iPhone 6. Last year the average mobile phone used 1.4 gigs per month. That number is supposed to skyrocket to 9.4 gigs by 2018.

RAVENS FIRE RAY RICE _ Yesterday (Monday) the Baltimore Ravens fired woman-beater-running back Ray Rice after new video emerged showing him viciously punching his then-fiance. The punch took place in an elevator inside an Atlantic City hotel. We all saw the previous video of Rice pulling his unconscious wife-to-be out of the elevator, but new video shows how she was knocked unconscious.

… Twitter users voiced their opinions, with many coming down on the NFL: “So Ray Rice had his contract terminated by the Ravens, and the NFL has suspended him “indefinitely” following the release of that elevator video by TMZ. Question: before the video went public, did Baltimore’s front office think Rice gave her the Vulcan neck pinch? Hey, here’s a thought: why doesn’t Roger Goodell just resign, and we’ll let Twitter and TMZ run the NFL? They’re doing a better job so far.”

HOME DEPOT CONFIRMS DATA BREACH _ If you’ve shopped at Home Depot lately I have some bad news. After nearly a week of only saying it was investing reports of a massive data breach, Home Depot has confirmed that its in-store payment systems were indeed compromised by hackers. In a statement, the retailer didn’t give an estimate of how many customers were affected, but said that shoppers who paid with their cards at Home Depot stores in the U.S. or Canada could have had their data compromised.

… One slight sliver of good news for customers who shopped using their debit cards — Home Depot says that PINs were not stolen.

OLIVE GARDEN QUICKLY SELLS OUT “NEVER ENDING PASTA PASS” _ Is your belly full of pasta this morning? Yesterday (Monday) Olive Garden kicked off its “Never Ending Pasta Pass,” which allows you to consume all the pasta, salad and Coke products you can stuff down your throat for 49 days. The cost: $100. Because America’s favorite sport is eating, the NEPP sold out in minutes.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Ever eat at a restaurant every single day until you couldn’t take it anymore?

MAN DIVORCES WIFE BECAUSE SHE WANTED TOO MUCH SEX _ When have you ever heard of a guy saying, “Oh, I’m getting too much sex from my wife, I’d better divorce her”? Well, in the “this might be the first time in the history of the world” category, an Indian man filed for and was granted a divorce from his wife by the Mumbai family court because of her unrelenting demands for nookie. According to an India newspaper, the man first approached the court early this year claiming his wife was “aggressive and autocratic with an insatiable appetite for sex.” Oh, and she apparently forced him to take medications to help him with his sexual performance. The man stated that he was working three shifts at his job and just didn’t have the energy to come home and please her as well.

HARVARD RECEIVES $350 MILLION GIFT FROM CHINESE BUSINESSMAN _ The Harvard School of Public Health will be renamed the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health after graduate Gerald Chan donated $350 million to the Ivy League university. Gerald said that because his father, T.H., grew up during very turbulent times in China, “he never had the opportunity to go for further education, so he was very committed to enabling others to be educated.”

… After seven years earning his advanced degree, Gerald Chan co-founded the Morningside Group, a venture capital firm that specializes in investing in North American, European and Asian telecommunications, Internet and life sciences companies. Forbes estimates Chan’s family’s combined wealth is roughly $3 billion dollars

REDDIT USER WHO LINKED TO NUDE PHOTOS WANTS HIS PRIVACY BACK _ Users of Reddit are, to say the least, among the strongest anti-NSA, pro-privacy people on the Internet. So there was a sense of irony when these same users began gloating over the privacy-destroying leak of celebrity nude photos. Privacy, it seemed, only applied to Reddit users — for celebrities, no such luck. But now the Reddit user responsible for bringing the hacked photos into the public eye has decried an invasion of his privacy by the media. Reddit user “Johnsmcjohn” started TheFappening, a (now closed) forum that became the go-to place for viewing photos leaked from celebrities’ phones. Although it doesn’t appear he took part directly in the hack, he did perhaps do more than any single person to make the photos widely available. As part of an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit, he complained that a Washington Post story profiling (but not directly naming) him contained unnecessary personal information.

CAMPAIGN TO REMOVE ‘UNDER GOD’ FROM PLEDGE CAUSES CONTENTION _ The clause ‘under God,’ added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954, has been a subject of debate numerous times. Now it’s in question once again, as the American Humanist Association leads a campaign to have ‘under God’ removed from the pledge entirely. The AHA is basing their effort on a survey in which about one third of respondents said they’d support the removal of ‘under God.’ The AHA hopes supporters change their Facebook profile photo to an American flag with the words ‘under God’ marked out.

LEAK IS BACK ONLINE _ Exactly one month after getting kicked off its own email server — twice — Leak is back online. Leak is a service that lets you send an anonymous email to anyone, along with clues about your identity such as “from a coworker” or “from a family member,” or simply “from someone.” Leak was forced to shut down after the email service that enabled Leak to work kicked Leak from its servers. The issues stemmed from the large number of emails that Leak handles. While most followed Leak’s guidelines, Leak claims the point-5% that didn’t follow the guidelines caused people receiving mean-spirited Leaks to complain, which ended up blacklisting Leak’s address. But Leak has returned, and the company announced that it’s working on building its own email server.

FIRE SALE ON FIRE PHONES _ With the iPhone 6 announcement happening today Amazon knows it needs to move it’s Fire phone fast. The online retail giant has announced an agreement with AT&T to offer customers in the U.S. (and soon the UK) a Fire Phone for $.99 with a two year contract. That’s a pretty steep discount considering the smartphones normally sell for around $200 to $400 depending on memory configurations. The Fire Phones haven’t been selling all that well in their first three months of life and they’ve gotten so-so reviews from the press. | site link

SKINNY DIP YEARBOOK PHOTO YIELDS COMPLAINTS _ Officials at a New Mexico high school said they have received numerous complaints about a “Most Likely to Skinny Dip” yearbook photo featuring implied nudity. The yearbook staff got the idea for the category from the Internet and only the students and one teacher saw the picture before the yearbooks were released last week. The assistant principal said, “They were trying to be cute, trying to be humorous to a certain extent and it didn’t go over well with a certain fraction who saw the yearbook. The intent behind it was never to paint the students in a negative light or paint the school in a negative light.” The assistant principal said the school will exercise more oversight over future yearbooks.

PRINCE HARRY ON BABY NEWS: ‘I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY BROTHER SUFFER MORE’ _ Prince Harry said Monday the news of his brother expecting his second child was “very exciting news,” joking he couldn’t wait to see William “suffer more.” He was questioned about whether he thought the baby might be a princess: “I would love to see him try and cope with that.” He then added: “I hope the two of them have the opportunity to go through the process again with a little bit of peace and quiet.”

95-YEAR-OLD GRANDMA SERVES AS FLOWER GIRL IN GRANDDAUGHTER’S WEDDING _ When Laura VanPelt of Michigan mulled who might serve as flower girl in her wedding, it didn’t take long to decide. She picked grandma, who turns 95 in November. There’s no particular reason Laura chose her grandma, other than the fact that she’s an awesome grandma who 9 kids, 11 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren — and one on the way.

FATHER WALKS 20 MILES A DAY CARRYING HIS SON TO SCHOOL _ A single father in China has taken care of his son alone since the boy was three. This would be impressive enough in a normal situation, but in addition to the difficulties of single parenthood, the man’s son is disabled with a hunch in his back and twisted arms and legs. Despite his physical disabilities, the 12-year-old’s mind is as sharp as anyone’s, and yet he couldn’t get a place in school. With the only option five miles away and no transportation available, dad knew what he had to do — carry his boy to school, and then walk back for work, and then walk back after school, and then carry his son home again. Every day, 20 miles. The good news is that now that his story is getting press, he has been offered a government subsidized apartment close to the school. When he is able to move in, he’ll only have to walk 10 miles each day to get to work and back.

GIRL FINDS PREHISTORIC PROJECTILE POINT ON BEACH _ An 11-year-old New Jersey girl found a pre-historic projectile point on a beach, less than a month after a previous discovery. Victoria Doroshenko was collecting seashells when she found what looked like a spear point made of stone. The discovery is the second time this summer that a child has found a historically significant object on a New Jersey beach. In August a 10-year-old found a Paleoindian projectile point, estimated to be between 8,000 and 11,000 years old. Victoria’s point is thought to be about 6,000 years old.

… Technically, neither discovery was an arrowhead, because bow-and-arrow technology came many centuries later. The sharp objects were likely used as spear points and are simply called “projectile points” by scientists. This might seem like a fine distinction to most of us, but to some paleontologists, archaeologists and other scientists, the misuse of the word “arrow” is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBER’S PANTS FELL DOWN _ During a robbery in England, a robber’s pants slipped down and he dropped a handful of cash. The machete-wielding man also tripped, causing his hood to come off and partially revealing his face. Police have released the footage.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FRAT-HOUSE BREAK-IN ENDS IN SURPRISE BAGEL ASSAULT _ College offers golden opportunities for cultural exploration, self-improvement, and of course, committing felonies that a bystander can easily record on a smartphone. The latter happened at Oxford, Ohio’s Miami University on Sunday, with members of a fraternity breaking into the house of campus rivals, only to be caught on camera. The camera operator was chased by some of the guys who did the breaking-and-entering, who says he was assaulted with a bag of bagels stolen from the house. The video has been shared with cops.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WRONG CORPSE BROUGHT TO FUNERAL _ Mourners in Florida were horrified when the wrong corpse was brought in to a funeral. The deceased, Mary Anderson, had chosen the clothes in which she wanted to be buried, including underwear, but relatives found they had been put on the body of a dead stranger. Mary’s daughter was first to spot the horrendous mistake after funeral workers opened the casket. The wake had to be delayed by an hour until Mary’s body was fetched from another location and the clothes were transferred.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN STABS CO-WORKER OVER MEATBALLS _ I don’t have to tell you that you never, ever touch a man’s meatballs unless he gives you permission. That’s the lesson a Maryland man learned when he pilfered his co-worker’s lunch. It all started when a male employee in Fallston, Maryland, took a single meatball from another man’s lunch. Apparently uninterested in sharing, the assailant allegedly stabbed the meatball thief in the arm. The victim was treated and released at a local hospital. Charges are pending against the attacker.



BIG BROTHER (8p ET, CBS) — Big Brother moves nights due to the Thursday Night Football premiere this week.

SEASON FINALE: FOOD FIGHTERS (8p ET, NBC) — In this new edition, a retired executive competes against chef Elizabeth Falkner.

SEASON FINALE: EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS (9p ET, ABC) — A new, 2-hour edition ends this season.

UTOPIA (8p ET, FOX) — This new reality series, which premiered on Sunday, is based on a Dutch TV show and is described as a “social experiment”. It follows 15 Americans who leave their everyday lives and move to a remote location, where they are tasked with creating their own civilization from scratch. This is not a game show, as there is no prize, and these people have agreed to live in Utopia for a year (or until the show is cancelled).

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (9p ET, NBC) — The Top 12 perform in this new, 2-hour edition.

FASHION ROCKS (9p ET, CBS) — This 2-hour special, that coincides with New York Fashion Week, celebrates the relationship between fashion and music. Performers include Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, KISS, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Nicki Minaj, and the Band Perry. Ryan Seacrest hosts.

SEASON FINALE: HOTEL HELL (9p ET, FOX) — Gordon Ramsay heads to Northern California and the 200 year old landmark Murphys Hotel.

SHARK TANK (10p ET, ABC) — Repeat

SEASON PREMIERE: SONS OF ANARCHY (10p ET, FX) — The show begins its 7th and final season tonight.



HELEN MIRREN: “WHY DIDN’T HACKERS TRY FIND NAKED SELFIES OF ME?” _ Helen Mirren says she was “insulted” not to have been a victim of the iCloud hacking which saw 101 female celebrities have their nude and explicit photos leaked online. The 69-year-old actress said she was disappointed not to be among those targeted because “you weren’t anybody if your phone hadn’t been hacked”. Mirren joked: “I kept desperately looking at the list of people whose phones were hacked, hoping to see my name. Who on earth would put nude photos of themselves on their phone anyway? That I don’t quite get.” She added: “I think we’re all in a learning curve about what is appropriate to put on your phone and what isn’t and I think people will be far more careful in the future.

KEITH OLBERMANN CALLS ON NFL COMMISSIONER TO RESIGN OVER RAY RICE INCIDENT _ ESPN host Keith Olbermann has accused the NFL and commissioner Roger Gooddell, among others, of covering up the Ray Rice domestic violence situation, which escalated Monday when the Baltimore Ravens released the star running back after TMZ posted a video of him apparently knocking out his then-fiance. Rice was given a two-game suspension by the NFL last month over the incident, but on Monday, the league suspended the football player indefinitely as a result of the graphic video. Olberman said: “Goodell created this mess a long time ago. He should soon follow Ray Rice in looking for a new line of work.”

BILL MURRAY’S IDEAS FOR FEMALE GHOSTBUSTERS _ Not everyone was on board when a potential female-led Ghostbusters reboot was announced, but Bill Murray is fully supportive of handing the reigns over to some funny ladies. Murray says, “I would go to that movie, and they’d probably have better outfits, too.” So who would he choose for a female-led Ghostbusters? First, Melissa McCarthy: “Melissa would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny — God, she’s funny! I like this girl Linda Cardellini (Mad Men, ER) a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

BEYONCE CRASHED A WEDDING _ The greatest thing you can ever imagine happened to one lucky bride in Italy over the weekend: Beyoncé crashed her wedding. According to reports, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were vacationing in Portofino, Italy when they happened to run into a wedding at a local church. The proof is on Twitter.

SPELLING-GARTH SHOW CANCELED _ According to a new report from TVLine, the ABC Family show Mystery Girls will not be renewed for a second season. Mystery Girls debuted on June 25 and stars Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth. The only brought in 500,000 viewers for its season finale on August 27.

TERESA AND JOE GIUDICE SELLING NEW JERSEY MANSION _ Teresa and Joe Giudice are selling their New Jersey mansion. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, who pleaded guilty to multiple fraud charges in Newark Federal Court in March, have quietly listed their home for $3.99 million. The Giudices purchased the luxury pad in 2002 for $530,000.

ELLEN DEGENERES TAKES ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE _ Ellen DeGeneres took the Ice Bucket Challenge on Monday’s season premiere of her talk show. She had been challenged by Anthony Carbajal, who has been diagnosed with ALS, and whose incredible video response to Ice Bucket Challenge haters went viral. DeGeneres and Carbajal got drenched side by side on the show. Before their joint dousing, DeGeneres’ partner Shutterfly gave $50,000 to ALS research… and $50,000 to Carbajal.

TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 2: RACHEL MCADAMS EYED FOR FEMALE LEAD _ Rachel McAdams is in the running for a role in True Detective Season 2. The other three leads — Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn — seem set to go. Officially, HBO hasn’t confirmed any of the actors for True Detective Season 2. However, Variety reports that Farrell, Kitsch, and Vaughn are all in final talks for their respective roles, while the female lead is still “being figured out.”

CBS HIT WITH CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT OVER LETTERMAN INTERNS _ CBS and Worldwide Pants, the production company behind the “Late Show With David Letterman,” have been slapped with a class-action lawsuit by a woman who claims that she worked as an intern on the show, and was wrongfully denied wages and overtime pay. In the suit, filed in the Supreme Court in New York on Thursday, Mallory Musallam says she was employed as a “Late Show” intern from September to December 2008. During her time at the show, the suit says Musallam “typically worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week.” During her time there, the suit adds, Musallam performed various tasks, including but not limited to research for interview material, deliver film clips from libraries, running errands, faxing, scanning, operating the switchboard, and other similar duties.” CBS says it plans to “vigorously defend against the claims” in the lawsuit.

DON’T TRY TO GET CLOSE TO TAYLOR SWIFT _ You should not attempt to break into Taylor Swift’s New York apartment. First, because it’s wrong, but more importantly because you’d simply be contributing to an already overwhelming sense of paranoia that apparently consumes the 24-year-old superstar. Also, it sounds like trying to break in would be a pretty futile experience, according to her most recent Rolling Stone cover story. Swift reportedly bought the apartment for about $15 million, but Rolling Stone reveals that she spent another $5 million for the unit across the hall, where she houses her security team.

… Taylor also reveals she hasn’t gone on a date since she broke up with Harry Styles a year and a half ago. While her romantic life is no longer taking center stage, it doesn’t mean the boys aren’t interested. Taylor says, “Seventy percent of the time, when a guy asks me out, it’ll just be a random email.” She says some movie star will get her address from his publicist and email her cold. Usually she politely rebuffs them.

NETFLIX TO JOIN INTERNET ‘SLOWDOWN’ _ Netflix is joining dozens of companies and organizations for a symbolic Internet “slowdown” on Wednesday to call attention to the need for robust net neutrality rules, currently under consideration by the FCC. The company said that it won’t actually slow down its website or movies, but will feature a spinning wheel icon on homepages, with traffic routed to

… Netflix has been among the most prominent companies pushing the FCC to adopt strong net neutrality rules, including provisions that would prevent Internet providers from slowing down traffic for certain types of content or establishing special “fast lanes” in which a site could pay for better access to consumers.

PARKER AND BRODERICK SELLING NYC HOME WITH HELP FROM REALITY STAR _ Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are trying to unload their massive Greenwich Village townhouse and they are enlisting the services of a Bravo reality star to help them score a massive pay day. Parker and Broderick are listing the multi-million dollar home with Fredrik Eklund, who stars on the Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing New York.” The townhouse is 6,800 square feet with 7 fireplaces, and is so massive it has a “guest floor” with three bedrooms. The couple bought the place in 2011 for $19 million and is asking $22 million for it now.

PARIS JACKSON PREGNANT AT 16? _ First, Paris Jackson is “getting married,” now rumors are running rampant Michael Jackson’s daughter is pregnant. Bear in mind that these are rumors, and this wouldn’t be the first time social media got it wrong. According to “sources”, Jackson, age 16, was seen recently at dinner with her mysterious boyfriend, who has never been identified since buzz circulated that Paris was dating. Supposedly, Jackson was sporting a baby bump. A fan, who hatched the rumor, says that is but one sign that Paris Jackson is pregnant. Another clue is her choice of beverage during a celebratory toast: ”I saw her at dinner and she twice made a toast drinking water instead of wine. That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.” Reality check: Jackson’s choice of water likely has something to do with the fact that in most — if not all — states, the legal drinking age for alcohol consumption is 21.

GAME OF THRONES HITS NUDE SCENE SNAG IN CROATIA’S TOURIST CAPITAL _ It turns out not everyone is a fan of Games of Thrones. The show is busy filming its upcoming season in Croatia, where they hit a bit of a snag last week after a church (in Dubrovnik) banned star Lena Headey from filming a nude scene on the city’s streets. After some serious negotiations with the church of St. Nicholas the show will be allowed to film the pivotal “walk of shame” scene on the street outside as long as Lena doesn’t actually set foot in the church naked. Instead, they will build the interior of the church on a set. Game of Thrones is also filmed in Northern Ireland, Malta, Scotland, and Morocco.

NICOLE RICHIE’S ‘CANDIDLY NICOLE’ RENEWED BY VH1 _ Nicole Richie’s reality series, Candidly Nicole, has been renewed by VH1. The program is based on the 32-year-old television personality’s web series of the same name, and debuted on VH1 in July. The show follows Richie in her day-to-day life as an actress and designer, and features her insight on work, relationships and fashion. Candidly Nicole will return for a second season in 2015.





Last week it was revealed that Britney Spears spent six figures on her dog in 2013. Could she have bought any of these pampered pet products?

• Wedding Clothes: Dog clothing is crazy. One New York company takes the crazy up to a whole new level by offering expensive clothes for dogs for all sorts of occasions they are clearly not prepared for/interested in … for example, their wedding day. Not only are dog weddings a thing, but people are actually spending as much as $1,000 on the dress alone.

• Pet Party Planners: Party Animals is a company that will plan for you all those dog parties you clearly haven’t been throwing because you didn’t have time to work out the logistics. They’ll even organize games for the dogs.

• Little Doggy Mansions: The luxury doghouses manufactured by La Petite Maison aren’t so much doghouses as actual houses that happen to have dogs in them. The $10,000 Mexican hacienda, for example, “is large enough to accommodate a human and comes complete with terra-cotta floors.” One $9,000 doghouse brick manor includes “running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat.”

• Fancy Dog Beds: For $1,780 you get a bed “inspired by Versace.” Besides the pelted faux brown mink fur and brown and gold velvet brocade fabric, it features your pet’s name written in real Swarovski crystals over the entrance.

• Painted Portraits: The pet portraits offered by Art Paw can cost as little as $135 and as much $1,200, depending on size, style and insanity. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more high-end, Pet Portraits offers photorealistic dog portraits for as much as $9,610.

• Luxury Resorts: Paradise Ranch is a “luxury country club specifically designed to mock everyone who has ever had to drop off their pet at a kennel for a few days.” For $990, canine guests get a 10-day stay in a “luxurious furnished doggy suite”.


It’s a wonder so many of us lived through childhood considering how little it seems our parents knew about safety. Here are a few things that your parents may have done — or let you do — that would get them into hot water today.

• Taking Photos: Your parents probably have dozens of cute photos of you as a tyke sporting nothing but your birthday suit. It’s not illegal to take snaps of your kiddies in the buff, but it could be treated as a crime. In 2008, an Arizona couple took their vacation pictures to a local big box store to be developed. An employee thought their children’s bath time photos were a little too racy, so he reported them to the authorities. A judge later ruled the images were perfectly innocent but the damage was done. The couple was arrested and their three children were held in protective custody for more than a month.

• Home Alone: Most people over 30 wax nostalgic about a childhood spent roaming adult-free through the neighborhood. These days, free-range kids are not only frowned upon, they are often illegal. Several states have laws on the books stating a child cannot be left on their own until the age of 12. In Illinois, a child cannot be legally on his or her own until the age of 14. That’s why you’re seeing stories in the news like the mom who let her 9-year-old daughter play in a park without supervision while she worked her shift at a nearby McDonalds. Earlier this year, a father in Hawaii was arrested for forcing his 8-year-old son to walk the mile home from school all alone.

• Smoking in the Car: Plenty of parents used to puff away on a cigarette while carpooling the kids to soccer. Smoking in the confined space of a car exposes passengers to highly concentrated toxic air even when the windows are rolled down, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, smoke seeps into upholstery and other car surfaces, creating long-term health risks. Six states — Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon and Utah — take the protection of developing lungs seriously. They’ve got laws on the books making it illegal to smoke in the car with a young child on board. Other states are considering similar legislation.

• Seat Belts: Some states didn’t have seat belt laws until the early nineties. Until then, plenty of kids slid around in the back seat any time their mom or dad took them out for a drive. One user on Reddit fondly recalled his mom greasing the rear seat with Crisco so he and his sibling would get a thrill every time she hugged a curve in the road.

• Weight Gain: If you were a chubby child, you probably endured some teasing. But you probably never worried about being put into foster care for putting on some extra pounds. But that’s exactly what happened to an 8-year-old Cleveland boy in 2011. The 200-pound third grader was removed from his home because health officials reportedly said his mother did not do enough to help him lose weight. At the time, the Journal of the American Medical Association ran an opinion piece agreeing with the state’s measures, saying, “In severe instances of childhood obesity, removal from the home may be justifiable from a legal standpoint because of imminent health risks and the parents’ chronic failure to address medical problems.”



TRIVIA: More than 20,000 serious injuries occur each year as a result of what? (Untied shoelaces)

TRIVIA: Your going to touch this 200 times today. (Parts of your face: your eyes, nose and mouth)


Sort these places by how many people live there, most to least.

  • Sydney, Australia
  • New York City
  • Aukland, New Zealand
  • Honk Kong

The correct order:

  • New York City
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Aukland, New Zealand



Bill and his wife Blanche go to the state fair every year, and every year Bill would say, “Blanche, I’d like to ride in that helicopter.” Blanche always replied, “I know, Bill, but that helicopter ride is fifty bucks. And fifty bucks is fifty bucks!” One year Bill and Blanche went to the fair and Bill said, “Blanche, I’m 85 years old. If I don’t ride that helicopter I might never get another chance.” Blanche replied, “Bill that helicopter ride is fifty bucks, and fifty bucks is fifty bucks.” The pilot overheard the couple and said, “Folks I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take the both of you for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and don’t say a word I won’t charge you a penny. But if you say one word it’s fifty dollars.” Bill and Blanche agreed and up they went. The pilot did all kinds of fancy maneuvers, but not a word was heard. He did his daredevil tricks over and over again, but still not a word. When they landed, the pilot turned to Bill and said, “Wow, I did everything I could to get you to yell out, but you didn’t. I’m impressed!” Bill replied, “Well, to tell you the truth I almost said something when Blanche fell out, but you know, fifty bucks is fifty bucks.”



Failed hard hat trick.



It’s nice to see families exercising together.




The Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions has 1,000+ ideas.

• WSJ: Radio Remains King of the Road Despite Rise of Digital Music.

Beer Jelly exists.

• Weaponized baseball cap.

• The first Mountain Dew commercial ever.

• Worst Music Video Ever.

Action Movie Kid Vol. 2.

• Bizarre travel accessories. The suitcase-skateboard is awesome.

• Internet live stats.

• The nine-month Vine.

• Real time world statistics.



This is day 253 of 2014. There are 112 days remaining.


• Golf legend Arnold Palmer is 85

• Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is 81

• Singer Jose Feliciano (Feliz Navidad) is 69

• TV talker and author Bill O’Reilly is 65

• Joe Perry (Aerosmith) is 64

• Amy Irving is 61

• Kate Burton is 57

• Colin Firth is 54

• Director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes films) is 46

• Ryan Phillippe (Breach, Cruel Intentions, The Lincoln Lawyer) is 40

• Sanjaya Malakar (American Idol) is 25


• 1608: John Smith was elected president of the Jamestown colony council in Virginia.

• 1846: Elias Howe received a patent for the sewing machine.

• 1939: Canada declared war on Germany during World War II.

• 1955: Gunsmoke premiered on CBS.

• 1963: Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Tuskegee and Mobile, Alabama, following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace, who resisted integration.

• 1988: Steffi Graf of West Germany achieved tennis’ Grand Slam — winning all four major tournaments in a calendar year — by taking the U.S. Open women’s title.

• 1989: Hungary stopped enforcing East German visa restrictions and opened its borders, beginning a flood of emigration that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall two months later.

• 1998: President Bill Clinton met with members of his Cabinet to apologize and ask forgiveness in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

• 2001: In Thailand, three men broke into a store and stole several items. But since they were low on cash, they decided to try returning one of the items for a refund. But when they went to the store the shop owner explained that she had just opened for the day and didn’t have any money in the cash register yet. So the three thieves lay down in hammocks outside the store, waiting for the owner to earn enough money to hand it over to them. That’s where the cops found them, asleep.

• 2004: Sleeping on the job is never a good idea, especially if you’re a car thief. Police in Honolulu report they nabbed a suspected crook who was catching few Zs in a stolen car. An officer was responding to a suspicious vehicle call, when the thief found the car parked with the motor running.

• 2008: The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, described as the biggest scientific experiment in the history of mankind, was powered up in Geneva, Switzerland.


• Today is Swap Ideas Day.

• Today is Suicide Prevention Day.

• It’s Hot Dog Day.