PRO September 17, 2014

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This is day 260 of 2014. There are 105 days remaining.


• Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter is 75

• Former basketball coach Phil Jackson is 69

• Movie hostess Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson, is 63

• Comedian Rita Rudner is 61

• Director Baz Luhrmann is 52

• Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights, Early Edition) is 49

• Director-producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men Films) is 49


• 1630: The city of Boston, Massachusetts, was founded.

• 1787: The United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

• 1814: Francis Scott Key finished his The Star-Spangled Banner poem.

• 1920: The National Football League was organized in Canton, Ohio.

• 1928: The Okeechobee Hurricane struck southeastern Florida, killing upwards of 2,500 people. It was the third deadliest natural disaster in US history, behind the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

• 1956: Television was first broadcast in Australia.

• 1963: The Fugitive premiered on ABC.

• 1972: The first episode of M*A*S*H premiered on CBS. Set during the Korean War, the show aired for 11 years.

• 1976: The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was unveiled by NASA.

• 1983: Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America. She resigned the title nine months later after nude photos of her appeared in Penthouse magazine.

• 1991: Teen idols New Kids on the Block took over from comedian Bill Cosby at the top of Forbes magazine’s richest entertainers list.

• 1994: Heather Whitestone of Birmingham, Alabama, became the first contestant with a disability to be crowned Miss America. Heather is deaf.

• 2001: The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened for the first time after the September 11 attacks. Stocks plummeted throughout the trading session and the Dow posted its biggest point drop in its history, closing down 684.81 points to 8920.70.

• 2002: A 27-year-old gun-toting musician forced a southern Brazilian radio station to play his debut album for more than an hour after apparently having no luck opening the doors of show business. The incident ended after 70 minutes when Vinicius dos Santos surrendered to police. Nobody was injured and the deejay later informed listeners where they could buy the musician’s album.

• 2007: Auction website eBay removed an auction listing for the country of Belgium, which had attracted an offer of nearly $14 million.

• 2007: A New Zealand man decided to rob a bank. But instead of the usual disguise, Kevin Williams decided he put a pair of underwear on his head. The staff at the bank figured out who Kevin was and police caught up with him a short time later.


• Today is Citizenship Day.

• Today is Constitution Day.

• It’s International Country Music Day.

• Today is School Backpack Awareness Day. The goal is to raise awareness of the pain and injury that can come from heavy backpacks and bags.

• Today is Apple Dumpling Day.



240: White dots in a Pac-Man game.



Pope Francis has been officially targeted by ISIS. [His security staff is on heightened alert for poisoned wafers.]

Pope Francis has been officially targeted by ISIS. [But the pontiff says that he’s not worried. He has protection from on high. That’s right, he’s hired Chuck Norris.]

Austrian billionaire playboy Richard Lugner, who’s 81, has married a 24-year-old Playboy model. [Well, that pretty much shoots holes in that old “money can’t buy you happiness” nonsense.]

Cat Stevens announced that in December he will begin his first North American tour since 1976. [But does his aging fan base still go to concerts? The last time that they were at their downtown civic centers was in the ’90s for no money down real estate seminars.]

The military regime that took over in a coup in Thailand has removed the mention of the former prime minister from school textbooks. [In an attempt to win over their critics they’ve also dropped the name Thailand in favor of the more friendly Candyland.]

A new stricter dress code at a Staten Island school has resulted over a two week period in 200 detentions. [Mostly teachers.]

The flagging Florida citrus industry has paid Marvel Comics $1 million to create comics where Captain Citrus fights alongside Marvel superheroes to encourage kids to drink more orange juice. [It’s nice to know that there are selfless heroes out there fighting to make the world safe for the billionaire dollar industrial farming complex.]

MIT’s robotic cheetah has advanced to the point where it is no longer tethered to a treadmill, but can now run freely. [Research students say that they routinely send it to get pizza.]

A guy from Iceland got a surprise when his plane landed in England. He was met at the airport and confronted by all three girlfriends that he was secretly seeing. [Welcome to the real Iceland, my friend.]



ANHEUSER-BUSH “DISSAPOINTED” WITH NFL _ In another indication of the hit to the NFL’s reputation, major sponsor Anheuser-Busch is expressing concern over the league’s handling of the recent domestic violence and child abuse charges facing active players. Anheuser-Busch, the official beer of the NFL since 2011, previously had declined to comment on the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases, among others. But Tuesday, an A-B spokesperson released this statement: “We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season. We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

JETPACK WILL MAKE YOU RUN A 4-MINUTE MILE _ Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a jetpack that they hope will help people reach the four-minute mile mark. Developed with the help of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the jetpack was designed for soldiers in the field who need to get in and out of situations quickly. The team tested the jetpack on a guy who can normally run a 200-meter time trial unassisted in 28 seconds. With the jetpack he ran it in 25 seconds despite the added 11.2 pounds strapped to his back.

MICHIGAN FUNERAL HOME OFFERS DRIVE-THRU MOURNING _ A Saginaw, Michigan, funeral home is offering an unusual new convenience for mourners: a drive-through viewing window. Paradise Funeral Chapel has installed a window that displays a body inside the building. Curtains over the window automatically open when a car pulls up, and mourners get three minutes to view a body as music plays overhead. It’s up to each family to decide if they want to use the window. This is the same funeral home that offers a horse-drawn carriage to bring the dead to nearby cemeteries. At least three other U.S. funeral homes offer drive-through service.

THREE GIRLS CONFRONT CHEATER _ Charlie Fisher is a 20-year-old supermarket worker from Hertfordshire, England, who was dating three different girls. Now he’s famous on social media for the way the three ex-girlfriends got back at him. The grand plan to confront Fisher began when 17-year-old Becky Connery found texts from another girl on his phone. Instead of confronting him, she got in touch with the other woman via text, and soon enough the two girls discovered via Facebook that there was a third lady in Fisher’s life. All three ladies had been with Fisher for over six months. So what did they do? They met at the pub to compare notes, and after realizing the levels of his deception, they decided to wait at the airport to surprise Fisher as he got off the plane after a family vacation in Germany. One of the girls said, “He came out of customs and saw all of us and his face just dropped. We said we wanted to talk to him, and he said ‘Can’t I talk to you later?’ and we said no, we wanted to talk to him now.” Fisher started walking straight towards the parking lot with his grandmother who had come to pick him up, with the girls continuing to confront him.

… When grandma asked what the issue was and why three women were berating her grandson she apparently just “shrugged and said ‘OK'” when finding out the reasons for their anger.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: How did you discover your ex was cheating and how did you confront them?

BUS DRIVER KILLED AFTER PUSHING GIRL TO SAFETY _ An Ohio bus driver was killed after she pushed a 10-year-old girl out of the path of a rolling bus during a safety drill gone bad. The accident occurred as the kids were practicing how to evacuate the bus from the rear. All of the kids except one had done so and were on the sidewalk when the bus began to roll backward. When the last girl jumped off the bus, the driver pulled her to the sidewalk and then attempted to get back in the vehicle to stop it. Instead, she got dragged underneath. Nobody else was injured.

FLORIDA ORANGE INDUSTRY TRIES SELLING O.J. WITH SUPERHERO _ In an effort to get your kids to drink more not-so-healthy orange juice, Florida hired Marvel Comics to create a superhero called Captain Citrus — a crime fighter who promotes orange juice while battling evil through the power of the sun. The Florida Department of Citrus paid Marvel $1 million for the character and storyline as well as a marketing campaign that includes distributing a million free print copies of the comic book to elementary school students across the country. The comic books come with lesson plans to teach children how to make smart nutritional choices, and feature orange juice as part of a healthy diet.

MCDONALD’S EXPANDS BUILD-YOUR-OWN-BURGER TESTING _ McDonald’s is crowdsourcing its next hit burger with the expansion of its build-your-own burger trials, which are currently underway at four locations in Southern California. The build-your-own-burger trials let customers pick out their own burger toppings, with 22 options in total, including guacamole, bacon, grilled onions, chili-lime tortilla strips and spicy mayo.

DEATH ROW DINNER POP-UP CAUSES CONTROVERSY IN UK _ Got a morbid taste for something different? Death Row Dinners is a month-long event popping up in London around Halloween that will allow diners to experience — in a real penitentiary — a five-course feast prepared by top chefs, and inspired by real last-meal requests. But the somewhat-spooky dinner experience has caused some controversy; critics call the dinner tacky, or even disrespectful. In response, it looks like dinners, which were scheduled to take place each night between October 24 and November 29, may actually be canceled.

FACEBOOK IS BUILDING A PRIVATE APP CALLED MOMENTS _ Facebook is building a new app called Moments. The idea is that Moments will be a social network to share things with the people you actually care about. One source says Moments lets people create safe “spaces” for sharing content with small groups of people like family, best friends, high school buddies, or co-workers.

FBI COMPLETES NEW FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM _ According to a report from Gizmodo, “After six years and over one billion dollars in development, the FBI has just announced that its new biometric facial recognition software system is finally complete. Meaning that, starting soon, photos of tens of millions of U.S. citizen’s faces will be captured by the national system on a daily basis. The Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will log all of those faces, and will reference them against its growing database in the event of a crime. It’s not just faces, though. Thanks to the shared database dubbed the Interstate Photo System (IPS), everything from tattoos to scars to a person’s irises could be enough to secure an ID. What’s more, the FBI is estimating that NGI will include as many as 52 million individual faces by next year, collecting identified faces from mug shots and some job applications.”

AL QAEDA APPEALS TO ISIS TO RELEASE BRITISH HOSTAGE _ British aid worker Alan Henning is facing the threat of beheading at the hands of ISIS, but now has an unlikely supporter —- the terrorist group al Qaeda. ISIS has threatened to execute Henning, a 47-year-old taxi driver who left his own family on Christmas to deliver medical aid to Muslim refugees in Syria. The group responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack is reportedly standing up for Henning, appealing to ISIS to call off his execution. Al Qaeda reportedly believes that Alan Henning is an innocent aid worker who put his own life in danger to help suffering Muslims.

WIDOW SENT ROPE HUSBAND USED TO HANG HIMSELF _ The widow of a man who hanged himself at work began legal action this week against his employer after receiving a package in the mail with his T-shirt, socks and the rope he hanged himself with. The woman claimed her husband had been bullied by colleagues at his factory near Calais in northern France. She had written several letters to the factory to get back his personal effects from his locker. But she was shocked when she opened a package sent to her home to find the long and thick rope with which her husband had killed himself. The manager of the factory reportedly admitted to a “serious mistake.”



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN CHARGED WITH ASSAULT WITH SPATULA _ A Massachusetts (Easthampton) woman was charged with assault and battery for allegedly burning a woman’s right butt cheek with a lit cigarette and striking her left butt cheek with a spatula.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: EMERGENCY GOLDFISH SURGERY _ In Australia, a pet goldfish named George was recovering “swimmingly well” after emergency surgery to remove a life-threatening head tumor. George’s veterinarian said the 10-year-old fish was unable to eat or swim properly and was starting to “really suffer.” George, the beloved pet of an unidentified woman who had become “quite attached” to her fishy friend, was sedated in a bucket of water laced with anesthetic. The vet then used a gelatine sponge to control bleeding during the tricky procedure, which lasted for 45 minutes. George’s wound was sealed with tissue glue and he was given injections of antibiotics and painkillers. He is expected to live another 20 years.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PIZZA RESTAURANT OFFERED FREE HAMSTERS _ A pizza restaurant in Australia has been slammed for offering free pets to customers who place big orders. The Pizza Hut store had a sign in its window promising: “Buy any 10 large pizzas and get one free small animal…” Of course, the promotion was immediately slammed by animal lovers.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GIRL, AGE 4, SLEEPWALKS THREE MILES _ A four-year-old girl terrified her family in Norway by sleepwalking three miles to a nearby town wearing just her underwear and a pair of boots. Police found the girl unharmed after locals spotted her at 6:30am. The girl apparently remembers dreaming that the house was on fire, putting on her boots and unlocking the front door.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN NOTIFIES LOCAL AUTHORITIES OF ‘DEAD TIGER’ _ An Arkansas woman called police to report a dead tiger on the side of a road. She told officers that she stopped to take pictures of the animal, but was “scared to approach it.” The police department sent an officer to the area to investigate. When he arrived at the scene, he discovered it was just a stuffed fake tiger.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PIZZA SHOP WORKER RUBS HIS BITS ON PIE _ (CAUTION) A customer at an Austin, Texas, take-and-bake pizza shop has accused an 18-year-old worker of rubbing his downstairs bits on the pie as he got his order ready. The reason? He was allegedly annoyed at having to take the order right before the store closed for the night. The customer told police he witnessed the worker “rubbing his testicles on the pizza he had ordered,” while he was preparing the large stuffed pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple, extra cheese and extra grossness. The customer says the teen replied when he was caught, saying, “Man, I am really sorry, that was stupid.” The store manager had a talk with the employee. And if the customer hadn’t seen him? The teen said he “probably” would have given the guy the pizza.



BIG BROTHER (8p ET, CBS) — House guests vie for the power of veto in this new edition.

SEASON FINALE: AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — Jennifer Hudson, Lenny Kravitz, Pitbull, Ed Sheeran and Train are all set to perform on tonight’s finale before the winner is announced.

THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — Repeat



THE GOLDBERGS (8:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat


MODERN FAMILY (9p ET, ABC) — Two repeats air back to back.

SERIES PREMIERE: RED BAND SOCIETY (9p ET, FOX) — Octavia Spencer (The Help) stars in this new dramedy about a group of unlikely teenage friends in the pediatric ward of an L.A. hospital and the adults who mentor. Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) also stars.

LEGENDS (9p ET, TNT) — New

SEASON FINALE: EXTANT (10p ET, CBS) — Extant ends its first season tonight. The show has not yet been renewed for a second season.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (10p ET, NBC) — Debra Messing (Will & Grace) stars in this new dramedy as an talented NYPD homicide detective, who’s juggling her demanding job with a crazy home life that includes twin sons and a soon to be ex husband (Josh Lucas, Glory Road)

NASHVILLE (10p ET, ABC) — Repeat

FRANKLIN AND BASH (10p ET, TNT) — Jane Seymour guest stars in this new episode.



WHITNEY HOUSTON’S LEGACY GETS A TUNE-UP WITH NEW ALBUM _ Whitney Houston’s incomparable voice will make a comeback in a new album of live performances from throughout her illustrious career. Music mogul Clive Davis announced the live album Tuesday, describing the “I Will Always Love You” singer, who died in February 2012, as “the greatest vocalist in the world.” Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances will arrive November 10 as a CD/DVD package, though it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon or iTunes. » Amazon link

EVA MENDES AND RYAN GOSLING WELCOME BABY GIRL _ It’s a daughter for Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. The actress gave birth to a baby girl on Friday in Los Angeles. It’s the first child for both the 40-year-old star and her 33-year-old actor. Mendes and Gosling started dating in 2011 and were notoriously private about their relationship. They managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps until earlier this summer when she was seen sporting noticeable baby bump when stepping out L.A.

KRISPY KREME TO OFFER GHOSTBUSTERS DONUTS FOR 30th ANNIV _ The ongoing celebration of Ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary just got a little more delicious. Krispy Kreme has announced it will sell two Ghostbusters-themed donuts in honor of the film’s milestone. The donuts will be available September 29 through October 31.

… One donut will feature the Ghostbusters logo and a Slimer-inspired splatter of green icing, while the Stay Puft Marshmallow donut resembles that villain’s face, complete with a sailor hat made of sugar. Both donuts contain white cream in the center.

… Ghostbusters, which was released June 7, 1984, returned to theaters last month for a limited run to mark the anniversary.

NFL DROPS SONG FEATURING RIHANNA FOLLOWING HER ANGRY TWEET _ There’s more fallout from the Ray Rice domestic violence incident and the turmoil it has caused for the NFL — CBS and Rihanna are splitting up. The network said Tuesday it was permanently editing a song featuring Rihanna’s voice out of its Thursday night NFL telecasts — after the singer issued a profane Tweet about it. A portion of Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” featuring Rihanna was cut from last Thursday’s Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game because CBS was covering the controversy over Ravens running back Rice’s assault of his then-fiancée. CBS planned to use the song Thursday and for the rest of the season, but Rihanna tweeted, “CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? … Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this.” She added an expletive. CBS issued a statement saying that it was “moving in a different direction” with different theme music.

SHIA LABEOUF GETS RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST WOMAN _ Shia LaBeouf was granted a restraining order against a woman who has allegedly threatened to blow up his house. According to court documents, Graciela Nahle has showed up at the actor’s Los Angeles home on at least three occasions in the last several months. In one instance, Nahle allegedly ate watermelon in LaBeouf’s driveway, and lashed out when he asked her to leave. She allegedly screamed, “I am going to blow up your house! I am going to blow up the world! You are Albert Einstein and we belong together.”

TOM HIDDLESTON TO LEAD KING KONG ORIGIN PIC ‘SKULL ISLAND’ _ We learned back in July there was going to be a King Kong spin-off. And now we’ve learned that Thor actor Tom Hiddleston will star in the movie. Skull Island is a big-budget origin movie about King Kong which explores the mysterious island that became its home and other terrifying prehistoric creatures.

SECURITY GUARD KILLED ON THE SET OF FALLING SKIES _ A Teamsters security guard working on TNT’s Falling Skies in Vancouver was killed by an unattended truck Monday night on the set. The accident took place while production was preparing for the next day’s shoot. The security guard was standing near a 5-ton truck, which was left unattended. The truck slide down a slope and fatally pinned the security guard to a tree.

THE VIEW SEES BEST RATINGS IN 8 YEARS _ Powered by the return of Rosie O’Donnell to the chat panel, ABC’s The View had its biggest premiere rating in eight years.
Monday’s return had nearly 4 million viewers — the best since O’Donnell first joined the cast in 2006. The 18th season of the show also had two newcomers on the panel — actress Rosie Perez and Republican political analyst Nicolle Wallace — in addition to moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

TEXT GROOT _ If you watched Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and thought, “Boy, that Groot. He sure seems insightful. If only there was some way I could just, I don’t know, like text him in times of emotional need, just to get his wisdom,” then good news! You can — or, at least, the next-best thing. Some guy has created a chatbot that responds to every text message it receives with the same three words: “I am Groot.” No matter what message you send to 866-740-4531, you will get exactly the same response: “I am Groot.”





Week of September 8-14

1. NFL Football: Chicago at San Francisco, NBC, 22.16 million

2. NFL Football: Pittsburgh at Baltimore, CBS, 20.77 million

3. Sunday Night Pre-Kickoff,” NBC, 16.69 million

4. Thursday Night Pre-Kickoff,” CBS, 13.86 million

5. NFL Football: N.Y. Giants at Detroit, ESPN, 13.73 million

6. Football Night in America, Part 3,” NBC, 12.36 million

7. 60 Minutes,” CBS, 12.29 million

8. NFL Football: San Diego vs. Arizona, ESPN, 11.52 million

9. Thursday Night Pre-Game Show,” CBS, 10.63 million

10. America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 10.52 million

11. America’s Got Talent” (Tuesday), NBC, 9.83 million

12. Big Brother” (Sunday), CBS, 7.41 million

13. Miss America,” ABC, 7.07 million

14. Big Brother” (Wednesday), CBS, 6.99 million

15. America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 6.89 million

16. Big Brother” (Tuesday), CBS, 6.76 million

17. Under the Dome,” CBS, 6.63 million

18. Unforgettable,” CBS, 6.45 million

19. Sons of Anarchy, FX, 6.20 million

20. Blue Bloods,” CBS, 6.15 million


Would you pay $999 for an app?!

4K video is what’s hot. The TV you buy for the Super Bowl early next year will be 4K. Wouldn’t it be nice to record 4K with your iPhone? You can, sort of. You’ll need a 5S model and a spare $999. That’s how much you’ll need to pay in the App Store to purchase Vizzywig 4K, which touts itself as the world’s first mobile app that lets you capture, edit, and distribute 4K video. The app is designed specifically for iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S, which has a default video resolution cap of 1080p. VZ4K, as it’s known, allows you to capture 4K video by shooting 4K-resolution photographs at a rate of 24 photos a second while recording synced audio on the side. Once the photographs are stitched together and combined with the audio, you’ll have yourself a 4K video that you can upload directly to YouTube through the app. You can also access each of the individual photographs afterwards if you wish. » app link


Wow. Watch this commercial out of the Philippines for Coca-Cola. Yes, it’s an ad for Coke, but it’s much more. You’ll get it about half way in.



We told you that new data revealed there are more single than married Americans. That’s a first. So where are all of these single people? Gotta go south! Louisiana takes the biggest share of the single pie at 55.7%, followed by Rhode Island, and then New York.

  1. Louisiana
  2. Rhode Island
  3. New York
  4. Mississippi
  5. New Mexico
  6. California
  7. Florida
  8. Massachusetts
  9. Nevada
  10. Maryland

… The state with the least amount of singles: Utah! 43.7%.


A Reddit user asked the community the craziest reason for breaking up with someone.

• “She refused to eat anything besides chicken nuggets and french fries.”

• “She held her for overhanded, as in the shovel technique. You can’t take someone like that anywhere.”

• “She didn’t believe in the moon landing.”

• “I looked at him, really looked at him from a distance, and realized that his head was just waaay too big for his body.”

• “When she watched shows on the DVR she wouldn’t fast forward through the commercials.”

• “I couldn’t stand her name: Antoinette. I tried to get her to go by Tony, no such luck.”

• “Every time I yawned she thought it was hilarious if she stuck her finger in my open mouth.”

• “She at her peas one at a time. One at a time!”

• “She would constantly say the names of the stores we passed by while driving. ‘Jiffy-Lube. Huh, a Home Depot. Gym-boooo-ree.”

• “She wore the same deodorant as my mother.”

• “She’d wait until she had the bartender’s attention and then decide what she wanted to drink.”

• “She’d walk too slow. We’d go out somewhere and walk down the street and I’d turn around and she’s 20 feet behind me.”

• “She walked like a T.Rex.”

• “She pronounced it ‘cold slaw’.”

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What was the thing your ex did that drove you crazy?


• If a tiger loses all his hair, he’ll still be striped. Tiger stripes are like fingerprints, each individual cat’s markings are unique. And they’re not just hair, the stripes are in their skin. Seems to be a thing with cats, since your house cat’s fur markings are also skin deep!

• Insects outnumber us. There are more insects in just one square mile of fertile soil than there are human beings on the entire planet.

• The average person manages to consume about 430 insects every year of their lives, whether they intended to or not.

• ‘Salt of the earth’ is more than just a saying. There is enough salt in the world’s oceans to cover all the land on all the continents to a depth of nearly 500 feet.

• A cloud to ground bolt of lightning carries between 100 million and 1 billion volts. It can reach 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit – three to four times hotter than the surface of the sun.

• The bark of the giant redwood tree is fireproof. In fact, redwoods depend on fire to clear room for their growth, and to enrich the forest soil for seeds to sprout.

• The kitchen appliance staple known as the microwave oven was invented after a researcher happened to walk by a high-powered radar tube one day and a chocolate bar in his pocket melted.

• While Mom’s chicken soup won’t really “cure” your cold, it will make you feel much better. There are anti-inflammatory properties in the broth that have been shown to reduce congestion and ease fevers.



TRIVIA: We like to think everyone’s doing it more, but the average person only does it three times a day. (Washes their hands)

TRIVIA: 85% of the land in Nevada has what in common? (It’s owned by the government)


25% of people who do this are men, up from 15% just last year.

Answer: Seek cosmetic treatment.


• Reader’s Digest (1922) or People Magazine (1974)

• Tree shaped air fresheners (1951) or Lysol disinfectant (1918)

• The TV mini-series (1974) or the telethon (1949)

• Twinkies (1930) or Eggo Waffles (1936)



Oleta got pregnant and when the time came to deliver, her husband Ollie drove her to the hospital. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Oleta gives birth to a little boy. No sooner had they got the little fella all cleaned up when out pops a little girl. That astounded Ollie. Well two minutes later out pops another little girl — which just flabbergasted Ollie. So a month later Ollie loaded Oleta and the three youngins’ in the car and headed to town to see the doctor. Ollie asked the doctor how it could be that they ended up with three when they only made love once. The doctor gave a number of medical reasons, which Ollie did not understand, but then Oleta piped up and said, “Remember, Ollie, we could not find the Vaseline and we used 3 in 1 oil instead.” Ollie said, “Oh, that’s right! Darn good thing we did not use WD40!”



Cats vs. Toilet Paper.



Nailed it.

Source: unknown



• In Rush Hour the director manipulated footage to make a “traffic ballet” of cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians.

• Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.

• Someone edited together snippets from 20 YouTube videos of amateur musicians into an all-new song.

• WSJ: Radio Remains King of the Road Despite Rise of Digital Music.

Beer Jelly exists.

• Weaponized baseball cap.

• The first Mountain Dew commercial ever.

• Worst Music Video Ever.

Action Movie Kid Vol. 2.

• Bizarre travel accessories. The suitcase-skateboard is awesome.



This is day 261 of 2014. There are 104 days remaining.


• Robert Blake (Baretta) is 81

• Fred Willard is 81

• Singer-actor Frankie Avalon is 74

• Holly Robinson Peete (Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, 21 Jump Street) is 50

• Aisha Tyler (CSI, Talk Soup) is 44

• Lance Armstrong is 43

• Jada Pinkett Smith (a couple of Matrix films, Hawthorne) is 43

• James Marsden (Scott Summers/Cyclops X-Men films) is 41

• Jason Sudeikis (SNL, Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers.) is 39

• Barrett Foa (NCIS: Los Angeles) is 37


• 1789: The American government took out its first ever loan, a total of $191,608.81.

• 1793: The first cornerstone of the Capitol building was laid by George Washington.

• 1830: A horse beat the first U.S.-made locomotive near Baltimore.

• 1851: The New-York Daily Times, which would become The New York Times, began publishing.

• 1895: Daniel David Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment.

• 1906: A typhoon with tsunami killed an estimated 10,000 people in Hong Kong.

• 1942: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was authorized.

• 1964: The Addams Family premiered on ABC. The sitcom is based on Charles Addams’ quirky New Yorker cartoon creations.

• 1975: Patty Hearst was arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List.

• 1977: The Voyager I spacecraft took the first space photograph of Earth and Moon together.

• 1983: Rock band Kiss unmasked for the first time in an appearance on MTV to coincide with the release of the new album Lick It Up.

• 1984: Joe Kittinger completed the first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic.

• 1997: U.S. media magnate Ted Turner donated $1 billion to the United Nations.

• 1999: A husband and wife in western Hungary traded places and each underwent a sex change operation.

• 2000: A lonely 76-year-old ex-convict demanded two $50 bills from a bank teller and then announced he would be outside in his car smoking a cigarette — waiting to be returned to prison.

• 2004: Britney Spears married dancer Kevin Federline.

• 2006: An Austrian strongman set a new world record after a 1.8-ton helicopter landed on his back. Franz Muellner supported the machine for almost a minute after it landed on his shoulders to secure his place in the Guinness Book of World Records.


• Today is Cheeseburger Day.

• It’s Play-Dough Day.