PRO November 10, 2014


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This is day 314 of 2014. There are 51 days remaining.


• Singer/songwriter Dave Loggins (Please Come to Boston and the theme music “Augusta” that is used on broadcasts of the The Masters Golf Tournament) is 67

• Actor-comedian Sinbad is 58

• Mackenzie Phillips (American Graffiti, One Day at a Time) is 55

• Michael Jai White is 50

• Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) is 46

• Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) is 45

• Josh Peck (Drake and Josh) is 28

• Mackenzie Foy (Twilight) is 14


• 1775: The U.S. Marines were organized under authority of the Continental Congress.

• 1871: Journalist-explorer Henry M. Stanley found missing Scottish missionary David Livingstone in central Africa and delivered his famous greeting: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

• 1951: Direct-dial, coast-to-coast telephone service began as Mayor M. Leslie Denning of Englewood, N.J., called his counterpart in Alameda, California.

• 1958: The Hope Diamond was donated to the Smithsonian Institution by New York diamond merchant Harry Winston.

• 1969: Sesame Street made its debut on PBS. Here’s the original theme song, and a newer version.

• 1982: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was opened to visitors in Washington, D.C.

• 1999: When Albert Foulkes Jr. told his New Jersey neighbors about being in the CIA and making secret weapons, they took it with many grains of salt. Then cops busted in his place and found a 600-pound operational homemade flame-thrower mounted on wheels, which he was planning to sell for $10,000.

• 2003: In Pretoria, South Africa, an unidentified man robbed an office, taking a computer, cell phones and cash and then fleeing in one of the workers’ cars. The thief must have been really proud of that car, since the cops spotted him later that day washing and waxing it in full view of any and everyone in his front yard. He’s under arrest.

• 2008: Police say the contents in an oversized purse saved Elizabeth Pittenger, a 22-year-old Middle Tennessee State University student, by stopping a bullet during an attempted robbery. Pittenger was walking to her car when a man confronted her and demanded her purse, cell phone and laptop. She fought the man off, but he fired a gunshot before fleeing. The bullet was found inside the purse, along with a calculator, umbrella and small case that had been punctured. Pittenger was not injured.


• It’s Shallow Persons Awareness Week. No, this isn’t about being less shallow. The organizers say you should “acknowledge and embrace your shallowness.” It’s also known as The Kardashians Week.

• This is Geography Awareness Week.

• It’s National Nurse Practioner’s Week.

• It’s World Kindness Week.

• Today is Sesame Street Day. It premiered November 10, 1969. Here’s the originalorginal ong, and a newer version.

• It’s World Orphans Day.

• It’s USMC Day, celebrating the birth of the United States Marine Corps which was created during the Revolutionary War.

• Today is Vanilla Cupcake Day.


• Veteran’s Day: November 11

• Final NASCAR race of Sprint Cup season (Ford EcoBoost 400): November 16

• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17



10,000: Average lifespan, in bounces, of a typical NBA basketball.



Scientists say that they have discovered that bats have the ability to use sound to jam the sonar of a rival bat competing for the same food. [It’s like when you’re trying to order at the drive-through window and the guy behind you won’t turn down his stereo.]

The Navy SEAL who claims to have killed bin Laden says that the terrorist died afraid. [And without adequate insurance.]

Nine rookie cops have been fired from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey after they celebrated their graduation from the academy in August by being so uncontrollable at a bar that regular cops had to be called to the scene. [Isn’t that a bit like rookie firefighters celebrating with a backyard barbeque that starts a forest fire?]

North Korea has freed its last two American prisoners. [Nice work, Dennis Rodman.]

Authorities shut down some 400 sites operating on what’s called the Dark Web where criminals openly negotiated drug deals, arranged murder-for-hires… [And created new sitcoms.]

The Pope demoted a controversial American bishop. [He’s longer a bishop but the chaplain for a ladies bowling league.]

Nicki Minaj is under fire because people believe that her new video relies on Nazi imagery. [I’m going to stay out of this. My parents taught me to never make fun of a woman just because she has a moustache.]

Animal lovers are upset with Miley Cyrus for subjecting her pet pig to a pedicure. [They’re also not too crazy about the liposuction.]

According to new study, students who bring lunches from home don’t eat healthy. [Another day, another M&M sandwich.]



WHAT MILLENNIALS WANT FOR XMAS: DIGITAL GIFT CARDS _ Gift cards have become the can’t-go-wrong present, and like everything else, they are are now going digital. And while gift cards are also popular with Millennials, digital gift cards are even more popular with the generation.

… Companies sold over $85 billion worth of gift cards in 2013, and in a survey of 62 gfit cards 59% are available in digital form.

… Mobile gift cards are particularly popular with Millennials, who depend on their smart phones far more than their parents.

DETENTION CENTER HOSTS DADDY-DAUGHTER DANCE _ In an effort to help build stronger bonds between incarcerated fathers and their daughters, a Miami detention center hosted its first daddy-daughter dance. The Federal Detention Center Miami hosted the event on November 4 as part of a re-entry program to help prepare inmates to reunite with their families after leaving prison. Thirteen fathers decked in suits, ties and tuxedos spent about two hours with their daughters in a third-floor prison meeting space that had been transformed into a fairy-tale wonderland for about 20 girls, aged 4 to 18. The fathers were all minimum-security, nonviolent offenders. The girls arrived with their mothers and grandmothers, who wore fancy dresses.

COPS FINISH PURSE-SNATCH VICTIM’S SHOPPING _ Two Aurora, Colorado, police officers went above and beyond the call of duty after a purse-snatching. The 86-year-old victim — a great-grandmother who’s a full-time care-giver to her blind and wheelchair-bound husband — had her money, credit cards, car keys and house keys taken. After cancelling her credit cards and taking down the details of the crime, officers Craig Hess and Robert Little then took her grocery list and bought her the items on the list. The officers even used their own money to buy new locks for the woman’s front door in case the thief decided to target her house with her keys.

FLORIDA WOMAN SURVIVES 45 MINUTES WITH NO PULSE _ A Florida mother is home and tending to her new infant less than a month after surviving without a pulse for 45 minutes following complications from a routine cesarean section. A team of medical workers at Boca Raton Regional Hospital spent three hours attempting to revive the woman after a rare amniotic fluid embolism. The doctors were preparing to pronounce her death when a blip on a monitor indicated a heartbeat. Despite going 45 minutes without a pulse, she suffered no brain damage. At one point the situation had become so hopeless doctors had called the family into the operating room and told them there was nothing more they could do for the 40-year-old (named Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro).

ARE ADS ON NHL JERSEYS COMING? _ The CBC Canada says the NHL is moving toward a future where the NHL jersey will become a billboard, as the game’s best players advertise goods and services while skating up and down the ice. NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins has publicly stated that ads are “coming and happening.”

… Adding advertisements to jerseys is not a new development. The Major League Soccer (MLS) circuit, as well as FIFA, have plastered ads on their sportswear for years. NASCAR lives and dies by the countless sponsors that fill every open space on the cars that race in circles, and even the NBA is looking to sell space for ads on their jerseys, a practice already in place in the WNBA.

POT SMOKE CLOUD PUTS US SCHOOL ON PARTIAL LOCKDOWN _ A high school in Colorado, one of the first two U.S. states to legalize recreational marijuana use, was put on partial lockdown on Friday after a student’s weed pipe filled a classroom with pot smoke. The smoke from the device, known as a “gravity bong” or “bucket,” was released into a classroom at about Friday morning. at Adams City High School in Commerce City, a northeastern suburb of Denver. The school said it was working with the proper authorities to resolve the issue.

KID THINKS HE HAS WORLD RECORD FOR MOST HOTEL KEY CARDS _ When then 5 year-old Elias Brooks went on vacation with his family in 2009, he decided to keep the key card from the hotel on a whim. Now five years and 539 key cards later, Brooks, of South Carolina (Fort Mill), is attempting to establish the Guinness World Record for the largest private collection of hotel key cards. Brooks and his father did some research and after filling out the application on the Guinness World Records website and receiving the requirements for a claim, he went back to collecting cards. Since one of the requirements for the record is that all the cards be unique from one another, Brooks has kept a detailed log where he documents even the smallest of distinguishing marks. When his collection reached about 520 cards, he decided to make his record attempt. Brooks has submitted all of the required information and it will most likely take a few weeks to hear back from Guinness.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: If your kid were trying for a world record, what stuff does he or she collect that might get him or her one?

MAN REFUSED ENTRY TO FAMILY PARK DUE TO PEDOPHILE FEARS _ Fifty-four year old Matthew Richards is a married grandfather of three who wanted to visit a small animal park (Puxton Park) in England. But he was turned away over fears he may be a pedophile. Richards has no criminal record — and has never been accused of anything. But the park, which is normally attended by children with their parents, said a grown man coming in solo wasn’t a good idea. Richards wnated to visit the park to check out the falconry display. He a bird enthusiat who had visit the park recently with his family and decided to return to check ou the birds. The rule is being defended by the managing director of the park, who said that the rule has been in place since the park first opened its doors seven years ago.

JOE’S CRAB SHACK SERVED ALCOHOL TO KIDS _ Joe’s Crab Shack may not be the place you want to take your kids to for that next birthday party or family visit as one Colorado Springs, Colorado, family found out. The family brought several kids ranging in ages from two to eight years old for a night of celebration. The kids ordered a Shark Nibble from the Kids Menu. When the wait staff brought out the drinks, the children complained that their beverages “tasted funny.” A waitress reportedly came to the table shortly after delivery and reclaimed the drinks saying they were made with “the wrong ingredients.” That turned out to be a massive understatement. Managers came around to let the family know that they had accidentally poured alcohol into the kids beverages. At that point, the family says they were “frightened” as their two-year-old niece had already finished her drink. Joe’s Crab Shack isn’t sure how the drinks were made with alcohol but says it’s looking into it.

MASSIVE ROCK LOBSTER SELLS FOR $95,000 _ A fisherman who lucked out by catching “the god of lobsters” sold it at auction for over $95,000. The Chinese fisherman recently pulled in the tropical rock lobster that weighed in at 56 poounds and he knew that he had a haul that could net him a pretty penny. Tropical rock lobsters can grow to massive size, and they’re remarkable for their multicolored exoskeletons. Plenty of fishermen have caught rare lobsters, but it’s even rarer to run across one this big. Tropical rock lobsters are highly valued as a dish, and they are one of the most popular edible types of lobster.

START YOUR HAGGLING AT 35% OFF WHEN TRAVELING _ If you’ve travelled aboard, you’ve probably bought a couple things at a local market. In many cultures, merchants expect you to haggle a bit. But by how much? Travel blog Tourist Meets Traveler suggests 35% discount as a good starting point.

DORITOS-FLAVORED MOUNTAIN DEW _ It might not be long before you’re hearkening back to those glorious days when you were crunching your Doritos and reaching your red-stained fingers for a bottle of Mountain Dew with which to wash down the whole mass of red-and-green-dye-filled pre-type 2 diabetes. No, soon you could be swigging an orange-colored soda that tastes like Doritos. The orange brew was spotted at a Kent State taste test and posted to Reddit. One taste-tester daid it tasted like orange with a Doritos aftertaste.”



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEF FAKED 8-HOUR COMA _ A guy in China is suspected of faking unconsciousness for eight hours after being arrested for theft. The man, accused of pickpocketing passengers on a city bus, collapsed at the police station and refused to open his eyes or talk for eight hours. Doctors were brought in to check the man out and confirmed that he was still conscious. On top of that, witnesses said the suspect had coughed a few times.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN IN ‘I LOVE CRYSTAL METH’ T-SHIRT GETS ARRESTED _ In Kentucky, a woman wore an ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt as she was arrested — for possession of crystal meth.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN PULLS FAKE TEETH FROM BARTENDER’S MOUTH _ In Massachusetts, police say Caterina Froio-Chaput went to the American Legion on Wednesday night on suspicion that the bartender there was sleeping with her estranged husband. She was refused a drink and when asked to leave Froio-Chaput allegedly started hitting the bartender in the face and pulled the false teeth out of the bartender’s mouth. After the bartender escaped behind the bar, Froio-Chaput allegedly picked up a beer bottle from the counter and threw it at her, striking her in the chest. When police showed up, Froio-Chaput told officers that she did not have the bartender’s teeth. Officers asked to check her belongings and found the fake choppers in a vest pocket. Froio-Chaput claimed the bartender planted them in her pocket. In a follow-up interview with the Boston Herald, Froio-Chaput said, “I don’t condone what happened. I feel very badly about it. I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: EATING CEREAL WHILE DRIVING _ A woman in Germany knocked down a lamp post with her car. She lost control because she was eating whild driving. She was eating — or trying to eat — a bowl of cereal.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BLIND MAN DARED TO DRIVE _ In Romania, a guy got into an argument with some of his friends and, to prove to them that he could do it, he stole a car. He smashed the window, used a screwdriver to start the ignition and drove off down a busy road. But he only made it about a half a mile before crashing into a tree. He told the cops he crashed because he didn’t know the way home. We think there might have been another problem. You see, the reason his friends didn’t think he could pull off the crime is because the guy is legally blind.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMEN FIGHT OVER SNEEZING _ Police in western Germany were called to a church after two women began fighting outside because one of them could not stand the other’s incessant sneezing during a service. One woman began insulting the one who couldn’t control her sneezing. The sneezer got back at the one insulting her by exposing her rear end.



THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — The playoff round begins with the Top 20 vocalists performing.


DANCING WITH THE STARS (8p ET, ABC) — The six remaining couples will dance to a song and style voted on by viewers for America’s Choice night. Each couple will perform two full routines including an individual original dance and a trio dance.

GOTHAM (8p ET, FOX) — New


MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (8:15p ET, ESPN) — The Carolina Panthers (3-5) are in Philadelphia to take on the Eagles (6-2).

THE MILLERS (8:30p ET, CBS) — Larry Clarke (Contagion) guest stars in this new episode.

SCORPION (9p ET, CBS) — Hip Hop artists Kid Cudi and Cliff “Method Man” Smith guest star in this new episode.



NCIS: LOS ANGELES (10p ET, CBS) — Alex Carter (CSI:), William Shockley (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) and Tamlyn Tomita (Resurrection) guest star in this new episode.

CASTLE (10p ET, ABC) — Beckett and Castle FINALLY tie the knot (for real this time) in this new episode.

THE BLACKLIST (10p ET, NBC) — In the fall finale, Alan Alda guest stars in this new episode.



‘BIG HERO 6’ IS HUGE _ The animated family flick Big Hero 6 beat the Matthew McConaughey-Jessica Chastain space adventure Interstellar for the top spot at the North American box office over the weekend. Big Hero 6 earned $56.2 million in ticket sales, while Interstellar racked up $50 million. Coming in at No. 3 for the weekend was Gone Girl.

… Interstellar actually opened Wednesday, which probably hurt its weekend box office numbers.

… Globally, Interstellar made $132 million in its opening weekend.

MACAULAY CULKIN ‘WEEKEND AT BERNIES’ PARODY _ Macaulay Culkin was reported to be dead last week. It was a hoax. But Culkin had fun with it, posting on the official Twitter account for his band photos of himself pretending to be dead. Culkin finished off his string of death hoax jokes early Sunday morning by reenacting a scene from Weekend At Bernies, the 1989 comedy about a couple of guys who pretend their boss isn’t dead so they can enjoy a weekend at his fancy home.

DUMB AND DUMBER TO KEEPS MAMA JUNE _ Mama June Shannon will apparently still be in “Dumb and Dumber To” despite the controversy surrounding reports that she’s dating a convicted child molester. D&D co-star Jeff Daniels says, “No one called me about making an edit. She was in the scene at the premiere I saw, so apparently, she’s still in it. … I don’t worry about it, other people are paid to worry about those things.”

… Daniels added: “Hope whatever’s going on, she works it out. She was a nice gal for that morning [when they shot the scene]. … I couldn’t care less. I shoot the movie. It’s part of being an actor. You give them the movie, it goes to the edit room, and you’re done.”

ANNE HATHAWAY WANTS TO REPRISE HER ROLE AS CATWOMAN _ Anne Hathaway has been doing press stops for her new film Interstellar, and during one of those stops Catwoman came up as a topic. When asked if she would be up for a standalone film, given the sudden emergence of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, Anne said she was basically game to do another one if director Christopher Nolan had anything to do with it. But what if Nolan weren’t involved? Hathaway says, “Without him I don’t think it would be the same thing.”

ROBERT PLANT TURNS DOWN MILLIONS TO REUNITED WITH LED ZEPPELIN _ Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin has turned down nearly $800 million from Virgin founder Richard Branson to reunite the band. Branson was $794 million to the band in exchange for Zeppelin playing 35 dates in three cities, London, Berlin and New Jersey, and the billionaire was planning to let the band use one of his Jumbo jets, saying he’d rename it “The Starship.” While Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones agreed to the tour immediately, Plant said no way.

AUTOPSY RESULTS FOR ROBIN WILLIAMS _ The autopsy results for Robin Williams shows a man in pain and anguish, but who did not go back to his old demons for help. The Stir is reporting that Williams’ autopsy did certify cause of death as suicide as a result of asphyxiation. The toxicology report shows the presence of four prescription drugs in his system, two caffeine compounds and two anti-depressants, for which Williams had prescriptions. No alcohol or illegal drugs were found in his system at the time of his death. The anti-depressants and caffeine compounds were found to be within “thereaputic concentrations”, meaning the prescription drugs were not abused, either.

… The autopsy results and subsequent investigations also revealed that Williams was battling anxiety, severe depression, paranoia, and was in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease. The police investigation found that Williams had taken several wristwatches and placed them in a sock, then took them to a friend’s house for safekeeping the night before he died. Further investigation also showed that Williams was having issues with his left arm. Moving his left arm became a problem. Williams had been suffering Parkinson’s symptoms since 2011.

MILEY CYRUS SLAMMED FOR PAINTING HER PIG’S TOENAILS _ Miley Cyrus is facing backlash online after giving her pig a pedicure. The pictures she posted on Instagram that showed her adorable piggy getting the spa treatment has sparked “animal abuse” accusations from some of her followers.

Yeah, well, if you follow Miley Cyrus on Instagram I’m surprised you’re in a tizzy over a pig pedicure.

… Critics were concerned that the animal was being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in the nail polish.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What celebrity are you embarrassed to admit you follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

MATT DAMON CONFIRMS HE’S RETURNING AS JASON BOURNE _ It was a rumor, it was confirmed, now the man himself has made it official. Matt Damon has finally confirmed that, yes, he’s returning to play Jason Bourne in a 2016 film.

NICKI MINAJ IS UNDER FIRE FOR USE OF NAZI IMAGERY IN NEW VIDEO _ Lyric videos are dumb to begin with, but when you add Nazi imagery to the mix — as Nicki Minaj recently did — they go from being a waste of time to completely unacceptable. On Saturday, the rapper released a lyric video for her new song Only, and everything from the color scheme to the red banners with swastika-like Young Money logos to the SS-style armbands Minaj’s “soldiers” wear are designed to purposefully invoke the Third Reich. And while it’s not uncommon for pop culture to draw inspiration from Nazi Germany, it’s certainly troubling to see Minaj comparing herself to Hitler as though it’s a compliment. Many fans have taken to Twitter to criticize the video, with some even demanding it be taken down. Minaj hasn’t responded to the controversy; however, the video’s director, Jeff Osborne, has been retweeting criticism.

2014 MTV EMAS WINNERS _ The 2014 MTV EMA took place in Glasgow on Sunday. Hosted by Nicki Minaj, the Europe Music Awards honored the best in music across the globe.

  • BEST U.S. ACT: Fifth Harmony
  • BEST U.K. & IRELAND ACT: One Direction
  • BEST CANADA ACT: Justin Bieber

AARON SORKIN LIKELY DONE WITH TV AFTER THE NEWSROOM _ Aaron Sorkin fans should savor the third and final season of The Newsroom as it may be his last television project. Sorkin says, “I know the whole ‘Never say never’ stuff, but I’m pretty certain I’m about to write my last three episodes of television.” Sorkin made the declaration in May as he was writing the final season of the HBO drama, but hadn’t changed his mind when he was asked again recently.

CANDY SPELLING CALLS DEAN MCDERMOTT A LIAR _ Candy Spelling has a message for son-in-law Dean McDermott: Don’t throw me under the bus. While making an announcement to Access Hollywood last week that he was leaving True Tori, McDermott was asked about the relationship between his family and his mother-in-law Candy Spelling, widow of legendary television produces Aaron Spelling. Specifically, Access Hollywood hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover wanted to know if Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott has received any help from Candy Spelling and the massive estate Aaron Spelling left behind. Citing his well-publicized recovery following admitting himself to rehab for sex addiction and substance abuse in January, Dean insisted on being completely honest. According to him, Tori has never received any money from Candy Spelling or the Aaron Spelling estate, worth an estimated $500 million dollars. Of the $500 million, Tori Spelling received only $800,000 in cash and real estate. Dean elaborated, saying that Tori Spelling only sees Candy around eight times a year, usually on birthdays and holidays. Candy Spelling is crying foul. A representative says Candy “has provided financial help in the past and has offered repeatedly to pay for the children’s private schooling…” According to Candy Spelling, she only sees the family eight times a year because that’s the way Tori and Dean want it.

MELISSA GILBERT’S FATHER COMMITTED SUICIDE WHEN SHE WAS 11 _ Actress Melissa Gilbert says she only learned five years ago her father Paul committed suicide when she was 11 and didn’t die in his sleep as she had always been told. Gilbert says most family members had always been told her father had died of a stroke. But she recently discovered he had actually shot himself after enduring “uncontrolled, excruciating pain.”

HAYDEN PANETTIERE REVEALS HOW MUCH WEIGHT SHE’S GAINED _ Hayden Panettiere has put on 40 pounds during her pregnancy. She says: “the worst part is that my feet are still size five, and they’re going, ‘What’s going on with all this weight?’ They’re about to snap from underneath me with the strain.” Despite the weight, the actress, who’s engaged to Wladimir Klitschko, is excited to welcome a baby girl in December.




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  1. Big Hero 6, $56.2 million
  2. Interstellar, $50 million
  3. Gone Girl, $6.1 million
  4. Ouija, $6 million
  5. St. Vincent, $5.7 million
  6. Nightcrawler, $5.51 million
  7. Fury, $5.5 million
  8. John Wick, $4 million
  9. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, $3.4 million
  10. The Book of Life, $2.8 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Thor: The Dark World.

… Five years ago this week the number one movie was A Christmas Carol.

… Ten years ago this week the number one movie was The Incredibles.

… Twenty years ago this week the number one movie was Stargate.


DUMB AND DUMBER TO (PG-13) score/reviews

  • Twenty years since their first adventure, Harry finds out he has a daughter who was adopted. Lloyd and Harry try to find Harry’s adopted daughter.
  • Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels

BEYOND THE LIGHTS (PG-13) score/reviews

  • A talented young musician on the brink of super stardom struggles with the pressure of her new-found success.
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Nate Parker, Minnie Driver, Danny Glover


  • Kirk Cameron is enjoying the annual Christmas party extravaganza thrown by his sister until he realizes he needs to help out Christian, his brother-in-law who has a bad case of the bah-humbugs.
  • Kirk Cameron, Bridgette Cameron


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Veterans Day
  2. NFL
  3. College Football
  4. Utah Football Fumble
  5. Flu Shots
  6. Macaulay Culkin
  7. Navy Seals
  8. Ebola
  9. Health Care Enrollment
  10. George W. Bush
  11. Eminem
  12. Thanksgiving
  13. Face the Nation
  14. Taylor Swift
  15. Toy Story 4
  16. Andy Dick
  17. Jerry Seinfeld
  18. Christmas


It’s Shallow Persons Awareness Week, a week to acknowledge and embrace your natural shallowness. And for the guys in the audience we’ve worked up a Shallow Quiz. If your answer is always ‘C’ you are shallow.


A) find the hosts thank them for inviting you;
B) introduce yourself to the quiet wallflower at the buffet table;
C) gravitate to the woman who looks most like Kate Upton, suck in your gut and talk about your brand new Lexus.


A) ask your buddies how their families are doing;
B) discuss and debate important current events;
C) completely rip and ridicule the woman at the next table who looks like Gilbert Gottfried.


A) turn off your computer and quickly exit the building;
B) organize everyone in your work area into a straight line and file out in an orderly fashion;
C) bolt to the restroom and check your hair — just in case you bump into that “hottie” from accounting in the parking lot.


Sesame Street turns 45 today (Monday). And the gang is starting to show its age. For instance:

• Bert has taken to combing that tuft of black fur on the top of his head over an ever-growing bald spot.

• Oscar has moved out of the grouchy phase and into the grouchy and mean phase. He’s a green Rush Limbaugh.

• Elmo just got busted on the other side of town for offering an undercover cop 50 bucks to “tickle” him.

• Bert and Ernie finally had to sit Big Bird down and explain to him there’s a reason they’ve been roommates for over 40 years.

• Cookie Monster just entered the Betty Ford clinic to conquer his Oreos habit.


It premiered November 10, 1969. Here’s the originalorginal ong, and a newer version.

• Sesame Street celebrates its 45th birthday today (November 10)

• Sesame Street producers estimate there have been close to 1,000 studies on the show’s educational influence. Researchers say the show’s educational value is expanded when a child watches with a parent or caretaker.

• 49% of “Sesame Street” viewers are over age 18. These are “co-viewers” — adults who watch with kids.

• A Sesame Street YouTube channel has a million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.

• Hundreds of celebrities have visited Sesame Street. James Earl Jones was the first celebrity to appear on Sesame Street, as part of a test film. The segments including him were eventually aired as part of the series itself. However, Carol Burnett was the first celebrity whose appearance on Sesame Street was actually broadcast.

• In a survey more Americans could identify Elmo than their own state senators.

• Sesame Street was banned in Mississippi in 1970 because some felt people they weren’t ready for such a racially integrated cast.

• An estimated 100,000 Sesame Street products have been made available internationally, from T-shirts and costumes to high-tech toys.

• Cookie monster used to have pointy teeth.

• In the first season Grover was brown, not blue. Also in the first season Oscar was orange, not green.

• The first words Oscar said were “Don’t bang on my can! Go away.”


What jobs do Americans consider the most prestigious? According to The Harris Poll, the majority of adults would encourage their children to pursue a career in engineering. However, doctors, military officers and firefighters are actually seen as the most prestigious professions in the United States.

  1. Doctor – 88%
  2. Military officer – 78%
  3. Firefighter – 76%
  4. Scientist – 76%
  5. Nurse – 70%
  6. Engineer – 69%
  7. Police officer – 66%
  8. Priest/Minister/Clergy – 62%
  9. Architect – 62%
  10. Teacher – 60%



TRIVIA: Two hundred years ago, the average American ate 2 pounds of this a year. Today the average American eats almost 152 pounds a year. (Sugar)

TRIVIA: Women do this about 5 times a day. (Apologize)


Sort these by how fast they can go, slowest to fastest.

• 3-toed sloth
• jumbo jet
• garden snail
• peregrine falcon

Correct order:

• garden snail
• 3-toed sloth
• peregrine falcon
• jumbo jet



A marathon runner is experiencing incredible pain in his left leg. He hobbles to the doctor’s office, well aware that he needs to get this fixed so he can get back to training. The doctor puts his stethoscope to the runner’s shin and hears a tiny voice saying, “Doc, lend us a dollar.” He moves the stethoscope up the knee and hears another distinct voice: “Can I borrow 20 bucks, Doc? You know I’m good for it.” The doctor shakes his head as the runner looks on with a worried expression. The doctor moves the stethoscope up to the runner’s thigh and sure enough another voice pipes up: “Hey Doc, I’m a bit short. Can I have five bucks?” The runner asks, “How bad is it?” The doctor tells him, “I’m afraid it’s just as I suspected — your leg is broke in three places.”



Man dancing and cleaning in undies caught on video by roommate.



First buck.

Source: unknown



• Two great tools for stunts, promotions and sales in 2015. Here’s one, here’s the other.

• The final trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

• Trailer for sci-fi thriller Chappie.

• The evolution of F1 as shown through a kid’s toys.

• Someone attached a GoPro to booze at a wedding.

• Best review of Google Glass.

• 1980s Wendy’s training video.

The Walking Drunk.

Ebola Deeply promises to provide non-alarmist news.

Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4 (Part II)

• Dozens of movies cleverly tied together by a single basketball.

• A catchy pop song written with iOS 8’s predictive text.

• Somehow no one died in this rally crash.

Here’s a toy you probably won’t see on one of those annual “hot toys for Christmas” lists.

• The world’s best app!

• It’s 1999. Steve Jobs demonstrates Wi-Fi and the crowd goes nuts.

• What goes through your mind when you show a funny video to a friend.



This is day 315 of 2014. There are 50 days remaining.


• Singer Marshall Crenshaw is 61

• Stanley Tucci(The Hunger Games, The Devil Wears Prada) is 54

• Demi Moore is 52

• Calista Flockhart is 50

• TV personality Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) is 45

• Leonardo DiCaprio is 40


• 1620: Forty-one Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts, signed a compact calling for a “body politick.”

• 1750: The F.H.C. Society, also known as the Flat Hat Club, was formed at Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the first college fraternity.

• 1921: President Warren G. Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

• 1992: The Church of England voted to ordain women as priests.

• 2000: Republicans went to court, seeking an order to block manual recounts from continuing in Florida’s presidential election.

• 2005: At a 7-Eleven in Merrimack, New Hampshire, a customer called police to report no one was in the store. Police searched the building and found Sammer Gandhi sleeping in a back office. At most business, that’s grounds for terminations, but Gandhi had a bigger problem. He’d fallen asleep with two bags of pot nearby that police say he was packaging for resale.

• 2006: A Bosnian town announced plans to erect a massive monument to its most important product — cabbage.

• 2008: The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) set sail on her final voyage to Dubai.


• Today is Veteran’s Day.

• Today is Origami Day.

• It’s Sundae Day.


• Final NASCAR race of Sprint Cup season (Ford EcoBoost 400): November 16

• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17