PRO November 13, 2014

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This is day 317 of 2014. There are 48 days remaining.


• Producer-director-actor Garry Marshall is 80

• Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) is 67

• Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) is 61

• Chris Noth (The Good Wife, Law & Order, Sex and the City) is 60

• Whoopi Goldberg is 59

• Neil Flynn (Janitor on Scrubs) is 54

• Jimmy Kimmel is 47

• Steve Zahn is 47

• Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) is 45

• Aisha Hinds (True Blood) is 39


• 1974: Nuclear activist Karen Silkwood was killed in a car crash while she is traveling to an interview with New York Times reporter David Burnham.

• 1982: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington D.C. after a march to its site by thousands of Vietnam War veterans.

• 1990: The World Wide Web first began.

• 1990: The U.S. issued a patent (#4,969,317) to April Ode of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, for the Animal Hat, a cowboy hat designed to protect animals from heat and sunlight. It was held on by a Velcro chin strap.

• 1995: Officials at a Danish veterinary hospital in Copenhagen announced the discovery of history’s first known green cat. Vets said the green would not wash out, and the 2-month-old kitten’s color might be caused by a metabolism defect. Owner Pia Bischoff named her kitty “Miss Greeny.”

• 1998: Warner Brothers released “The Wizard of Oz” on the big screen 59 years after its original release.

• 2003: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was thrown off the bench by a judicial ethics panel for having “placed himself above the law.” He had refused to remove his granite Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse.

• 2005: Chicago Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher returned a missed field goal 108 yards against the San Francisco 49ers, the longest play in NFL history.

• 2006: A woman in Brazil was released from the hospital just one day after she was shot in the head six times in an attack police blamed on her ex-husband. Doctors could not explain how the 21-year-old survived the attack. The .32-caliber bullets didn’t break through her skull and didn’t even need to be immediately extracted.


• World Kindness Day.


• Final NASCAR race of Sprint Cup season (Ford EcoBoost 400): November 16

• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17



7,100: Calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal.



Handwritten letters belonging to Marilyn Monroe will go on auction next month. [The buyer is expected to be an older person. It’s not that younger people aren’t familiar with Marilyn Monroe, it’s that they’re not familiar with handwritten letters.]

Rumors are circulating that Natalie Morales is planning to leave the Today show over backstage power struggles. [She’s reportedly sick and tired of Al Roker getting first dibs on the office doughnuts.]

Randy Jackson has left American Idol. [Much like my interest.]

The European Space Agency successfully landed a space probe onto a comet. [It amazes me that the Europeans can land on a comet, but still can’t make a decent hamburger.]

The first of the remodeled Ford F-150 has rolled off the assembly line. It uses aluminum instead of steel to get much better gas mileage. [You can now take a family trip without the truck needing to make more pitstops than the kids.]

The U.S. and China announced a landmark agreement to cut air pollution. [Russia’s sole contribution was Vladimir Putin inappropriately helping the wife of the President of China put on her breathing mask.]

Researchers say that they have perfected a liquid coating that, if used inside bottles, could help you easily get out all the remaining toothpaste or ketchup. [This could mean an end to stories about bears getting their heads stuck in jars of honey, or Charlie Sheen in a bottle of Scotch.]

The voice that employees at a Marshalls store in Colorado kept hearing was that of a would-be burglar trapped between the building’s exterior and interior walls. [They thought that it was The Ghost of Christmas Shopping Seasons Past.]

One of the more lucrative items that traders are smuggling to ISIS fighters is truckload after truckload of Red Bull. [Apparently, even ISIS supporters can barely stay awake listening to their leaders’ nonsense.]



TWO WINDOW WASHERS RESCUED AT ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER _ Two window washers were rescued outside the newly opened One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. The workers were safely strapped while inside a scaffold. A cable snapped at about 1pm (ET) and left the two window washers dangling from the 69th floor, which is over 1,000 feet above ground. At some point the scaffold was hanging almost vertically. New York’s fire department tweeted a photo from inside One World Trade Center showing the view they have of the two window washers while they were coming up with a way of reaching them. Making matters difficult was the fact that this particular building has no ledges, which is why firefighters cut a window pane to reach the workers. The men had five and 14-years of experience cleaning windows prior to Wednesday’s incident. The workers were on their way to the top of One World Trade Center when one of the motorized cables supporting their scaffold snapped or came lose.

SOCIAL MEDIA MAKES BREAKUPS UGLIER FOR EVERYONE _ If you live out your relationship on Facebook or Twitter, there’s a fair chance researchers can figure out when you’re about to break up. Researchers (from Finland, Qatar, and the U.S.) studied Twitter users who said they were in a relationship with another Twitter user, using words like “boyfriend”, “girlfriend” or “@user1 is the best boyfriend ever”. The researchers whittled their study down to 661 pairs of Twitter users who had been in a relationship and broken up, and 661 pairs who had stayed in their relationship over the course of the study. They then looked at their Twitter use over a six-month period, studying how their patterns of communication changed. The researchers noticed as the couple approached breaking point, they would message each other less while contacting others more, and that one person ignoring the other on social media was more common in couples who ended up breaking up.

… Another surprise to researchers was the number of unfollows on Twitter after a breakup, with people either losing or ditching 15 to 20 followers after being dumped or doing the dumping.

COMPANY CREATES EBOLA DOLL RESEMBLING MAINE NURSE _ A Connecticut company has created an Ebola Nurse action figure with a striking resemblance to the Maine nurse who gained national attention when she refused to be quarantined. Herobuilders insists the doll, which is named Case-E, was not modeled after Kaci Hickox who returned from West Africa where she was treating Ebola patients and became embattled in a controversy over whether she should be quarantined for 21 days. When she returned to the United States, health officials in New Jersey said she had a temperature and she was put into a quarantine tent. When Hickox tested negative for Ebola, she returned to Fort Kent, Maine where her boyfriend lives. The state of Maine wanted Hickox to remain quarantined in her home for 21 days. However, Maine judge rejected the quarantine but said Hickox must submit to monitoring by the Maine Center for Disease Control. That monitoring ended on Tuesday when the 21-day incubation period was up. Herobuilders is advertising the Case-E Ebola Nurse action figure for $29.95 on its website. The doll comes with certificate that the doll is 100 percent Ebola-free.

US WEATHER SYSTEM AND SATELLITE NETWORK HACKED _ Hackers attacked the U.S. weather system in October, causing a disruption in satellite feeds and several pivotal websites. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that four of its websites were hacked in recent weeks. To block the attackers, government officials were forced to shut down some of its services. This explains why satellite data was mysteriously cut off in October, as well as why the National Ice Center website and others were down for more than a week. During that time, federal officials merely stated a need for “unscheduled maintenance.” A NOAA spokesman insisted that the aftermath of the attack “did not prevent us from delivering forecasts to the public.”

OLD NAVY UNDER FIRE FOR CHARGING MORE FOR WOMEN’S PLUS SIZES _ Old Navy charges more for women’s plus-sized clothes than standard sizes, but doesn’t charge plus-sized men more, a practice that has one customer crying foul. Renee Posey started a petition after she noticed plus-sized jeans at Old Navy cost $12 to $15 more than smaller sizes for women, even though all men’s sizes cost the same. Posey doesn’t have a problem paying extra as a plus-sized woman because, as she said, “more fabric equals higher cost of manufacture.” But, she says, selling jeans to larger-sized men at the same cost as they sell to smaller men not only negates the cost of manufacture argument, but indicates that Old Navy is participating in both sexism and sizeism, directed only at women. She also calls out Old Navy, which is owned by Gap Inc., for putting its “women’s plus” clothes on a different webpage despite the fact that all men’s clothes, plus and standard, are on the same page.

A QUICK WAY TO CALM DOWN IN STRESSFUL SITUATIONS _ When you feel anxious, the only thing on your mind is whatever is stressing you out. But there may be a way to push those feelings aside. Researchers found when people viewed pictures of others being loved or cared for, their brains’ threat response became muted. That’s key, because threatening situations are what send our moods into overdrive. When study participants looked at threatening facial expressions, or words that would normally cause a strong response, after viewing the soothing images, the researchers determined the latter pictures had a calming effect.

PARENTAL ATTITUDES MAY CONTRIBUTE TO KIDS’ CHRONIC CONSTIPATION _ Got a constipated kid? It might be the way you’re raising them. A study out of the Netherlands found child-rearing practices and attitudes could be contributing factors when kids have chronic constipation issues. For example, kids with low or high autonomy had about half the bowel movement frequency of kids with average autonomy. So don’t be a controlling parent and don’t be too easy a parent or your kid could be bottled up.

AMERICAN FLAG PAINTING SELLS FOR $36 MILLION ON VETERANS DAY _ Right around Veterans Day flag sales go up just a little bit. And around Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. It doesn’t cost much in this country to show your patriotism. But what if you’re more American than any other American. So American you’re willing to spend whatever it takes for the best flag of all time? Well Tuesday’s auction was for you. World renowned American artist Jasper Johns set a personal auction record on Veterans Day with the sale of an American flag painting for $36 million. The 12 by 18 inch flag painting — titled “Flag” — was expected to sell for only $15 million to $20 million.

PROBE THAT LANDED ON COMET MAY NOT BE SECURE _ No matter what, the European Space Agency made history Wednesday with its astonishing feat of landing a spacecraft on a comet. But now ESA has a simpler concern: Its Philae lander, about the size of a washing machine, might fall off. The main problem is that the lander’s harpoons didn’t fire upon landing and thus did not anchor the spacecraft onto the comet. It wasn’t the only glitch: The lander’s downward thrusters didn’t operate properly, which is perhaps part of the reason that ESA officials think the lander bounced.

NAPOLEON’S HAT FOR SALE _ Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous bicorn hat is up for auction. The black felt is a little weathered by age and use — though no one’s actually worn the hat since Napoleon’s cavalry veterinarian, who apparently received it from the leader as a gift. Auctioneers are hoping to fetch $600,000 for it.

NEW POLICY WON’T ALLOW TEACHERS TO GIVE GRADES BELOW 50 _ Terrible students in Orange County, Florida, have reason to celebrate. The school board has announced that it is eliminating grades that fall below a 50. Officials say this will help students pass who might otherwise give up and even drop out of school. Students might still get an F (which is now from a 50 to 59), but they hope this shift will do wonders for the self-esteem and motivation of those at-risk students. Administrators also note that this new system won’t apply to individual assignments. Teachers can still give kids a zero for bad work — they just can’t give them below a 50 for a final semester grade.

RESTAURANT ALLEGEDLY KICKS OUT GAYS, COMMUNITY TAKES REVENGE _ The best little gay bar in Texas is a family-owned bait house. After a gay couple claimed a waitress at Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store told them they weren’t welcome, online activists are trashing the restaurant (in Pittsburg, Texas) with satirical reviews. The small restaurant has been slammed with hundreds of mocking reviews, praising it for being gay-friendly. It all started when Collin Dewberry and his partner, Kelley Williams, had breakfast at Earl’s. Right after they paid their check, waitress Christina Cheney told them, “We don’t serve f**gs here.” Earl Cheney — Big Earl’s owner and the waitress’ dad — claimed the men were inappropriately flirting and touching each other during their meal. Dewberry said he barely spoke to his partner while eating because it was so early.

… So the couple’s supporters found a more creative way to get back at the business. Yelp users have flooded the restaurant’s profile with reviews dubbing it “the best gay spot in East Texas.” The satirical reviews talk about how the food is mediocre, but the place’s drag shows and gay events make up for it. Some of the Yelp reviewers are planning to visit the business as another protest.

RARE CONDITION CAUSES WOMAN TO UNDERGO REDUCTION FOR 36NNN BREASTS _ A Beaumont, Texas, woman has undergone breast reduction surgery after a rare hormonal condition caused her breasts to swell — weighing roughly 15 pounds each. Forty-year-old Kerisha Marks’ condition caused her breasts to grow to size 36NNN, bringing with it pulled muscles in her chest, severe back pain and emotional distress. The high school social worker said the pain caused by the disorder would be so intense, it would convince her she was having a heart attack — or leave her with a migraine that lasted for hours. A Houston plastic surgeon said Marks’ breasts “hung down to her hips and were essentially like carrying around three basketballs at all times because they were so large. When we went into the exam room — I don’t know if I would use this word ‘shocking,’ but it was certainly startling to see breasts of that magnitude.” The operation took four hours.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ‘ALLOWED’ HIMSELF TO BE CONNED OF THOUSANDS _ A man in China swindled out of more than $80,000 claimed he was wise to the con but did not let on out of curiosity. The man spent over 80-grand over four months on fake healthcare products. The main says he caught on to the swindle after he’d spent about $5,000 but didn’t think such a paltry sum of money would be of any interest to police and continued to buy products in order to build a stronger case. The guy purchased 1,760 men’s healthcare products online earlier this year before calling cops. A 17-member ring was busted for selling the fake products.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DAD THREATENS DAUGHTER WITH RIFLE AFTER SUSPECTING HER OF CHEATING AT BATTLESHIP _ Police say a 68-year-old Utah man was taken into custody after he threatened his teenage daughter with a loaded rifle after accusing of her of cheating in a game of Battleship. Police suspect he was drinking.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PET LAMBS IN HOTEL RESULT IN MISTAKEN HUMAN TRAFFICKING ARREST _ Staff at a hotel in China saw two men arrive in their lobby with a huge container — and heard crying coming from it. The men explained they had a pet inside and needed a room for the night. Fearing the cries were from an infant the hotel staff called cops — who showed up and found pet lambs in the container. One of the man had purchased the lambs as a gift for his child.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GRANDMA BANNED FROM CALLING EMERGENCY SERVICES AFTER MAKING 1,000 BOGUS CALLS _ A grandma was ordered to appear in court after she called emergency services too many times. 67-year-old Valerie Dawn Gough has been banned in Australia from calling 911 (000 over there) after a court found that she had called emergency services 1,000 times in five years. The calls cost the emergency services department $1 million.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PARROT NAMED MAGIC PICKS TWO LOCKS TO ESCAPE CAGE _ A plucky parrot is on the lam after he picked two locks on his cage and made a daring escape. The parrot performed the Harry Houdini routine in England as he was being transported in a car to a temporary home while his owners were on vacation. The parrot’s name: Magic.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOY FOUND LIVING IN IKEA STORE _ A 12-year-old in China went on the run November 3 after getting into trouble for not doing his math homework. He spent a week walking the streets and living off free food samples handed out by the city’s supermarkets. It’s unclear where he slept at night, but some reports have speculated he slept at night in an Ikea store on one of the furniture retailer’s showroom beds. The boy was finally found Sunday afternoon. Police found him at a railway station.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SHOOTS ARROW INTO CAR THEN CRIES FOR GRANDMA _ Jeffery Pernicka threatened to shoot his Staten Island, new York, neighbor for making too much noise. A few days later Pernicka shot a crossbow bolt into the door of a car the neighbor was driving. When police arrived and tried to arrest him he refused to be cuffed and called out for his grandmother: “Grandma, please help,” he yelled. “Don’t let them arrest me.” Pernicka is 25 years old.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR LARGEST BREAKFAST IN BED _ History was made Wednesday morning in China as 388 people ate breakfast in bed together. The feat, which involved hundreds of people eating croissants, noodles and fruit in unison, set a Guinness World Record for largest breakfast in bed, breaking a previous mark in 2012 when 288 people in Australia ate under the sheets together.




GREY’S ANATOMY (8p ET, ABC) — Geena Davis and Kelly McCreary (Dr. Emily Owens, MD) guest star in this new episode.

BONES (8p ET, FOX) — Gill Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption) guest stars in this new episode.

THE BIGGEST LOSER (8p ET, NBC) — Chef Rocco DiSpirito judges a cooking challenge in this new edition.


MOM (8:30p ET, CBS) — New

SCANDAL (9p ET, ABC) — New

TWO AND A HALF MEN (9p ET, CBS) — Maggie Lawson (Psych) guest stars in this new episode.

BAD JUDGE (9p ET, NBC) — Angela Kinsey (The Office) guest stars in this new episode.


REIGN (9p ET, CW) — New

PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS (9p ET, Lifetime) — Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and Betsey Johnson are the guest judges in this new edition.



A TO Z (9:30p ET, NBC) — New

ELEMENTARY (10p ET, CBS) — Raza Jaffrey (Smash, Homeland), Jacob Pitts (Justified), Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and CBS Sports’ Phil Simms guest star in this new episode.






COULD ADAM LAMBERT BE THE NEW JUDGE ON ‘AMERICAN IDOL?’ _ It’s been a great year for Adam Lambert. The former American Idol runner-up joined the legendary rock band Queen for one of the summer’s hottest concert tours, and the collaboration was such a success that there is even talk of new Queen music featuring Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert also has a new album of his own material in the works, something his fans have been waiting for since 2012. But now another gig is on the horizon: the show that started it all — American Idol. Lambert has appeared on the show as a mentor in seasons past. And he subbed as a judge for Keith Urban when Urban’s father-in-law passed away during auditions for this upcoming season. Now insiders say Adam’s got a shot at a permanent spot at the judge table in the future — and all he has to do is ask for it.

KATY PERRY SAYS SHE WAS DEPRESSED AFTER SPLIT FROM RUSSELL BRAND _ Katie Perry told an Australian TV show she was “depressed” and contemplated suicide after her split from husband Russell Brand.

THE VOICE SEASON 7 TOP 12 REVEALED _ The Voice Top 12 for season 7 was revealed on Wednesday in a special results show that followed this week’s live playoffs. Based on America’s votes, host Carson Daly announced two artists who were automatically safe on each coach’s team of five singers. Of the three remaining contestants, it was up to the coach to choose whom to save. The other two would be eliminated. Needless to say, there was a lot of suspense and a few surprises.

… Daly started with the results for Team Blake Shelton. Reagan James and Craig Wayne Boyd received the most votes to make it into the next round. That left Taylor Brashears, Jessie Pitts, and James David Carter in jeopardy. Shelton ultimately chose to keep Pitts and eliminated the other two artists.

… Team Pharrell was up next. Luke Wade was the first to be declared safe, followed by DaNica Shirey. The new coach then selected to save Sugar Joans, thereby sending Elyjuh René and Jean Kelley home.

… Gwen Stefani’s team results followed Pharrell’s. Viewers’ votes sent Taylor John Williams and Anita Antoinette through. That left the No Doubt singer forced to pick between Ricky Manning, Bryana Salaz, and Ryan Sill. Stefani became emotional, even joking that she’s still breastfeeding and may cry, before ultimately saving Sill.

… Lastly, it was time for Team Adam. Damien was the first name announced, followed by Matt McAndrew. Chris Jamison, Mia Pfirrman, Taylor Phelan were the only ones left to hear their fate, determined by Levine at the last second. He ultimately chose Jamison, saying he was going with his “gut.”

NBC DEVELOPING ‘LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS’ REVIVAL _ NBC is bringing back “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. The network has ordered a pilot for a new version of the syndicated series that was hosted by Robin Leach in the 1980s and 1990s, with Nick Cannon taking the lead in the show’s revival.

… Back in 2013, Style Network developed a “Lifestyles” reboot with Cannon but the project never moved forward. NBC’s take on “Lifestyles” will reportedly be different from Style’s take. The new version will “focus heavily on Cannon’s point of view and include fun profiles on ultra-wealthy individuals with vibrant personalities, hobbies and tastes.”

KIM KARDASHIAN GOES FULL-FRONTAL NAKED _ Kim Kardashian’s bare butt was so yesterday. As many continue to be in awe of Paper magazine’s cover revealing the brunette’s naked booty, the mag reveals that there is much, much more to look forward to in their upcoming Winter issue — like Kim’s entirely naked body. Paper tweeted another photo from their spread with Kanye West’s ladylove but this time, Kim is showing off everything. In another shot, the 34-year-old gives a side-view of her famous curves while also flaunting more of her breast.

… As for how Kim got her glistening glow for the naked Paper cover, a source said, “The shine was from this special oil that sprays on, and Kim’s makeup artist rubbed it on her. She’s worked with him for seven years.”

NBC TO AIR ONE DIRECTION HOLIDAY TV SPECIAL _ NBC and One Direction are teaming up this upcoming holiday for a special. “One Direction: The TV Special” will air on NBC on December 23, marking the band’s first TV special in the U.S.

‘DUCK DYNASTY’ LAS VEGAS MUSICAL IN THE WORKS _ The Robertsons are heading to the theater. The family, famous for their A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty,” is expanding their brand to a musical in Las Vegas entitled “The Duck Commander Family Musical.” Actors will play the Louisiana family in a 90-minute show following their path to success.

STEPHEN COLLINS DIVORCE TRIAL DELAYED UNTIL JANUARY _ The divorce trial between 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins and his estranged wife Faye Grant has been delayed until January 5. A judge granted a motion filed Wednesday by Grant’s lawyer to resign from the case — just hours before the trial was due to start in Los Angeles. Collins’ lawyer presented a forensic accountant report containing a claim against Grant totaling more than $1 million. The trial has been delayed to allow Grant time to prepare her defense and find a new attorney.

NICK LACHEY SAYS NOT HAVING KIDS WITH EX WIFE JESSICA SIMPSON WAS ‘THE BEST THING’ _ Both Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have moved on from their failed reality show The Newlyweds and their subsequent failed marriage. Since splitting up in 2005, the pair have remarried and have children of their own. On Jenny McCarthy’s satellite radio show the model and actress brought up the topic. Nick told her, “I think in our situation, that was probably the best thing that could have ever happened is that we didn’t have kids. … she’s obviously happily married with two [kids]. I’m happy married about to have two so it all worked out the way it was supposed to work out.”

DID JOAQUIN PHOENIX TURN DOWN THE CHANCE TO PLAY MARVEL’S IRON MAN? _ Joaquin Phoenix may have turned down the chance to play Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. In an interview with Playboy, Phoenix said, “There’s only one movie I regret saying no to, except the person who ended up doing it was so good and was absolutely meant to do it, so I don’t have any regrets.” That’s good and vague, and it doesn’t necessarily point only to Iron Man. But Phoenix didn’t stop there: “I’m not going to say which one but it was a really big hit. It’s getting to the point where they’re making some pretty decent movies. I thought Iron Man was fantastic.” The interviewer had asked Phoenix in particular if he regretted turning down any Marvel movies.

MATT LEBLANC DID NOT CHEAT ON GIRLFRIEND _ Matt LeBlanc has been accused of cheating on his longtime girlfriend of eight years, Andrea Anders, but according to the Episodes star’s rep the accusations are simply not true. According to In Touch Weekly, LeBlanc was seen partying with “several scantily clad women” during a Halloween party. A source told the tabloid that LeBlanc “maintained a low profile earlier in the night, but around 1:30am he started getting very flirty with the bottle service girls.” Usually you don’t hear about celebrities refuting silly rumors but Matt’s rep took this accusation somewhat seriously: “That absolutely did not happen. Fans were coming up to him all night asking for pictures.”




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FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What happened to the ring after your divorce?

There are a number of cathartic and symbolic ways to dispose of a ring… just as there are satisfying ways to keep and recycle them. The following comments came from a question posed on a blog: What did you do with your wedding ring after the relationship went bye-bye?

• After my ex flew the coop, I tied my wedding ring to a helium balloon and let it loose in the wild blue yonder. It was a symbolic gesture… I must have had my head in the clouds to get married in the first place.

• I put mine around the dog’s collar and attached the rabies tags to it. It looked better on the dog!

• I’m holding onto mine until the next time I have a cavity. Then I’m going to have the dentist melt it down and use it as the filling, so when my ex- does something that drives me nuts I can grind down on it like THISSS.

• I threw mine into the river.

• For my two used wedding rings from previous marriages, I own a body piercing shop and used them there. I also advertise a free piercing if you bring in an old ring.


Over in England a woman told a TV host that she has a fear of sunflowers. Yep, those big, tall flowers we get a wonderful snack from. After revealing her fear they brought one out.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What odd thing creeps you out?


“We were talking about this stuff one year ago…”

• MAKE-A-WISH TURNED SAN FRANCISCO INTO GOTHAM CITY _ The Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Francisco granted a wish for 5-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott. As a fan of superheroes, Miles’ one wish was to actually be Batman. So, the Make-A-Wish foundation, with the help of many others, turned San Francisco into Gotham City on November 15. They orchestrated a full day of crime fighting all over the city for “Batkid.” The day started with a breaking news story. San Francisco’s Police Chief asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of Batkid because he needed his help solving crime and bringing the bad guys to justice. The little Batkid, Miles, who was training with adult Batman, was ready to answer the call. Batkid rode around the city all day performing feats of heroism.

• CHICAGO’S WILLIS TOWER LOST ITS TITLE AS ‘TALLEST BUILDING IN THE USA’ _ Tourists who went up to the viewing level of Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) got a shock when they learned the 1,451-foot building was no longer the tallest building in the United States. That distinction was wrested away from Chicago by New York City’s One World Trade Center, standing tall at 1,776 feet.

• SERVICE UNVEILS BEER DELIVERY ON FRIDAYS _ A London-based company launched a service that would make Fridays even more awesome than they already are — a beer subscription service to send craft beers from London breweries right to people work every Friday. The idea was simple enough: the Desk Beers team would drop by every Friday afternoon with the beer of the week.

• BATMAN SUPARMAN ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW _ A judge in Singapore sentence a man by the name of Batman Suparman to two years and nine months on charges of breaking and entering, theft, and heroin use.

• COUPLE BROADCAST ALL THEIR FIGHTS ON TWITTER _ Claire Meyer and Alan Linic, a twentysomething couple in Chicago, were keeping a public record of every fight they have fought since August. The two started dating eight months before. Their shared Twitter account, titled We Fought About, listed every quarrel, spat, and argument the couple had.

• HUNDREDS TURNED UP FOR FUNERAL OF WORLD WAR II SOLDIER WHO DIED ALONE _ Harold Jellicoe “Coe” Percival, who served in the Royal Air Force during World War II, passed away without anyone in his life to pay proper respects. His obit read: “Harold died peacefully in Alistre Lodge Nursing Home on 25th October, 2013, aged 99 years. A single man, he has no close family who can attend his funeral. Served in RAF Bomber Command as ground crew during World War Two. Any service personnel who can attend his funeral service would be appreciated. Service and cremation at Lytham Park Crematorium at 11am on Monday, 11th November, 2013.” Twitter picked up on the obituary and then it spread online to Facebook, Reddit and beyond. On the morning of his funeral hundreds of people — servicemen and women and civilians alike — turned up to pay their respects, even standing outside in the rain when the church was at capacity.

• PROSTITUTES TOLD TO WEAR REFLECTIVE VESTS _ Prostitutes working on the street outside a town in northern Spain were ordered to wear reflective vests to make them visible to passing traffic and reduce the risk of accidents. If they didn’t wear the vest they would have to pay a $60 fine.

• BABY BORN AT 10 POUNDS ON 11/12/13 _ An Ohio couple gave birth to a 10-pound girl on 11/12/13. Would have been neato if she weight 9 pounds, 10 ounces.



TRIVIA: Only 1% of the people who do this survive. (Jump from the Golden Gate Bridge)

TRIVIA: The border between Mexico and the United States is the second largest border in the world. What’s the largest border? (U.S.-Canada)


The same four-letter word can be placed in front of each of the following words to make a new word: end, bolt, lock, wood.

Answer: Dead



A car breaks down along the highway one day, so the driver eases it over onto the shoulder. He jumps out of the car, opens the trunk, and pulls out two men in long black trench coats. The men stand behind the car, open up their coats and start exposing themselves to all the oncoming traffic. This results in one of the worst pile-ups. When the police questioned him why he put two deviates along the side of the road, the man replied, “I broke down and was just using my emergency flashers!”



Three ferrets vs. remote-controlled car.



Source: guyism



• Two awesome, idea-packed books for sales, promotions and stunts in 2015. Here’s one, here’s the other.

• Dad filmed daughter every week from birth to age 14.

• The final trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

• Trailer for sci-fi thriller Chappie.

• The evolution of F1 as shown through a kid’s toys.

• Someone attached a GoPro to booze at a wedding.

• Best review of Google Glass.

• 1980s Wendy’s training video.

The Walking Drunk.

Ebola Deeply promises to provide non-alarmist news.

Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4 (Part II)

• Dozens of movies cleverly tied together by a single basketball.

• A catchy pop song written with iOS 8’s predictive text.

• Somehow no one died in this rally crash.

Here’s a toy you probably won’t see on one of those annual “hot toys for Christmas” lists.

• The world’s best app!

• It’s 1999. Steve Jobs demonstrates Wi-Fi and the crowd goes nuts.

• What goes through your mind when you show a funny video to a friend.



This is day 318 of 2014. There are 47 days remaining.


• Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis is 80

• Pianist Yanni is 60

• D.B. Sweeney (The Cutting Edge, Eight Men Out) is 53

• Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me, Saving Grace) is 53

• Reverend Run of Run-DMC is 50

• Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement, Seinfeld) is 50

• Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, Transformers) is 42

• Brian Dietzen (NCIS) is 37


• 1851: Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick was published in the U.S.

• 1889: Pioneer woman journalist Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) began a successful attempt to travel around the world in less than 80 days.

• 1910: Aviation pioneer Eugene Ely performed the first take-off from a ship in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He took off from a makeshift deck on the light cruiser USS Birmingham in a Curtiss pusher.

• 1922: The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) began radio service in the United Kingdom.

• 1992: Danville, Virginia, inventor David Bivens introduced his automatic people wash, a device with large spinning brushes similar to those he invented decades earlier to wash cars and trucks.

• 1995: A budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress forced the federal government to temporarily close national parks and museums and to run most government offices with skeleton staffs.

• 1995: Crayola announced it was replacing its food-scented crayons with new scents parents could be sure their children wouldn’t want to eat. Responding to parental complaints, Crayola replaced such scents as Chocolate, Bubble Gum, and Cherry with Dirt, Shampoo, and Cedar Chest.

• 1995: A survey reported in George magazine indicated 75% of Americans believed the U.S. government was involved in conspiracies; 50% believed there was life on other planets; 70% believed in angels; and 10% believed Elvis was still alive.

• 1998: Actress Carmen Electra and NBA star Dennis Rodman were married in Las Vegas.

• 2002: The US House of Representatives voted to not create an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks.

• 2003: A Beijing woman fed up with her husband’s body odor went to court and made him sign an agreement to take a bath every day. Breaching the agreement three times meant he would be forced to live somewhere else for a month.

• 2006: In Wichita, Kansas, three men attempted to kidnap a teen in a dispute over stereo speakers. When one of the kidnappers tried to stick his gun back into his own waistband it went off, shooting him in the groin. The crook cringed, which cause the gun to go off a second time, hitting him in the calf. When the shooting ended the kidnapper walked himself to the hospital. His two accomplices were arrested.


• It’s Teddy Bear Day.

• Today is National Spicy Guacamole Day.

• Today is Pickle Day.

• It’s Operating Room Nurse Day.

• Today is Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day.


• Final NASCAR race of Sprint Cup season (Ford EcoBoost 400): November 16

• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17




• People’s Court judge Joseph Wapner is 95. Ed Asner is 85. Singer Petula Clark is 82. Sam Waterston (Law & Order) is 74. Chad Kroeger of Nickelback is 40. Hip-hop artist B.o.B is 26. Shailene Woodley is 23.

• Today is America Recycles Day; National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.


• Marg Helgenberger (CSI) is 56. Jazz singer Diana Krall is 50. Maggie Gyllenhaal is 37. Noah Gray-Cabey (Heroes, My Wife and Kids) is 19.

• Today is International Day for Tolerance; Have a Party with Your Bear Day; Fast Food Day.