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This is day 62 of 2015. There are 303 days remaining.


• Miranda Richardson is 57

• Radio and TV personality Ira Glass (This American Life) is 56

• Former Olympic track and field gold medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee is 53

• Former NFL star Herschel Walker (won Heisman Trophy) is 53

• Rapper Tone Loc is 49

• Julie Bowen (Modern Family) is 45

• TV chef Tyler Florence is 44

• David Faustino (Married…With Children) is 41

• Jessica Biel (Total Recall, Next) is 33


• 1845: Florida became the 27th state.

• 1847: Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

• 1879: Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood became the first woman to be admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.

• 1903: In New York City the Martha Washington Hotel opened, becoming the first hotel exclusively for women.

• 1931: President Herbert Hoover signed into law a bill making “The Star-Spangled Banner” the national anthem.

• 1949: The first automatic street light was installed in New Milford, Connecticut.

• 1953: The Academy Awards were first broadcast on television by NBC.

• 1991: An amateur video captured the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers.

• 2005: Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett became the first person to fly around the world alone without stopping or refueling, touching down in central Kansas after a 67-hour, 23,000-mile journey.

• 2007: Doctors in China announced that they had discovered a woman who washed the family’s clothes while sleepwalking. She’d been doing it for ten years. They said her her husband had thoughtfully installed locks on their front door to keep her from leaving the house to wash neighbors’ clothes.

• 2013: A 2 year old U.S. girl became the first child born with HIV to be cured.


• National Anthem Day. The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States of America. It was written by Francis Scott Key. National Anthem Day celebrates this song, and the rich history behind its creation. The song officially became our national anthem on March 3, 1931.

• World Wildlife Day

• National Pancake Day

• Peace Corps Day

• Unique Names Day

• Princess Day

• Cold Cuts Day


• March 8: Daylight Saving Time begins (Sunday)

• March 15: College Basketball March Madness Selection (Sunday)

• March 17-April 6: March Madness

• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday)

• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

• April 1: April Fool’s Day (Wednesday)

More holidays



38,660: Pounds of retail marijuana sold in the first year of legalization in Colorado.



ISIS is threatening a cofounder of Twitter. [They’re plotting to cover every square inch of his house with Chinese laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators.]

NASCAR will have new rules to try to prevent fights at the end of races. Only two crew members per team will be allowed to enter pit lane. [And they have to be your two skinniest guys.]

NASCAR will have new rules to try to prevent fights at the end of races. Only two crew members per team will be allowed to enter pit lane. [And drivers will no longer be allowed to carry hockey sticks.]

Two people were arrested in security incidents near the White House. [But they never got in. They stood about as much chance of making it to the White House as Rand Paul.]

Some think that the SNL sketch about a girl running away to join ISIS was in bad taste. [But not in as bad taste as joining SNL.]

Judge Judy has signed to stay on TV through 2020. [That includes her trademark show, Judge Judy, as well as the spinoffs Judge Judy: New Orleans and Judge Judy: Cyber, co-starring Patricia Arquette.]

IKEA will sell furniture that can wirelessly recharge your electronic devices. [I hated assembling IKEA furniture even before it could electrocute me.]

The longest serving woman in the history of Congress is retiring. [She said that if she was going to have to spend her golden years surrounded by squabbling immature babies, it might as well be her great-grandchildren.]

A Florida (Miami Gardens) police chief was arrested then fired for trying to hire prostitutes. [Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about using the company’s WiFi to run my eBay store.]



FORBES 2015 BILLIONAIRE LIST _ On Monday Forbes released its annual 2015 Billionaire list. Bill Gates continues to be the richest man in the world — a title he has had for 16 of the last 21 years. His assets have increased to $79.2 billion despite giving $1.5 billion to his charity, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mark Zuckerburg is currently a part of the top 20 billionaires on the planet, a first for the millennial billionaire who invented Facebook while he was an undergrad at Harvard University.

… Also worth noting, legendary basketball player Michael Jordan is a newcomer to the list, the 1,741 richest person with a net worth of $1 billion. Jordan makes $100 million from royalties from his Nike Air Jordan line.

… The youngest billionaire on the planet is Evan Spiegel, age 24, co-founder of photo-messaging app Snapchat.

The full list.

ISIS THREATENS TWITTER FOUNDER JACK DORSEY _ Terrorists have taken to social sites to spread their message, and after a series of bans, ISIS has targeted the co-founder of Twitter. A post addressed to Jack Dorsey from ISIS reads: “Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you. You started this failed war. We told you from the beginning it’s not your war, but you didn’t get it and kept closing our accounts on Twitter, but we always come back.”

… Twitter and other social networks have come under pressure lately for allowing extremist messages on their services. French officials have even threatened legislation that would hold social networks accountable if they don’t remove hate speech and other similar messages.

BRITISH ENDURANCE SWIMMER BREAKS MISERABLE WORLD RECORD _ Lewis Pugh is a British endurance swimmer who uses his ridiculous feats of strength to shed light on climate change and other environmental issues. He just broke the world record for ‘Southernmost Swim’ when he swam 1,150 feet in the Bay of Whales in the Ross Sea, the Southernmost stretch of Sea on the planet. Known to go to the most extreme climates on the planet to raise awareness, Lewis Pugh swam in water temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and air temperatures of -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

MONICA LEWINSKY REFERENCE IS IN OLD BILL CLINTON PORTRAIT _ Philadelphia painter Nelson Shanks says there’s an Easter egg hidden in his 2006 portrait of former President Bill Clinton — a reference to his notorious sex scandal with then-intern Monica Lewinsky. In the portrait Clinton is standing next to a fireplace. A shadow hovering over the fireplace is the shadow of Lewinsky’s blue dress, from which the President’s famous, impeachment-worthy ‘evidence’ was recovered. Shanks claims he painted the scene using a mannequin actually clad in a blue dress for the ultimate in realism. | IMAGE

TIGER WOODS STEROID SUSPENSION DENIED BY PGA _ A pro golfer who claimed that Tiger Woods was secretly suspended for steroids or PEDs has walked back the allegation. In the meantime, both the PGA and Woods’ manager have denied any steroid sanctions. On Friday, Dan Olsen, described in multiple media reports as “journeyman” pro golfer, declared on a Michigan sports radio station that Woods was hit with a secret 30-day suspension by the PGA Tour based on information another tour player gave him. He also alleged that Woods was breaking the rules by using a so-called Nike cheater ball. On Monday Olsen changed his tune, saying everything he said on the radio was “only my opinion and not based on firsthand knowledge or facts.”

… Under existing PGA tour policy, the suspension of a golfer for failing a performance-enhancing-drug test is disclosed publicly. The PGA started random PED drug testing in 2008. Only two players have thus far been suspended under the policy.

OSCAR FAKE-OUT _ A web of lies spun by a Spanish actress has been revealed after a photograph supposedly showing her on the Oscars red carpet was exposed as a fake — reportedly photoshopped by the actress herself. Spanish TV actress Anna Allen published the photo across social media with the caption: “Happy to be at the 86th Oscars.” But a Spanish newspaper who spoke to the actress after the Oscars ceremony, or so they thought, was the first to break the news that she had not, in fact, been at the Academy Awards. The actress also uploaded a photograph of her Oscars invitation to Instagram, which bared an uncanny resemblance to the photo actress Lupita Nyong’o had uploaded a week before.

… But the Oscars lie was just the tip of the iceberg. Once savvy social media users started digging, they saw that Allen had previously published a picture of herself with the cast of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which she had photoshopped her head onto the body of actress Summer Glau.

… During an interview with a Spanish radio network Allen claimed she would soon be appearing in an episode of BBT.

… Since the story broke, Allen has made all her social media accounts private and her representatives have refused to comment.

HONG KONG RUNNERS BATTLE BOREDOM IN CITY ULTRA _ Hundreds of runners competed in Hong Kong’s first inner city ultra marathon on Sunday despite its repetitive 1¼-mile course. Ultra races — defined as anything longer than the standard marathon distance — have taken off in Hong Kong in recent years, but are usually held on trails in the surrounding hills. Instead, Sunday’s ultramarathon saw competitors pound the same stretch of mainly flat road in central Hong Kong 25 times.

LOTS OF PEOPLE GOT SURGERY FOR BIGGER BUTTS LAST YEAR _ New proof that big butts are huge: More than 13,000 people in the United States paid a plastic surgeon to enhance their butts last year, according to a new report just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Butt-boosting surgeries were among the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries in 2014: There were 11,505 buttock augmentation procedures, up 15 percent from 2013; 1,863 butt implants, up 98 percent from 2013; and 3,505 butt lifts, up 44 percent since 2013.

… While boob jobs, nose jobs, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and facelifts still remain more popular than butt enhancements, ASPS president Scot Glasberg credits celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez for the recent growth in butt surgeries. A butt surgery can cost upwards of $10,000, depending on where you get it. Which means that Americans spent an estimated $68.7 million on their behinds last year.

HOMELESS MAN HELPS PUSH CARS IN SNOWSTORM, GETS INTERNET $ _ Shelby Hudgens doesn’t have a whole lot, but that hasn’t stopped him from helping out where he can. On February 21, Hudgens — who was left homeless after a fire destroyed his Colorado home in November — spent three hours helping push cars up a hill that were stuck in the snow after a winter storm. A local TV station caught the act of kindness on camera, which got viewers interested in finding a way to help. One viewer, Sarah Webster, created a GoFundMe page to raise money for Hudgens, who is currently living out of his car. It has already raised over $20,000, which is more than its original goal of $7,500. Since the video came out, another stranger has offered to put him up in a hotel for a few nights, and others have offered him jobs. | GOFUNDME

MALAYSIA AIR MH370 – ONE YEAR LATER _ Sunday (March 8) marks the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight MH370. And while many have given up hope that the plane will ever be found, the Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says that as search teams scour the depths of the Indian Ocean for any sign of MH370, he is confident they will find it.

… Roughly a week’s sail from the coast of Western Australia, ships with specialists and equipment capable of searching depths that regularly exceed 13,000 feet work around the clock, methodically ticking off sections of sea floor.

… In early February a new ship, the Fugro Supporter, joined the search carrying the HUGIN 4500, a programmable unmanned submarine, now scanning areas that other equipment couldn’t safely cover, including steep mountain slopes. The ship joins the Discovery and Fugro Equator, both operated by a Dutch survey firm.

… Since October, more than 15,000 square miles — roughly 40% of what’s called the “priority search area” — has been scanned, with the remainder of the work scheduled to be finished by May before weather conditions worsen as the southern winter approaches.

… Teams are searching mostly using devices called towfish, which are dragged close to the ocean floor on cables up to 12 miles long.

If search teams succeed in locating the wreckage of MH370, Australia, which has been leading the search at Malaysia’s request, will also lead salvage and recovery efforts. But Malaysia, Australia, and China, which had the majority of the passengers on board the flight, have not yet made a decision on whether a recovery will occur. And it is unclear what will happen if search teams complete their current mission without finding any sign of the plane.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOY SLAMS NEWSPAPER FOR KILLING HIS COMICS _ An 8-year-old in Bloomington, Indiana telephoned the editor of the Herald-Times on Sunday, after discovering that the newspaper had swapped out 13 comics. Some of those terminated comics were his favorites. It ruined his day, and he let the editor of the paper know very clearly how he felt in a voicemail. The boy said, “OK, I want back these comics now. … I’ll give you all my money”. He then ended his call by describing the newspaper editors as “idiots, jerks, [and] s***holes.” | VOICEMAIL (CAUTION!)

… Here’s the InterPrep edited, bleeped version:

» download

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY BUSTED WITH CONTAINER LABELED ‘NOT WEED’ _ In Lincoln, Nebraska, a 21-year-old man was pulled over Saturday night on suspicion of drunken driving. During a search of the man’s vehicle, cops found a 16-ounce sour cream container under the driver’s seat. On the container: the words “Not Weed.” Police found about 11 grams of weed inside.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ANESTHESIOLOGIST SEXTED DURING SURGERY _ A Seattle anesthesologist’s suspension to practice has been indefinitely continued for repeatedly sexting during surgeries and engaging in sexual activity at his workplace.  Arthur K. Zilberstein’s medical license was first suspended by the Washington state Medical Commission last year. A subsequent hearing reviewing the charges led to the indefinite suspension. Among other things, the state says Zilberstein exchanged sexually explicit texts with a patient during surgeries while he served as the responsible anesthesiologist.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN USED WOODEN DUMMY TO USE CARPOOL LANE _ Carpool lanes can be enticing — but when you’re driving solo, you just don’t belong there. Police in New York say one driver tried to get around the rules for high-occupancy vehicle lanes, as they’re also known, by setting up a wooden dummy as his passenger. The man allegedly used a wooden figure of a person, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, so he could cruise along in the carpool lane.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ACCUSED POACHER IDENTIFIED BY STORE RECEIPT _ A Michigan conservation officer investigating an elk poaching has identified the hunter believed to be responsible after finding a grocery store receipt among the elk’s scattered entrails. The six-week investigation started after a passerby discovered elk parts dumped along a rural road in Northern Michigan. A Department of Natural Resources officer on scene found a grocery store receipt among the animal’s scattered body parts — a key piece of evidence to help in the investigation.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN’S ‘SHOCKED’ POLICE MUGSHOT GOES VIRAL _ A police mugshot of an Oklahoma woman — showing her open-mouthed in apparent shock — has gone viral online. Ashley Stabler appears to have been startled by something off camera as she was brought in by officers. The cause of her unusual expression remains unknown, but police apparently were not inclined to give her a second chance to pose more normally. | IMAGE

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DEA WARNS OF STONED RABBITS _ Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana. If the bill passes, the state’s wildlife may “cultivate a taste” for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That’s according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Special agent Matt Fairbanks said that at some illegal marijuana grow sites he’s seen “rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana. … One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone.”



THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — The blind auditions continue in this new, 2-hour edition.

NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat


SEASON PREMIERE: HELL’S KITCHEN (8p ET, FOX) — The 14th season kicks off tonight.

THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

REPEAT AFTER ME (8:30p ET, ABC) — Celebs playing in this new edition are Beth Behrs (2 Broke Girls), Chris Harrison (The Bachelor), and Usher.


MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (9p ET, ABC) — Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back with new episodes tonight.

NEW GIRL (9p ET, FOX) — Josh Gad (Frozen) and Justin Long (Mom) guest star in this new episode.





FOREVER (10p ET, ABC) — Jane Alexander (The Good Wife) guest stars in this new episode.





JUDGE JUDY INKS NEW MULTI-YEAR TV CONTRACT _ Jude Judy will be wielding the gavel on television until the year 2020, at least. Judy Sheindlin has signed a new contract with CBS TV Distribution to continue her daily small claims court show for five more years. She had three years left on her existing deal which was signed in April 2013. The feisty ex-New York City family court judge, who’s 72, reportedly already banks an estimated $47 million a year. Currently in its 19th season, Judge Judy is said to be the top-rated show in first-run daytime syndication for the past five years, pulling in about 10 million viewers a day.

… To appear on Judge Judy, real litigants agree to dismiss their pending small claims court cases from around the country to allow them to be heard as a form of binding arbitration in Judge Judy’s televised courtroom/studio.

SARA GILBERT AND WIFE LINDA PERRY WELCOME FIRST CHILD _ Sarah Gilbert and wife Linda Perry welcomed their first child over the weekend.
The 40-year-old television host gave birth to a baby boy Saturday, and announced the news Monday on The Talk. The couple named their son Rhodes Emilio. Gilbert and Perry have been together since 2011, and married in March 2014. Gilbert is also mother to 10-year-old son Levi and 7-year-old daughter Sawyer with ex-girlfriend Allison Adler.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK HAS A SEASON 3 PREMIERE DATE _ Prepare to spend the entire summer on your couch curled up with your BFF Netflix. The streaming network announced a slew of premiere dates on Monday, including those for Orange Is the New Black Season 3 (June 12) and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (July 17).

JAMIE DORNAN IS LEAVING CHRISTIAN GREY BEHIND IN NEW MOVIE ROLE _ After wondering if he’d return to his role as Christian Grey (spoiler alert: he’s committed to the whole series), Jamie Dornan is showing us all that he’s not just going to be known as the titular character in Fifty Shades of Grey. The Irish actor is boosting his acting resume and has just been cast in a new World War II drama.

… Anthropoid will tell the story of the real-life assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking Nazi official, during the Holocaust. The movie is set to start filming in July.

ARE SOFIA VERGARA AND JOE MANGANIELLO GETTING MARRIED TODAY? _ Are Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello getting married today (Tuesday)? According to E! the couple are very serious about planning things as quickly as possible. A source told E! that Joe and Sofia are in Florida to visit family, and in between made sure to find time to make some wedding plans.

SHARKNADO 3: ANN COULTER TO PLAY VICE PRESIDENT TO MARK CUBAN AS PRESIDENT _ Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter has joined the cast of Sharknado 3, appearing as vice president to Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, who will reportedly play the nation’s chief executive. Set to debut on SyFy in July, Sharknado 3 will take place in Washington, wreaking havoc in the nation’s capitol before unleashing destruction further south along the Eastern Seaboard, in Florida.

… Sharknado 3 will also see the return of Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo. Other celebs joining Sharknado 3: Ryan Newman, NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer and WWE wrestler Chris Jericho.

TAYLOR SWIFT WILL BE A GODMOTHER _On Sunday evening, actress Jaime King asked Taylor Swift to take on the most important role of her career and become godmother to her unborn second child. Overjoyed by the honor, Taylor took to Instagram to share her new title by posting an adorable snap of her cupping the 35-year-old actress’ belly. The announcement of Taylor as godmother comes only weeks after King and husband Kyle Newman announced King’s second pregnancy via social media. After struggling with fertility issues for years, the couple was overjoyed to announce that they were expecting for a second time.

WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH CANCELED LEONARD NIMOY PROTEST PLANS _ The Westboro Baptist Church had announced plans to picket the funeral of Leonard Nimoy, but the hate-filled church was thwarted by funeral planners. Nimoy died last week, prompting an outpouring of support from across the country. But his death also drew an angry response from the Westboro Baptist Church, the church famous for its anti-gay protests. The group often targets funerals, both of celebrities and of soldiers killed overseas, showing up with signs filled with anti-gay slurs. It had promised to be on site when Nimoy was laid to rest. But the Westboro Baptist Church said it wouldn’t be protesting at Sunday’s Leonard Nimoy’s funeral after planners decided to make the memorial private.

STEVEN SPIELBERG TO DIRECT JENNIFER LAWRENCE _ Jennifer Lawrence will play war photographer Lynsey Addario in It’s What I Do, a romantic drama that Steven Spielberg will direct. The film is based on Addario’s forthcoming memoir It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. Several top actresses reportedly chased the material, including Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Margot Robbie.

WILMER VALDERRAMA WILL STAR IN MINORITY REPORT SERIES _ Wilmer Valderrama has joined the cast of Fox’s upcoming Minority Report, a series sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 futuristic thriller starring Tom Cruise.

RYAN PHILLIPPE SAYS HE SUFFERS FROM DEPRESSION _ Ryan Phillippe has admitted (to he suffers from depression and unfortunately he passed that on to his 15-year-old daughter Ava, whom he co-parents with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. Phillippe says, “As you get older I think it decreases some, but I’m just innately kind of a sad person.”

LENA DUNHAM BUYS $2.7 MILLION HOUSE OFF SUNSET STRIP _ The Girls creator and star Lena Dunham is buying a $2.7 million Greek revival off the Sunset Strip — despite telling Vogue last year that Los Angeles is “ultimately not the right place for me”. The three-bedroom house — built in 1919 on a corner lot, fully restored and featuring three covered porches and a saltwater pool — seems to have changed her mind about settling on the West Coast. It once was owned by The A-Team and Breakfast at Tiffany’s star George Peppard.

THE KILLING’S MIREILLE ENOS TO STAR IN SHONDA RHIMES’ THE CATCH _ Mireille Enos is relocating from damp and dreary Seattle to Shondaland. The former Killing star has signed on to headline The Catch, a potential new drama series from Shonda Rhimes. The pilot centers on Alice Martin, a woman about to get married and conned. Unbeknownst to her slippery fiancé, Alice — who investigates fraud for a living — is not all she claims to be. And when the fiancé’s expertly planned con collides with her perfectly constructed lies, they plunge into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

WALKING DEAD’ TOWN FOR SALE ON EBAY _ Nine buildings in Grantville, Georgia, a town made famous by AMC’s The Walking Dead, are up for sale on eBay. Grantville graced small screens as the setting for the season-three episode Clear, which saw Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) scouring the town for weapons. The town’s eBay posting also says that “three movies just signed up to film in Grantville.” The bidding for the downtown buildings begins at $680,000.

IS MAGGIE SMITH LEAVING DOWNTON ABBEY AFTER NEXT SEASON? _ Things around Downton Abbey may be getting a little warmer after next season. Actress Maggie Smith, who plays the Dowager Countess on the PBS hit drama, says she’s likely done after the upcoming sixth season of the show. Smith also hinted that the series itself could call it quits after Season 6.



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Why do people leave marriages? A book called Conscious Coupling – Positive Insights for Long-Lasting Relationships Shared by Two Divorce Mediators hopes to shed some light on divorce and the reasons men and women leave. Don Desroches and Dana Greco says these are the biggest reasons both men and women ultimately leave their relationships.

6 Reasons Why Men Leave, by Don Desroches

  1. They no longer feel the love. For example, when children come into the picture, men can sometimes feel neglected and vulnerable.
  2. They no longer feel needed. Men are industrious and need to build, create, mend, and construct in order to feel valued.
  3. When they feel like everything they do and say is wrong. Suddenly attention outside the relationship will feel great.
  4. Sex becomes a rare occasion. Not only is it a biological need, but it’s also an important way for a man to feel emotionally connected to his partner.
  5. A lack of connection and support. Without this, a man loses his ability to conquer the world.
  6. If she cheats. It is extremely difficult for a man to recover from this. The same goes for emotional affairs.

6 Reasons Why Women Leave, by Dana Greco

  1. If she feels abandoned emotionally. Women need to feel heard and appreciated.
  2. If she can no longer trust him. If he has betrayed her, it’s possible she won’t be able to accept his love anymore.
  3. When she feels she is not a priority in his life. In order for her to feel happy and secure in a relationship, she needs to know that they will put each other first.
  4. If her friends think he isn’t good enough for her. Women take very seriously the opinions of their closest friends.
  5. If she doesn’t feel loved, desired, and special. She will turn to someone who does make her feel this way.
  6. If she loses pride and respect for him. A good relationship will always have mutual respect and pride.



TRIVIA: Once discarded, one of these takes about 500 years to decompose. (Disposable diaper)

TRIVIA: This summer Americans will consume over 600 million pounds of what? (Potato chips)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• Soup is served in one. (Bowl)

• What you call a person in jail. (Inmate)

• The home of country music. (Nashville)

• Curious monkey. (George)

• Eight sided polygon. (Octogon)



This man went to the doctor about his “silent gas” problem. He told the doctor that, no matter what he eats, he’s plagued with a horrible silent gas problem. Then, a moment later, the man said “I guess you’ll notice what I mean any second now.” And the doctor replied, “The first thing we need to do is get you a hearing aid.”



Baby laughs like a cigar-smoking uncle.



It pays to have a plan.



• PleyWorld is the largest playground for LEGO fans.

• See what’s playing on the streaming services.

• For the burger lover: The Message is Medium Rare.

• Everything you ever wanted to know about your city.

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• Help me quit shitty beer. He’s made over $800.

• Browse the pages of old Radio Shack catalogs.

• Dumb product: The Face Blanket.



This is day 63 of 2015. There are 302 days remaining.


• Kay Lenz is 62.

• Catherine O’Hara (Home Alone, A Mighty Wind) is 61

• Mykelti Williamson (Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue Forrest Gump) is 58

• Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) is 57

• Steven Weber (Wings) is 54

• Chaz Bono is 46

• Margo Harshman (The Big Bang Theory) is 29


• 1493: Explorer Christopher Columbus arrived back in Lisbon, Portugal aboard his ship Niña from his discovery voyage to America. He returned to Spain on March 15.

• 1789: In New York City, the first U.S. Congress met and declared the new Constitution of the United States as in effect.

• 1791: Vermont was admitted as the 14th U.S. state.

• 1824: The “National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck” was founded in the United Kingdom, later to be renamed The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 1858.

• 1837: Chicago became incorporated as a city.

• 1925: Calvin Coolidge became the first President of the United States to have his inauguration broadcast on radio.

• 1943: The film Mrs. Miniver won six Academy Awards. Actress Greer Garson took 5½ minutes to accept her Oscar, the “thank-you” record.

• 1950: Walt Disney introduced the movie Cinderella.

• 1952: Actor Ronald Reagan married actress Nancy Davis at San Fernando Valley, California.

• 1957: The S&P 500 stock market index was introduced, replacing the S&P 90.

• 1966: Singer John Lennon created an international controversy when he said the Beatles “are probably bigger than Jesus right now.”

• 2005: Homemaker personality Martha Stewart returned home after serving five months in a federal prison for lying about a stock sale and began five months of home confinement.

• 2006: Cops in Waupaca, Wisconsin, found a 52-year-old man driving his car in reverse on a city street. Daniel Nordell told police the transmission in his car had gone out and he was only able to drive in backwards.

• 2008: Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced he was retiring. He would be back in the NFL the next season.

• 2012: Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidential election amid allegations of voter fraud.

• 2013: The Papal Conclave began to select the successor of Pope Benedict XVI.


• Grammar Day

• Discover What Your Name Means Day

• Hug a G.I. Day


• March 8: Daylight Saving Time begins (Sunday)

• March 15: College Basketball March Madness Selection (Sunday)

• March 17-April 6: March Madness

• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday)

• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

• April 1: April Fool’s Day (Wednesday)

More holidays