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This is day 232 of 2015. There are 133 days remaining.


• Ray Wise is 68

• Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) is 67

• Actor-director Peter Horton (thirtysomething) is 62

• Weatherman Al Roker is 61

• Joan Allen is 59

• Misha Collins (Supernatural) is 41

• Demi Lovato is 23


• 1804: Lewis and Clark’s “Corps of Discovery”, exploring the Louisiana Purchase, suffered its only death when Sergeant Charles Floyd died, apparently from acute appendicitis.

• 1866: President Andrew Johnson formally declared the U.S. Civil War over.

• 1920: The first commercial radio station, 8MK (WWJ), began operations in Detroit, Michigan.

• 1938: Lou Gehrig hit his 23rd career grand slam — a record that still stands.

• 1942: Singer/songwriter/musician Isaac Hayes was born. He died August 10, 2008.)

• 1969: All four Beatles were together in the recording studio for the final time as they finished the Abbey Road LP.

• 1977: The United States launched Voyager 2, an unmanned spacecraft carrying a 12-inch copper phonograph record containing greetings in dozens of languages, samples of music and sounds of nature.

• 1992: The Republican National Convention in Houston nominated President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle for a second term.

• 1997: An 88-year-old man had to be rescued twice from a burning hotel in Mattawa, Ontario. He went back in to get his teeth.

• 1998: The Supreme Court of Canada stated Quebec could not legally secede from Canada without the federal government’s approval.

• 2001: A 19-year-old accused Polish shoplifter was dumped naked in the center of the city of Szczecin with “I am a thief” written on his back. The vigilante sentence was executed by unknown men called by the store staff where the youth was caught trying to steal a sweatshirt. Police said the youth refused to press charges against the store.

• 2003: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended after refusing to comply with a federal court order to remove a large stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the state supreme court building.

• 2008: Researchers said guys with bulldog-like faces were more attractive to women. The study of the skulls of human ancestors and modern humans found that women, and thereby evolution, selected males with relatively short upper faces. Among the men who fit the bill: Will Smith and Brad Pitt.


• Radio Day

• World Mosquito Day

• Lemonade Day

• Bacon Lovers Day


• September 7: Labor Day

• September 10: NFL season begins (Steelers at Patriots)

More holidays



5: Pairs of shoes the average woman wears, even though she likely owns 20 or more.



Scientists say that lobsters are moving away from their traditional breeding grounds in southern New England to cooler areas in the north. [Of course, that sort of immigration will soon no longer be legal under President Trump.]

The co-pilot of a Latvian commercial airline was sentenced to six months in prison for reporting to work drunk seven times the legal limit. The pilot and two flight attendants were also smashed. [The crew was so drunk that they flew an entire route with their left turn signal on.]

In the wake of two women successfully passing the Army Ranger course the navy’s top brass says that soon women will be able to qualify to become Navy SEALs. [Though some women’s groups are objecting to the navy’s proposed name for the unit — The Little Mermaids.]

The house that served as the home for the serial killer Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs is for sale. [So you’d never have to worry about a dinner party conversation starter.]

Actor Terrence Howard has divorced his third wife while he’s still in a divorce settlement with his second wife. [I can’t even watch two TV shows at the same time.]

Have you seen that video from Hong Kong of the woman who throws a tantrum on a public sidewalk when her boyfriend sends her a breakup text? She screams, lies down on the sidewalk, goes into contortions, and refuses to get up until paramedics take her away. [Hmmm. I wonder why her boyfriend wouldn’t break up with her in person.]

Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson and hero of dieters everywhere, is facing prison time for his crimes. [Wow. We almost owe Lance Armstrong an apology.]

A new study finds that shorter women have shorter pregnancies. [Makes sense to me. The babies have a shorter distance to travel.]

The new Diet Pepsi is getting mixed reviews. [Donald Trump says that it’s no longer a 10.]

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are splitting after 11years together. [Two words: Ashley Madison.]



NASA’S GIVING YOU ANOTHER CHANCE TO SEND YOUR NAME TO MARS _ Unless you’ve been training for years to become an astronaut or are one of the 100 finalists for the Mars One mission, you’re probably never going to step foot on the Red Planet. But you can go to Mars, in spirit at least, courtesy of NASA. NASA is giving humanity the opportunity to explore the stars on a silicon microchip aboard the NASA InSight Mars lander. The lander begins its trip to the Red Planet in March 2016, and anyone who signs up on NASA’s InSight send-your-name page by September 8 will have their name on the microchip. The InSight lander is a drill that will dig deep down into the surface of Mars so NASA scientists can study the interior of the planet for the first time.

…. This is space fans’ second opportunity to get their names sent to Mars. NASA launched the send-your-name program with the first Orion mission in 2014, an effort that saw 1.38 million people pitch their names into the cosmos. • LINK

IS SOMEONE YOU KNOW IN THE ASHLEY MADISON DATA DUMP? _ Hackers who stole Ashley Madison customers’ personal information have followed through with their threat to release it to the public. Some websites that have downloaded the data let you search for your email address — or the address of a spouse.

… says it’s important to note that Ashley Madison’s sign-up process does not require verification of an email address to set up an account, so legitimate addresses might have been hijacked and used by some members of the site. One email in the data dump appears to belong to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

… The data dump includes emails, full names, and even dating info like height and weight. And if someone used your email to maliciously sign you up for an account, your location could vindicate you because the data dump includes real GPS coordinates. If someone used your email, you have a bit of proof it wasn’t you if the GPS shows the sign-up happened halfway across the country.

IF YOU CAN FLY A KITE, YOU CAN FLY THIS DRONE _ While some businesses are eager to unleash drones and put them to work, one company wants to leash them up. The Fotokite Phi is a drone for people who have no interest in actually flying a drone. The Fotokite is a fold-up quad with a GoPro onboard that’s tethered to a leash, which makes operating a drone as simple as walking a dog. You maneuver the drone with simple hand gestures via the “smart leash.” The leash ensures the drone never flies off where it shouldn’t, and a little tug on the leash is all that’s needed to reel the Fotokite in for a soft landing. And here’s another plus: Since the drone is tethered, it’s technically classified as a kite under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. • VIDEOINDIEGOGO

MACY’S NEW DRESSING ROOM CONCEPT _ Trying on clothes in a dimly lit dressing room with a warped mirror is no fun — and retailer Macy’s new dressing room concept hopes to change the experience entirely. According to Business of Fashion, Macy’s has renovated a sample dressing room in its Manhattan Beach, California store in order to attract customers who might otherwise opt for online shopping. Macy’s is trying a system in which tablets and clothing chutes remove a shopper’s need to exit the dressing room or hail their salesperson. A few swipes on a handheld device allow consumers to solicit different sizes of their selected try-ons or simply choose a different style. When the time comes for each item to be delivered to the dressing room, the products arrive by way of a discrete chute that pipes into the room.

PARALYZED DESIGNER CREATES JEANS FOR WOMEN IN WHEELCHAIRS _ Heidi McKenzie, a paraplegic paralyzed in a car accident in 2007 at the age of 21, has designed a collection of jeans dubbed Alter Ur Ego for people who use wheelchairs. After a few years in her wheelchair McKenzie realized she was not the only woman experiencing difficulty finding fashionable yet adaptable clothing that fits a seated body. So she teamed up with designer (Kristin Alexandra Tidwell) to create a comfortable, functional pair of jeans.

… The $80 jeans for men and women are made with Spandex and include large side pockets for easy access, a high-waisted back, a tummy control panel and a catheter opening. McKenzie and her partner are currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

BAD LIP READING DEMOLISHED THE FIRST GOP DEBATE _ The 2016 election is already providing plenty of material for late-night talk shows and radio people. And now the guys with the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel have jumped in by adding their special brand of fake lip-reading to the first GOP debate. • VIDEO

35% OF USERS CHECK THEIR PHONES MORE THAN 50 TIMES PER DAY _ According to a new survey (by app maker Delvv), 84 percent of respondents said their smartphone is an ‘integral’ part of their life, and 35 percent look at their phones more than 50 times each day.

BUCKEYES FANS WALK 19 MILES TO CREATE GPS OHIO STATE LOGO _ College football season is near and Ohio State fans already can’t sit still. Four guys trekked 19 miles on foot to create the script “Ohio” logo on their GPS tracker. That’s some serious dedication. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the feat, as they used Ohio Stadium as the dot on the “i.’ • IMAGE

… It took them about 6½ hours of walking but that’s because they made a few bar stops along the way.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK MAN DIGS UP FATHER’S GRAVE TO ARGUE _ A drunk man from Kentucky has been arrested for digging up his father’s grave. The 44-year-old man was caught by a police officer digging his father’s grave in Sanford, Kentucky. When confronted about the disturbing behavior, Michael May informed the officer that he needed to have an argument with his dead father. His father died almost 40 years ago.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FAIRBANKS MAN TAKES FORKLIFT ON JOYRIDE _ A Fairbanks, Alaska, man faces multiple charges after he allegedly took a forklift on an alcohol- and drug-fueled joyride. The incident occurred on his birthday.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: OBITUARY: IN LIEU OF FLOWERS, DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON _ A New Jersey woman who passed away last week made a final request of her family and friends. Her obituary ended with: “In lieu of flowers, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAINE POLICE ENCOURAGE DRUG DEALERS TO TURN IN RIVALS _ Recently I told you about some Kentucky and Georgia police departments who are inviting drug dealers to turn in their rivals. Now a Maine police department is doing it. The Winslow Police Department posted a flier on its Facebook page this week encouraging drug dealers to fill out a form detailing the names, addresses and cellphone numbers of their competitors. The flier also asks them to list where and to whom their competitors sell and who their supplier is.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DOG OWNER REFUSES TO GIVE UP PET’S BUS SEAT _ Passengers aboard a city bus in China were left speechless — and standing — when a dog owner insisted that her pet occupy a seat during rush hour. Witnesses said the 50-year-old woman refused to give up the seat to other commuting humans. The woman argued she had paid the dog’s bus fare.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COPS RESCUE BEAR CUB WITH HEAD STUCK IN TUB _ Police in Colorado Springs rescued a bear cub whose head was stuck in a large plastic tub of protein powder. Three officers responded to a call about the trapped animal but were unable to remove the tub. The officers were able to get the cub into the back seat of a patrol car and brought her to a nearby fire station where a wildlife ranger sedated the bear.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: RETIRED ARMY GENERAL JAILED OVER CHINESE TAKEOUT _ A retired four-star U.S. Army general was taken to a county jail in Georgia over a Chinese takeout dispute. 84-year-old William Livsey was handcuffed and sent to the jail over the weekend for allegedly ordering Chinese food without paying for it and assaulting a delivery driver. Local police said when the order arrived, Livsey tried to pay the driver with a debit card but it was declined. He then offered to pay the bill with a check, which, according to the driver, was not accepted by the restaurant. The driver then demanded to take the food back. The retired general then allegedly “grabbed the driver’s throat and facial hair, pushed him and pinned him…” Two people took the food and started eating. When officers tried to handcuff him later, Livsey also tried to punch and kick them while making threatening remarks.




FOOD FIGHTERS (8p ET, NBC) — Celebrity chef Duff Goldman is featured in this new edition.

SEASON FINALE: ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB (8p ET, ABC) — The first season wraps up tonight. The show has not yet been renewed for a second season.

BOOM! (8p ET, FOX) — New


MOM (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat



BONES (9p ET, FOX) — Repeat

DATELINE THURSDAY NIGHT MYSTERY (9p ET, NBC) — A new, 2-hour edition

ARROW (9p ET, CW) — Repeat

PROJECT RUNWAY (9p ET, Lifetime) — Tracee Ellis Ross (ABC’s Black-ish) is the guest judge in this new edition.



SERIES PREMIERE: DOCUMENTARY NOW (10p ET, IFC) — Former Saturday Night Live castmates Fred Armisen and Bill Hader debut this 6-part mockumentary series, which parodies notable documentaries and “honors some of the most important stories that didn’t actually happen.” Helen Mirren serves as the series host.

SEASON FINALE: LIP SYNC BATTLE (10:30p ET, Spike) — Empire co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson go head-to-head in the season one finale.



THE VOICE SEASON NINE PREVIEW REVEALED _ With just over a month (September 21) until its return, NBC’s The Voice has revealed a preview for its upcoming ninth season. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani will all return for the upcoming fall season.

… Lending Team Blake a hand this season is Brad Paisley. Selena Gomez will assist Team Gwen, John Fogerty will be on hand for Team Adam, and Missy Elliott is set for Team Pharrell. Rihanna will act as key advisor for all of the teams.

INSIDE OUT DVD FEATURE SHIFTS PERSPECTIVE _ The forthcoming DVD for Inside Out will give fans of the animated movie more insight into the perspective of emotions inside Riley’s parents’ minds at a particularly emotional moment — her first date. • VIDEO

THE WITCH TRAILER IS BEING CALLED THE CREEPIEST TWO MINUTES EVER _ A trailer for a movie called The Witch has hit the web, and horror fans are loving it. Some are calling it the creepiest trailer ever. • VIDEO

… The plot synopsis from IMDb reveals that the film takes place in New England circa 1630: “William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to turn on one another. The Witch is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling within their own fears and anxieties, leaving them prey for an inescapable evil.”

… The movie comes out in 2016.

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS HOME IS FOR SALE _ If you are dead set on living in a house from one of the creepiest films ever made, there’s a killer deal waiting for you in southwestern Pennsylvania. Located about an hour outside Pittsburgh, the house that portrayed the home of Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb in the 1991 thriller Silence of the Lambs is on the market. The asking price is $300,000.

… The listing plays up its role in the film: “An outstanding home, nestled in a quaint village, this 1910 Princess Anne home is a standout… Perhaps that is why it was chosen to be featured in the Silence of the Lambs movie.”

… In the film, serial killer Buffalo Bill, played by Ted Levine, has a dungeon in the basement of the home. He uses it to hold women captive with the ultimate goal of murdering them so he can skin them and make a “woman suit” for himself.

WIFE OF EX-SUBWAY PITCHMAN SEEKS DIVORCE AMID CHILD SEX CASE _ The wife of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle filed for divorce on Wednesday, saying she was shocked by the allegations that he engaged in sex acts with underage girls and traded in child pornography. Katie Fogle said in a statement: “Obviously, I am extremely shocked and disappointed by the recent developments involving Jared. I am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. My focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children.”

SHANNEN DOHERTY’S LAWSUIT REVEALS ACTRESS HAS BREAST CANCER _ Shannen Doherty is battling breast cancer that worsened during a lapse in her health insurance caused by her former business managers. The actress claims in a lawsuit that her former business managers and accountants mismanaged her money and allowed her health insurance to lapse last year. Because of that, she said she didn’t go to the doctor until she had insurance and there was a delay in diagnosing her cancer, which will likely require more drastic treatments, including a possible mastectomy and chemotherapy. The lawsuit states Doherty received the diagnosis in March and her doctors have said earlier treatment might have stopped its spread.

BIBLE MUSEUM RECYCLES CELEBRITY WAX FIGURES _ If you happen to visit Mansfield, Ohio’s Bible-themed wax museum, BibleWalk, you’re going to notice a few familiar faces. Not just Mary, Joseph and Jesus, but also John Travolta, Ringo Starr and Tom Cruise. BibleWalk used discarded wax figures of celebrities and even British royalty to appear as part of their panoramas. For example, Prince Charles can be seen standing in as Abel in a Cain and Abel scene, while his father, Prince Philip, wears the robes of an angel in another display. Tom Cruise appears as Jesus and prepares to receive the baptismal blessing of John the Baptist. Meanwhile John Travolta’s statue gets a royal makeover, taking on the robes of King Solomon. Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Burt Lancaster can also been seen in BibleWalk.

JUNGLE CRUISE MOVIE MOVES FORWARD WITH DWAYNE JOHNSON _ Another theme park attraction is officially being made into a movie. Disney is moving forward with their plan to develop a film based on safari ride Jungle Cruise, hiring actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to star.

THE GOOD WIFE’S PETER WILL RACE AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON _ Hillary Clinton will have a new opponent in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Good Wife’s executive producer says that when the show returns in the fall, Peter will be running against Clinton when he tosses his own hat in the ring for the presidential nomination.

DID JOSH DUGGAR HAVE AN ASHLEY MADISON ACCOUNT? _ Data released in the hack on Ashley Madison’s servers seem to show that family activist and former TLC reality star Josh Duggar has held not one, but two different monthly subscriptions for the site. Gawker reports that the leaked information lists a credit card belonging to a Joshua J. Duggar paying a total of $986.76 for two different accounts from February of 2013 through May of 2015. According to the account information, Duggar had been paying the website to find a partner for one-night stands, “sharing fantasies” and a “bubble bath for 2,” among other things.

MOVING TRUCKS ARRIVE AT HOME OF MEGAN FOX, BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN _ On the same day news broke that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spitting up after 11 years, multiple moving trucks and security personnel were spotted at their California house on Wednesday. Boxes were piled up on the couple’s circular driveway. They married five years ago in Hawaii and have one son, Bodhi Ransom Green.

LEN GOODMAN EXITS DANCING WITH THE STARS AFTER 20 SEASONS _ Dancing With The Stars judge Len Goodman is leaving the show after 20 seasons. A producer for Dancing with the Stars says Len won’t be returning due to his schedule as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK and the birth of his new grandson. The producer added, “He still might be involved in the season at some capacity, but we will have to wait and see.”

… The 71-year-old Goodman, originally from London, has been a DWTS judge from the very beginning.

… Goodman had announced back in December 2014 that he would be leaving DWTS soon.




Ladies, what did you make your man get ride of after you two married?

There are three ready-to-air callers on the Pro Audio page — helpful for starting the phones or dropping into a promo.


The Visit
Release Date: September 11
M. Knight Shyamalan is back.

Black Mass
Release Date: September 18
Johnny Depp is crime boss Whitey Bulger.

Release Date: September 25
Based on a 1996 true store of eight people caught in a blizzard.

Release Date: October 2
If you love Tom Hardy, get ready for a double-dose. Hardy plays identical-twin gangsters.

The Martian
Release Date: October 2
Director Ridley Scott and Matt Damon as an astronaut.

The Walk
Release Date: October 9
Philippe Petit’s illegal tightrope walk across the World Trade Towers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Petit.

Release Date: October 9
The origin story of Peter Pan, starring Hugh Jackman.

Steve Jobs
Release Date: October 9
Michael Fassbender plays Jobs.

Bridge of Spies
Release Date: October 16
Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks in a Cold War drama based around a 1960 incident in which the Soviet Union shot down a US U-2 spy plane.

Release Date: October 16
Based on the popular children’s horror-fiction novellas, starring three teens and Jack Black.

The Last Witch Hunter
Release Date: October 23
Vin Diesel saves the world.

Rock the Kasbah
Release Date: October 23
Bill Murray plays a down-and-out music manager who discovers an unknown young talent while in Afghanistan.

Release Date: October 23
Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, and Helena Bonham Carter and a look at the women responsible for the early feminist movement in Great Britain.



TRIVIA: 30% of people claim they have this talent. (They can flare their nostrils)

TRIVIA: Humans produce 1.5 billion pounds of this every day. (Poop)

TRIVIA: A recent study said one in four dogs suffers from what medical condition? (Clinical depression)



A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead all work at the same office for a female boss who always goes home early. “Hey, girls,” says the brunette, “let’s go home early tomorrow. She’ll never know.” So the next day, they all leave right after the boss does. The brunette gets some extra gardening done, the redhead goes to a bar, and the blonde goes home to find her husband having sex with the female boss. Unsure what to do, she quietly sneaks out of the house, drives around until her normal quitting time, and returns home without saying anything. The next day at work, the women get together. “That was fun,” says the brunette. “We should do it again sometime.” “No way,” says the blonde. “I almost got caught.”



Bang! Bang!






Married since 1952, she’s a Giants fan, he’s a Cards fan. The two teams played August 17 in St. Louis. (Cards won.)

• Guy plays 100 TV theme songs on his guitar in 11 minutes.

Chair Capes: Be the hero your office deserves.

• Ghostbusters theme gets metal makeover.

• Prepared to be terrified after you use your smartphone as a blacklight.

Steal these bits from Morning Show Boot Camp.

• Make your images stand out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with animated text using the Legend app.

• Random useful websites.

• Electric car can go virtually anywhere.

• Infamous Kirk vs. Gorn scene made funnier with squeaky rubber suit sound effects.

• Millennium Falcon snack tray.

• Why CGI sucks. Except it doesn’t.

• Search Google like it’s the ’80s.

• How many superhero films will be made before you die?



This is day 233 of 2015. There are 132 days remaining.


• Kenny Rogers is 77

• Jackie DeShannon is 74

• TV journalist Harry Smith is 64

• Kim Cattrall is 59

• AOL founder Steve Case is 57

• Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) is 45

• Google co-founder Sergey Brin is 42

• Alicia Witt (Cybill) is 40

• Brody Jenner (The Hills) is 32

• Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) is 26

• RJ Mitte (Walter White Jr. on Breaking Bad) is 23


• 1858: The first of seven debates between U.S. Senate candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas was held in Ottawa, Illinois.

• 1878: The American Bar Association was founded in Saratoga, New York.

• 1912: Arthur Eldred became the first Eagle Scout, by earning 10 badges of his choice and 11 specific badges. During the past 100 years more than 2 million scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

• 1959: President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an executive order proclaiming Hawaii the 50th state of the union.

• 1987: Sgt. Clayton Lonetree, the first Marine ever court-martialed for spying, was convicted in Quantico, Virginia, of passing secrets to the KGB.

• 1997: Hudson Foods Co. closed a plant in Nebraska, agreeing to destroy some 25 million pounds of hamburger after the largest meat recall in U.S. history.

• 2000: Rescue efforts to reach the sunken Russian nuclear submarine Kursk ended with divers announcing none of the 118 sailors had survived.

• 2003: At the most prestigious theater in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian director dropped his pants on stage and mooned the audience after it booed his latest production. It didn’t have the effect he wanted, because the audience cheered the mooning.

• 2006: A Kenosha, Wisconsin, man got trapped in a waist-deep vat of liquid chocolate. The 21-year-old employee of Debelis Corporation claims he crawled into the tank to unplug it and only realized he was stuck when he tried to get out.  It took co-workers, police and firefighters two hours to complete the rescue, eventually using coco-butter to thin down the chocolate and pry him free.


• Men’s Grooming Day

• Spumoni Day

• Poet’s Day

• Senior Citizen’s Day

• Iced Tea Day


• September 7: Labor Day

• September 10: NFL season begins (Steelers at Patriots)

More holidays




• Valerie Harper is 76. Cindy Williams is 68. Country singer Holly Dunn is 58. Country singer Collin Raye is 55. Brooke Dillman is 49. Ty Burrell is 48. Melinda Page Hamilton is 44. Kristen Wiig is 42.

• International Tongue Twister Day. Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. Eat a Peach Day.


• Barbara Eden is 84. Country singer Rex Allen Jr. is 68. Shelley Long is 66. Rick Springfield is 66. Jay Mohr is 45. Joanna Froggatt (Downton Abbey) is 35.

• Go Topless Day.National Spongecake Day.