PRO September 30, 2015


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This is day 273 of 2015. There are 92 days remaining.


• Author Elie Wiesel is 87

• Angie Dickinson is 84

• Singer Cissy Houston is 82

• Singer Johnny Mathis is 80

• Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch) is 61

• Fran Drescher is 58

• Crystal Bernard (Wings) is 54

• Eric Stoltz is 54

• Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded) is 51

• Silas Weir Mitchell (Grimm) is 46

• Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development) is 45

• Jenna Elfman is 44

• Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises) is 40

• Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, Party of Five) is 33


• 1452: The first section of the Guttenberg Bible, the first book printed from movable type, was published in Germany.

• 1630: John Billington became the first criminal to be executed in the American colonies when he was hanged for murder.

• 1841: The stapler was patented by Samuel Slocum.

• 1846: Dentist Dr. William Morton used an experimental anesthetic called ether for the first time on one of his patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for a tooth extraction.

• 1861: Chewing gum tycoon William Wrigley, Jr. was born.

• 1927: Babe Ruth set the long-standing record for most home runs in a season — 60. The record was broken 34 years later by Roger Maris.

• 1938: Germany, France, Britain and Italy met in Munich, Germany, for a conference, after which British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain predicted “peace for our time.” World War II began less than one year later.

• 1946: An international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, found 22 top Nazi leaders guilty of war crimes, 11 of which were sentenced to death.

• 1949: The Berlin Airlift came to an end after the U.S. had airlifted 2.3 million tons of food into the western sector of the city despite the Soviet blockade.

• 1960: The Flintstones debuted on ABC.

• 1982: Cheers, the place where everyone knows your known, began its 11-year run as one of the best sitcoms of all time.

• 1998: A General Accounting Office audit of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and his predecessor, Robert Fiske, showed they had spent more than $40 million investigating President Bill Clinton.

• 2006: Bradley Robison of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was caught with two pounds of marijuana on him. But Bradley told police he couldn’t be busted for the dope because it wasn’t his — he’d recently stolen it from a nearby business that he had just broken into. He was charged.


• Ask A Stupid Question Day

• Mulled Cider Day

• National Women’s Health & Fitness Day


• October is Adopt A Shelter Animal Month, Billiard Awareness Month, Class Reunion Month, Eat Better, Eat Together Month, Go Hog Wild-Eat Country Ham Month, Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month, Go Nuts Over Texas Peanuts Month, Halloween Safety Month, National Book Month, National Chili Month, National Cookie Month, National Dental Hygiene Month, National Pajama Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, National Roller Skating Month, Eat Country Ham Month, National Seafood Month, Frozen Food Month, Spinach Lovers Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month

• October 6: Major League Baseball playoffs begin

• October 27: World Series begins

• October 31: Halloween

• November 1: Daylight Saving Time ends

More holidays – Updated with 2016 holidays.



4: Days a month Wheel of Fortune is taped. Six episodes are taped each day.



Remember that gullible prison worker who helped those inmates escape from that upstate New York prison? Well, she’s been sentenced to prison for up to seven years. [Unless, of course, she can make friends with some gullible prison worker.]

A python was found in a pile of clothes at a Florida flea market. [“Hey, this belt keeps getting tighter!”]

In Sandusky, Ohio a Taco Bell worker was fired after video surfaced of him on the job with his hand down the back of his pants. [Apparently, he had taken it upon himself to offer specials for what he called Wedgie Wednesday.]

Kaley Cuoco says that when she looks back at early episodes of The Big Bang she hates her voice and her choice of clothes. [In response male viewers of the show said, “Voice? Clothes?”]

The U.S. and Russia are going to try to cooperate against ISIS. [One of them will oversee the Neighborhood Watch program during the day, and the other at night.]

A new study finds that if you study your mistakes in order to learn from them, you’re more likely to make the same mistake. The researchers suggest forgetting your mistakes, and only remember your successes. [For example, celebrities looking for love should forget their marriages that only lasted for a month, and remember the ones that made it through an entire year.]

Beginning October 1 most large stores will be using the new secure credit card reader. The downside is that the process takes a little longer. [Which means that now I’ll have to bring TWO books to read while I’m in line at Starbucks.]

A little kid in Salem, Massachusetts found $8,000 on the neighborhood playground. His grandfather, who wanted to teach him an important lesson, helped him find the rightful owner who rewarded the kid with $100. [The kid learned a valuable lesson by exchanging $8,000 for $100: Never tell grandpa anything.]

A man aboard a KLM flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam was arrested after he mistook the emergency exit for the bathroom door and tried to open it at 30,000 feet. He claims that it was a simple mistake. [Didn’t he think it a bit strange that he hadn’t seen anyone else going to the bathroom for the entire flight?]



A NEW STUDY SAYS PARENTS ARE MISERABLE _ Parents are miserable. Researchers (University of Western Ontario and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research) wanted to figure out why some families decide to stop at having only one child. So they analyzed data from a German survey that covered more than 20,000 people across the country, and tracked their reported well-being from three years before having kids to at least two years after their first child was born.

… They found that people are usually pretty happy before having kids. That happiness goes up when anticipating the birth of their first child and stays high during the year their first child is born. After that, everything goes downhill.

… Thirty percent of parents stayed at the same level of happiness. But on a 1 to 10 scale, 37 percent of parents had a one-unit drop in “happiness units,” while 19 percent had a two-unit drop and 17 percent had a three-unit drop. To compare that to actual sad life events: Unemployment and the death of a partner usually lead to a one-unit drop in happiness, and divorce only causes a 0.6-unit drop. On average, parenthood leads to a whopping 1.4-unit fall in happiness.

KID FINDS $8,000 IN CASH ON SLIDE AT PLAYGROUND _ Seven-year-old Aiden Wright spotted a black checkbook while taking a “last run” down the slide at a park in Salem, Massachusetts. Stuffed inside the checkbook: $8,000, which Aiden promptly brought over to his uncle, Daniel Wright. Uncle Danny says he told Aiden, “Fork it over. You’re going to learn an important lesson today.” By turning the checkbook and cash over to police Aiden helped make a local contractor very happy. Elias Santos, who had just been paid, lost his thousands while playing with his kids at the park earlier that morning. For his honesty Aiden got $100.

YOUTUBE INTRODUCES SHOPPING ADS _ If you’ve ever been watching a YouTube video and thought, “Man, I’d like to own that thing they’re talking about!” you may soon be able o. YouTube videos are going to get more shoppable. So if you’re watching something on YouTube, you might start seeing an icon on the upper right corner of the video. Clicking on the icons will bring up related cards, including any product ads, and clicking on the ads will take you to the merchant website.

EDWARD SNOWDEN JOINS TWITTER _ One of the biggest whistleblowers in the history of modern day government-sponsored surveillance, Edward Snowden finally decided to join micro-blogging social media platform Twitter. Within just a few hours, his twitter account @Snowden, was a few thousand followers shy of the 600,000 mark. According to Edward Snowden’s lawyer the man is personally managing the account, which means all the tweets that appear have been written by Snowden himself.

GRANDMA’S SMOKING HABIT MIGHT BE WHY YOU HAVE ASTHMA _ Got asthma? It might be your grandmother’s fault. A study (European Lung Foundation) finds that children with grandmothers who smoked during pregnancy have an increased risk of asthma — even when their mothers did not smoke. The study looked at data on 44,853 Swedish grandmothers who were pregnant between 1982 and 1986 and compared the results with their 66,271 grandchildren. The results indicated that when a grandmother smoked while pregnant — regardless of whether the mother did as well — a child’s risk of asthma increased from 10 to 22%.

65% OF COUPLES FORGET TO INCLUDE IN THEIR WEDDING BUDGETS _ Wedding planning can be a time-consuming, costly process. With so many factors to take into consideration, even the most organized of couples may not realize they’ve allowed one thing or another to fall through the cracks. A recent survey conducted by The Knot revealed that 65 percent of couples are failing to factor the honeymoon into their wedding budgets.  The survey also revealed following about how couples are tackling wedding-related expenses:

• 36% of couples paid with credit cards
• 16% of couples borrowed money from a friend or family member
• 17% of couples will borrow money to help finance their wedding
• 57% of couples borrow money from a credit card or financial institution to finance their wedding

FATHER OF THE BRIDE INSISTS STEPDAD WALK DOWN AISLE WITH THEM _ (In Ohio) The stepfather of Brittany Peck thought her wedding day would be bittersweet. While he’d be front and center in his tux, it would be the father of the bride who would get to walk the daughter they both raised down the aisle. But then Brittany’s dad, Todd Bachman, stopped the ceremony to grab Brittany’s stepfather and pulled him down the aisle so that they could walk her together. Todd said sharing the honor of walking Brittany down the aisle was the right thing to do because, “[Her stepfather] has helped me raise my daughter and he should be walking with us.”

FOOD TRACKING APP LINKS LESS SLEEPING TO MORE EATING _ A new study suggests while many people think they eat three meals a day, they may actually graze for most of their waking hours. And the study reveals that not getting enough sleep can be a culprit. Most people think they eat three meals and a snack or two within a 10-12 hour window, but researchers found the majority spread their caloric intake over a very long time — like 15 to 18 hours.

TWITTER PLANS TO GO BEYOND ITS 140-CHARACTER LIMIT _ Sources says Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit.  It’s unclear what the product will look like, but sources say it would enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service.

GIRL FORFEITS PERSONAL RECORD TO HELP FELLOW RUNNER _ An Ohio teenager was on a pace to break her own personal record at a middle school cross-country meet. Half-way through the two mile run, her coach shouted the good news, but then, with a half-mile to go Makenna Finnegan saw an opponent grimacing in pain and holding her side. When she asked what was wrong, the girl said, “Bad cramps.” Without a second thought to winning the race, Makenna slowed down, grabbed her hand, and they finished out the race together. Because any physical interaction during a race results in disqualification, Makenna forfeited a personal record.

FACEBOOK HOAX MAKES THE ROUNDS AGAIN _ Your Facebook news feed says you need to post a legal notice or you’ll lose copyright control of your pictures and other content you share with your circle of family and friends. Or maybe Facebook is going to charge you to keep your profile private. It’s a hoax, folks, and people are falling for it all over again.

… Here’s part of one of the versions floating around: “Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: $5.99 to keep the subscription of your status to be set to ‘private.’ If you paste this message on your page, it will be offered free (paste not share) if not tomorrow, all your posts can become public. Even the messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. After all, it does not cost anything for a simple copy and paste.”

… This is at least its third go-round. The last big flareup was in January. There was another one in 2012. And Internet rumor site documents another variation dating back to 2009.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: REFEREE PULLS OUT GUN DURING SOCCER MATCH _ In the U.S. some players and coaches are under a microscope for the way they treat officials. In Brazil an official at an amateur soccer game pulled out a handgun after being kicked and punched by a player. The referee, whose works full time as a policeman, will undergo a psychological assessment.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN CONFUSES BUILDER’S FOAM WITH MOUSSE  _ A photo of a woman from Eastern Europe has gone viral all because she uses hair mousse. The photo of the woman was taken at a hospital, where she’d gone because instead of applying mousse she applied builder’s foam. In the photo she can be seen sitting in a waiting room looking understandably unhappy with her situation with a giant solid helmet of polyurethane foam on her head. • PHOTO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DOG SENDS TRUCK INTO LAKE _ A dog alone in a pickup had to be rescued after it caused the truck to go into a lake in Maine. The running truck was in park but the Yorkshire terrier managed to pump the Chevy Silverado into gear, causing it to roll about 75 feet into the lake into 10 feet of water. A family friend immediately swam into the lake and saved the trapped dog. No humans or dogs were injured.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DOCTOR PUNCHES PATIENT IN STOMACH _ At about midnight one evening, a male patient entered a hospital in China complaining of a pain in his elbow. He was promptly examined by a doctor and sent home, only to return at 1:30am — this time by ambulance — telling the hospital staff he had another pain, in his abdomen. Again the man was checked over and sent on his way. Two and a half hours later, another ambulance drove up to the hospital with the same man sitting in the back. The sight of the frequent visitor was too much for one doctor to bear; upon noticing the patient sitting in the waiting room, the doctor stepped in and suddenly punched the man’s stomach. Luckily medical staff were on the scene and quickly determined that there was no injury as a result of the blow.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: KANSAS HAS ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS MONTH _ Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is proclaiming October as “Zombie Preparedness Month”. The ceremony is planned for this morning (Wednesday) at the Capitol. The proclamation is really an overall reminder of the need to be prepared for any emergency. The governor said in a statement: “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.”





THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — Lyndon Smith (Parenthood) guest stars in this new episode.


THE IHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL – NIGHT 2 (8p ET, CW) — Highlights include performances from The Weeknd, Fall Out Boy, Blake Shelton, Puff Daddy, Prince Royce, Nick Jonas, and Janet Jackson.

THE GOLDBERGS (8:30p ET, ABC) — Ana Gasteyer guest stars in this new episode.

SEASON PREMIERE: CRIMINAL MINDS (9p ET, CBS) — Aisha Tyler (The Talk) joins the cast for season 11.


LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — New

EMPIRE (9p ET, FOX) — Ludacris, Becky G, Kelly Rowland, Andre Royo and Veronika Bozeman guest star in this new episode.

BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — New

NASHVILLE (10p ET, ABC) — Riley Smith (True Blood) guest stars in this new episode. Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan and Pam Tillis all make appearances.

SEASON PREMIERE: CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — Season 3 kicks off tonight.

SERIES PREMIERE: CODE BLACK (10p ET, CBS) — Marcia Gay Harden stars in this new medical drama, inspired by the award-winning documentary of the same name. Code Black follows the doctors and nurses who work in the busiest and most notorious ER in the nation, L.A. County Hospital. Luis Guzman and Raza Jaffrey (Homeland, Smash) also star.



BILL CLINTON TO APPEAR ON THE LATE SHOW _ Bill Clinton may or may not be headed back to the White House, but first he will visit the House of Colbert. The former President will match wits with Stephen Colbert on the October 6 installment of The Late Show. This meeting between the two could get extra-entertaining if Clinton tuned into Monday night’s show, in which Colbert had a laugh with First Lady Michelle Obama over the ex-President’s past.

JIM CARREY’S GIRLFRIEND COMMITS SUICIDE _ Jim Carrey’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Cathriona White was been found dead in an apparent suicide. News of her death came less than a week after she broke up with the actor for a second time. White reportedly broke up with Carrey on September 24, the same day she wrote a worrying message on Twitter that read: “Signing off Twitter, I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.”

NICKI MINAJ COMEDY GETS ABC FAMILY SERIES COMMITMENT _ Nicki Minaj is set to executive produce and appear in a scripted comedy series for ABC Family based on the rap star’s life growing up in Queens, New York. The project will film a pilot episode in Minaj’s hometown this winter, with the intention to continue to series. Born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, Minaj moved to the U.S. as a child. The untitled series will focus on Minaj’s growing up in Queens in the 1990s with her immigrant family and the personal and musical evolution that lead to her eventual rise to stardom.

HONEST TRAILERS TAKES A SHOT AT AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON _ The people at Honest Trailers have worked their magic on Avengers: Age of Ultron, poking fun at and poking holes in various story lines. • VIDEO

FANS THINK THE FORCE AWAKENS IS BEST FILM IN THE SERIES _ How hyped are Star Wars fans for The Force Awakens? Most of them already think it will be the best film in the series. A survey asked fans about expectations for the movie and its merchandise. Of the 2,031 U.S. adults polled, almost two-thirds of them are hyped enough to say the seventh installment will prove the best because of visual effects, plot, and cast. Interestingly enough, it also found that more than half would take “unusual measures” to get their hands on highly demanded merchandise. And by “unusual,” the poll found that this includes lying and tripping elderly folks.

… According to a different survey, The Force Awakens is the second most anticipated film for fall, trailing just behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.

JACK RYAN TV SERIES PICKED UP BY AMAZON _ Jack Ryan is making a comeback, on the small screen. A TV adaptation of the popular action franchise based on Tom Clancy‘s novels has landed at Amazon. The character of Jack Ryan has appeared in a number of films by Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford and most recently, Chris Pine.

REESE WITHERSPOON DEVELOPING AN IN A DARK DARK WOOD MOVIE _ Reese Witherspoon is developing an In a Dark Dark Wood movie, based on the recent mystery thriller novel by Ruth Ware. Published just last month, In a Dark Dark Wood is described this way: “Leonora, known to some as Lee and others as Nora, is a reclusive crime writer, unwilling to leave her “nest” of an apartment unless it is absolutely necessary. When a friend she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years unexpectedly invites Nora (Lee?) to a weekend away in an eerie glass house deep in the English countryside, she reluctantly agrees to make the trip. Forty-eight hours later, she wakes up in a hospital bed injured but alive, with the knowledge that someone is dead.”

BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN RESPONDS TO MEGAN FOX DIVORCE FILING _ After over a month since Megan Fox filed for legal separation, Brian Austin Green has asked for spousal support and joint custody of their sons. Green, 42, and Fox, 29, were married for five years and are parents to two children Noah Shannon, 3, and Bodhi Ransom, 18 months. In her divorce filing, Fox cited irreconcilable differences and requested joint custody of the kids.

PORSCHE RESPONDS TO WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT _ Porsche has responded to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, which claims that the actor would still be alive if the car had proper safety features. The car manufacturer said Tuesday, “We are saddened whenever anyone is hurt in a Porsche vehicle, but we believe the authorities’ reports in this case clearly established that this tragic crash resulted from reckless driving and excessive speed.”

… The lawsuit alleges that despite Porsche “knowing that the Carrera GT had a history of instability and control issues,” the company “failed to install its electronic stability control system,” which they say is “specifically designed to protect against the swerving actions inherent in hyper-sensitive vehicles of this type.” Other Porsche vehicles have these control systems.

NEW BOND MOVIE DESTROYED $36 MILLION IN CARS _ This figure seems waaay out of whack but according to a Daily Mail interview with chief stunt coordinator Gary Powell, the James Bond film Spectre, coming out later this year, caused an estimated $36 million in car damage alone.

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN’S HEROIN DEALER ARRESTED _ Philip Seymour Hoffman’s drug dealer was arrested on Tuesday for getting caught peddling heroin again. Since this was yet another arrest, the drug dealer, Max Rosenblum, was tossed in jail for violating his probation.

NFL DEFLATEGATE APPEAL WON’T BE HEARD UNTIL FEBRUARY _ A New York federal appeals court says February will be the earliest it will hear arguments in the NFL’s appeal of the lifting of a four-game suspension of New England quarterback Tom Brady in the “Deflategate” controversy.

DWAYNE JOHNSON REVEALS DOG BRUTUS DIED _ If you follow Dwayne Johnson on any of his social media accounts then you will know that he recently adopted two adorable French bulldog puppies named Brutus and Hobbs. Unfortunately, Johnson took to his Instagram Tuesday to share that news that Monday night Brutus died after eating a poisonous mushroom in their backyard. From the moment Johnson got his puppies, he has not shied away from sharing every awesome moment with his 28.2 million Instagram followers. Just recently, he posted a video of himself attempting to walk Brutus, who would not move at all.

LADY GAGA IS BILLBOARD’S WOMAN OF THE YEAR _ Billboard Magazine has announced that it will honor pop star Lady Gaga by naming her the Woman of the Year at its 2015 ceremony later this year. This is the tenth year of the Women In Music luncheon and awards. The event, set to take place on December 11, will also air on TV on Lifetime as a special a week later — a first for the show.

… Last year, Taylor Swift was celebrated for the second time (she was also given the title in 2011). Other acts that have earned the distinction include Beyoncé, Pink, Fergie, and Katy Perry.




Enter your city or ZIP code to explore spending on beer in your region and then see how your neighborhood stacks up to other areas in the U.S. or check out the highest scoring locations. • LINK


Week of September 21-27

1. NFL Football: Denver at Detroit, NBC, 22.07 million

2. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 18.2 million

3. NCIS, CBS, 18.19 million

4. NFL Football: Washington at N.Y. Giants, CBS, 16.88 million

5. Empire, Fox, 16.18 million

6. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick, NBC, 15.62 million

7. 60 Minutes, CBS, 15.04 million

8. NFL Post-Game, CBS, 13.03 million

9. NCIS: New Orleans, CBS, 12.62 million

10. NFL Football: N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis, ESPN, 12.48 million

11. The Voice (Monday), NBC, 12.37 million

12. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC, 12.35 million

13. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS, 12.22 million

14. Football Night in America, NBC, 11.91 million

15. Dancing With the Stars, ABC, 11.46 million

16. Life in Pieces, CBS, 11.28 million

17. Scorpion, CBS, 11.09 million

18. NFL Pregame Show, CBS, 10.61 million

19. Blindspot, NBC, 10.61 million

20. Scandal, ABC, 10.25 million


Editor: Square is on merchants’ tablets and when customers are signing the screen they can choose a tip amount. The infographic doesn’t show how much cash-payers tip, or customers of coffee shops that don’t use the Square tablet payment system. Makes us wonder if, because the employee is right there watching/seeing as you pay/tip, it translates into more 15% to 20% tips!

Source of data: Square payments



TRIVIA: Facebook has over a billion users. It also has 2.5 million what? (Advertisers)


Line up two listeners. First to get to three wins.

I’ve got five clues. Shout out the answer I’m looking for. First person to get to three wins.

• Twelve o’clock in the day. (Noon)

• A small, round tablet or capsule of medicine to be swallowed whole. (Pill)

• A rider’s seat fastened to the back of a horse. (Saddle)

• An archer’s case for holding arrows. (Quiver)

• The part of a plane or spacecraft where the pilot sits. (Cockpit)

Tie breaker: A machine that cuts documents into pieces so that no one can read them. (Shredder)



A man was dining alone in a fancy restaurant and there was a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table. He had been checking her out since he sat down, but lacked the nerve to talk with her. Suddenly she sneezed, and her glass eye came flying out of its socket towards the man. He reflexively reached out, grabbed it out of the air, and handed it back. “Oh my, I am so sorry,” the woman said, as she popped her eye back in place. “Let me buy your dinner to make it up to you.” They enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they went out dancing. They talked, they laughed, she shared her deepest dreams and he shared his. She listened to him with interest. After paying for everything, she asked him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap and stay for breakfast. They had a wonderful time. The next morning, she cooked a gourmet breakfast. The guy was amazed. Everything had been so incredible! “You know,” he said, “you are the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?” “No,” she replied. “You just happened to catch my eye.”



This dad’s dance moves will put yours to shame.



Windy day in the ‘burbs.

Source: bits and pieces blog



• September’s Best News Bloopers.

• Is your computer powered up?

• The treadmill’s dark and twisted past.

• Finally the answer to, What should we watch tonight?

• Write a letter to your future self.

Peanutize yourself.

• Wedding day from the bride’s perspective.

• A quick personality test called What Did You See First?

iSkelter Tab lap desk looks like an interesting new way to work with your iPad.

• A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.



This is day 274 of 2015. There are 91 days remaining.


• President Jimmy Carter is 91

• Julie Andrews is 80

• Stephen Collins (Seventh Heaven) is 68

• Randy Quaid (National Lampoon’s Vacation movies) is 65

• Esai Morales (NYPD Blue) is 53

• Model-actress Cindy Margolis is 50

• Zach Galifianakis is 46

• Brie Larson (United States of Tara) is 26


• 1896: The U.S. Post Office established Rural Free Delivery.

• 1903: The visiting Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Boston Americans 7-3 in the first World Series game. (The Americans, forerunners of the Boston Red Sox, won the best-of-nine series 5-3.)

• 1908: Henry Ford introduced the Model T automobile to the market; each car cost $825.

• 1961: Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit his 61st home run of the season, breaking Babe Ruth’s record of 60 set in 1927.

• 1962: Johnny Carson debuted as regular host of NBC’s “Tonight” show.

• 1971: Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida.

• 1982: The first compact disc player went on sale for $625.

• 1993: Polly Klaas, 12, was abducted from her Petaluma, California, home during a slumber party and murdered. Her case inspired California’s three-strikes law.

• 1993: ESPN2 went live.

• 2001: The Supreme Court suspended former President Bill Clinton from practicing before the high court.

• 2005: A birthday card was introduced by Hallmark bearing the title “CSI: Topeka” and featured a cartoon of two people standing over a corpse, with one saying, “Looks like he was bored to death.” Inside the card is the message, “Hope your birthday is anything but dull.” Though a company spokeswoman said Hallmark didn’t intend to offend anyone, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas, told a local newspaper he found the card “offensive”.

• 2008: In Malaysia, two armed robbers hijacked a security van with $1.3 million inside but were forced to abandon more than half the cash because their small getaway car could not carry it all.

• 2009: Talk show host David Letterman announced that he had been the victim of an extortion attempt by someone threatening to reveal that he had had sex with several of his female employees. He confirmed the relationships on his TV show.


• October is Adopt A Shelter Animal Month, Billiard Awareness Month, Class Reunion Month, Eat Better, Eat Together Month, Go Hog Wild-Eat Country Ham Month, Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month, Go Nuts Over Texas Peanuts Month, Halloween Safety Month, National Book Month, National Chili Month, National Cookie Month, National Dental Hygiene Month, National Pajama Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, National Roller Skating Month, Eat Country Ham Month, National Seafood Month, Frozen Food Month, Spinach Lovers Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month, Zombie Preparedness Month

• CD Player Day

• International Day of Older Persons

• International Music Day

• National Book It! Day

• World Vegetarian Day

• National Walk Your Dog Day

• Kale Day


• October 6: Major League Baseball playoffs begin

• October 27: World Series begins

• October 31: Halloween

• November 1: Daylight Saving Time ends

More holidays – Updated with 2016 holidays.