PRO November 3, 2015

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This is day 307 of 2015. There are 58 days remaining.


• Ken Berry (Mayberry R.F.D., Mama’s Family) is 82

• Magazine editor Anna Wintour (Vogue, thought to be real life person behind Meryl Streep’s characters in The Devil Wears Prada) is 66

• Roseanne Barr is 63

• Kate Capshaw (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) is 62

• Dennis Miller is 62

• Adam Ant is 61

• Dolph Lundgren (Rocky 4) is 58

• Elizabeth Smart (kidnap victim, author, ABC News contrib) is 28


• 1911: Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T.

• 1913: The U.S. introduces an income tax.

• 1992: Democratic challenger Bill Clinton defeats incumbent Republican George H.W. Bush and independent candidate Ross Perot.

• 1993: An envelope with two stamps posted in Mauritius in 1847 sold at a Zurich, Switzerland, auction for $3 million.

• 1994: Authorities in Union, South Carolina, arrested Susan Smith for drowning her two young sons. Nine days earlier she had claimed the boys had been kidnapped by a carjacker.

• 1998: Former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura is elected Governor of Minnesota.

• 2000: Four days before Election Day, Texas Governor George W. Bush was peppered with questions about his DUI arrest in 1976. Republicans called the revelation a dirty campaign trick.

• 2002: Canadians could no longer smile for their passport photos. They couldn’t frown either. They had to submit photos showing “neutral expressions,” in accordance with recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

• 2003: A German man who survived five days in the Alps in freezing temperatures by eating snow was fired because he missed work. He received written notification of his dismissal while doctors at the hospital were deciding whether to amputate six of his frost-bitten toes.

• 2006: Delray Beach, Florida, police charged 16-year-old Carlos Matos with felony robbery when he confessed to stealing $200 cash and a pizza from a deliveryman. He got caught because he gave his phone number when ordering the pizza.

• 2014: One World Trade Center opened, 13 years after terrorists destroyed the twin towers of the original World Trade Center.


• Cliché Day

• Sandwich Day

• Housewife’s Day


• November 26: Thanksgiving

• November 27: Black Friday

• November 28: Small Business Saturday

More holidays – Updated with 2016 holidays.



90: Percentage of TV-owning homes in Kansas City that tuned for the climax of Sunday night’s World Series Game 5.



In Scotland a yew tree that’s estimated to be between 2,000 and 5,000 years old has suddenly switched from being a male tree to a female tree. [And now it’s getting its own cable reality series.]

Plans were announced for a Hunger Games amusement park to be built in Atlanta. [I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about a country where hunger is a form of entertainment.]

Leah Remini says that she was fined $300,000 for her behavior at the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding. [Because no one wants to see a drunk Leah Remini doing the electric slide.]

To raise money for musical education Kenny G will attempt to break his own world record by holding a single note on his soprano saxophone for over an hour while aboard an airline. [The good news is that for the duration of the flight all earplugs will be free of charge.]

A survey finds that an amazing 75% of American kids under the age of 4 have their own mobile communication devices. [“Yo, grandma, let me hit ya back. I gotta take this.”]

An intoxicated woman sneaked into the Omaha zoo and tried to pet a tiger. The tiger reacted by biting her hand. [Experts say that a tiger will naturally strike at an unfamiliar object. And it also may have something to do with the fact that she was wearing fuzzy bunny mittens.]

A new study finds that Americans who eat the healthiest have a limited number of items that they eat. Unhealthy eaters tended to have a wider variety of favorites. [For example, healthy eaters eat tofu while unhealthy eaters eat tofu covered with chocolate chips and sprinkles.]

Researchers say that cute little domestic cats score the same on tests of neuroticism and dominance as their cousins the lions and tigers. In other words, researchers say that your little kitten would try to kill you if it were big enough. [Well, once they’ve mastered the art of the can opener.]

NBC is concerned that Jimmy Fallon is spending too much time partying. [Things are so bad that Shia LaBeouf organized an intervention.]



RACHEL DOLEZAL ADMITS SHE WAS ‘BIOLOGICALLY BORN WHITE’ _ Rachel Dolezal has finally admitted what many had long suspected: she is a white woman who was born to white parents. The admission by the former leader of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, who resigned after becoming the subject of an intensive nationwide conversation about race and identity politics, came after repeated questioning on Monday by the hosts of The Real, a daytime talk show.

… After asking the hosts, “Why not give me the right to identify, how I identify? I think we’re all entitled to be exactly who we are and to identify as such” she said, “I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black.”

… One of the hosts said, “I think it’s kind of hard because you’re not black. So when you identify with it, there’s a disconnect. … You weren’t born black, so when you say you’re black, it makes it hard for people to understand where you’re coming from.”

GOOGLE: DELIVERY DRONES COULD BE A REALITY BY 2017 _ Google X Labs is throwing out a potential date for when it could possibly start operating drone delivery powered by its own drones: packages could be falling from above by 2017. During a recent demonstration a Google X drone delivering a package in Arizona flew five miles in five minutes.

… There’s still one major hurdle: the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t yet set firm rules regarding commercial drone operation.

FACEBOOK HAS SCRAPPED ‘MAYBE ATTENDING’ _ Facebook has scrapped that annoying “maybe attending” button. The social media giant has replaced it with an “interested” button. If you click it, you’ll still get updates from the event and can decide later on if you actually want to go. Facebook says the new button will allow event planners to get a better sense of who is actually going to show up vs. who is just interested/being polite.

DUDE’S METS ‘WORLD CHAMPS 2015’ TATTOO WAS BAD CHOICE _ The New York Mets lost the World Series to the Kansas City Royals on Sunday night, making Mets fans very sad. But one New York supporter has reason to be a little extra sad: He’s now apparently stuck with a tattoo commemorating a Mets title that never happened. His name is Josh Davis and his new Mets World Champions tattoo takes up a huge part of his right side.

PARENTS TOOK OVERDEMANDING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL _ It’s a Halloween tradition to hand out pounds of candy to young costume clad trick-or-treaters, which their parents are supposed to then sift through and dole out to the child as they see fit. If a child is allergic to an ingredient in candy it’s the parent’s job to remove those candies and keep their kids safe — period. But one extremely pushy parent went around posting a list of demands around their neighborhood, and unsurprisingly forgot to include their name or address.

… The bright orange posters, shared on Reddit, read, in part: “My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can’t eat any candy he’s collected at your homes while trick or treating. Don’t exclude my child, or any other child from the fun. This Halloween practice responsible parenting and DO NOT distribute candy containing nuts of any kind, gluten or dairy.”

FAMOUS SKATEBOARDING DOG TILLMAN DIES AT AGE 10 _ Tillman, the English bulldog who in 2009 set a Guinness World Record as the fastest skateboarding canine and starred in videos that demonstrated his four-wheeled prowess, has died in California at age 10. Tillman gained legions of fans with his appearance in a 2007 YouTube video that showed him pushing his skateboard with his paws and riding around a concrete path at a beachside park, tilting his body to steer. | VIDEO

RAP VIDEO MADE IN JAIL PROMPTS PROBE _ Authorities in Georgia are investigating how a group of inmates in a suburban Atlanta jail were able to make a rap music video using jailhouse equipment and then get it posted on social media. The 2-minute-27-second video called Thuggin’ Live from DeKalb Jail was posted on YouTube on Saturday. It shows a group of inmates dancing, with several taking off their shirts and waving contraband. It also shows inmates with a banned cigarette lighter. The inmates used the jailhouse’s video visitation system, which allows callers to see inmates while they talk remotely. It was posted online by a person who received the video call.

GUINNESS IS CHANGING ITS BREWING PROCESS _ Sorry, fish bladder lovers. You won’t find that in your Guinness beer, anymore. Starting in 2016, Guinness will be fully vegan friendly for the first time since they started brewing beer 256 years ago. Guinness, like many other brewers, uses isinglass, a by-product of the fishing industry that is used to make yeast settle faster. While it seems gross, this process is actually not uncommon at all for beer and wine makers. Unfortunately, traces of fish still ended up in the final product, so Guinness drinkers were unknowingly ingesting small amounts of isinglass. Not a big deal, unless you’re vegan.

OPENING OF ALL-DECAF COFFEE SHOP IN MANHATTAN MET WITH HORROR _ New Yorkers love their coffee. There are 212 Starbucks and 134 Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan alone. So a new coffee shop doesn’t usually make the news. Except a pop-up store called Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company is making news because, as its name states, it sells only decaf. Swiss Water is the same company that in 1933 pioneered a decaffeination process that uses only water instead of a mix of water and carbon dioxide.

ONE NYC SOUP KITCHEN OFFERS FOOD TO PEOPLE AND THEIR PETS _ Many pet lovers would absolutely feed their pets before themselves if they had to. For the homeless, it’s a choice that often needs to be made, but one organization in New York City is helping change that, and more. Collide provides more than just food essentials. Medical care, education and supplies are awaiting both humans and their pets in need. Every spring through the fall, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Collide works with a church to serve a “family meal” to homeless folks and their animals. Over the past five years, Collide has helped over 300 animals.

POO-POURRI TRIES A NEW VIRAL AD _ It can happen to anyone. Actually, it happens to everyone. We poop — and just in case you haven’t noticed, poop smells really bad. The bathroom scent company Poo-Pourri has created yet another punny and funny advertisement that everyone can regrettably relate to. The tagline “Imagine Where You Can Go” presents a number of different situations, like a first date or business trip, where an embarrassing poo will ruin the mood. But a spritz in the bowl before you go will save anyone from knowing that you just made a smelly. | VIDEO/AUDIO

DATING APP HINGE WANTS YOU TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND _ Hinge is a dating app that uses your Facebook network, and it’s instituting a new rule: if no one messages each other within 24 hours of matching, the match disappears. And once you start messaging, you have 14 days to chat and exchange numbers and take the conversation off Hinge — after two weeks your match will disappear.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COUPLE SMUGGLE EGG MCMUFFIN INTO PRISON _ In England a man and his girlfriend have been caught smuggling items into prison. The couple used a small cloth bag tied to a fishing line to get the goods into the prison (in Shepherds Bush). Once the bag was tied to the line someone inside the prison reeled it in. Items smuggled inside the bag included a knife, a smart watch, a mobile phone, drugs, and an Egg McMuffin.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MEN DRESSED AS ORANGE CONES HOLD UP TRAFFIC _ Police deal with weird calls from time to time, but a complaint about a group of men dressed as traffic cones blocking traffic has got to be among the strangest. Of course it happened on Halloween night in Kingston, Ontario. The police call that came through said: “Males dressed as traffic cones, blocking the road like traffic cones.” A witness who saw the group of cones said, “They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN SNEAKS INTO ZOO TO PET 3-LEGGED TIGER _ Tigers can make adorable costumes and Beanie Babies. But their real-life counterparts are not as friendly, as one woman unfortunately discovered on Halloween. A 33-year-old woman crept past the security at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday night, apparently with the intent of petting a three-legged tiger. When she reached into its cage, the tiger bit Eide’s hand, causing severe trauma. At the hospital police reported the woman was “aggressive toward staff” and “showed signs of intoxication of alcohol and/or drug.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TOURIST WINS ‘FREE NOODLES FOR LIFE’ IN EATING CONTEST _ A tourist in China has won himself “free noodles for life” after scarfing down 43 bowls in an eating contest. The tourist, also from China, was crowned “noodle master” after out-eating around 100 competitors.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NAKED WOMAN FILMED SMEARING HERSELF IN KETCHUP _ A woman was arrested after stripping naked and smearing ketchup all over her body in a Miami Beach (Florida) fast food restaurant. Angelic Isabella Valle faces charges of lewd and lascivious conduct following the X-rated show, which was filmed by onlookers and posted online.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: STOLEN JESUS STATUE IS RETURNED WITH A FRESH COAT OF PAINT _ Last Tuesday a storefront statue of Jesus was stolen in Monroe, Connecticut. But then a miracle happened. On Sunday, Midge Saglimbene, the owner of Angels & Company, got a call that her 5-foot Jesus had been returned. And with a vibrant, fresh coat of paint.



NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) and Richard Riehle (Transformers: Age of Extinction) guest star in this new episode.

BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (10p ET, NBC) — Kelsey Grammer is the guest announcer in this new edition.

THE MUPPETS (8p ET, ABC) — Kristin Chenoweth appears in this new edition.

GRANDFATHERED (8p ET, FOX) — Joanna Garcia Swisher (Reba) guest stars in this new episode.

THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — New


THE GRINDER (8:30p ET, FOX) — Christina Applegate guest stars in this new episode.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (9p ET, CBS) — Annie Potts guest stars in this new episode.

THE VOICE (9p ET, NBC) — This new episode chronicles the best moments of the journey of the top 20 from the blind auditions to the live playoffs.


SCREAM QUEENS (9p ET, FOX) — Ariana Grande and Tavi Gevinson (Style Rookie) guest star in this new episode.

IZOMBIE (9p ET, CW) — New






ADELE’S COMEBACK SONG BREAKS DOWNLOAD RECORD _ Adele’s Hello has become the first song to sell one million tracks in a week. Adele’s comeback track sold 1.11 million digital songs, setting a new record. Flo Rida’s Right Round previously had the record for most downloads in a week with 636,000.

SINGER SUES TAYLOR SWIFT FOR $42 MILLION _ Another day, another Taylor Swift lawsuit. R&B singer Jesse Graham has filed a $42 million dollar lawsuit against Swift, alleging that her 2014 smash hit Shake it Off plagiarizes his song Haters Gone Hate, released the previous year.

LILY ALDRIDGE TO MODEL $2 MILLION VICTORIA’S SECRET BRA _ Following in the footsteps of Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Allesandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, 29-year-old Lily Aldridge will don Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra at their annual fashion show in mid-November. The “Fireworks” Fantasy Bra took 685 hours to create and features more than 6,500 precious gems which total 1,364 carats. The matching panties are adorned with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. The set is valued at $2 million. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on December 8 on CBS.

POLICE BACKLASH PUTS PRESSURE ON TARANTINO’S HATEFUL EIGHT _ Calls by police groups to boycott Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight are putting pressure on one of December’s most anticipated releases. In recent days, a growing number of police groups have called for the boycott of the upcoming release. After local police organizations in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, the National Association of Police Organizations recently joined the ranks opposing Tarantino after remarks the director made during a recent rally against police brutality.

… Tarantino attended the Brooklyn rally against brutality on October 24 where he told The Associated Press: “I’m a human being with a conscience. And if you believe there’s murder going on then you need to rise up and stand up against it. I’m here to say I’m on the side of the murdered.”

DINOSAURS RULE THE EARTH AGAIN _ After shattering box office records last summer, Jurassic World is a home entertainment blockbuster. The fourth installment in the popular film series made almost $85 million from sales of Blu-ray, DVD and digital downloads in its first week of release. Jurassic World is on track to be the best-selling home movie title of 2015.

STAR WARS MASKS, WEAPONS BANNED BY THEATER CHAINS _ Star Wars fans will have to curtail their costumes when heading to The Force Awakens screenings next month. A number of theater chains including Cinemark and AMC have banned masks, simulated weapons and face paint for the upcoming sci-fi hit. AMC says on its website: “AMC does not permit weapons or items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the movie-going experience. Guests are welcome to come dressed in costume, but we do not permit masks. … In short, bring your lightsaber, turn it off during the movie, and leave the blaster and Darth Vader mask at home.”

… Cinemark will not even allow iconic lightsabers into its 334 theaters around the country. The company says: “Star Wars costumes are welcome. However, no face coverings, face paint, or simulated weapons (including lightsabers/blasters) will be allowed in the building.”

FEMALE-LED VAN HELSING SERIES IS IN THE WORKS ON SYFY _ Syfy will bring a female-led Van Helsing to the small screen next fall. It focuses on Van Helsing’s daughter Vanessa.

JUSTIN BIEBER OFF PROBATION IN EGGING CASE _ Justin Bieber is off formal probation in his infamous egging case. The singer received high praise from his probation officer after completing 12 hours of anger management counseling and 40 hours of community service. He also paid $90,000 in restitution. Justin’s lawyer appeared in court on his behalf on Monday morning to address his progress. The judge showed satisfaction on a positive report from the singer’s probation officer and agreed to let him off formal probation. In the probation officer report, Donny Gomez, who runs Volunteers of America where Justin put in the time, praised the singer’s attitude. Donny said Justin was “great worker” who “had no problem getting his hands dirty and moving heavy objects.” Justin picked up garbage and painted walls.

DENTAL TECH WHO ACCUSED CHARLIE SHEEN DROPS LAWSUIT _ The dental technician who accused Charlie Sheen of assaulting her in 2014 has dropped her lawsuit. Margarita Palestino filed a request for dismissal on October 21. The dismissal was filed with prejudice, meaning that it was dismissed permanently. Palestino originally filed the suit against Sheen in October 2014 for assault, sexual battery and intentional affliction of emotional distress after alleging that the actor got violent during a visit to the dentist’s office that September. According to the suit, Sheen was seeking treatment for an abscess and allegedly ripped off the nitrous oxide mask Palestino had placed on him and shouted, “I’m going to [blanking] kill you!” Palestino claimed Sheen grabbed her “left breast area” and bra strap and “forcefully pulled it down in an attempt to open or remove her bra.” She also claimed that Sheen threatened one of the dentists in the room with a knife, and that she was told Sheen was “high on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol” during his visit.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 COMING IN 2018 _ Hotel Transylvania 3 is on the way. The third film in the animated franchise will arrive on the big screen September 22, 2018.

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO REMAKE GETTING CLOSER TO NEW PILOT _ The Greatest American Hero remake is getting closer to happening. The 1980s revival is “the story of what happens when great power is not met with great responsibility. An ordinary man, completely content with being average, wakes up with a superpower suit he never asked for and has to deal with the complications it brings his life.” The original series ran for three years on ABC.


Inside Out


She’s Funny That Way

Before We Go

That ’70s Show – The Complete Series

Toy Story that Time Forgot

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Series Remastered




I just heard there’s dating website called Coffee Meets Bagel, which is “designed for busy singles who want to find something real with little or no effort.” So I googled and found some other interestingly named dating sites. There are sites for farmers and cat lovers and the like. And there are these.

• The League – Their slogan is “Date Intelligently.”

• Salad Match – Yep, for those into salads.

• BikerKiss – Motorcycle lovers.

• TallFriends – Probably frequented by NBA stars.

• 420 Singles – Dude!

• Marry Me Already – No dating. These people are ready to marry NOW.


FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What’s the last really dumb thing you purchased? Really, really dumb.


FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: To pay my electric bill I have to log in to the electric company website with a password. If someone else wants to pay it, LET THEM! What’s the dumbest password requirement you’ve come across?


Spam we’d like to see in our email inbox:

• Hey, you, I’m blond, gorgeous, and I just turned 18! I set up a webcam in my bedroom so people could watch me 24/7! However, the more I thought about it, the more the whole thing seemed kind of creepy and demeaning. So I scrapped that idea.

• Love life letting you down? Can’t SATISFY your woman? Perhaps the two of you should sit down and discuss the issue. By opening the lines of communication, your relationship (and, not incidentally, your love life) will improve tremendously.

• Earn a REAL college degree based on taking classes! Read books, write papers, take tests. It’s hard work, but you’ll end up smarter and more well-rounded. Plus, you’ll never again have so many opportunities to score.



TRIVIA: Your doctor tells you that you suffer from pantophobia. What are you afraid of? (Everything)

TRIVIA: The average guy will have 396 of these in his lifetime. (Friends — male, female, straight, gay.)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• Someone who is paid to watch over children while parents are gone. (Babysitter)

• A type of lizard with a row of spines running down its back. (Iguana)

• An appetizer made of chips, cheese, jalapenos, meat and sour cream. (Nachos)

• The space between to objects, including a person’s two front teeth. (Gap)

• A serious, formal promise regarding future actions. (Oath)



A young boy had just gotten his driving permit. He asked his father, who was a Minister, if they could discuss his use of the family car. His father took him into his study and said, “I’ll make a deal with you. You bring your grades up, study the Bible a little, get your hair cut and then we’ll talk about it.” After about a month, the boy came back and again asked his father if they could discuss his use of the car. They again went into the father’s study where the father said, “Son, I’ve been very proud of you. You have brought your grades up, you’ve studied the Bible diligently, but you didn’t get your hair cut.” The young man waited a moment and then replied, “You know, Dad, I’ve been thinking about that. You know Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Noah had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair.” The Minister said, “Yes, and everywhere they went, they walked.”



Dog falls asleep standing up.



Bad ad placement

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• If you need to find someone in a crowd, use your smartphone as a beacon.

• I had a speech coach analyze my voice and found out I’m making four mistakes.

• Rules for email.

• The First Baskets of 50 All-Time NBA Greats.

Toaster radio.

• In this short video, augmented reality startup company Magic Leap used their cool technology to make 3D magic happen in a school gym.

• The first person to run a marathon without talking about it.

• Another reason to nap at your desk?

• Six things everybody should do to secure their Facebook account.

Use this to self-destruct a tab you only want to be in for a short time, like Facebook.

• Real-time facial expression reenactment. Track the facial expressions from one person and put them on the face of a second person in real-time.

• Write in a more polite, friendly tone.



This is day 308 of 2015. There are 57 days remaining.


• Doris Roberts is 85

• Loretta Swit (M.A.S.H.) is 78

• Delbert McClinton is 75

• Former First Lady Laura Bush is 69

• Markie Post is 65

• Kathy Griffin is 55

• Ralph Macchio is 54

• Survivor host Jeff Probst is 54

• Matthew McConaughey is 46

• Diddy (Sean Combs) is 46

• Bethenny Frankel is 45

• Heather Tom (Bold and the Beautiful, One Life to Live) is 40


• 1842: Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd in Springfield, Illinois.

• 1880: The first cash register was patented by James and John Ritty of Dayton, Ohio.

• 1924: Nellie T. Ross of Wyoming was elected the nation’s first woman governor.

• 1939: Air conditioners in cars were introduced in Chicago by Packard Motor Company.

• 1961: Singer Bob Dylan earned $20 for his first concert at Carnegie Hall. Only 50 showed up. Tickets were $2.

• 1976: The first major league baseball free-agent draft occurred. Reggie Jackson signed a 5-year, $2.9-million deal with the Yankees.

• 1979: The Iran hostage crisis began when Iranian people, mostly students, invade the United States embassy in Tehran and took 90 hostages, including 53 Americans.

• 1980: Ronald Reagan won the White House, defeating President Jimmy Carter by a wide margin.

• 2002: A Yugoslav Army paratrooper survived a drop from 3,300 feet after both his parachutes malfunctioned. Forty-year-old Dragan Curcic escaped with minor cuts and bruises when he fell through the roof of an army building.

• 2007: Embarrassed county legislative candidate Domenic Volpe in White Plains, New York, had to call and apologize to 150 people who complained about an automated telephone call that awakened them at 2am. He was lucky; some 3,000 calls where placed at 2am instead 2pm by mistake. Volpe was also awakened by the call. He did not win the election.

• 2008: Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States.

• 2010: The oldest type of stone axe in the world was dated at 35,500 years old. It was found in Australia’s Northern Territory.


• National Candy Day. Wait, didn’t we celebrate this on October 31?

• Use Your Common Sense Day

• Stress Awareness Day


• November 26: Thanksgiving

• November 27: Black Friday

• November 28: Small Business Saturday

More holidays – Updated with 2016 holidays.