PRO January 6, 2016

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This is day 6 of 2016. There are 360 days remaining.


• Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz is 79

• Guitarist Malcolm Young of AC/DC is 63

• Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) is 61

• TV chef Nigella Lawson is 56

• Sportscaster Howie Long is 56

• Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) is 47

• The Talk co-host Julie Chen is 46

• Volleyball player Gabrielle Reece is 46

• Eddie Redmayne (Oscar for The Theory of Everything) is 34

• Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live) is 32


• 1412: According to tradition, Joan of Arc was born in Domremy, France.

• 1838: Samuel Morse first publicly demonstrated his telegraph, in Morristown, New Jersey.

• 1942: A Pan American Airways plan arrived in New York to complete the first around-the-world trip by a commercial aircraft.

• 1975: Wheel of Fortune premiered. Created by Merv Griffin, it is the longest-running syndicated game show in television history.

• 1994: Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the right leg by an assailant in Detroit. Four men, including the ex-husband of Kerrigan’s rival, Tonya Harding, were later sentenced to prison.

• 2001: With the vanquished Vice President Al Gore presiding, Congress certified Republican George W. Bush the winner of the close and bitterly contested 2000 presidential election.

• 2003: Deciding they weren’t getting any younger, two eighty-somethings who had been sweethearts six decades ago tied the knot — in the Hamilton, Ohio, Walmart where she worked. 82-year-old Betty Howard, a greeter at the store, and 84-year-old Estel Barrett married during a ceremony thrown for them by Howard’s co-workers. Friends in childhood, Howard and Barrett kept in touch over the years. Both were married for more than 50 years before the deaths of their spouses three years before.

• 2007: A man had to be taken to the hospital after police called to his house found his hand had been nailed to a coffee table. Officers in Swansea in Wales said that while there were others in the home at the time, no formal complaint was filed so police didn’t investigating.

• 2013: The NHL reached an agreement to end a 113 day lockout.


• Bean Day

• Cuddle Up Day


• January 6-9: Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

• January 10: Golden Globe Awards

• January 11: College Football National Championship (University of Phoenix Stadium, ESPN)

• January 12: State of the Union Address

• January 18: Martin Luther King Day

• January 18: Blue Monday. Always the third Monday of January, Blue Monday is said to be the saddest day of the year — we’re back into the work grind, the Christmas bills have come, college students have to return to reality.

• February 7: Super Bowl 50

• February 14: Valentine’s Day

More holidays



6: Percentage of Americans who say they have “no interest” in streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or SeeSo.



The Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas. [Also known to bloggers and media people as the world’s best excuse to go to Vegas without the wife.]

There’s a cologne that can make you smell like Russia’s leader, Putin. [It doesn’t overtake the room — it overthrows it.]

Researchers say the average kid eats the equivalent of 5,500 sugar cubes a year. [My 8-year-old self would call that a rookie year.]

Twitter is thinking about letting people send long 10,000-character messages. [Oh, no! Please wait until the presidential campaign is over.]

Michael Weatherly, who plays Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS, is leaving the series at the end of this season. [I hope his character walks away rather than gets killed by doing something crazy like jumping off a huge solid gold moving gravy train.]

Kodak is bringing back the old Super 8 video camera. [Each purchase comes with a coupon for a free pair of bell bottoms.]

There’s a surge in the sales of personal submarines. [A great gift idea for that special little drug dealer in your life.]

Rare surviving copies of the first edition of the collection of Shakespeare’s plays will tour all 50 states this year. The collection is from 1623. [But even rarer and also on tour is the audio book version read by Shakespeare himself.]

A California drug task force agent was arrested on vacation transporting $2 million of pot. [When I go on vacation I leave work at work.]

Lumosity has been ordered to pay a $2 million fine for deceiving customers into believing that by playing the company’s computer games they could improve their memories and fight cognitive decline. [Maybe the games do work. Maybe people played the games and got smart enough to realize that they should sue.]



AMERICANS BOUGHT A RECORD 17.47 MILLION CARS IN 2015 _ We bought a lot of cars last year. A LOT. Millions and millions. We bought 17,470,659 cars and trucks in 2015, beating out our previous record in the year 2000. At the heart of the boom was leasing, which is at a record 29% of new car sales.

CES: BMW DITCHES MIRRORS FOR A SIDE-VIEW CAMERA SYSTEM _ BMW is showing off a mirrorless rear-view system at the Consumer Electronics Show. The system takes imagery from four cameras around the car, showing it as a single video image on a display where the rear-view mirror would be. The driver sees a clear and wide panoramic view of traffic to the rear and sides.

CES: SAMSUNG IS COOKING WITH WI-FI AND FAKE FIRE _ At the Consumer Electronics Show Samsung unveiled its new line of Wi-Fi-enabled ranges, including an electric one that features, according to Samsung, the World’s First “Virtual Flame”. The “flame,” which is for the new electric stove-tops only, is actually blue LEDs that reflect off the base of your pots and pans. The hotter the real heating element, the bigger and brighter the LED lights.

… Samsung is also adding new Wi-Fi capabilities to its range lines to let you monitor, preheat, and adjust the oven temperature. You can also check if the stove is on from your smartphone. The preheat feature is, owing to regulations, limited to the line of ranges with electric ovens. No one wants you turning on the gas from a thousand miles away.

CES: FRIDGE CAM _ A device unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show lets you check on the food in your refrigerator when you’re not home. Fridge Cam mounts to the inside of your fridge using a suction mount. Using an app, you can take a quick snapshot of what’s inside you fridge and see what you might need to stock up on.

… The company also unveiled smart mats, tiny platforms that sit underneath your beverages in the fridge and notify you (via app) if a particular beverage container is empty or full.

FREAKIEST SUICIDE STORY OF THE YEAR (SO FAR) _ Here’s weird story out of Austria that will probably become a “ripped from the headlines” plot Law & Order: SVU. A man strangled and dismembered his wife, entombed her head in concrete and then used the concrete block as a weight to drown himself in a lake. The couple were a 72-year old man and his 71-year old wife from Germany. The head was found in a block of concrete in a bag attached to the man’s hand. The other hand also was weighed down.

ZOMBIE NATIVITY MAN CHALLENGES OHIO ZONING VIOLATION CASE _ In an Ohio court Tuesday Jasen Dixon pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of violating zoning rules in the Cincinnati suburb of Sycamore Township. Dixon’s been at odds with township officials the past two Decembers about his front yard “zombie Nativity” display. It features ghoulish figures including a sharp-toothed creature in the manger where baby Jesus would be. Officials say they aren’t anti-zombie, but are enforcing rules about an improper “accessory use” structure in a front yard. Dixon says his zombie Nativity will be bigger and better in December.

IRISH WOMAN RUNS A RECORD 106 MARATHONS IN ONE YEAR _ At the end of 2015, Irish woman Brenda O’Keeffe finished her final race in Braintree, England to make it an incredible 106 marathons completed for the year. This total is a new Irish and possibly European Women’s record. Brenda, who is a professional chef, only started running five years ago in 2010 when she was 32. She has been a regular on the marathon circuit in Ireland ever since. In 2015, her 106 marathon total added up to an amazing 5,356 miles. Her busiest month was last August when she ran 20 marathons.

WHY YOU SHOULD SPEND YOUR MONEY ON EXPERIENCES, NOT THINGS _ Maybe you’ve heard this before: spend your money on experiences, not things. Since a new year’s just started it’s a good time to revisit this idea … and explain why. There’s a very logical assumption that most people make when spending their money: that because a physical object will last longer, it will make us happier for a longer time than a one-time experience like a concert or vacation.

… But a professor at Cornell University (Dr. Thomas Gilovich) says an enemy of happiness is adaptation: “We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.”

… So rather than buying the latest iPhone or a new BMW, the professor suggests you’ll get more happiness spending money on experiences like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill, or traveling.

… One study even showed that if people have an experience they say negatively impacted their happiness, once they have the chance to talk about it, their assessment of that experience goes up.

… Another reason is that shared experiences connect us more to other people than shared consumption. You’re much more likely to feel connected to someone you took a vacation with than someone who also happens to have bought a 4K TV.

LUMOSITY MUST PAY $2 MILLION BECAUSE ‘BRAIN TRAINING’ IS NOT REAL _ You’ve seen the claims: Play some mental games to improve your memory and cognitive sharpness. Lumosity is one of these “brain training” programs, and yet, according to the Federal Trade Commission, many of those claims aren’t backed up by science. On Tuesday, Lumos Labs — the company behind Lumosity — agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for $2 million for misleading consumers on claims that playing these mental games would help with cognitive performance and prevent mental decline as we age.

SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS REDUCE HEALTH RISK IN EACH STAGE OF LIFE _ A new study (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) says the more social ties people have at an early age, the better their health is at the beginnings and ends of their lives. The study is the first to definitively link social relationships with concrete measures of physical well-being.

… The study builds on previous research that shows that aging adults live longer if they have more social connections.

GOODBYE VASECTOMY, HELLO SPERM SWITCH _ (CAUTION) A German inventor (Clemens Bimek) has created a “sperm switch” which will allow men to turn off and on their fertility by simply flicking a switch inside of the scrotum. The “switch” — about the size of a gummy bear — diverts the flow of sperm back to the man’s testicles when switched on. If the user decided they would like to become fertile again, the man can simply switch the device off.

TWO-LEGGED DOG IN PERU BECOMES TOWN CELEBRITY _ Born without her front legs and abandoned on the street by her original owners, Estrella, a one-and-a-half-year-old mutt, has not let her disability hold her back. Adopted by a couple running an animal shelter in the small Peruvian town of Tinga Maria, Estrella has gained celebrity status by hopping around — just like a kangaroo. Ivan Escobar and his wife Elva Carhuaz say they found Estrella when she was six months old.

DASHCAM FOOTAGE SHOWS SPEEDING CAR ROLL OFF SIDE OF MOUNTAIN _ One year ago this week (January 4, 2015) a YouTuber who goes by TurboFoz was driving his 2004 Subaru Forester XT on the Angeles Crest Highway in California. The drive up the hill was relaxing, but things took a turn for the worse when the driver became reckless inside a tunnel. Enjoying the sound of his car’s exhaust in the tunnel, TurboFoz accelerated his vehicle, unaware that there was a curve in the road up ahead. Despite a bystander attempting to tell the driver to slow down, he exited the tunnel going far too fast. The driver applied his brakes once he realized that he was going too fast, but he lost traction and the vehicle began sliding to the left. The driver compensated by turning right, but it was too late. TurboFoz says, “It was at this moment I knew I had [messed] up.” His vehicle hit a berm and went right over the edge, flipping once. Fortunately, there was a large boulder that prevented his car from toppling down the mountain. TurboFoz says he’s sharing the video “in an attempt to help others learn from my mistakes … be safe, pay attention and know the road before you try to have ‘fun’ on it. I failed on all three of those accounts and it nearly cost me my life.” | VIDEO

DON’T SWERVE — HIT THE DEER _ White-tailed deer are the deadliest animals in North America. Every year an estimated 1.25 million deer-vehicle crashes result in about 150 human fatalities, more than 10,000 injuries, and insurance payouts approaching $4 billion. We now have about 30 million deer in the United States — 100 times more than a century ago. A writer for hung out with a Wisconsin state trooper for a day and came away with this advice: If there’s a deer in the road, hit it. The trooper explained: “Cars can be fixed or replaced. As long as no one’s tailgating you, hit the brakes. But if you can’t do that, then hit the deer.”

… Another trooper tip: “Adjust your headrest so it’s at the right height to prevent whiplash. You’d be surprised how many people just leave them shoved all the way down. Maintain your lights, brakes, and tires so you can see, be seen, and stop. Wear your seat belt, don’t tailgate, and slow down.”

… “And when you’re driving, drive. At deer crashes, and at a lot of other crashes, too, the number one excuse I hear is ‘I wasn’t paying attention.’”



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE GET COMPLAINT FOR FORREST GUMP QUOTE _ A Rhode Island police department is reviewing its policy on using Facebook after a complaint about a quote from the movie Forrest Gump that was included in announcing an arrest. Warwick police arrested an 18-year-old and a juvenile on the department’s parking lot on misdemeanor charges that the two were taking hubcaps off a marked police car and trying to steal equipment. Police posted a mugshot of the older teen on the department’s Facebook page with the quote, “Stupid is as stupid does.” The suspect’s brother said police shouldn’t have called his brother stupid.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: KIDS STOP TWO TRAINS WITH PEBBLES _ Two high-speed trains were delayed in Central China by lines of pebbles placed on the tracks by four school kids. Conductors hit the brakes after a train rolled over the rocks and a whizzing shard cracked one of its windows. The train, which tops out at 155 miles per hour, was delayed for 18 minutes. Police found the four students, aged 7 to 9, hiding near the tracks. They said they were curious to see how the train would crush the rocks.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN IN A WHEELCHAIR ROBS BANK _ A man in a wheelchair robbed a New York City (Sunnyside) bank Monday after passing a note to a teller that he had a gun and a bomb. The suspect rolled into the bank and slipped the note to a teller demanding cash. The teller handed over $500 with a dye pack with the cash. The suspect left the bank and remains at large.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TEEN BANK ROBBER TRAPPED BETWEEN ELECTRONIC DOORS _ A teller at a Detroit bank activated electronic locks Monday, trapping a 15-year-old bank robber between a set of doors on his way out. He was arrested when officers arrived.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN NAMES DAUGHTER AFTER HIS FAVORITE SOCCER TEAM _ Clare Smith thought her daughter’s name, “Lanesra,” was pretty and unique — nothing more. The Australian mom was impressed that her husband suggested the name. But Smith skyrocketed her family to fame when soccer fans across the world discovered how her daughter came to be named. Smith says, “We chose our daughter’s name, Lanesra, because it was unique and romantic. It wasn’t till she was two that my husband told me it was actually his favorite soccer team, Arsenal, spelled backwards!” Arsenal is a popular soccer team in London.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CHINESE MAN ARRIVES IN ISRAEL BY BOAT WITHOUT MEANING TO _ Fishermen in Israel were stunned to learn that a Chinese man they found lying unconscious by a boat at the harbor had set sail from Greece. The man told the police he set sail from Greece and apparently was blown off course by strong winds and carried to Israel.



SEASON PREMIERE: AMERICAN IDOL (8p ET, FOX) — American Idol’s 15th and final season kicks off tonight with auditions in Denver and Atlanta. Ryan Seacrest hosts and Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. return as judges.

2 BROKE GIRLS (8p ET, CBS) — 2 Broke Girls moves to a new day and time with this new episode.


THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — Daniela Bobadilla (Anger Management) guest stars in this new episode.

ARROW (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

SEASON PREMIERE: MIKE & MOLLY (8:30p ET, CBS) — Mike and Molly kicks off its 6th (and rumored to be final) season.


PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2016 (9p ET, CBS) — Jane Lynch hosts this awards show that’s entirely voted on by fans. Scheduled performers include Shawn Mendes and Jason Derulo.

MODERN FAMILY (9p ET, ABC) — Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) and Christine Lakin (Veronica Mars) guest star in this new episode.

LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — Michael Gaston (Blindspot, Bridge of Spies) and Robert Sean Leonard (House, M.D.) guest star in this new episode.


BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — Tyra Banks guest stars in this new episode.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — This new episode concludes the 3 show, 2 night crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

SEASON PREMIERE: AMERICAN CRIME (10p ET, ABC) — Back for a second season, this anthology returns with the same cast, but a different story line and set in the U.S. Midwest, at a public and private high school. Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Lili Taylor, and Regina King star.



DOWNTON ABBEY CREATOR TO RELEASE NOVEL A CHAPTER AT A TIME _ The Guardian reports that Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, plans to release his new novel, a historical drama set in London during the 1840s, in installments. Each of the 11 chapters will be delivered on a weekly basis and will come with multimedia extras including music, character portraits, family trees and an audio book version.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE TO MAKE MUSIC FOR THE ‘TROLLS’ MOVIE _ After successfully bringing sexy back, Justin Timberlake is going gnome. Timberlake was already signed to play Branch, a survivalist troll in the upcoming film Trolls. Now he’ll also be writing and perform music for the movie’s soundtrack. The film will come to theaters in November.

HBO’S GIRLS WILL END AFTER SIXTH SEASON _ It looks like Lena Dunham’s wish to end Girls is coming true. A few reports are surfacing that HBO is ending the comedy series after the sixth season although the network has not announced the season’s renewal. Girls will debut the fifth season on Sunday, February 21.

NETFLIX ORDERS PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER GYPSY _ Netflix has added a physiological thriller to its original programming lineup, ordering a 10-episode season of one-hour series Gypsy. Coming next year, the show will follow Jean Holloway, a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationship with the people in her patients’ lives.

… Netflix has a busy 2016 as far as originals go, with sequel series Fuller House, Marvel’s Luke Cage, David Fincher’s Mindhunter and Judd Apatow comedy Love, in addition to many more, all debuting this year.

AMY SCHUMER’S NEW FURNITURE DESIGNER BOYFRIEND _ Amy Schumer has a new man. His name is Ben Hanisch, a 29-year-old furniture designer based out of Chicago. A source tells People: “She calls him her boyfriend and says he constantly tells her how pretty, sexy and perfect she is. She feels like she hit the jackpot.”

SNL SIGNS UP RONDA ROUSEY AS HOST _ UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Selena Gomez on January 23.

… Star Wars villain Adam Driver will host with musical guest Chris Stapleton the week before on January 16.

MICHAEL WEATHERLY IS LEAVING NCIS AFTER 13 SEASONS _ Michael Weatherly has announced that he is leaving his longtime hit series NCIS after 13 seasons as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. Weatherly tweeted: “DiNozzo is a wonderful, quixotic character and I couldn’t have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons. Les Moonves and CBS gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I will miss the amazing crew and cast, who are like family to me, and to the fans all over the world — THANK YOU, it’s been a fantastic ride!”

TOP TV SHOWS _ Delayed due to holiday weekend.

SEESO LAUNCHES TOMORROW _ SeeSo, NBC’s comedy streaming service, launches tomorrow (January 7). For $4 a month SeeSo serves up episodes of series like Saturday Night Live, Parks & Recreation and more alongside new original series. Classics like Monty Python are also available.

AN HONEST TRAILER FOR THE MARTIAN _ Screen Junkies has chosen Matt Damon’s The Martian for their latest Honest Trailer.




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• TOPICAL: Making a Murderer opening theme.

• FUNNY: Toddler tries bacon for the first time.

• DROPS: Loads of Friday-related movie-TV drops.

• TOPICAL: John Oliver with new year resolution suggestions.

• TOPICAL: President Obama on Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee (3 cuts)

• PHONER: Things guys should never do together. Launch: You saw The Force Awakens with your wife/kids the first time. You called a friend to see it again and he said two grown men going to a movie together is weird.

• DROP: We are in a situation where we need a miracle. Would be good for a game/contest where a contestant isn’t doing so well.

• DROP: I just love you guys. Love you. Love you. Love you.

• DROP: I do not know that he has any boundaries.




FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What’s the last piece of exercise equipment you bought and are you still using it?


FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you a long time ago?


People are putting CDs in their glasses because that’s a thing now. Some call it CD Glasses Flicking. Here’s what it looks like.


In the shower you’re alone with no distractions. It’s just you and your thoughts. On a Reddit board called Shower Thoughts people share what things they thought of while shower.

• I never realized I farted so much till I started dating.

• Someone, somewhere, has reached university and been assigned the dorm room they were conceived in.

• When I was younger, my mom hated when I sat on my butt all day long. Now she’s proud that I’m doing it in a cubicle.

• If I die and my life flashes before my eyes a good portion of it will be me looking for my phone and letting my dog in and out.

• People who cook at home try to make their food taste like a professional made it, while restaurant chefs try to make their food taste homemade.

• The object of bowling is to play the least amount of bowling.

• If Mars gets a space colony, they’ll be able to set so many world records.



TRIVIA: In a survey adults were asked, “What do you want to spend less time doing this year?” The No. 2 response was watching TV. What was No. 1? (Using the Internet/social media)

TRIVIA: To what family of animals do the Chinstrap, Macaroni, and Gentoo belong? (Penguin. All three are Antarctic penguins.)


This is a real news headline, but a word is missing. Be the first to tell me the missing word…

“Florida Man Busted for Testing His (blank) in an Apartment”

It got loud at Whisper Lake Apartments in Winter Park, Florida. Someone was shooting a gun. But it wasn’t fired in anger at a roommate, or fired accidentally while cleaning the gun. Deputies say someone was trying out a handgun by firing into a wall at the apartment.



Somewhat skeptical of his newfound determination to work out, a wife went with her husband to a sporting goods store to admire a set of weights. “I’d like to get fit and I know this is the way.” The wife says, “I don’t know. It’s really a commitment. They’re not cheap either.” The husband says, “Trust me, I’m ready — I’ll use them every day. I just want you to be okay with me buying them.” Finally won over, the wife agreed and, after paying, the two headed for the door. As they reached the exit she stops and says to her husband, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” The husband replies, “What! You mean I have to carry them to the car?”






Now accepting all forms of payment.




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This is day 7 of 2016. There are 359 days remaining.


• Kenny Loggins is 68

• David Caruso is 60

• Katie Couric is 59

• Nicolas Cage is 52

• Jeremy Renner is 45

• Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell) is 39

• Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) is 34


• 1782: The first American commercial bank, Bank of North America, opened.

• 1785: Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American John Jeffries traveled from Dover, England, to Calais, France, in a gas balloon.

• 1789: In the first U.S. presidential election, Americans voted for electors who, a month later, chose George Washington to be the nation’s first president.

• 1882: The cowboy helmet was patented. It was a steel hat with attached face mask to protect bronc riders, cow branders, and blacksmiths.

• 1887: Thomas Stevens arrived in San Francisco, ending the first around-the-world trek on a bicycle. He left the city by the bay in the spring of 1884, riding a Columbia standard bicycle — one of those with a huge front wheel and a tiny back wheel and no brakes. Stevens pedaled 13,500 miles as he crossed the world’s mountains, deserts, and jungles.

• 1904: The distress signal “CQD” is established, only to be replaced two years later by “SOS.”

• 1927: The Harlem Globetrotters played their first game.

• 1992: AT&T released a video telephone. The price: $1,499.

• 1998: Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky signed an affidavit denying she had an affair with President Bill Clinton.

• 1999: The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton began.

• 2002: A 40-year-old Romanian woman stopped hiccuping for the first time in 14 years following surgery in Bucharest. Doctors said the hiccups were caused by a lymphatic cyst which grew after an earlier operation.

• 2006: A retired Arkansas nurse saved her brother’s chicken, Boo Boo, by administering mouth-to-beak resuscitation after the fowl was found floating face down in the family’s pond.

• 2012: A hot air balloon crashed in Carterton, New Zealand, killing 11.


• I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

• International Programmers’ Day

• Bobblehead Day


• January 10: Golden Globe Awards

• January 11: College Football National Championship (University of Phoenix Stadium, ESPN)

• January 12: State of the Union Address

• January 18: Martin Luther King Day

• January 18: Blue Monday. Always the third Monday of January, Blue Monday is said to be the saddest day of the year — we’re back into the work grind, the Christmas bills have come, college students have to return to reality.

• February 7: Super Bowl 50

• February 14: Valentine’s Day

More holidays