Pocket app is a top tool for radio show prep

Pocket is my go-to “read it later” app. When I find an article or blog post I don’t have time to read “right now” I send it to Pocket.

Saving items to Pocket is simple, both on your smartphone and in web browser. For your phone search for the Pocket app in the iOS App Store or on Google Play. For your computer you’ll want to add the Pocket browser extention. Once Pocket is added to your phone and browser you can begin creating a curated list of read-to-read content.

pocket app

Pocket as a radio show prep tool

For radio pros, Pocket a fantastic prep tool. As you find show-worthy articles and blog posts you can collect them in Pocket and then, on your studio computer, open your Pocket collection in a browser tab.

Pocket is especially useful when you use tagging. As you save an item to Pocket you can assign it any tag you like, such as #offbeat, #celebrity, #trivia, and #sports. With the Pocket website open on your studio computer you can view saved items as one list, or by tag.

Pocket is worth the upgrade

While Pocket is free to use, the $5 Pro version removes ads while adding search, tag suggestions, and text highlighting.

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