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• Model Britt Ekland is 79

• Elisabeth Shue is 58

• Amy Jo Johnson (Felicity, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) is 51

• Emily Mortimer (Mary Poppins Returns) is 50

• Jeremy Sisto (Law and Order, Six Feet Under) is 47

• Brett Gelman (Stranger Things) is 45


• 1927: The era of talking pictures began with the opening of “The Jazz Singer,” a movie starring Al Jolson that featured both silent and talking scenes.

• 1945: Chicago tavern owner Billy “Goat” Sianis bought a seat for his pet goat at Game Four of the World Series — they were kicked out of the stadium. Sianis put “the Goat Curse” on the Cubs.

• 1991: Elizabeth Taylor married her seventh husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky. It was her eighth marriage.

• 1993: Burglar Craig Dodsworth couldn’t open the cash register at a drugstore in Barnsley, England, so he took the register home with him. Investigating police quickly realized the register tape had unraveled, and followed the paper to Dodsworth’s apartment about 75 yards away.

• 1996: The London tabloid The People reported “reliable” information that Elvis had faked his death in 1977 and run off with a secret lover named Maria. The tabloid said Elvis had paid a dying man to have plastic surgery to become his double, to die at Graceland, and be buried in Elvis’s place.

• 2006: Joel Blanton of Tennessee was arrested after his getaway didn’t go as planned. Officials said he tried to escape through a trap door in his house trailer. Perhaps Joel should’ve done a test run before using the door in a real escape. He was too big for the trap door and got stuck underneath the house.

• 2012: Pope Benedict 16th’s butler was found guilty of leaking confidential documents and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

• 2014: Michael Phelps was suspended for six months from sponsor organization USA Swimming due to drunk driving charge.

• 2017: The Vegas Golden Knights made their NHL debut in Dallas, winning 2-1 over the Stars.


• American Libraries Day

• Coffee With A Cop Day

• International Walk To School Day

• German-American Day

• Noodle Day

• Plus Size Appreciation Day

• Pumpkin Seed Day

• World Financial Planning Day

• Kale Day

• Physician Assistant Day


11.7: Different homes/apartments you’ll live in over the course of your life.


A survey finds driving in the snow is what stresses us most when behind the wheel. [It’s nerve-wracking trying to avoid the mailbox while swerving onto the lawn to take out a snowman.]

Facebook says a ‘configuration change’ caused major service outage. [I bet the guy who did it got let go — or as they call it in the tech industry, he was handed a configuration change.]

As we approach the holidays a survey found that over half of Americans admit to “re-gifting” — passing on gifts you’ve received to someone else. [That’s why I always give ice sculptures.]

A man Romania wanted a divorce because his wife used so much garlic in her cooking it made him allergic to it. [It was a tough case. Every time either one of them got on the stand and opened their mouth to testify, the jury passed out.]

According to the latest figures, there are now more than half a million people aged 100 or older around the world. [Most of them say they don’t know the secret to reaching 100, but if you want to reach 101, they all recommend you avoid trying to blow out 100 birthday candles.]

A 6-year-old Michigan kid found a mastodon tooth. [With only two month into the new school year, he’s already been named his school’s 2021-2022 Show & Tell Winner.]

Research finds autumn is the time of year we’re most likely to fall off our diet. [It doesn’t help that everything is pumpkin spiced. When they added it to celery a few years ago I gave up on losing weight.]

Researchers say an apple a day really does keep the doctor away, thanks to strong antioxidants that fight cell damage. [Another way to stay healthy: knock-knock jokes. Do them enough and soon no one will want to b around you, which means you’ll catch fewer colds.]


AUTUMN IS THE MOST LIKELY TIME TO FALL OFF A DIET _ If you’re on a diet, watch out: Autumn is the most likely time to fall off your diet. Researchers (Georgia State University) found you are most likely to pack on the pounds in the fall. People eat 11 percent more food in autumn than in winter, 14 percent more than in the spring, and 12 percent more than in the summer.

🔈 BOY FINDS 12,000-YEAR-OLD MASTODON TOOTH WHILE HIKING IN MICHIGAN _ A 6-year-old Michigan boy was hiking with his family when he picked up what he thought was a rock. Upon further examination of the rock, the boy’s imagination started running wild, and he told his parents he found a “dragon tooth.” It turns out he wasn’t that far off with his assessment because what the boy found was actually a roughly 12,000-year-old mastodon tooth. It was a fitting find considering he was visiting the somewhat aptly named Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester, Michigan, when he made the rare discovery. Despite the name of the preserve, the area is actually not known for prehistoric artifacts. The park was initially just a pile of dirt from excavated basements in a nearby suburb, but it became a common play area for local kids who imaginatively dubbed the pile of dirt “dinosaur hill” due to its resemblance to a sleeping dinosaur.

… Julian’s dad encourage him to throw the rock back in the creek, but his mom convinced him to take it home as a souvenir. Once back at the house, his family recognized that what they thought was just a rock really did look more like a tooth. An internet search confirmed that it was actually a mastodon tooth.

… Julian’s family followed up with the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology, and the research team there confirmed that the rare discovery was indeed a mastodon tooth.

THE MOST STRESSFUL THINGS ABOUT DRIVING _ According to a survey, these are the things that stress us most while driving.
1. Driving in the snow
2. Driving in an unknown area
3. Driving in the rain
4. Tailgaters
5. Hitting a pothole

FACEBOOK SAYS ‘CONFIGURATION CHANGE’ CAUSED MAJOR SERVICE OUTAGE _ Facebook says a major outage that darkened its service — as well as its Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger services for several hours on Monday — was the result of a “configuration” change by someone at the company. Facebook and its other platforms went offline for about six hours Monday before the company was able to restore them. The outage affected more than 3 billion users. The company said in its update that a configuration change on backbone routers led to the blackout.

BRIAN LAUNDRIE LOOKALIKE GOES VIRAL _ A man who goes by the TikTok username @notbrianlaundrie has gone viral over the last week after responding to a claim that someone made about a Brian Laundrie sighting. The man bears a striking resemblance to the missing Florida fugitive but is not the same guy, and he has posted many videos to prove it. Bald, bearded white men everywhere are getting funny looks and accusations from strangers of being Laundrie — who went missing following his girlfriend Gabby Petito’s homicide and has a federal warrant out for his arrest.

… Not Brian Laundrie is one of these men. After being spotted at a crowded bar by a random person and an accusation from a drunk stranger, he decided to take to TikTok to “put all of these rumors to bed.” Not Brian Laundrie seems to be taking to his newfound fame kindly — making jokes about his unfortunate circumstances and trolling the people who still don’t believe that he’s not the real deal. One of his TikTok’s was a reply to a comment that read, “While hiking on the Appalachian Trail, what are your comfort items?” Not Brian Laundrie’s reply was, “Beanie Babies. Never go hiking without them, they are instrumental.”

… In a more recent video, he made a post about all the people who said he should wear a shirt that said: “Not Brian Laundrie.” NBL wrote: “How would you guys feel about me opening a store selling these shirts and then giving all profits to the Gabby Petito Foundation? I feel like something good should come out of this nightmare.” The Gabby Petito Foundation was announced by her family during her memorial service and would aim to help bring missing children home.

BRIAN LAUNDRIE’S NEIGHBORS CHARGING MEDIA TO SET UP SHOP _ Brian Laundrie’s neighbors are profiting off the media circus outside his home — charging media outlets to set up in their yards after cops barred media from parking on the street. Brian’s neighbors seem super business savvy — catering to the media with tents to shield them from the elements, internet access, chairs, water and of course, bathrooms. Cameras are set up in several yards and driveways on the Laundries’ block and some neighbors are charging as much as $3500 per week.

AMAZON-DESIGNED FRIDGE WILL USE THE SAME TECH AS AMAZON GO STORES _ According to sources, Amazon is working on a smart fridge that will track the food you’re storing and help you quickly order replacements when supplies run low. The fridge would use some of the same technology found in its no-checkout-lane Amazon Go stores. In addition to tracking current inventory, the fridge will monitor users’ purchasing habits over time to make suggestions. Notifications may be sent to users to let them know when inventory is running low, and the fridge might also offer recipe suggestions that use ingredients that are nearing expiration. When you’re ready for more food, the device will make ordering directly from Amazon-owned Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh a piece of cake. And as you might expect, the team working on the product may include Amazon Alexa support.

NASA’s ASTEROID DEFLECTION MISSION TAKES OFF NEXT MONTH _ NASA has a launch date for November for that most Hollywood of missions, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, which is basically a dry run of the movie Armageddon. Unlike the film, this will not involve nukes, oil rigs or Aerosmith, but instead is a practical test of our ability to change the trajectory of an asteroid in a significant and predictable way. The DART mission involves sending a pair of satellites out to a relatively nearby pair of asteroids.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS DISCOVER 1,300-YEAR OLD SKI TRAPPED IN NORWEGIAN ICE _ Archaeologists recently discovered a 1,300-year-old ski trapped in some Norwegian ice — and reunite it with its wooden counterpart — found in 2014 — to complete the oldest known set in history. Not only is the set the best preserved skis in prehistory, they are also the oldest ever to be discovered

IS YOUR DOG THIS GIFTED? _ Is your dog gifted? A study finds some pooches can learn up to 12 new toy names in one week and remember them for at least two months — the same rate as a one-year-old child. Researchers spent two years searching the world for ultra intelligent canines. After an extensive global search, they found just six with memory recall skills.

… Border Collies and German Shepherds were among the most intelligent breeds. Some of the dogs could remember up to 100 object names for up to two months.

ARTIST WHO SQUIRTS PAINT WITH HIS EYES DESTROYS CANVASES TO CREATE NFTs _ An Argentine artist known for his ‘eye painting’ technique has destroyed five of his works to create art that now exists only in the digital world. Using homemade explosive devices, Leandro Granato blew up five of his works that he valued at $70,000 to create non-fungible token (NFT) artworks.

… Years ago, Granato surprised the art world by bringing paint into his body through his nostrils and expelling it through his tear ducts. After having sold many of his pieces abroad and seeing the insecurity of the art market, he decided to explore crypto art. Bought and sold with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, NFTs limit forgery by using blockchain technology.

MEN FART MORE WHEN EATING A PLANT-BASED DIET _ Researchers say plant-based diets cause men to fart more and have larger stools — but that seems to be a good thing, because it means these foods are promoting healthy gut bacteria. Researchers (Liver and Digestive Diseases Networking Biomedical Research Centre in Barcelona, Spain) compared the effects of a Mediterranean-style diet mostly comprised of plants with a Western-style diet containing fewer fruit and vegetables on the guts of 18 healthy men. The men did a similar number of poos per day on the two diets, but each one was about double the size while they were on the plant diet.

… The participants logged how many times they farted per day using a handheld counter and found they farted seven times more per day on average while on the plant diet than when they were on the Western diet. And each fart contained about 50 percent more gas.

CAFE HIRING ONLY UNVACCINATED WORKERS, MAKES VACCINATED CUSTOMERS SIT OUTSIDE _ A cafe owner in Australia is refusing to hire vaccinated workers to staff his business. The owner of the Mad Theartre cafe and art centre​ said he based his decision on “health reasons” and that he did not want to hire staff that may turn into “zombies”. And his view of vaccinations also extends to his customers. If a vaccinated customer came in, they would not be allowed inside the cafe, and would have to sit at an outside table.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS ACTUALLY MAKING EARTH DIMMER _ Climate change may be making day to day life hotter, but a new study reveals it’s also making Earth a darker planet. Researchers with the American Geophysical Union say warming ocean waters are causing a drop in the brightness of the planet. After measuring 20 years of earthshine — the light from the Sun which Earth reflects and illuminates the Moon’s surface — the team discovered a noticeable drop in Earth’s reflectance (or albedo). The drop equates to about half a watt less light per square meter compared to light Earth was reflecting two decades ago. Researchers add most of that decline has come within the last three years. Earth reflects about 30 percent of the sunlight that shines on it. The findings estimate that Earth’s reflectance has dropped by 0.5 percent during this study.

TRUMP TUMBLES OFF FORBES RICH LIST _ Forbes magazine has released its annual list of America’s 400 wealthiest people and, for the first time since 1995, one name is notable only by its absence — Donald Trump. The ex-president has been on every single Forbes 400 since 1996 — usually in the top half — but the magazine reported that Trump’s estimated $2.5 billion fortune is $400 million short of this year’s cutoff to get on the list. Forbes wrote that Trump’s net worth has shrunk by $600 million since the start of the pandemic because his portfolio is mainly made up of big-city properties that have sat relatively empty for the past year and a half.

PLANE FLYING ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ BANNER CRASHES, KILLING THE PASSENGER AND INJURING THE PILOT _ A marriage proposal ended in tragedy after a small plane towing a “will you marry me” banner crashed on an island near Montreal. The passenger in the small aircraft was killed while the pilot survived.

FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES, CDC SAYS USING A WINDOW FAN IS ADVISABLE _ The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for the upcoming holiday season include the idea of using a window fan to keep air at an indoor party as fresh as possible. The CDC appears to be suggesting that circulating air indoors can ward off the airborne coronavirus, or at least reduce its chances of spreading during home gatherings. It’s holiday guidance states: “If celebrating indoors, bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors, if possible. You can use a window fan in one of the open windows to blow air out of the window. This will pull fresh air in through the other open windows.”

DON’T EXPECT FITBITS TO IMPROVE HEALTH, HELP DROP POUNDS _ Wearing a fitness tracker may help you keep tabs on how many steps you take, but the devices themselves — even with the lure of a cash reward — probably won’t improve your health, according to a study yet done on the trendy technology. Researchers (Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore) found that, even when given a cash incentive, fitness tracker users eventually abandoned the device.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: CITY DWELLERS ARE NO LESS FRIENDLY THAN COUNTRY FOLK _ A study finds people living in a city or major urban area are no less friendly or helpful to strangers than those living in the country or more rural areas. Researchers from University College London carried out social experiments in 12 cities and 12 towns across the UK to measure how friendliness among residents. Experiments carried out by the research team looked at whether people would mail a lost letter, return a dropped item, and stop to let someone cross the road. They found city-dwellers were just as helpful as people in smaller towns.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: LAPTOPPING WHILE DRIVING _ Police in the UK say a crackdown on distracted motorists discovered one who had gone way, way beyond texting while driving. Cops say the man was using laptop and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE LEG WHILE URINATING _ A man shot himself in the leg while urinating in Times Square.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: EXPLOSIVE SOUVENIR IN BACKPACK PROMPTS GERMAN AIRPORT ALERT _ A 28-year-old man in Germany faces a hefty bill after trying to catch a flight at Munich airport Thursday with a live mortar shell in his backpack. The explosive device was discovered during a security check, prompting an immediate lockdown of parts of the airport. The man told police that he had found the shell during a hiking trip in Switzerland and forgotten it was in his bag. Specialists were able to safely remove the live ammunition and destroy it.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MEN FINED OVER COAST GUARD SEARCH _ Two Rhode Island men authorities say touched off a needless and expensive ocean search-and-rescue effort have agreed to pay $5,000 each to settle the case. The Coast Guard and the town of New Shoreham, Rhode Island, spent more than $100,000 combined responding to the flares on June 6, 2020, when there was no one in distress. The men borrowed a flare gun and flares, set out on the water in a small skiff, and fired three flares when they thought they could be seen by people at their friend’s wedding reception. They recorded their actions to post on social media. People who saw the flares reported them to the harbormaster, who in turn alerted the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard deployed a boat and two helicopters for the search.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNKEN SWIMMING POOL INTRUDERS WHO BROKE LEGS THREATEN LEGAL ACTION _ In the UK a grandma and her friend who broke their legs after drunkenly breaking into a pool and going down the water slide are threatening legal action. Claire Vickers had been drinking for hours in early August before heading to her pal’s house for some more beverages. But during the early hours, they decided to break into a community water park for an inebriated splash. The pair threw themselves down a water slide, oblivious to the fact a barrier had been placed at the exit. Both broke various bones in their legs. No police action was taken against the pair and Claire admitted they had been ‘idiots’ — but now they’re threatening legal action against the swimming pool because the security and fencing at the site isn’t good enough.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN CHARGED WITH VANDALIZING PIRATE STATUE _ A North Carolina (Raleigh) man has been charged with knocking over a pirate statue on the East Carolina University campus. ECU police say the iconic “PeeDee the Pirate” statue on the university’s mall was vandalized early Sunday and had to be removed for repairs. An 18-year-old, who doesn’t attend ECU, was charged with damage to property.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SHERIFF SPENDS 2 WEEKS IN JAIL, GIVES IT A 5 STAR REVIEW _ In the tech world, when a company requires workers to use the products it makes it’s called eating your own dog food. Well, an Alabama sheriff who once ran the Limestone County jail is eating his own jail food. And he loves it. Mike Blakely praised his treatment by fellow inmates, and said he declined when people offered to bring him meals. He said, “I eat the jail food ’cause I love it because I’ve been eating it for the last 38 years.” Blakely is currently out on bond while appealing his conviction in August, but he spent two weeks locked up in his former workplace. Before he was removed from office, the 70-year-old was the state’s longest-serving sheriff.

… Blakely was convicted of taking no-interest loans from a fund for prisoners’ money, and taking $4,000 from his own campaign account. He maintains his innocence but made no complaints about his incarceration. Blakely said: “Best jail in the state of Alabama. The food was real good, the staff took very good care of me.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN WHO FED BEARS 180 EGGS A WEEK WILL PAY FOR IT _ Every week during the summer of 2018, a woman bought 10 cases of apples, 50 pounds of carrots and dozens of eggs. Canadian authorities say the food was for bears. A woman (from Whistler) was ordered to pay $60,000 after officials said she violated the Wildlife Act in British Columbia. It was in July, 2018 that wildlife officials received a complaint that someone was feeding black bears in the neighborhood. Officials began investigating and found that the woman was feeding the bears. In September 2018, wildlife officials euthanized three bears that were visiting the residential area. They damaged property and showed no fear toward people. The bears were used to getting food from the woman, so they could not be rehabilitated or relocated.


SURVIVOR (8p ET, CBS) — New. The contestants stumble upon a sneaky advantage that comes at a great risk.

THE GOLDBERGS (8p ET, ABC) — New. Erica is faced with frustration as Beverly takes over her wedding planning.

CHICAGO MED (8p ET, NBC) — New. Scott and Halstead deal with a dishonest patient whose lupus is in remission.

THE MASKED SINGER (8p ET, FOX) — New. The Group A members return, and a new wildcard enters the game.

SEASON FINALE: RIVERDALE (8p ET, CW) — New. The show will return for season 6.

THE WONDER YEARS (8:30p ET, ABC) — New. Dean stumbles upon some racy literature and shares it with friends at school.

SEASON PREMIERE: TOUGH AS NAILS (9p ET, CBS) —  12 new contestants arrive for Season 3 and their first challenge is to race to receive cargo dropped from a C-130 plane.

CHICAGO FIRE (9p ET, NBC) — New. Griffin learns the truth about his father’s death and reveals why he really came to visit Casey.

THE CONNERS (9p ET, ABC) — New. Darlene visits with Pastor Phil (guest star Jason Alexander), and Louise continues planning her wedding.

ALTER EGO (9p ET, FOX) — New.

SEASON FINALE: IN THE DARK (9p ET, CW) — New. The show will return for a 4th season.

HOME ECONOMICS (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. The family is in for a wild night out when they accompany Connor to a club to help him jump-start his dating life.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — New. Halstead’s past resurfaces when a former Army colleague is implicated in a deadly blast.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS (10p ET, ABC) — New. The girls decide to throw Katherine a celebratory divorce party, so the guys get together to watch the hockey game and distract Eddie.

PREMIERE: CSI: VEGAS (10p ET, CBS) — This sequel of sorts to the original CSI series (coincidentally premiering 21 years to the day after CSI: Crime Scene Investigation began) brings back original cast members including William Petersen as Gil Grissom, and Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle. Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, and Mel Rodriguez also star.

AMONG THE STARS (Disney+) — This new docuseries tracks NASA’s efforts to repair a $2-billion scientific instrument mounted on the outside of the International Space Station.

BAD SPORT (Netflix) — This new true-crime series looks at athletes, coaches, and more who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

BAKING IMPOSSIBLE (Netflix) — Teams of bakers and engineers strive to balance scrumptiousness with sturdiness in this new competition.


🔈 HOW TO KILL TIME ON A MOVIE SET _ Singer and actor Tim McGraw will star in the Yellowstone prequel 1883 with Billy Bob Thornton, Sam Elliott and Faith Hill. Tim recently shared on social media that when making a movie, two or three days can sometimes pass on set without having to film anything, Tim remembers how he filled the time during Friday Night Lights: remote control cars. But the cars were always dead even, so Tim and his movie set pals would make martinis and set the glasses on their cars. The goal was to win the race without spilling your martini.

THE VOICE SEASON 21: ED SHEERAN JOINS AS MEGA MENTOR _ Ed Sheeran has joined NBC’s The Voice as a mega mentor of the competition series’ season 21 beginning October 25. Sheeran will be part of the Knockout Rounds following the Battle Rounds. The multiple Grammy Award winner will use his experience with songwriting, music production, and performing to mentor artists with their vocal and technical choices and tailoring the artists’ songs to their strengths to bolster each performance.

JAMES BOND FILM SMASHES BOX OFFICE RECORDS _ Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 has smashed UK box office records, grossing more on its opening weekend than any other film in the history of the James Bond franchise, and has become the biggest movie of the year in less than a week of release. No Time to Die, which received its world public premiere in the UK at midnight last Wednesday, has also broken international pandemic box office records.

JOAQUIN PHOENIX WEIGHS IN ON JOKER 2 RUMOR _ Many fans of the 2019 Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix would undoubtedly love to see a sequel be made. However, if a new interview from its star is any indication, that possibility is far from certain. According to The Direct, Phoenix recently spoke in an interview on the matter, saying that he’s pretty much in the dark as to whether or not a sequel will get greenlit by Warner Bros. Phoenix said, “This is an interesting guy. There are some things we could do with this guy and could [explore] further. But as to whether we actually will? I don’t know.”

… Rumor has it that director Todd Phillips has already agreed to produce, write and direct a sequel to Joker, despite the lack of an official announcement from Warner Bros.

ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE CALLED A GLOBAL PHENOMENON BY HBO MAX _ Zack Snyder’s Justice League has officially been proclaimed as a “global phenomenon” by HBO Max. That was the exact phrase used for the re-cut of the film that came out on the streaming platform earlier this year during Tuesday’s HBO Max launch event in Europe. No stats by HBO Max were given during the European launch, but the 4 hour film has received mostly positive reviews and has been one of the top streamed films of 2021.

LA LAW SEQUEL SERIES GETS PILOT ORDER AT ABC _ ABC has ordered a pilot for a sequel to L.A. Law, with Blair Underwood returning. Underwood will reprise his role as attorney Jonathan Rollins alongside a new crop of young lawyers. It is not known if any other original cast members will return.

… The description: The venerable law firm of McKenzie Brackman reinvents itself as a litigation firm specializing in only the most high-profile, boundary-pushing and incendiary cases. Blair Underwood reprises his role as attorney Jonathan Rollins, who has gone from idealistic to more conservative as he clashes with millennial JJ Freeman to decide the best path forward for the firm to effect political and legal change.

JESSICA BIEL REPLACES ELISABETH MOSS IN HULU TRUE CRIME SERIES CANDY _ “She was a normal suburban housewife. All she wanted was a little fun with another man. She never really expected to kill her lover’s wife.” That’s how Jim Atkinson and John Bloom described it in the header of their account of the 1980 Betty Gore slaying that shocked Texas and a nation. Now, Hulu has ordered a scripted true crime series about Gore’s alleged killer Candy Montgomery, with Jessica Biel signed on to lead. When The Candy Montgomery project was first announced in July 2020 Elisabeth Moss was announced to play the lead. The Handmaid’s Tale star has since withdrawn due to scheduling conflicts.

NETFLIX IS NOW SELLING OFFICIAL SQUID GAME MERCH _ In a sign of just how popular the Netflix original series Squid Game really is, the streaming service has launched an official merchandise store where fans can customize and buy items relating to the hit show. Squid Game launched on Netflix on September 17 and quickly became a worldwide hit.

… In Netflix’s official online Squid Game shop, fans can buy T-shirts or a Squid Game hoodie for $49.95. Best of all, these aren’t simply shirts where the show’s name and Netflix logo have been slapped on — fans can customize the shirt or hoodie to include either a square, circle, or triangle identifying them among one of three different guard ranks in the show.

MEGHAN TRAINOR SAID SHE HAD TWO TOILETS INSTALLED SIDE BY SIDE _ Meghan Trainor recently shared an intimate tidbit about her relationship with Daryl Sabara, who she married in December 2018. While appearing on the Why Won’t You Date Me? podcast, the singer and her brother Ryan Trainor spoke about what he’s looking for in a relationship. He explained that he wants to “avoid” a relationship like Meghan’s “at all costs” because she and Sabara are so close. “You guys are weirdos, bro,” he said to his sister. “They poop together. She’s pooping and Daryl’s like, ‘I’m going to go hang out with you now!'” Trainor went on to explain that she doesn’t like going to the bathroom in public, and feels more comfortable if her husband is there “blocking the door.”

… She then revealed that they go to the bathroom together so often that they actually had two toilets installed side by side in their new home. According to Meghan, the design is even handier now that they have a young child. She explained: “A lot of times in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we gotta pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?'” Meghan noted that their contractor laughed and thought she was joking but later obliged.

JUSTIN BIEBER LAUNCHES PRE-ROLLED JOINTS CALLED PEACHES _ After releasing six studio albums and becoming one of the best-selling music artists of all time, Justin Bieber is embarking on a new business venture. The singer has partnered with Los Angeles-based company Palms to launch his own line of cannabis products called Peaches, a nod to the fifth single from his latest album Justice, which includes the chorus, “I got my peaches out in Georgia. I get my weed in California.” The limited-edition collection, titled PEACHES Pre-Rolls by Palms, features seven 0.5 gram pre-rolls. The seven-joint packs sell for $32 at locations in Nevada and California.

MAYIM BIALIK’S FIRST WEEK AS TEMP JEOPARDY HOST RISES 6% IN RATINGS _ Temporary Jeopardy host Mayim Bialik was welcomed by viewers with open arms. The Big Bang Theory alum’s debut as temporary host of the syndicated version of the quiz show rose 6 percent in ratings from the previous week, when Mike Richards had his very short tenure as full-time Jeopardy host.


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October 6 Entertainment: Singer-actor Tim McGraw on fighting movie set boredom.


October 6 News & Nuggets: Michigan kid finds mastodon tooth.


A guy on TikTok offers this reminder about email. (via @mobhistory)


“This is the most important conversation in America.”



Add this website to your browser’s show prep links folder and check it once in awhile.


Guys may play it cool in front of their friends but inside we can be just as self-conscious as women. Guys shared on Reddit what about them makes them self-conscious.

• What my face looks like from the side. The majority of the times I see my own face is head on in a mirror, so whenever I see myself from the side I think I look weird. Also I have bad posture, neck sticks too far forward.

• My height. No matter how much I lift I’ll always be short.

• My inability to urinate in public. For some reason can’t use urinals or can’t even relax if I’m using a stall and it’s rowdy outside.

• My inability to throw things well. I’m fine on distance, it’s the accuracy that is embarrassing.

• My personality. I’m not sure if its the real me or a mask I have worn my whole adult life to hide the real me.

• Being hairy. Always feel like I’m being judged.

• Going bald.

• How I smell. I follow all the rules for hygiene, but I can still smell myself often and it freaks me out. Especially once I start sweating a bit.

• It used to be my looks but by now it’s my social incompetence. I’m really boring and do not get along with women. I really can’t have “fun” with them like other guys do, joke around, make them laugh and giggle.

• I can’t grow a beard.


55 percent of US adults follow professional football. Broken down demographically

• 71% of men follow

• 41% of women follow

• 72% of blacks follow

• 54% of whites follow

• 51% of Hispanics follow


TRIVIA: Pigs, dogs, and some other animals can taste this, but people cannot. (Water. Humans don’t actually taste the water, they taste the chemicals and impurities in the water.)


• 95% of all forms of life that have existed on Earth are now extinct.

• Egypt has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. (LIE. It’s Canada.)

• In 1955, the standard for tipping was 5 percent.


Could be better played on social media.

You’ll need a pen and paper to play this little contest. Write down the following letters:

GESG (space) SEGG (space) GEGS (space) GGES

(Answer: scrambled eggs.)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• It divides countries and states. (Border)

• What you need to get on a plane or when buying alcohol. (Identification)

• They live next door. (Neighbor)

• Where you buy food. (Grocery)

• To put things in order. (Organize)


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: FIREFIGHTERS RESCUE ______ STUCK IN MANHOLE COVER

A) Policeman
B) Otter
C) Rat

Firefighters responded to a road in Germany to rescue a rat that became stuck in a narrow hole in a manhole cover in the middle of a road. A firefighter attempted to grab the rat to wriggle the creature free, but the rat bit the firefighter’s glove, injuring its mouth. The firefighter was not hurt. The crew ended up removing the manhole cover to push the rat out from the bottom. The rat was taken to a veterinary clinic, where it received food and treatment for its mouth injury.