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• David Lee Roth is 68

• Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) is 63

• California governor Gavin Newsom is 55

• Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is 53

• Mario Lopez (Access Hollywood, Saved by the Bell) is 49

• NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 48

• Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Legion) is 40

• Pressley Hosbach (Dance Moms, Stage Fright) is 16


• 1892: Earle Dickson was born. He invented Band-Aids for his wife, who had frequent kitchen accidents, cutting or burning herself. He worked as a buyer for Johnson & Johnson, who soon began manufacturing Band-Aids.

• 1979: Wayne Gretzky played his first National Hockey League game and scored the first of his NHL-record 1,962 assists for the visiting Edmonton Oilers against the Chicago Blackhawks.

• 2006: Google announced it was buying YouTube for $1.65 billion.

• 2007: Three teens suspected of burglarizing vehicles in Madison, Wisconsin, were arrested after they attempted to elude a police car. After officers spotted the car and gave chase the driver turned right, apparently in an attempt to avoid being caught. Unfortunately he turned into a police station parking lot.

• 2016: Actress Shailene Woodley arrested for trespassing while protesting against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.


• National Metric Week

• Women’s Motorcycle Week

• Drink Local Wine Week

• Emergency Nurses Week

• Fire Prevention Week

• World Rainforest Week

• National School Lunch Week

• Thanksgiving (Canada)

• Indigenous Peoples’ Day

• Native American Day

• Columbus Day

• Hug a Drummer Day

• Angel Food Cake Day

• Cake Decorating Day

• Hug-a-Kevin Day

• Love Your Hair Day

• Metric Day

• Tuxedo Day

• Walk to a Park Day

• World Day Against the Death Penalty

• World Homeless Day

• World Mental Health Day


7: Major rail companies in the U.S. and Canada, down from 40 in 1980.


For his 70th birthday Vladimir Putin got a tractor from the leader of Belarus. [I hear the brand was International Harasser.]

Did you hear about the dog that was reunited with his human family halfway across the country after five years? [The family said the dog had changed a little but the dog said the family smelled exactly the same.]

Kanye West is apparently running for president again. [As soon as they heard the news, both Biden and Trump were like, “I’m out. Can’t compete with that.”]

Dwayne Johnson made it official Sunday: He won’t be running for president in 2024. [But fingers crossed — maybe he’ll be Kanye’s running mate.]

There’s a new Russian general running the war in Ukraine and he apparently has a reputation for brutality and corruption. [Oh gosh, why would a country as upstanding as Russia allow him to run its military?]

A study found that taking selfies can improve your mood. [But it does absolutely nothing for the mood of the people who are waiting in line behind you to view the body.]

The phrase “trick or treat” appears to have first been used in 1927. [Can you imagine being the first kid to use it? Sure, they made history with what would become one of the most popular holiday phrases in history — but they went home empty handed because no one knew what the kid meant.]

A survey shows 45 percent of Americans have nothing saved. [Except used lottery tickets.]


POWERBALL AND MEGA MILLIONS RISE ABOVE $400 MILLION _ The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are on the rise. Tonight’s (Monday) Powerball jackpot is $401 million; Tuesday night’s Mega Millions is $445 million.

AIRLINE BANS AIRTAGS IN LUGGAGE AFTER PASSENGERS PUBLICLY SHAME IT _ If you’re planning to fly this upcoming holiday season, get an Apple AirTag for each piece of checked luggage. If a suitcase is lost by the airline you can actually track it down. Airlines don’t encourage this, but they also don’t discourage it — unless you’re Germany’s Lufthansa. Apparently the airline had an awful summer when it comes to lost luggage and so, because so many passengers are publicly pointing out on social media where their luggage is, Lufthansa is showing its appreciation by “banning” AirTags.

THE DEADLY THREAT OF PUMPKIN CARVING _ Any holiday that combines candy with funny looking pumpkins can’t be all bad, right? Turns out, it can be a little dangerous. To reduce the risk of serious injury while carving jack-o-lanterns, a study suggests people may be better off avoiding knives and getting specially designed pumpkin cutters. Although they are not foolproof, the research found some of the carvers appear less likely to cause injury. There’s no data on how many people are injured each year while carving pumpkins.

MEN GETTING MORE UNDIES CONSCIOUS _ Gone are the days when men relied on their mothers to fill their Christmas stockings with new undies, replacing old holey ones. Apparently guys are increasingly shopping for colorful, tight-fitting underwear in the same way that women hunt for the latest sexy bras. Retail experts say designs are getting bolder, and men are becoming more body conscious about their underwear.

… Close to 50 percent of men are shopping for their own underwear, but women are still more frequently picking up the product for them.

… 🗣 TOPIC: Does your guy buy his own underwear? Is there a type of underwear you prefer on him? Ever secretly thrown some of his undies away?

DAYCARE WORKER APOLOGIZES FOR TERRORIZING CHILDREN WITH SCREAM _ A Mississippi woman who said she was fired for wearing a Scream mask to scare children at the daycare where she worked, later shared a tearful apology online. On Wednesday, apparent videos of the woman — known only as CeeCee — in a Halloween mask taunting toddlers just inches from their faces circulated widely on social media, leading to her firing from Lil’ Blessings Child Care & Learning Center in Hamilton, Mississippi, along with three coworkers. In the video, the children can be seen crying and hiding from the woman as she chases them, but in an apology video obtained by the Daily Mail apparently posted by CeeCee later, she says it wasn’t “ill-intentioned.” She says in her apology: “The teachers asked me if I would do it or if they could use (the mask) to get their class to listen or clean up. I’m not a child abuser.”

… Although CeeCee acknowledges that she is the person behind the mask in each video, she claims that her coworkers were aware of her plans to scare children who were being “bad.” A total of four employees were fired as a result of the stunt.

LOST WEDDING RING FOUND IN BRUSH PILE AFTER HURRICANE IAN _ Ashley Garner lost her wedding ring outside her Fort Myers home just days before Hurricane Ian crashed into the coast of southwest Florida. Despite enlisting her husband and three young children to help search around their yard and garage for two days, there was no sign of the ring. She had accepted that it was gone. The family stayed at their home during the storm and went outside to clean up as soon as it had passed. Ten minutes into cleaning, her husband was cleaning up the brush and the trees right next to the garage door, moved one pile and the ring was right there.

… Garner said she couldn’t believe they found the ring. Her neighborhood didn’t experience the destructive flooding that many parts of the state did. But 150 mph winds left massive piles of trees and brush throughout the area.

FAMILIES MOST LIKELY TO EAT DINNER TOGETHER ON WEDNESDAY _ A new survey finds families are most likely to eat dinner together on Wednesday. Tuesday is a close second

MAN LEFT STUNNED BY HIS $9 VENDING MACHINE PIZZA _ There are a number of fast-food chains that could whip you up a pizza in a hurry, but we’re not sure how many of them could serve one to you in just three minutes. A vending machine in Glasgow, Scotland, claims to be able to serve up a pizza in this amount of time and unsurprisingly this has left many people feeling curious. Journalist John McCarthy was among those curious to see what would happen if you ordered from the machine, so he gave it a go and documented the process on Twitter.

… He tweeted: “This week. I hit my lowest culinary point after a couple of cans. In Glasgow, there’s a pizza vending machine, in the wall of an abandoned shop. It’s a curious thing. It MUST be bad. But how bad??? Let’s find out.” John proceeded to order a $9 pizza and then waited to see what would happen next. After a few minutes a pizza that was “smaller” and “lighter” than he expected came out in a box. He opened it and found an uncooked pizza inside.

…  He says he took the pizza home to cook it and it wasn’t half bad.

iPHONE 14’S ‘CRASH DETECTION’ KEEPS CALLING 911 ON ROLLERCOASTERS _ It’s been reported that the iPhone 14’s new Crash Detection feature, which is supposed to alert authorities when it detects you’ve been in a car accident, has an unexpected side effect: it dials 911 on rollercoasters. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the feature has had law enforcement sent to amusement parks on numerous occasions after mistaking a thrill ride’s twists, turns, and hard braking for a real emergency. If the sensors detect that you’ve been in an accident, your iPhone will display an alert and call emergency services if you don’t dismiss it within 20 seconds. When it calls law enforcement, it will play an audio message that alerts authorities you’ve been in a crash, and also provides them with your location.

… Warren County, Ohio, where Kings Island is located, received six emergency calls triggered by park rides since the iPhone 14’s release. Other users have experienced similar issues in amusement parks across the country.

MAN WITH DOWN SYNDROME FIRED FROM WENDY’S AFTER 20 YEARS _ A family in North Carolina headed for social media after a relative was fired from a job he’s been doing for more than 20 years. Dennis Peek has Down syndrome and was planning to retire soon from a Wendy’s restaurant in Gaston County, North Carolina. They said a store manager fired Peek because “he wasn’t able to do his job like a normal person.” Peek’s sister shared her heartbreak and frustration on Facebook, saying “He don’t understand and we can’t tell him he was terminated. We have not told him and we won’t tell him.” Not long after her post, the sister said she received a call from the restaurant group that owns and operates the Wendy’s saying he could be reinstated. However, Peek will not be returning to work at the restaurant and the family will be having the retirement party he had been wanting.

DAD BRAINS CHANGE SIZE WHEN THEIR BABIES ARE BORN _ A portion of a new father’s brain changes size and shape. Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) studying neuroplasticity — which is the ability of our brains and nervous systems to rewire themselves when learning new skills — found changes in the default mode network, an area of the brain that lights up when we are being empathetic. It has been known that the brains of new mothers change to cope with a newborn, but it is the first study to suggest that the changes are occurring in the brains of new fathers too.

MAN SUING TEXAS PETE HOT SAUCE BECAUSE IT’S MADE IN NORTH CAROLINA _ A grocery shopper in California has filed a class-action lawsuit against the T.W. Garner Food Co., alleging false advertising over their Texas Pete brand of hot sauce. His issue? Texas Pete hot sauce is not made in Texas, but rather North Carolina. Philip White claims he was under the impression that Texas Pete hot sauce was produced in Texas when he purchased a $3 bottle in September 2021.

… His lawsuit says: “White relied upon the language and images displayed on the front label of the product, and at the time of purchase understood the product to be a Texas product. The label includes “the famed white ‘lone’ star from the Texan flag together with a ‘lassoing’ cowboy,” which are images White assumed to be distinctly Texan, the lawsuit stated. White said he was later surprised to learn that Texas Pete is not a product of Texas, but manufactured in Winston-Salem, North Carolina — a fact T.W. Garner Food Co. readily admits on its website.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SOMEONE KEEPS YELLING ‘PORRIDGE’ THROUGH MAN’S MAIL SLOT _ In England a man has been tormented by a stranger screaming “porridge!” through his door’s mail slot. The man says the mystery neighbor has been shouting strange things about porridge through his mail slot at odd hours in the middle of the night (in Boothtown, Halifax) for the past three weeks. The man is at his “wit’s end” and is pleading with the ‘porridge whisperer’ to stop immediately. The man took to social media with an appeal, telling the stranger to “grow up”.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: A CAMEL WALKS INTO A RESTAURANT’S DRIVE-THRU _ They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But even then, some events are just too bizarre to stay within the confines of Sin City. Like when a camel walked up to an eatery, presumably to get a piping hot order of french fries. The video of the animal walking straight to the drive-thru along with its handler and patiently waiting for food has gone viral. The video shows staff at the restaurant laughing out loud after spotting the unusual customer. The camel is seen peeking into the restaurant putting its head inside the window. The animal handler said that the camel is a rescue from Colorado that now lives in a sanctuary in the Las Vegas area and loves to eat french fries. • VIDEO

🔈 WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ARRESTED AFTER HANGING ON BACK OF SEMI _ In Oklahoma, a number of 911 calls came in about a man on a semi trailer. It all started in Wichita, Kansas, when investigators say 30-year-old Dustin Slocum hopped on the back rail of a semi-truck as it was leaving a shipping yard. He held on for 130 miles, nearly two hours, and ended up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, around 2:30 in the morning. Troopers in Oklahoma arrested Slocum for public intoxication and joyriding.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WORKERS ‘SWORDFIGHT’ EACH OTHER WITH GRASS TRIMMERS IN CEMETERY _ In Ohio (Brook park) two workers fought each other with grass trimmers in a cemetery. The workers — a 42-year-old and a 25-year-old were trimming grass around headstones. The younger man walked past the older man while carrying a trimmer that was running. The older man warned the younger man to be careful with the trimmer, saying he could have cut him with it. The two workers started arguing. The younger worker threw the trimmer at the older man, who was hit on the forehead with the trimmer’s engine. He suffered a lump on his head and was treated and released by paramedics at the cemetery. The younger man said the older man wielded his trimmer at him first, and that he, the younger man, lifted his trimmer in self-defense. He said the two engaged in a “swordfight” with the trimmers before he finally threw his trimmer at the older man, hitting him in the head. A third worker trimming around headstones witnessed the trimmer swordfight. He thought the two men were horsing around so he went back to work.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ELDERLY BRITS ACCIDENTALLY GREW HUGE POT PLANT _ An elderly couple in England picked up a new plant at a flea market and lovingly tended it as it grew into a lush plant in the garden. That’s when it drew the attention of police. Turns out the elderly couple had purchased a marijuana plant. Police seized the pot plant and didn’t press charges.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PROPERTY OWNER BLASTING ‘VULGAR MUSIC’ AT PLAYGROUND _ A Chicago area (Orland Park) property owner has been blasting loud, vulgar music over the last few weeks in an attempt to push a school district to get rid of musical instruments on a local playground. In 2020 Prairie Elementary School’s playground was replaced with an interactive playground. The playground has elements that allow children to play musical instruments. The playground is adjacent to some private property. The property owner expressed concerns regarding the noise of the musical instruments, stating that the noise was interfering with their quality of life.

… Over the last two years, the property owner tried to convince the district to remove the instruments, but was unsuccessful. So — over the last few weeks — the property owner began playing loud music in an attempt to get the district to remove the instruments from the playground. The music has included songs with vulgar content and language that is not suitable for children. Over the past week, the district removed the musical instruments — except for a bell. Police have been called to the area on numerous occasions over the last few weeks for noise complaints. Each time, police tested the noise level to determine if the noise coming from the property owner was in excess of what is allowed by Village Code, and each time it was tested, the noise registered within the Village Code limits. Police say they are mediating the dispute.


THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) – New. On the final night of the blind auditions, the coaches take the stage to perform Camila Cabello’s hit Havana.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE (8p ET, ABC) – A new, 2-hour episode.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (8p ET, ESPN) – The Chiefs (3-1) take on the Las Vegas Raiders (1-3) in Kansas City.

SEASON PREMIERE: AVENUE 5 (10p ET, HBO) – The second and final season begins 5 months after the events of Season 1 that found the passengers on the tourist spaceship having their already delayed return home accidentally extended to eight years. Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, Zach Woods, and Lenora Crichlow star.


BOX OFFICE _Smile continued to stay atop the box office chart in its second weekend, pulling in $17.6 million across North America.

  1. Smile, $17.6 million
  2. Lyle, Lyle Crocodile, $11.5 million
  3. Amsterdam, $6.5 million
  4. The Woman King, $5.3 million
  5. Don’t Worry Darling, $3.4 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Venom: No Time to Die
… Five years ago this week: Blade Runner 2049
… Ten years ago this week: Taken 2
… Twenty years ago this week: Red Dragon

NO. 1 KARAOKE SONG _ Billboard has named the No. 1 karaoke song and it’s Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman. • FULL LIST

🔈 DWAYNE JOHNSON EXPLAINS WHY HE WON’T RUN FOR PRESIDENT _ Sorry America, President Rock will not be sworn into office anytime soon. After toying with the idea for years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson declared that a presidential run is officially “off the table” as he has chosen to focus on his family. He shared with CBS Sunday Morning: “I love our country and everyone in it. I also love being a daddy.” Johnson is dad to three kids — Simone Johnson, 21 with ex Dany Garcia and Jasmine Johnson, 6, and Tiana Johnson, 4 with wife Lauren Hashian. He called his daughters his “No. 1 priority.”

KANYE WEST IS NOW TEASING A 2024 RUN FOR PRESIDENT _ Kanye West may be taking another run at the White House. In a tweet posted late Friday evening, West simply wrote “2024” and included an image of a black hat with the same year written on it. The picture appears to have been taken inside a warehouse. West previously sold products like hoodies and hats promoting his 2020 presidential run. He ended up receiving approximately 60,000 votes in the end, his largest support coming from Tennessee where he received more than 10,000 votes.

TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM LOCK KANYE WEST’S ACCOUNTS _ Kanye West’s return to Twitter was short-lived. Less than a day after Elon Musk welcomed him back to the platform, the rapper saw his account suspended for posting an antisemitic message. On late Saturday night, West said he would go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” In the same message, West defended himself, suggesting he wasn’t antisemitic because “black people are actually Jew.’

… The Twitter suspension comes after West’s Instagram account was similarly restricted by Meta. In a post that has since been deleted, West shared a screenshot of a message he sent to Sean “Diddy” Combs where he implied the rapper was being controlled by a group of powerful Jewish people.

TICKET TO PARADISE HITS $60 MILLION AT INTERNATIONAL BOX OFFICE _ Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy that reunites Julia Roberts and George Clooney, is charming audiences at the international box office. The movie opens in North America on October 21.

A NEW WEDNESDAY TRAILER _ We have a new trailer for Tim Burton’s Addams Family show, Wednesday. This one introduces a number of cameo-friendly characters for fans of the TV series and ’90s movies. • VIDEO

… Wednesday premieres on Netflix on November 23, which is, yes, a Wednesday.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER CHARGED $150K FOR CHARITY TRAINING SESSION _ Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the most expensive personal trainer in the land, because Sunday he worked out with two groups that each plunked down $150,000. Arnold was at a Gold’s Gym to make good on a charity auction at his home Saturday night. Morris Flancbaum from Florida and his family bid the $150,000 to get a good pump under Arnold’s tutelage. Morris and his sons got pointers from The Terminator as a crowd formed to watch. Another $150,000 auction winner was there as well, getting fit with Arnold. The charity — After-School All-Stars — is fantastic. Arnold created it 30 years ago to benefit school kids around the country. It provides after-school programs and exercise for 100,000 kids in 60 cities.


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A Canadian explains that country’s Thanksgiving, the second Monday in October.

→ NOTE: PRO Audio version is edited for on-air use.


In Oklahoma a guy hopped on the back rail of a semi trailer and rode there for 130 miles. Here’s an Oklahoma State Police officer sharing bits of the story.

→ NOTE: Full story in October 10 Wacky-But-True section.


Dwayne Johnson won’t be running for president.

→ NOTE: Full story in October 10 Entertainment section.


A large collection of over 25 Halloween-related drops.


This guy knows!

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I (you) asked my Google device when Daylight Saving Time ends and this is what it said.



One for yourself or your stunt guy. Tie in with a local orchard or farm to be a “human scarecrow”. Dress up in the appropriate outfit and stand out in a field scaring away the birds. Do live call-ins with scarecrow updates, weather reports, etc. Be sure to do plenty of social media while you’re out there!


What do you put on your popcorn? BuzzFeed asked it readers and here were some suggestions.

• Italian seasoning

• Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

• McCormick Cinnamon Sugar

• Chocolate and caramel syrup

• Buffalo sauce

• Old Bay Seasoning

• Nutella

• Trader Joe’s Ranch Seasoning Blend

• Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil


🗣 TOPIC: What in weddings makes you cringe?

The internet says…

• Guests who take pictures of the ceremony with an iPad.

• When some else proposes to their significant other. Why take all the attention from the bride and groom?

• The thing where the groom and groomsmen all remove their jackets, undo their ties and roll up their sleeves the minute they walk into the reception. Hey, some of us want classy photos… what’s the rush in getting into party mode?

• The garter removal.

• The garter toss. It’s outdated, gross and awkward.


Gathered on

• You can wish you weren’t born, but you can’t wish you were born.

• They’ll never tell us, but there are probably a lot of dogs and cats that need glasses.

• To our stomachs, all potatoes are mashed potatoes.

• You have more ancestors than your parents.

• We’re lucky that mosquitoes don’t target our eyes.

• Humans are the only species who pays to live on earth.

• Most people are real on their fake accounts and fake on their real account.


Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October while in U.S. it is the fourth Thursday in November.

• Canada’s Thanksgiving is based on a bountiful harvest and on the Pilgrims and the New World like the United States holiday. It occurs earlier than the U.S. Thanksgiving because Canada is north of the United States, and therefore the harvest season occurs earlier in the year.

• The first Canadian Thanksgiving goes back even further than that of the United States when the first settlers in Massachusetts on their first harvest in 1621. Back in 1578, an English explorer named Martin Frobisher was trying to find a northern route to the Orient. He was not successful in his quest, but he did end up establishing a settlement somewhere along what is Newfoundland today. Despite not making it to the Orient, Frobisher was thankful the journey had been safe and decided to have a day of thanks. This resulted in the first Canadian Thanksgiving.

• During this same time frame, many French settlers were making their way to the area and also began having days of thanks during the harvest time. They, like the American Pilgrims, invited local Indians to take part in their feast.

• In Canada, Thanksgiving has been celebrated in November and October at various periods in time. After World War I, Thanksgiving was celebrated in the same week as Armistice Day (now Remembrance Day). However, in 1957 Parliament set the date of Canadian Thanksgiving to be the second Monday in October, likely to separate the two observances.

• American Thanksgiving has also had floating dates throughout history, though the last Thursday in November was pretty standard. In the late 1930s President Roosevelt had moved the date of Thanksgiving to be one week earlier believing that it would boost the U.S. economy. In 1941 Roosevelt signed a bill making Thanksgiving be observed on the fourth Thursday in November and it has remained the same to this day.


Hauntworld Magazine, the world’s largest directory of haunted houses and horror attractions, has named its scariest haunted houses across the country. (Descriptions here.)

1. Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA

2. 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA

3. HellsGate – Lockport, IL

4. The Darkness – St. Louis, MO

5. Eloise Asylum – Westland, MI

6. The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, OH

7. Bennett’s Curse – Baltimore County, MD

8. Kersey Valley Spooky Woods – Archdale, NC

9. Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions – Ulster Park, NY

10. Hundred Acres Manor – Bethel Park, PA

11. Georgetown Morgue – Seattle, WA

12. Salt Lake Fear Factory – Salt Lake City, UT

13. Factory of Terror – Canton, OH


TRIVIA: Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin produce more of these than any other U.S. states. (Christmas trees. Those are the top producers of live trees, in order.)


• It’s hung around the necks of winners at Olympic games.

• The main ingredient in an omelet.

• Something a home’s driveway is made of.

• Name something the Coast Guard protects.

• Where in your home do you place curtains?


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: TWO MEN ARRESTED FOR STEALING 57 ______!

A) Bottle of Heinz 57 sauce
B) Watermelons
C) Pineapple pizzas

Two men in California were arrested for theft Monday night. In Merced County, deputies were called to a property for a report of trespassing. When they arrived, they spoke to a man who said that people were stealing watermelons from his field. Deputies said they witnessed a car leaving the field and were able to stop the vehicle. Deputies found 57 watermelons in the backseat and trunk of the car. The men were arrested and the watermelons were returned to the victim.