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• Donald Trump is 77

• Will Patton (Remember the Titans, Falling Skies) is 69

• Boy George is 62

• Yasmine Bleeth is 55

• Faizon Love (The Parent ‘Hood) is 55

• Kevin McHale (Glee, True Blood) is 35

• Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) is 34


• 1937: Pennsylvania became the first state of the United States to celebrate Flag Day officially as a state holiday.

• 1942: Anne Frank began to keep a diary.

• 1954: U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill into law that placed the words “under God” to the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance.

• 1989: Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was arrested in Beverly Hills for slapping a motorcycle patrolman.

• 1996: Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 2,216th straight game with Baltimore, breaking an endurance record set by Japan’s Sachio Kinugasa. The Orioles beat the Royals 6-1.

• 1997: A 1939 comic book that featured the debut of Batman was auctioned in New York for $68,500.

• 2005: A woman searching for aluminum cans in a trash bin in Framingham, Massachusetts, was dumped into the back of a garbage truck after the driver empties the bin without realizing she was inside. The 38-year-old woman avoided major injury after a worker installing carpet nearby heard her screams and alerted the truck driver, who was about to press the compacting button.

• 2015: Jurassic World became the first film to make $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

• 2012: Australia announced its plan to create the largest marine reserve in the world.

• 2019: Rock legend Bruce Springsteen released his 19th studio album, titled Western Stars.


• Birthday of the U.S. Army

• Family History Day

• Flag Day

• International Bath Day

• Bourbon Day

• Strawberry Shortcake Day

• Pause for the Pledge Day

• World Blood Donor Day


2,000: Collisions at railroad crossings each year (U.S.).


Father’s Day is coming. [I’m splurging and giving my dad a gallon of gas.]

Father’s Day is coming. [My dad always like to be prepared for anything, so I’m signing him up for the Road Flare of the Month Club.]

Netflix is in talks to launch a tournament this fall that would feature professional golfers and Formula One drivers. [Finally, a chance for race car drivers to prove they’re not just really good at driving in circles.]

Netflix is in talks to launch a tournament this fall that would feature professional golfers and Formula One drivers. [I can already hear the golf announcers at this Netflix tournament: “And here comes Tiger Woods, driving down the fairway at 200 miles per hour!”]

A source says Donald Trump is having trouble finding additional lawyers because he won’t promise to stop posting to social media. [It’s like hiring a lifeguard who insists on bringing a bucket of water to the pool.]

In Florida, a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a cop for speeding. [That’s some next-level law enforcement inception.]

Researchers say the decorative bed spreads on hotel beds are dirty and are rarely washed. [They’re like the interior of the typical minivan — without the hidden french fries.]

A study found discounted cigarettes are linked to higher cigarette consumption. [Also, sharper knives cause more cuts.]


ATARI 2600 GETS FIRST NEW GAME ON A CARTRIDGE IN 32 YEARS _ Nostalgic old tech enthusiasts who miss the days of collecting Atari 2600 game cartridges will get a shot to add one more title to their collection on July 31, when they’ll be able to preorder a Mr. Run and Jump 2600 cartridge for $60. This marks the first time the console’s getting a new game on a cartridge in 32 years.

… The game will release on all major systems in traditional digital form instead of cartridge.

IN A FIRST, WIND AND SOLAR GENERATED MORE POWER THAN COAL IN U.S. _ According to a new report (by E&E News), wind and solar energy sources generated more electricity than coal through May 2023. This marks the first time renewables have outpaced coal over a five-month period. The decline in coal-fired generation this year has been driven by low natural gas prices, a mild winter, and a wave of coal plant retirements.

DON’T SEND CHECKS THROUGH THE MAIL, THE POST OFFICE IS WARNING _ Don’t put checks in the mail, the US Postal Service is warning. Scammers are stealing more of them than ever — draining bank accounts and causing big headaches for banks and account holders. Banks issued roughly 680,000 reports of check fraud last year, up from 350,000 reports in 2021.

… Early in the pandemic, government relief checks became an attractive target for criminals. The problem has only gotten worse and postal authorities and bank officials are warning Americans to avoid mailing checks if possible, or at least to use a secure mail drop such as inside the post office.

PINK NOISE MAY BE THE SECRET TO IMPROVING YOUR SLEEP AND MEMORY _ Deep sleep is critical to maintaining a robust memory, but both decline with age. A small new study (Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center) suggested that one easy way for older adults to get deeper sleep is to listen to a certain soothing sound called “pink noise.”

… Pink noise is one of several “colors” of sound that people often use to mask background noise, improve focus, or enhance sleep. Research has suggested that pink noise can help with sleep, with some studies indicating that it might boost memory since our memories are stored when we’re in deep sleep.

… However, it should be noted that the quality of pink noise’s effects varies among individuals. Some people might not find it beneficial or might even find it annoying, and there’s also the consideration of volume level, as any sound can be harmful if it’s too loud​.

NO DEEP CONVERSATIONS WHILE TALKING ON YOUR PHONE _ People who use their phones while driving make as many, if not more, driving errors as clinically drunk drivers. In a study (out of New Zealand) the risk of collision is four times greater when driving while talking on the phone. Concentrating on a conversation, not the physical act of holding a phone, is what distracts the driver. The nature of the conversation matters too, with deep and meaningful dialogs creating a greater distraction and added risk than small talk.

WHY YOU WAKE UP 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE ALARM CLOCK _ Do you often wake up minutes before your alarm clock goes off? According to research (out of Germany), anticipating the time you want to rise seems to trigger the release of hormones normally secreted by the body in times of stress. About an hour before you’ve planned to get out of bed, these secretions increase in preparation for the “stress” of waking. Our bodies, in other words, note the time we hope to begin our day and gradually prepare us for consciousness, not unlike a snooze button.

WEARING YOUR BALL CAP LIKE A BALL CAP IS A TURN-OFF? _ If you’re a guy and want to impress the ladies then you should wear your ball cap backwards. Never mind that social media is filled with podcast bros in backward ball caps sharing their hours of wisdom with the internet — thus giving the backward ball cap a bad vibe.

… According to a TikToker named Zoe (@zoeeeexox), the “most attractive thing a man can wear” is a backwards hat. In her comments are plenty of supporters, and a number of women who disagree.

🗣 TOPIC: What’s the most attractive thing a man can wear?

GRAVEYARD THIEF BUSTED BY AIRTAG _ Yes, there are people in this world who will steal flowers from gravesites. And one TikToker wanted to make sure it would not happen to a loved one’s grave. She decided to rig a flower arrangement with an Apple AirTag. The flower arrangement was placed on a grave in Utah. As she expected, it was stolen and the next step was to track the thief using the AirTag. She then films the encounter as uniformed officers track down the graveyard thief. In the video, the officers are walking down a residential street. They notice that the stolen flowers have been placed as a decorative piece in front of a residential home. The TikToker is shocked at the identity of the homeowner who stole the flowers: an elderly woman. • VIDEO

… In Texas, thieves have been stealing bronze vases from gravesites with 102 vases taken over the past two months. The vases are worth around
600. The suspects reportedly intended to sell the vases as scrap metal. However, some of the affected families attached Apple AirTags to their vases and helped police track them to a residence (outside Brazoria, Texas). Three people have been arrested and charged.

NASA SENDING LITTLE BUDDY TO HANG OUT NEXT TO THE JAMES WEBB _ After spending a lonely year and a half peering into the universe roughly a million miles from the Earth, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is finally getting some company. The space agency recently selected a toaster-sized cubesat that will become the much bigger telescope’s tiny “sidekick”. NASA chose the $8.5 million space mission, called the “Monitoring Activity from Nearby sTars with uv Imaging and Spectroscopy” (MANTIS), which will be designed and built by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder.

… The small mighty spacecraft, scheduled to launch sometime in 2026, will make observations of the night sky in the full range of ultraviolet light, including extreme UV (EUV) light, a more energetic form. MANTIS will fill in the blanks for its much larger cousin.

VIRAL VIDEO SHOWING DEER EATING SNAKE SHOCKS THE INTERNET _ Turns out, hunger can push a living being to extremes — even to going against its inherent nature in order to survive. A baffling video has emerged on social media showing a deer eating a snake, breaking the age-old scientific theory of herbivores only feeding on plant material for their survival. Shared on Twitter by Susanta Nanda, who identifies as a staff of the Indian Forest Service, some users were skeptical about the video and said it seems the deer was attacked by the snake and was trying to get rid of it. • VIDEO

SCIENTISTS MAY FINALLY KNOW WHY LIGHT DRINKING IS GOOD FOR HEART HEALTH _ New research from New England is offering an explanation for the apparent health benefit of light-to-moderate drinking on heart health. Researchers found that moderate alcohol consumption leads to long-term reductions in stress signaling within the brain, which significantly accounts for reductions in cardiovascular events among light-to-moderate drinkers. However, the study authors caution that these findings shouldn’t encourage anyone to drink “for their health.” The researchers say that they are not advocating the use of alcohol to reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes because of other concerning effects of alcohol on health. The goal of the study was to understand how light to moderate drinking reduces cardiovascular disease and if they could find the mechanism.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN FALLS ASLEEP BEHIND THE WHEEL IN THE MIDDLE OF INTERSTATE TRAFFIC _ A 23-year-old Nashville area man said he had “two shots of tequila” at a bar shortly before he was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle in an active lane of travel on an interstate. When officers attempted to wake the man from his slumber, he drove away from the scene. Officers followed him until he stopped. He performed poorly on some field sobriety tests and was arrested.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BIZARRE TRAFFIC STOP INVOLVES ONE COP ACCUSING ANOTHER _ It must have looked like two police cars racing to a crime scene. Instead, it was one law enforcement officer trying to stop another for speeding. The strange scene unfolded in Orlando, where a deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office says he spotted an Orlando Police Department SUV speeding but without emergency lights or a siren activated. Bodycam footage from the deputy recorded the interaction after the police SUV finally stopped. The Orlando officer said, “What?” as he steps out of his vehicle. “I am going into work, my man. Why are you trying to pull me over?” The deputy responded: “Because you’re going 80 in a 45.” When the deputy asks for the officer’s license, the latter says no, gets back into his vehicle, and drives away. Orlando cop was later arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving, resisting an officer, and felony fleeing from law enforcement. He’s also been relieved of duty pending an investigation. • VIDEO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SEMI TRUCK CRASH SPILLS KEGS OF BEER OVER MICHIGAN HIGHWAY _ We’re used to hearing of all manner of truck spills: corn, eggs, and even ball bearings. Now, a more unfortunate load has met its end, after a semi truck filled with beer overturned and spilled kegs in Jackson County, Michigan, early Tuesday. Multiple beer kegs went flying off an overturned semi, causing traffic tie ups as troopers shut down parts of the freeway to clear the road of alcohol. Beer kegs spilled across the freeway, with some even splitting open and spilling the suds across the road. There’s no word on what beer it was that spilled.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DEAD MAN RETURNS HOME AFTER FAMILY INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED BODY _ Relatives of a missing Japanese man identified the body of the wrong man. Thinking it was their loved one who drowned in a river, they cremated the body. But it wasn’t their relative. They found out because he returned home alive. His wife called police to notify officials they were given the wrong body.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CAR THIEVES PROVIDE PHOTO EVIDENCE _ In the UK police got a tip about a pair of guys who had stolen some cars. They got a warrant and went to the apartment the guys shared. While arresting the two men, the police also found a camera, and decided to look at the photos. The last four taken showed the thieves proudly displaying the tools of their trade. They had both posed happily with car keys, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools for breaking into cars.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN BUSTED FOR GNOME RUSTLING _ A Gnome rustler was arrested in France after going on a gnome stealing spree. The man was suspected of stealing dozens of garden gnomes.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: AIR INDIA GROUNDS TWO PILOTS FOR INVITING FEMALE FRIEND INTO COCKPIT _ Air India has taken action against two pilots who allowed an unauthorized female passenger to enter the cockpit. The airline acted after receiving a complaint from cabin crew. Air India recently suspended the license of a pilot who allowed his female friend into the cockpit.


MASTERCHEF (8p ET, FOX) – New. The auditions conclude with chefs from the South.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE WONDER YEARS (9p ET, ABC) – Season 2 begins in the summer of 1969, and Dean and Bill are experiencing new walks of life in New York City. Phoebe Robinson guest stars as Jackie. Another new episode follows.

GORDON RAMSAY’S FOOD STARS (9p ET, FOX) – New. The teams compete to create an enticing menu for a delivery-only restaurant that will serve office workers in downtown Los Angeles.

HOW DO YOU MEASURE A YEAR? (9p ET, HBO) – Directed by indie filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt, this documentary is a coming-of-age story about his daughter, Ella. Filmed over 17 years, he charts her growth and development on each birthday by asking her a range of questions.

SUPERSTAR (10p ET, ABC) – This new edition explores the life, music and enduring legacy of R&B icon Aaliyah.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE BIG D (10p ET, USA) – In this new reality series, six divorced couples are forced to live with their exes while each searches for someone new. The contestants can choose to try to rekindle things with their ex or find a new love. Each episode will also feature a relationship coach who tries to help the new couples and former couples through their new and old romances. JoJo Fletcher hosts.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE FULL MONTY (FX on Hulu) – The 1997 British comedy, that centered on six unemployed men who formed a striptease act, gets a follow-up more than 25 years later with this series. Original cast members Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, Steve Huison, and Paul Barber reprise their roles. Lesley Sharp and Talitha Wing co-star.

OUR PLANET II (Netflix) – David Attenborough narrates season 2 of this British docuseries that features captivating, never-before-seen footage of wildlife in their natural habitats. The season addresses conservation issues for the animals it focuses on, and also includes a behind-the-scenes look at how the camera crew captured everything.


🔈 HARRISON FORD SAYS PUNCH NAZIS, JUST LIKE INDY WOULD _ In the realm of fictional characters who are well-known for punching Nazis, Indiana Jones has to be at the top of the list. So one might wonder what Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, has to say about that. With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny coming to theaters soon, Ford sat down with Yahoo, which asked him if he thinks Indiana Jones would still be punching Nazis today, especially since they’ve been making a sad, unfortunate comeback. The answer is pure Harrison Ford. Would Indiana Jones be okay with people punching Nazis? Ford responded, “He’d push ‘em out of the way to get in the first punch. As well he should.”

WHEEL OF FORTUNE: RYAN SEACREST TO HOST? _ Having just dropped one hosting gig from his workload, Ryan Seacrest could be picking up another. The TV veteran is reportedly in the running to replace Pat Sajak, who announced on Monday that he’ll be leaving Wheel of Fortune at the end of its upcoming 41st season. Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw, who first broke the news of Sajak’s departure, followed up in a tweet on Monday night that Seacrest “has been talking to the producers of Wheel of Fortune” as Sajak’s exit nears.

JOHN LENNON TO BE ‘RESURRECTED’ WITH AI FOR NEW BEATLES RECORD _ A ‘new’ Beatles song is on its way — and even features a digitally resurrected John Lennon. Paul McCartney has said that “the last Beatles record” will be released later this year and features the use of artificial intelligence technology to bring the voice of John Lennon back from the dead. The legendary Beatle told the BBC that an old sample of John Lennon’s singing has been processed using AI to “get it pure” for what will be the band’s “final song”.

ACTOR TREAT WILLIAMS DEAD AFTER MOTORCYCLE CRASH IN VERMONT _ Actor Treat Williams died Monday in a motor vehicle crash in Vermont. Police said a driver going south tried to turn left into a parking lot. Police believe the driver signaled a left turn, and then turned into the path of the motorcycle. Williams was unable to avoid the car and was thrown from his motorcycle. He suffered critical injuries and was airlifted to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police said Williams was wearing a helmet.

… Williams had a nearly 50-year career including starring roles in the TV series Everwood and the movie Hair.

CAPTAIN AMERICA 4’s RELEASE DATE IS DELAYED _ Marvel Studios has retooled its entire release schedule for the remainder of the Multiverse Saga, which includes some happy updates — like Deadpool 3 jumping forward from November to May 2024 — but in most cases confirms that a range of upcoming MCU films will be delayed. In the case of, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, by a full year apiece. As for Captain America: Brave New World, it’s been held up from May 3, 2024 to July 26, 2024.

MARVEL PUSHES BACK JONATHAN MAJORS AVENGERS MOVIES _ There’s a lot of bad news for Jonathan Majors as he awaits his next hearing today (Wednesday) on domestic abuse charges. Disney has moved back their two Avengers movies in which he was supposed to play the new villain, Kang. They won’t come out now until late 2026 and 2027. Is Marvel (Disney) recasting? Or rewriting? Either may be the cause of the delays.

… Majors remains in hot water, although presumed innocent at this point. He was arrested after a March 25 incident in New York in which his girlfriend claimed that he struck in her face with an open hand, causing a laceration behind her ear. The complaint was updated to say that the woman also sustained injuries to her arm and hand and that she was allegedly pushed into the side of a vehicle by Majors.

… Meanwhile, Creed III has come to Amazon Prime and there’s no sign of Majors on the landing page. When you go to rent the movie you have no idea he’s the star of it.

PIXAR’S NEW MOVIE ‘ELIO’ RELEASES ITS FIRST TEASER _ Pixar’s newest movie is Elio, an intergalactic adventure that totally has Lilo and Stitch vibes. In reverse. Instead of a misfit little alien crash-landing on Earth, an over-imaginative young boy gets beamed up to a big, alien-filled conference gathering, after he’s mistaken for Earth’s leader. • VIDEO

… In the first trailer for Elio, we see just how this happens — turns out the kid calls his scientist mom just as she gets contact from extraterrestrials, and something goes very wrong with the transmission. Elio is beamed up and apparently needs to go on some sort of trial as the representative for Earth.

… The movie hits theaters on March 1.

APPLE’S FOUNDATION DEBUTS TRAILER FOR SECOND SEASON _ Apple TV+ has released the trailer for the second season of Foundation. The show is based on Isaac Asimov’s award-winning stories. The 10-episode second season takes place more than a century after the first season’s finale, with tension mounting throughout the galaxy.The show chronicles the stories of four individuals as they overcome deadly crises, shifting loyalties, and complicated relationships to determine the fate of humanity. • VIDEO

… Season 2 will premiere July 14.

NETFLIX’S SCI-FI MOVIE THEY CLONED TYRONE DROPS A TRAILER _ Jamie Foxx’s ongoing partnership with Netflix has quietly churned out some interesting movies. Foxx is returning to the streamer in July with They Cloned Tyrone, a sci-fi mystery. And this time around, he won’t be the only one hamming it up: Foxx is joined by Star Wars alum John Boyega, as well as Teyonah Parris (Candyman, The Marvels). Together, they form an unlikely trio that uncovers a stomach-churning conspiracy. • VIDEO

… They Cloned Tyrone hits Netflix on July 21.

NETFLIX PLANNING ITS FIRST LIVE SPORTS EVENT _ Netflix could be entering its livestreamed-sports era with a celebrity golf tournament. The company is in talks to launch a tournament this fall that would feature professional golfers and Formula One drivers. The tournament would be set in Las Vegas and include celebrities from the Formula One auto-racing docuseries Drive to Survive and the golf docudrama Full Swing. Plans for the tournament are reportedly still in the early stages.

KEVIN HART’S MONOPOLY MOVIE IS STILL HAPPENING _ Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Productions will produce the cinematic adaptation of the iconic board game Monopoly, according to Deadline. The long-in-the-works project, which Ridley Scott was originally attached to direct in 2008, will see Hart reteaming with director Tim Story, who said that finding the perfect cinematic hook for his adaptation of Monopoly was particularly difficult. However, he confirmed that the project is still in the works.

ZAZIE BEETZ ISN’T RETURNING AS DOMINO IN DEADPOOL 3 _ Zazie Beetz, the actor who played Domino in Deadpool 2, confirmed that she will not be returning for the upcoming Deadpool 3. Historically, actors have been tight-lipped about their involvement in major franchises to avoid spoiling surprises. The same goes for Beetz, who did not confirm her return to the franchise until now.

… With Deadpool ” already in production, the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike will prevent Ryan Reynolds from improvising on set. The WGA does not allow sudden changes in the script without a writer on set. Beetz was asked if the strike was affecting Reynolds’ ability to improvise, to which she replied, “Well I’m actually not in Deadpool 3, so I don’t know what they’re doing [about improvisation]. I’m assuming they’re probably taking a pause. I’m excited to watch it.”

LANDSCAPE WITH INVISIBLE HAND TRAILER RELEASED _ MGM has released the official trailer for Landscape With Invisible Hand, the upcoming film adaptation of M.T. Anderson’s sci-fi dramedy novel of the same name. The trailer features a dystopian future where an alien species called Vuvv have taken over Earth. It highlights the love story between two teenage humans, as they decided to broadcast their relationship as a form of entertainment for the aliens who are very interested in the concept of human romance. • VIDEO

… The film will arrive in theaters on August 18.

STEPHEN COLBERT, CBS EXTEND LATE SHOW CONTRACT THROUGH 2026 _ Late Show host and executive producer Stephen Colbert is sticking around at the CBS late night program for another three years. Colbert, whose contract was set to expire at the end of the year, has agreed to extend his contract through 2026. He took over hosting duties in September 2015 from David Letterman.

… The news comes as CBS has been airing repeats of the comedy variety talk show since the Writers Guild of America strike began on May 2 after the group was unable to reach an agreement in contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The WGA strike involves a long list of concerns that the writers want Hollywood studios to address.

ALIEN RECEIVES RELEASE DATE _ Disney has announced that Alien will be released on August 16, 2024. The film is set to be an original standalone feature, focusing on a group of young people who come face-to-face with a terrifying creature beyond their wildest imaginations. Although the film has yet to receive an official title, it has been confirmed that Ridley Scott, the original Alien director, will serve as a producer. The movie will be a part of Disney’s horror lineup.

… While fans have expressed hope that Sigourney Weaver would be involved in the project, she has stated that she would rather let the Ellen Ripley character be and allow younger actors and actresses to take on roles in the franchise.


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🗣 TOPIC: What’s the craziest thing you got way with as a kid or teen? → To jump-start your phones, here’s a crazy booze-buying story from a real listener.


June 14 Entertainment: Harrison Ford was asked if Indiana Jones would still be punching Nazis today. (video)

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If you work in retail, what’s your pet peeve about customers? Maybe it’s customers abandoning shopping carts full of food and merchandise?

Here’s the TikToker’s original video… but it’s 100% not safe to air. → PRO Audio version is edited for on-air use.


So this social media “influencer” learned that sometimes dating means breaking up. She is “literally” shocked a guy broke up with her after two months. She’s getting some educating in the comments… many from women.


• Oh, he’s wonderful.

• It’s the worst. It is so stupid.

• This is a myth.

• It is like my worst nightmare.

• Um… no, no. Absolutely not. Just no.

• OK so this is gonna be a little weird.


Father’s Day is June 18. Here’s a huge collection of Father’s Day-related drops.



Two old women were sitting on a bench waiting for their bus. The buses were running late, and a lot of time passed. Finally, one woman turned to the other and said, “You know, I’ve been sitting here so long, my butt fell asleep!” The other woman turned to her and said “I know! I heard it snoring!”


• One in four feel “burdened” by their car.

• 68 percent of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them.

• 36 percent don’t know the first thing about fixing a flat tire.

• A third aren’t confident they could jump start a car should the situation arise.

• One in five say using an air pressure gauge to check tire pressure is confusing.

• Over half (54 percent) feel intimidated when dealing with a car mechanic.

• 70 percent are extremely confident they could add washer fluid to their car.

• 48 percent are extremely confident they could replace their windshield wipers.


It’s time to wake up and admit it: mom’s not coming to take care of you or your home. You know you lead a gross life when:

• You eat in bed.

• You can’t remember the last time you washed your sheets.

• Laundry baskets are a nice thought.

• You haven’t seen the bottom of your sink in a very long time.

• You don’t know what’s hiding in the back of your fridge

• You don’t own a vacuum cleaner.

• You don’t give a second thought to your cleaning products.

• You don’t clean up after your pets.

• You have no idea what an HVAC system is.


Someone posted on Reddit:

So my friend has a job walking around a building making sure it isn’t on fire. It is an old building and is no longer up to fire code. So until the building gets renovated in 2-3 years three people have to walk the halls and make sure it isn’t on fire.

And so, on Reddit, the question was asked: “What is the most pointless job in existence?” Some of the responses:

• I stood underneath a conveyor belt dropping gravel out of a rock crusher and picked out chunks of odd-colored rock for 10 hours a day without a break.

• I’m an aviation meteorologist at a location without planes.

• I once worked a job where I would receive forms that were scanned into a machine that put them into some software. But since the scanner wasn’t perfect, I would have to manually type the mistakes into the machine. It was actually faster to not look for mistakes and just retype the entirety of the forms. We would then shred the forms. I was like the backup to a machine who wasn’t very good at its job.

🗣 TOPIC: Not trying to slam anyone’s job, but from the outside looking in what seems like the most pointless job in existence?


TRIVIA: 1½ billion gallons of this stuff is made in the U.S. each year. (Ice cream. This includes frozen yogurt and the like.)

TRIVIA: 85 percent of men who die while making love have what in common? (They’re cheating on their wives.)


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: 13-YEAR-OLD SPENDS $63,000 OF FAMILY’S SAVINGS ON (BLANK)!

The parents of a 13-year-old gaming-addicted girl in China got the shock of their lives when they learned that she had spent $63,000 on mobile games. The girl had managed to deplete the savings account in about four months but managed to keep her spending habit a secret from her mother by deleting all banking history from her phone.

It was only after the girl’s teacher noticed her spending too much time on her mobile phone at school and notified her mother about it that her mother started realizing that something could be wrong.