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• Baseball legend Willie Mays is 93 (in 2024)

• Bob Seger is 79 (in 2024)

• Tom Bergeron (formerly on DWTS) is 69 (in 2024)

• Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) is 64 (in 2024)

• George Clooney is 63 (in 2024)

• Gabourey Sibide (Precious, Empire, American Horror Story: Coven) is 41 (in 2024)

• Sasheer Zamata (Woke, Saturday Night Live) is 38 (in 2024)

• Naomi Scott (live-action Aladdin) is 31 (in 2024)

• Sadie Sandler (Daughter of Adam Sandler, You’re So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah) is 18 (in 2024)


• 1889: The Eiffel Tower was opened to the public at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

• 1946: The New York Yankees became the first major league baseball team to travel by plane.

• 1954: Roger Bannister became the first person to run the mile in under four minutes.

• 1965: Keith Richards fell asleep while improvising with a new guitar. The next morning he couldn’t remember the riffs, but (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction had been preserved on a tape recorder.

• 1990: Dominic Cuzzacrea ran the 26.2-mile Buffalo, New York, marathon in 3 hours and 6 minutes while flipping a pancake.

• 1994: The flight crew of an Aeroflot jetliner with no hydraulic fluid landed their 55 passengers safely in Arkhangelsk, Russia, by pouring all the lemonade on board into the jet’s hydraulic system.

• 2003: A speedy bandit blazed through Dallas during the morning rush hour, robbing nine businesses in two hours. The bandit, armed with a gun, drove a Cadillac and robbed a business every 13 minutes. Police said three of the businesses were donut shops. No one was injured in the robberies.

• 2006: New Jersey dumped “Come See For Yourself,” its second attempt at a slogan in less than a year. It was the product of a statewide contest set up by then-acting Gov. Richard J. Codey, after he rejected a consultant’s offering: “We’ll Win You Over.”

• 2017: France banned too thin fashion models and made labeling of digitally enhanced photos mandatory.

• 2020: It was announced that COVID-19 had infected at least 90,000 healthcare workers worldwide.


• National Nurses Week

• Be Kind To Animals Week

• Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week

• Correctional Officer’s Week

• Tick Awareness Week

• Pet Week

• Update Your References Week

• Craft Brewers Week

• Food Allergy Awareness Week

• National Etiquette Week

• National Stuttering Awareness Week

• Teacher Appreciation Week

• Melanoma Monday

• No Diet Day

• Beverage Day

• International No Diet Day

• National Nurses Day

• Tourist Appreciation Day

• No Homework Day


80,000: Meteorites collected in Antarctica over the years by scientists.


Voters in Anna, Texas, voted down a proposed $100 million stadium for the high school. [Wait, did the plan include a solid gold statue of the school mascot or something?]

It was 70 years ago today that Roger Bannister broke the four-minute-mile barrier. [Today, I considered it a workout just to scroll through my news feed.]

The Kentucky Derby was Saturday. [I tried to watch at (local sports bar) but some guy drinking a mint julep was blocking the TV with his giant floral hat.]

There was a three-way photo finish at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. [Directed by Steven Spielberg.]

There was a three-way photo finish at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. [Mystik Dan was named winner, but for a few minutes the horses were considering a joint custody agreement for the trophy.]

This is National Pet Week and National Teacher Appreciation Week. [Which means it’s also unofficially National Teacher’s Pet Week.]

Mother’s Day is Sunday. [So, if you want to celebrate the woman who gave you life, be sure to remember to buy her a card at the gas station on your way over.]

Insiders say Twitter owner Elon Musk is still trying to figure out how to make it make money. [Apparently crazy tweets don’t convert to dollars.]


WEST COAST MOMS ARE LOVED MORE! _ Folks on the west coast of the U.S. love their moms more than those in the Midwest. According to a poll, 44 percent of westerners would visit their moms more often if the travel rates were cheaper, but only 19 percent of Midwesterners feel the same. Meanwhile, 27 percent of all Americans only see their mom once a year.

WATCHING SUPERHERO FILMS CAN BOOST CONFIDENCE AND REDUCE ANXIETY _ Watching a Marvel movie could be good for you. Those and other superhero flicks aren’t just great entertainment: they can also help you conquer your fears, improve your confidence, and reduce anxiety, according to a study. Experts say taking in a big action thriller could be used as a kind of “cinema therapy” to treat those with a range of psychological disorders.

… Researchers found that big-screen exposure to superhero reduced symptoms of anxiety by 20 percent.

FRENCH WOMEN PICK CHOCOLATE OVER SEX _ French women have apparently found the key to happiness — in chocolate. According to a survey, French woman said food (chocolate in particular) is the most important factor in happiness. Men chose sex as number one, and gave it a 7.5 out of ten when ranking elements of well-being. French women gave sex a 6.7 and said they would prefer less sex to less food. Men, of course, chose less food.

EARLY GMAIL USERS PAID $100 OR MORE FOR AN ADDRESS _ Twenty years ago this month eBay was full of auctions for Gmail email addresses. A few weeks earlier Google had unveiled Gmail in limited release and some people decided they’d make a few bucks and sell their invites on eBay. Some Gmail early adopters paid $100 or more for their address.

WORLD’S LARGEST MARINE REPTILE LIVED OVER 200 MILLION YEARS AGO _  A new discovery has rocked the world of paleontology with the unearthing of a massive marine reptile that once roamed the oceans over 200 million years ago. Imagine a creature as long as a blue whale, but instead of being a gentle giant, it was a fearsome predator known as Ichthyotitan severnensis.

… The incredible find was made by 11-year-old Ruby Reynolds and her father Justin while fossil hunting along Blue Anchor Bay in Somerset, England. Their discovery, a jawbone, provided valuable insight into the prehistoric sea monster’s existence.

8TH GRADER TAKES WHEEL OF SCHOOL BUS _ An eighth-grade student from Glen Hills Middle School in Glendale, Wisconsin, Acie Holland III, heroically took control of the school bus after the driver experienced a medical emergency. He safely stopped the bus and prevented a potential disaster by acting quickly and calmly. The driver, who lost consciousness, was eventually revived and taken to receive medical care.

TOWN SAYS NO TO PROPOSED $100 MILLION STADIUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL _ Sure, high school football is popular, but is a $100 million stadium needed in a community of just 25,000 people? The answer, for now, is no.

… The residents of Anna, Texas, said no to a $100 million high school stadium. The current stadium is small compared to other high school stadiums in the area, but considering many Americans feel like the economy is less than perfect, the people of Anna said “no” to spending $100 million for a stadium that hosts high school games.

WEIRD AND WACKY THINGS FOUND IN SEWERS _ Ever wondered how you’d fit a garden shed into the sewer, why a Ken doll was found swimming around in there, or what other weird and wonderful items have been found by maintenance crews? The water company Severn Trent, based in Coventry, England, has released a list of the ten strangest things found in sewers.

• A Dora the Explorer action figure, which obviously went on quite an explorative adventure, and a Ken doll.

• Pieces of a garden shed

• False teeth

• Underwear

• A chopped-up bed frame

• Lots of eyeglasses

• Many wallets

• Many many keys

• Cutlery

• Car tires

PIZZA DELIVERY DRIVER SHOT AT BY HOMEOWNER AFTER PARKING IN WRONG DRIVEWAY _ A teenage Domino’s pizza delivery driver was shot at multiple times by a homeowner in Ashland City, Tennessee. The terrifying incident unfolded when the teen parked in the wrong driveway to drop off an order. The homeowner mistakenly believed the driver was breaking into his truck and proceeded to fire seven shots at the delivery driver. The entire ordeal was captured on a Ring camera, revealing the driver narrowly escaping a potentially fatal situation. Despite the victim’s reassurances that he was only delivering a pizza, the homeowner continued shooting, with three bullets striking the driver’s truck. The 32-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault.

POLICE INVESTIGATE DISCOVERY OF $40,000 _ A money mystery has gripped the town of Marysville, Ohio, as police are trying to unravel where nearly $40,000 came from. The puzzling discovery began with more than $25,000 found in the restroom of the Avalon Theatre, followed by an additional $12,000 found in a restroom at a KFC restaurant.

… The Marysville Police Captain stated that investigators believe the two cash findings are connected but are still working to determine the source of the money. The bills were found in various denominations, including fives, tens, and even $100 bills.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOWED AIRPOD _ A man in Taiwan fell asleep wearing his Apple AirPods and when he woke up, he couldn’t find one of them. He used his iPhone’s Find My feature to search for it and could soon hear the beep from his missing AirPod coming from his stomach. He then went to the hospital where the doctors gave him a laxative to help him pass the AirPod. He said the battery was at 41 percent when he recovered the AirPod, which was still working.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: INNKEEPER GOES BERSERK AFTER FOOD COMPLAINT _ Two diners in Austria bit off more than they could chew when they dared to complain about a mix-up in their food order and were compelled to run for safety from the enraged restaurant owner. The owner became upset and threw plates piled with food when the diners pointed out that he had got their order wrong.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN WITH ITCH FINDS SPIDER IN EAR _ A man in China who went to the hospital to treat an itchy ear was shocked to find that it was caused by a spider spinning a web inside it. A doctor had to drive the spider out by injecting water slowly into the ear.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COPS CALLED OVER MUSICAL CARD _ German police say an elderly man was so annoyed at hearing the same tune over and over that he called authorities to report his neighbors. The 82-year-old told the police he was sick of the music, which would come at irregular times and at all hours. Upon further investigation, police found a musical greeting card on his windowsill, where occasional breezes opened the card just enough to play an irritating tune.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TSA DISCOVERS A BAG WITH SMALL SNAKES IN PASSENGER’S PANTS _ Transportation Security Administration agents made a slithering discovery at Miami International Airport when they found a bag of snakes hidden in a passenger’s pants at a checkpoint. The TSA agents shared photos on social media of the two small snakes, which were concealed in what appeared to be a sunglasses bag. The snakes were later handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

… The passenger claimed to be carrying the snakes for a friend and was later questioned by authorities.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GREAT ZEBRA ESCAPE: SHUG MAKES IT BACK SAFELY _ In a whirlwind of hoofbeats, one zebra captured the hearts of the residents in the foothills of western Washington. Shug, a zebra named with affection by the locals, managed to evade capture for nearly a week after escaping with her three companions from a trailer near Seattle.

… After a nerve-wracking pursuit by area residents and animal control officers, Shug was finally corralled in a community 30 miles east of Seattle. The Regional Animal Services of King County reported that despite her week-long adventure in the woods, Shug appeared to be in good condition.


THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) – New. The top 12 perform live for their spot in the semi-final.


MASTERCHEF (8p ET, FOX) – New. The remaining four chefs must cook alongside Gordon Ramsay, replicating one of his iconic duck dishes.

CELEBRITY WHEEL OF FORTUNE (9p ET, ABC) – New. The celebs playing tonight are Sarah Levy, Christian Siriano and Krysten Ritter.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (9p ET, FOX) – New. The top five dancers take on a tour-themed challenge.


BOX OFFICE _ The action-comedy “The Fall Guy” starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt proved to be a crowd-pleaser, raking in $28.5 million in North American box office sales over the weekend. This success placed it at the number one spot, leaving other contenders in the dust. “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” trailed behind at second place with $8.1 million, while “Challengers” secured the third spot with $7.6 million.

  1. The Fall Guy, $28.5 million
  2. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, $8 million
  3. Challengers, $7.6 million
  4. Tarot, $6.5 million
  5. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, $4.5 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

WNBA FAN TAKES MATTER INTO THEIR OWN HANDS _ Fans eager to watch the WNBA preseason game between the Chicago Sky and the Minnesota Lynx were left disappointed when the league’s streaming app failed to air the much-anticipated matchup. However, one resourceful fan, @heyheyitsalli, stepped in and livestreamed the game on their phone, attracting a massive audience of over 400,000 viewers.

… The fan stream highlighted the growing interest in women’s basketball and the challenges leagues face in keeping up with the demand for content. While the WNBA clarified that only specific games would be broadcast on the app, fans showed their dedication by tuning in to the impromptu stream.

… Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve commended @heyheyitsalli for their initiative and emphasized the need for organizations to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of sports entertainment.

BERNARD HILL DIES _ Renowned English actor Bernard Hill (image), known for his iconic roles as Captain Edward Smith in “Titanic” and King Théoden in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, has passed away at the age of 79.

CBS SELECTS MATT RYAN TO REPLACE SIMMS AND ESIASON ON NFL TODAY  _ CBS made a bold move last week by bidding farewell to longtime NFL analysts Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms. The network didn’t waste any time in finding their replacement. Enter Matt Ryan, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and NFL MVP in 2016. With Esiason and Simms departing, there was a noticeable gap in quarterback analysis on the panel. Ryan, known as “Matty Ice,” brings a wealth of experience and success to the table, making him a suitable choice to join the cast of CBS’ NFL Today. Having played over a decade in the league and achieving impressive stats, Ryan’s addition is expected to enhance the overall analysis on the show. His recent stint as an in-game and studio analyst for CBS shows his readiness for this new role.

DISNEYLAND’S FROZEN LAND TEASED TO BE IN THE WORKS _ Exciting news for Frozen fans and theme park enthusiasts alike as Disneyland hints at a possible Frozen-themed land coming soon. With the recent approval of DisneylandForward by the Anaheim City Council, Disney’s $60 billion theme park investment might include a magical Arendelle experience.

… With ongoing construction of immersive Frozen experiences in various Disney parks worldwide, the anticipation for a permanent Frozen attraction at Disneyland continues to grow.

ROBINHOOD COMING BACK TO THEATERS _ Robinhood is set to return in a new movie titled The Death of Robin Hood. Described as a “darker reimagining” of the character, Hugh Jackman has the lead role opposite Jodie Comer. Jackman’s Robin will reckon with his past life of pulling off crimes with his Merry Men. Now gravely injured and a “battle worn” loner, the sudden appearance of a “mysterious young woman” may serve as a means of redemption.

… Production is expected to kick off in February.

PARIS HILTON FACES CRITICISM AFTER CONTROVERSIAL TIKTOK VIDEO _ Paris Hilton found herself in hot water after a recent TikTok video where she joked about giving her 5-month-old daughter, London, a spray tan. In the video, Hilton discussed her love for spray tans and the difference in skin tones between her and her daughter. Despite her attempt at humor, some fans took it way to seriously.

… Despite Hilton’s obvious joke, some criticized her for potentially exposing her young child to harmful chemicals, while others felt that the joke was in poor taste.

KATE BECKINSALE FIRES BACK AT SURGERY CLAIMS _ Actress Kate Beckinsale just addressed rumors of plastic surgery, slamming trolls for their hurtful comments. In a heartfelt post, Beckinsale expressed frustration at constant accusations of undergoing cosmetic procedures, labeling it as a form of bullying.

… In her lengthy caption, accompanied by videos spanning years, Beckinsale defended herself against claims of looking unrecognizable due to alleged surgeries. She emphasized the impact of such rumors, particularly coming from other women. The actress also touched on personal struggles, including anxiety attacks and the loss of her father at a young age.


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Jerry Seinfeld stopped by Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update for a skit about being worn out from doing too much press for his Netflix movie Unfrosted. Here’s a clip from his appearance.


It was today (May 6) in 2004 that the last episode of Friends aired. Here’s an instrumental version of the show’s iconic theme song.


Use this clip to get on the topic of mulching, how much you’ve already put down, the neighbor who always puts it down first on your block, etc.


A large batch of Mother’s Day-related drops.


May 3 NEWS & NUGGETS: Roger Wonson, who lives in a Massachusetts retirement community, just celebrated the century mark, shared some valuable life lessons. One key to longevity is his love for the drums, which he picked up when his drum-playing older brother became more interested in girls.

→ NOTE: PRO Audio version is edited for on-air use.

ALSO… 🍺 We brought back a clip from 2019 about a Wisconsin woman who turned 100 and enjoyed a Miller 64 every day!



What is the worst thing — in just four words — someone could say to end a first date?

(YOU) I’ll go first: “The earth is flat.”


• A broken clock is right twice a day. A click that is 5 mins ahead is never correct but is still useful.

• Except for children, we mostly agree if  you can’t afford something, you shouldn’t have it.

• Normally we drink from top of a glass or bottle. When we use straws we drink from bottom.

• We are all time travelers moving at the speed of exactly 60 minutes per hour.

• “Fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing.

• Your left hand has never touched your left elbow.


BuzzFeed put together a list of foods we’re not supposed to eat with a fork.

• Pizza
• Chicken wings
• Sushi
• Hot dog
• Spring roll
• Watermelon
• Sandwich
• Ribs
• Donuts
• Cheeseburger
• Lobster
• Popcorn
• Asparagus
• Bruschetta
• Mozarella sticks
• Bacon
• Burrito
• Grapes
• Fried chicken
• Brownie
• French fries
• Nachos

🗣 TOPIC: What finger food will you not pick up and you just have to eat with a fork?


Flight attendants were asked for airline flight tips.

• Most people recline to sleep on an airplane, one flight attendant does the opposite. When flying coach on her own time, she stacks four pillows on her seat tray — two by two — and lays her head on them. The stacked-pillow approach even works in the middle seat, she says.

• Try to sit toward the center of the plane so you aren’t woken up by people waiting for the bathroom or noisy flight attendants.

• Carb up with starchy foods a couple of hours before boarding. That helps bring on drowsiness.

• You might have noise-cancelling earbuds in but not everyone will notice, which means occasional interruptions. If you really want to go unbothered, wear a sleep mask, which signals you’ve checked out.

🗣 TOPIC: What’s your best tip for flying?


🔈 It was 20 years ago today (May 6) that Friends went off the air. How much do you really know about one of the most popular sitcoms of all time?

• What name appears on the address label of Chandler and Joey’s TV Guide? (Ms. Chanandler Bong)

• What did Gunther dress up as in Monica and Chandler’s Halloween party? (Charlie Brown)

• Which famous person does Phoebe believe is her Grandfather? (Albert Einstein)

• Who scored the winning point at ping-pong in Barbados? (Chandler)

• What was the name of Joey’s girlfriend with whom Chandler fell in love? (Kathy)

• True or False: Charlie Sheen once starred in Friends as Phoebe’s stalker? (False. Phoebe’s stalker was played by David Arquette.)

• What did Monica’s parents call her as a child? (Little Harmonica)

• What fruit is Ross allergic to? (Kiwi)

• Why does Ross hate ice-cream? (He says it’s toooo cold)

• Which Friend hates Thanksgiving? (Chandler)

• What are Phoebe and Joey’s all purpose aliases? (Regina Phalange and Ken Adams)

• What does Joey name his new boat? (Mr. Beaumont)

• What airline did the friends take to England? (Virgin Airlines)

• What was Monica’s imaginary boyfriend’s name in high school? (Jared)

• What was the name of the hamster Rachel had as a child? (Twinkles)

• What Union is Joey a member of? (Screen Actor’s Guild)


TRIVIA: In a survey, 22 percent of adults said this can sometimes be good for a marriage. (Adultery)

TRIVIA: The sport of Korfball is the only team sport in the world where it  is compulsory for teams to what? (Be made up of a mixture of both male and female members. Korball, played with two teams of 8 — 4 men and 4 women — is sort of a cross between basketball and soccer. We think.)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• Someone who reads alot is called this. (Bookworm)

• When you try to do something better. (Improve)

• Speaking in front a large crowd can make you this. (Nervous)

• Microsoft founder Bill’s last name. (Gates)

• Stuff you can add to make a new car nicer. (Options)


The last episode of Friends aired 20 years ago today. I’ll give you the names of some celebrities and after each one you tell me whether or not they ever appeared in a guest role on Friends. If you think they did, say “Friend of a Friend,” if not, say “No Friend”.

• Christina Applegate (Friend of a Friend)

• Danny DeVito (Friend of a Friend)

• Johnny Depp (No Friend)

• Donny Osmond (Friend of a Friend)

• Charlton Heston (Friend of a Friend)

• Sylvester Stallone (No Friend)

• George Clooney (Friend of a Friend)

• Helen Hunt (Friend of a Friend)

• Jay Leno (Friend of a Friend)

• Noah Wyle (Friend of a Friend)