Radio Blast from the Past: The PD Planner


Radio Blast from the Past: The PD Planner

Way back in the 1990s, Programmer and Consultant Michael Langevin published “The PD Planner,” a planning tool to help radio program directors better plan their days, weeks, months and beyond.

1. Check the program log for missed commercials, problems etc.
2. Check the music log for accuracy and deal with any problems
3. Check the transmitter log
4. Meet with general manager and sales manager
5. Review the day’s promotional activities and check for loose ends
6. Set up your daily/weekly planner
7. Return phone calls

1. Write new liners
2. Update station promos
3. Meet with morning show talent (daily if possible)
4. Do analysis of your music scheduling software
5. Review music adds
6. Make sure that you’ve run proper EAS tests
7. Conduct a promotions meeting
8. Aircheck sessions with non-morning drive full-time staff
9. Read appropriate trade magazines/newsletters
10. Make sure website is updated
11. Conduct call out research on currents/recurrents

1. Aircheck all part-timers
2. Finalize transmitter logs and place in public file
3. Review rules/priorities/settings etc. in music scheduling software
4. Review marketing plan
5. Do a complete competitive analysis on your biggest competitor and review
6. Meet with station consultant or group program director

1. Put together programs/issues list and place in public file
2. Prepare a new programming plan
3. Review station research
4. Get out of the station for a day for a fresh perspective

1. Conduct a perceptual study in your market
2. Do a focus group
3. Conduct a music test on the gold base of your music library
4. Review and renew air staff contracts/agreements
5. Conduct staff reviews and give raises
6. Have a complete engineering analysis of your station processing
7. Prepare a budget for the programming department
8. Attend at least one industry convention
9. Take a fun and relaxing vacation – you deserve it