What Radio Pros Say About InterPrep PRO

“I am enjoying the ‘Lookback’ feature … I can actually remember the bits and how I made them work, and how I can modernize them and bring them current.” —Rowdy Yates

“I just wanted to thank you for almost 30 good years! After starting with you back when I was in college in 1994 and continuing when I got my first real radio job in 2001 until now, InterPrep has been invaluable as both my assistant and my co-host. Though we’ve never met, after all of these years, I almost feel like we’re friends … thank you so much for all you and InterPrep have done for me over the years. Cheers!” — Vaughn Zenko

“I really appreciate all of the hard work you do to produce InterPrep. It is simply amazing!” — Todd Edwards, TRIK FM

“Thanks for the service. Best bit of money I have spent!” — Ken Landers, CJLR/Saskatchewan

“There’s so much valuable material. Well worth the investment. It’s some of the best prep that I’ve ever used and I’ve been in the radio business for over 40 years.” — Rick Sabine, WZVL/Zanesvillle, Ohio

“Always different from other prep services out there. Fantastic!” — Todd Fetzer, WLQK/Cookeville, Tennessee

“Your prep service is by far the BEST service I’ve ever seen.” — Bill Sappenfield, 60s 70s and More FlashBack

“Shows are so much better with your show prep. We get calls about the stories we share on the air. Thanks for all you do to help us gain more listeners.” — Jim Webster, Spirit 95/Bloomington, Indiana

“There’s show prep and this date in history stuff here and there, and then there’s InterPrep.com! For years I get to the station and have counted on InterPrep’s daily content for the latest news, entertainment stories, show ideas, and more. It’s ready and waiting for me. Concise, consistent daily radio show prep at its best! This is a must-have for any talent!” — Brian Casey, KKKJ-FM/Klamath Falls, Oregon

“Your prep is awesome. It’s concise, informative, and entertaining.” — Amy Paige, WKDF/Nashville

“Just wanted to say THANKS! The daily prep has been great for the shows I do daily. Great stuff!” — Kevin Lambert, WBOW/Terre Haute, Indiana

“The service is A+. I’ve been doing this for 32 years and it’s the best I’ve ever seen.” — Mike Esparza, KDRI/Tuscon, Arizona

“Hands down the best in the business. Keep up the great job and rock on!” — Rick LaPean, WQCK/State College, Pennsylvania

“I’ve been an InterPrep PRO subscriber for as long as I can remember. Can’t start my day without it! It never fails to make me sound way smarter than I am… pretty sure no one will fight me on that either.” — Murphy, WIXX/Green Bay, Wisconsin

“InterPrep is great! It’s focused and concise. I usually start my prep process going through InterPrep and have for the last decade. It’s an excellent addition to the Cat Pak Morning Show!” —  Brent Lane, WYCT-FM/Pensacola, Florida

“InterPrep is a very good service. It’s always there when I need it and the information is precise and accurate. Great service at a good price.” —  Dave Stevens, Port Broadcasting/Sanford, Maine

”Just wanted to THANK YOU for the GREAT work! Amid this whole COVID-19 situation you are giving all of us informed information without all the doom, gloom, and fear. YAY YOU! And still finding other stories that have nothing to do with the virus!”  —  Cindy Olson, KCLS-FM/St. George, Utah

“InterPrep is a great prep site. They go that extra mile when it comes to getting you on-time information. As we all know people have quick access to information these days [and] we need it first and we need more of the story and that’s what you will find with InterPrep.” — Beth Bradley, WSSL-FM/Greenville, South Carolina

“Very resourceful and helpful with show preparation.” — Maggie Brown, WYXY-FM/Champaign, Illinois

“We annually review our resources and discuss which ones consistently provide timely, listener-friendly content. InterPrep has by far exceeded all other services across the board! It’s easy to navigate and always a step ahead of most other prep tools. Thanks, Steve, for always doing such a great job. When do you sleep?” — Eden Kendall, WGNE/Jacksonville, Florida

“For over a decade I’ve been a proud and happy InterPrep subscriber. There are many services that help radio pros with a variety of needs, but I have always trusted Steve to tell me what I need to know on any number of topics, so other services might have more punchlines, but I had the meat. This service was my savior when I needed more adult topics for my time hosting a second show daily that was on newstalk station. And when the corporate folks cut the budget and provided a second-rate service as a replacement? I started paying out of my own pocket because it is that good. Written by a radio pro, for radio pros. InterPrep keeps you prepared.” — Susan Saunders, WBNQ/Bloomington, Illinois

“I’m wearing a lot of hats, I don’t have 4 hours to prep and I need a service that’s got what others don’t. InterPrep saves me time and makes me sound way smarter than I really am!” — Ryan P, Wave FM

“I’ve been a loyal InterPrep user since my first day on the KSAB Morning Show, way back when I actually had hair! It’s the best and most complete prep service that I’ve used. You’ll find everything you need for a successful show on InterPrep.” — Dan Pena/Corpus Christi, Texas

“Cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH! You ROCK!” — Cindy Olson, KCLS-FM/St. George, Utah

“I have used InterPrep for over 10 years and pay out of my own pocket, so that says something. Get this service.” — Ron Sinclair

“I have used InterPrep PRO in the morning, in the afternoon, and even today while doing IT all day and tracking an evening show. In a world where we are increasingly asked to do more at the station, InterPrep makes it easy to pull together a great show in a little time.” — Tim Thomson, Joy FM/St. Louis

“My routine is to go through InterPrep and fill in my show clock with all the great stuff. I fill up almost every break which allows me to fill in the gaps and make replacements with local prep.” — JJ Jennings

“It took me about a minute to upgrade to InterPrep PRO. After I subscribed my stress level dropped right away. Love having you guys writing for my show!” — Lisa King

“Because of you, I sound so smart and topical! I would feel lost without it!” — Philip Rivera

“In 30 minutes I have a whole show prepped. No more spending hours searching the web. It’s topical and timely. I use it every day and you should too.” — Chris Wolf, WRFR/Mainecoast.TV

“InterPrep always has awesome content that our listeners love!” — Jason Hill, WHOU-FM/Houlton, Maine

“It more than pays for itself. I don’t have to mine through what is now an ocean of information on the web that is beyond managing.” — Lisa Barry, KTIS-FM/Minneapolis

“You guys are at the top of your game.” — Bruce Murdock, KKCW-FM/Portland, Oregon

“Perfect for all dayparts. Great job!” — Michael Raffety, KWSV-FM/Simi Valley, CA

“I will tell you that many of the services we use have rapidly deteriorated in quality over the past few years. But your prep service is one thing that has never faltered, and in fact, keeps getting better.” — Shane Nelson, Wheels 106.1

“Trust me, I’ve tried all of them at one time or another. If I had to choose just one form of prep to take with me each day I would always choose InterPrep. It has constantly been a worthwhile investment and I’ve been with you for a long time. Young announcers who claim they can’t afford InterPrep are making a mistake. Carpenters buy their own tools, mechanics own quality wrenches, and announcers should invest in their careers!” — John Lee, Little Rock, AR