InterPrep PRO: September 2

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• Terry Bradshaw is 72

• Mark Harmon is 69

• Keanu Reeves is 56

• Salma Hayek is 54

• Cynthia Watros (Lost, Titus) is 52

• Comedian Katt Williams is 47

• Joshua Henry (Hamilton) is 36


• 1666: The Great Fire of London broke out. When it was finally extinguished three days later, nearly 400 acres in the city had been destroyed, including around 13,000 houses and the old St. Paul’s Cathedral.

• 1944: Navy pilot George H.W. Bush was shot down by Japanese forces as he completed a bombing run over the Bonin Islands. The future president was rescued by a U.S. submarine.

• 1948: Teacher Christa McAuliffe was born. She was selected from among more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project. She was one of seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

• 1963: The CBS Evening News was lengthened from 15 to 30 minutes.

• 1992: The United States and Russia agreed to build a space station.

• 2005: Thieves in Austria nearly derailed a passenger train after pushing a 35 pound stolen safe on to the tracks in the hope a speeding locomotive would smash it open. The force of the collision did indeed opened the safe, but nearly all the money was thrown out and the perpetrators had to flee.


V-J Day

• World Coconut Day

• Grits for Breakfast Day

A few sources claim today is International Bacon Day, but it always falls on the Saturday before Labor Day.


115,000: Gas stations in the U.S. There are just under 12,000 in Canada.


Walmart says it will launch the membership service Walmart+ on September 15. [You get to use the restrooms that have been cleaned.]

David Blaine will launch himself into the air with over 50 helium balloons today. [Doesn’t this guy know this country owns a lot of guns?]

A new poll finds a third of Americans will vote by mail. [And still take a nap afterwards.]

While Sean Hannity had great ratings in August, his viewership still isn’t what some YouTube stars are getting. [Which is why, beginning next week, Sean will also provide Minecraft tips.]

Roller skates are a big seller right now. [A quicker way for parents to get away from their distance-learning children.]

Americans were supposed to see the president’s new healthcare plan by the end of August. [Just mail me my box of band-aids and let me get back to Netflix.]

A study found we should be washing our bed sheets weekly to every-other-week. [I told (jock) this and he said, “They come off?”]

An Amazon delivery driver saved a drowning dog during his shift. [Wait, am I reading that right — the dog has a shift at Amazon?]


WALMART IS LAUNCHING WALMART+ ON SEPTEMBER 15 _ Walmart says it will launch its new membership service, Walmart+, on September 15. The service includes a ton of perks for members. For instance, they will receive unlimited free delivery from stores on more than 160,000 items, including groceries. Walmart+ members will also receive fuel discounts of up to five cents a gallon, and tools like Scan & Go in the Walmart app, where customers can scan their items as they shop and check out using Walmart Pay. Walmart said that it will continue to add additional benefits as the service continues.

… A Walmart+ membership will cost $98 a year or $12.95 a month and all memberships include a 15-day free trial period.

HERE’S WHEN THE BIDEN-TRUMP DEBATES ARE _ Now that both the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention are over, it’s time to move on to the next big event in the 2020 general election — the presidential debates. Joe Biden and Donald Trump will go head-to-head in three debates before the general election: September 29, October 15, and October 22. No moderators have been announced yet, but it’s safe to assume the events will not have live audiences as they have in the past due to COVID-19 restrictions.

TIKTOK’S BENADRYL CHALLENGE HAS JOHNSON & JOHNSON STEPPING IN _ Teens across the country are partaking in a challenge that encourages each other to take as much allergy medicine as needed to hallucinate, with some TikTokers taking a dozen or more pills before trippin’ out. Johnson & Johnson is urging parents to be aware of the Benadryl TikTok after a 15-year-old girl died from it and put three Fort Worth, Texas teens in the hospital. Ingesting large doses of Benadryl can result in seizures and serious heart problems.

CITY DISCOVERS FIRST MAYOR LEFT THEM HIS HEART _ During the renovation of a fountain in the Belgian city of Verviers, officials discovered that the old rumors were true: Pierre David, the city’s first mayor, had literally given his heart to Verviers. The organ was sealed in a jar of alcohol inside a small zinc casket entombed near a bust of the mayor. An engraving on the casket reads: “The heart of Pierre David was solemnly placed in the monument on 25 June 1883.”

… David died in a fall from a hayloft in 1839, more than 40 years before the fountain was completed. He first started overseeing the city in 1798 and established Verviers’ first fire service in 1802. During the tumultuous next few decades, Belgium passed from French rule to Dutch rule and finally became independent in 1830, when David was elected again and brought peace to the city after the Belgian Revolution. The heart will be on display at a local arts museum until mid-September. It’s not clear whether the city plans to return it to the fountain.

ROLLER SKATES ARE SELLING OUT EVERYWHERE _ The pandemic has spurred a nostalgic resurgence of a lot of things, including roller skating. According to Google data, searches related to roller skating nearly quadrupled from March to May, and interest in the activity has led to lower inventory and back orders everywhere from big-box stores to specialty brands. Several styles on the Dicks Sporting Goods website are currently listed as “limited stock” while Moxi — one the biggest roller skate sellers in the country, which sells vintage-inspired skates in whimsical colors and patterns — announced on Friday that it is temporarily pausing sales of American-made roller skates to work through its current order backlog.

OLD NAVY IS PAYING EMPLOYEES TO WORK THE VOTING POLLS _ To address a nationwide poll worker shortage and encourage employees to vote, Old Navy announced Tuesday that it will pay its employees to work at the polls on Election Day and give workers up to three hours of paid time off on November 3 to cast their ballots. It’s part of a broader initiative by more than 150 major retailers to encourage civic participation at a moment when the country is faced with some of the biggest crises in generations.

SOMEONE ADDED ZOMBIE EFFECTS TO A BUNCH OF KARENS _ Karens are taking over the world, infiltrating every town in America and threatening the very fabric of our society in much the same way we assume zombies would — if zombies were an actual real thing. Unfortunately, unlike zombies, Karens are in fact very, very real. They’re at Walgreens, on American Airlines flights, at Papa Murphy’s, at Panera Bread, at Target, at Kroger, at Verizon stores — everywhere. And they’re a menace. • VIDEO

… YouTube account Neverthink put together a compilation video that really drives the point home by adding zombie sounds and effects to numerous Karen meltdowns.

HERE’S HOW OFTEN YOU SHOULD BE WASHING YOUR SHEETS _ There are few things more comforting than climbing into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. The problem, of course, is the labor involved in washing those sheets. But make no mistake. You should be washing your bed sheets regularly.

… According to CNET, sheets collect residue from the bodies occupying them. Skin oil, dead skin cells, saliva, and sweat all accumulate. The dead skin cells are especially problematic, as they help nourish dust mites, tiny little insects that can inhabit your bed and leave tiny droppings. Even worse, people who sleep in the buff may be leaving small amounts of fecal matter behind. At a certain point, your sheets may become the equivalent of sleeping in a six-month-old pile of dirty underwear.

… When it comes to washing sheets, some might opt for once a month — but that’s not enough. A better schedule for sheets is once every one to two weeks, minimum. If you sweat, opt for once a week. To combat the dust mites, washing in hot water (at least 130°F) is recommended. Hot water and immediate washing is also needed if you’re just getting over an illness.

APPLE, GOOGLE EXPAND COVID-19 EXPOSURE NOTIFICATIONS _ Apple and Google announced Tuesday they’re making their coronavirus contact tracing system native to their phones so users don’t have to download an app to access the feature. The tech companies said the COVID-19 exposure notification feature will be added to phones in the next updates, but users can choose not to use it.

… The system uses Bluetooth technology to track when phones are in proximity to one another. If a user who has opted in to the program tests positive for COVID-19 and inputs the information into their phone, it will automatically notify anyone they’ve been in close proximity with for an extended period of time.

… Only those who have opted in will receive the notifications. The companies say the contract tracing will be anonymous and won’t record users’ locations.

PILOTS REPORT SEEING JETPACK FLYING NEAR AIRPORT _ On Sunday evening, an American Airlines pilot flying into Los Angeles International Airport reported seeing a man in a jetpack flying thousands of feet above the airway. Fox 11 Los Angeles obtained radio transmissions between the pilot and the control tower claiming to see a “guy in a jetpack” no less than 300 yards outside of his window, when he was ten miles out from the runway at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Another pilot for SkyWest Airlines confirmed the sighting to the control tower, reporting “We just saw the guy passing by us in the jetpack.”

APPLE TO LAUNCH NEW APPLE WATCHES AND iPAD AIR SOON _ Apple is launching two new Apple Watch models, as well as a new iPad Pro this year. Of the two new upcoming watches, one will be a successor to the Apple Watch 5, while the other will be a cheaper model that will replace Apple Watch 3 in Apple’s lineup.

… A source says Apple will launch a total of four iPhones this year, all with OLED displays. The two high-end “Pro” models will have a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch display, respectively, while the basic models will come with a 5.4-inch and a 6.1-inch display. Another big update will be 5G, which should be present on all four models.

TEENS WHO SLEEP TOO LITTLE EAT MORE FATTY FOODS _ Teens who sleep less than eight hours a night on weeknights eat more fatty foods and snacks than those who get more than eight hours of sleep a night. Researchers say that teens getting too little sleep can result in chronic changes in the diet that can increase the risk of obesity, especially in girls. Prior studies have shown that too little sleep can lead to weight gain, but the new findings show where the extra calories come from.

RADIO MOST TRUSTED MEDIUM IN AMERICA _ A new survey (iHeartMedia) found that listeners’ trust in radio and its on-air personalities continues to grow as social media has become far less trustworthy over the past year. The new survey revealed that radio is number one in trust and is two times more trustworthy than social media. The survey of radio listeners found radio to be 79% percent more or just as trustworthy versus a year ago, while social media is 50 percent less trustworthy during the same time period. In particular, sentiment for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has plummeted in recent months, with Facebook down 56 percent, Instagram down 38 percent and Twitter down 140 percent.

… The survey also discovered that radio delivers tangible benefits to listeners, with an overwhelming majority of respondents citing that it improves their mood, helps them feel less isolated and more connected to their community. Listener connection with radio personalities is strong, with 77 percent trusting the information they receive from their favorite on-air hosts.

… The survey found that for radio listeners 18-69:

• 75% trust radio
• 66% trust television
• 57% trust websites
• 38% trust Twitter
• 37% trust Facebook

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: MAN HAD 4 POUNDS OF COINS IN HIM _ Doctors in Thailand performing emergency surgery on a man who was rushed to hospital writhing in pain were stunned when more than 4 pounds of loose change spilled out of his stomach. The man had been swallowing the coins for a long time and had turned black from stomach acid.


🎧  WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BABY SHARK BITES FLORIDA MAN _ Turns out those baby sharks aren’t nearly as fun-loving as that song suggests — one locked onto a beachgoer’s arm even after he got out of the water. It happened at Florida’s Jensen Beach, where a guy was swimming Sunday when a baby shark attacked him in the water. The little oceanic beast — possibly a nurse shark — latched on and wouldn’t release its jaws, forcing the guy to just hold it calmly to avoid further injury. The man was taken to the hospital to remove the shark and he’s okay.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BEARS MAKE REPEATED VISITS TO CALIFORNIA CONVENIENCE STORE _ Security cameras at a California convenience store captured video of repeated visits from a group of unusual shoplifters: bears. Footage recorded Sunday by the security cameras at the Chevron gas station convenience store (in Kings Beach) shows a bear lying on the floor eating merchandise, including candy and crackers. An employee said local bears have repeatedly visited the store in recent weeks. And local wildlife officials said a bear that was seen inside a grocery store recently is one of the same bears that has been visiting the Chevron store.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: OKLAHOMA MAN DETAINED FOR VISITING TACO BELL DRIVE-THRU NAKED _ A man in Oklahoma learned that it is illegal to drive naked when he was apprehended doing so at a Taco Bell drive-thru. The suspect reportedly asked workers for extra sauce and an extra taco while not wearing any clothes. When police showed up the 61-year-old man explained that his clothes were in the washer and that he was unaware that it was illegal to drive naked.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TWO PYTHONS WEIGHING 100 POUNDS COLLAPSE CEILING _ When Australian David Tait returned home he found a large chunk of his ceiling lying on his kitchen table. He soon found two culprits: non-venomous carpet pythons 9 foot, 2 inches and 8 foot, 2 inches long. After falling through the ceiling they had slithered into a a bedroom and living room. The snakes have an estimated combined weight of 100 pounds. A wildlife expert thinks the two males were fighting over a female that was nearby in the roof. He suspected the female could still be in the ceiling or nearby. The males were returned to the wild.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PURSE-SNATCHER TAKE WRONG TURN _ In Italy, a purse-snatcher’s escape went wrong when he ducked into a building only to realize it was a police station. The alleged thief apparently thought he was running into a post office where he may have intended to blend into the crowd.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COPPER CHOPPER TRACKS KINDLING CROOK _ In England a man was suspected of theft, so officers scrambled the police force helicopter to tail him. The cost of running the chopper is about $1,500 an hour, but they felt it was worth it to get their man. The chopper tailed the man from the air, following him back to his home. Not long after the chopper confirmed his location, ground police moved in. Minutes later police asked the husband and father to come to his front door for questioning. Soon they realized the man really hadn’t committed a crime. What had he done that had police tracking him with a helicopter? He’d taken some kindling from a nature reserve.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CROOKS SNAP SELFIES WITH FOUND PHONE _ In Argentina three guys stole some fertilizer. While they were there one of them spotted a cellphone. The guys couldn’t resist taking pictures of themselves. Only one problem: the phone had been set up to auto-upload photos to the cloud. Cops were able to identify and track down the crooks pretty easily.


BIG BROTHER (8p ET, CBS) — New. Houseguests vie for the power of veto.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — New. On the results show, five acts move on to the semifinals.

SEASON FINALE: TOUGH AS NAILS (9p ET, CBS) — New. In the 2-hour season 1 finale, the final five battle to win the $200,000 prize, as their loved ones cheer them on. The show has been renewed for a 2nd season.

THE CORONER (9p ET, CW) — New.

CHEF’S TABLE: BBQ (Netflix) — This new spinoff travels the world in search of the best barbecue. First stop: Lexington, Texas, where 85-year-old Tootsie Tomanetz is a custodian by day and a legendary pitmaster by night.


DAVID BLAINE WILL FLY TODAY _ David Blaine is hoping to turn the fantasy of the 1956 classic French short film The Red Balloon into reality. Blaine, a career magician, illusionist and endurance performer, is set to take flight over the desert in Page, Arizona, today (September 2) — piloting a cluster of 52 helium-filled balloons. The stunt will be exclusively livestreamed on YouTube, which is funding the project, and Blaine will narrate the entire experience for viewers high above the Earth.

… The event, weather permitting, is set to begin livestreaming at 8:55AM Eastern on Blaine’s YouTube channel. Blaine said the setup for the stunt will take about an hour and a half, with the flight and landing expected to last about one hour.

JOHNNY DEPP REQUESTS DELAY OF DEFAMATION TRIAL TO FILM FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 _ Johnny Depp’s legal drama with his ex-wife Amber Heard is going to take longer to be settled. The actor is seeking a delay of trial for his defamation lawsuit against the Aquaman actress because of the upcoming production of Fantastic Beasts 3. Due to the COVID-19, filming on the movie was put on hold earlier this year. Now that the British government has allowed some projects to resume in London with strict protocols, production on the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald sequel is set to pick back up again starting in October and possibly extending into February 2021, conflicting with the defamation trial set to take place from January 11 to 28 next year.

… Depp says he was notified on August 19 that he’s been called back to work from early October through mid-February.

AMBER HEARD ACCUSES JOHNNY DEPP OF SMEAR CAMPAIGN _ Amber Heard is countersuing ex-husband Johnny Depp for $100 million — accusing him of using trolls and fake social media accounts in a “smear campaign” to ruin her life. Heard filed documents seeking to get her ex’s “frivolous lawsuit” against her tossed from a court in Virginia — while seeking twice the amount of compensatory damages he had sought from her.

PIERS MORGAN VOWS TO HUNT DOWN BURGLARS _ Piers Morgan says burglars raided his vacation bedroom while he and his wife slept — vowing to hunt them down like Liam Neeson in Taken. Morgan shared on Good Morning Britain: “And yes, I will find you. It will make Taken look like a tea party. I’m serious. We’re gonna find you … we’re on to you.” Morgan, 55, said his wife’s jewelry was taken in the heist, which he believes was planned by crooks who flew drones over the villa days earlier.

JAMIE FOXX TO STAR IN NETFLIX COMEDY SERIES INSPIRED BY DAUGHTER _ Jamie Foxx will star in a comedy series for Netflix titled Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. The series is inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx. The series will also star David Alan Grier, Kyla-Drew, Porscha Coleman, and Jonathan Kite.

MAN AIMS TO SEE ‘TENET’ 120 TIMES FOR GUINNESS RECORD _ A movie enthusiast in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is going for a Guinness World Record by attempting to see Tenet in theaters 120 times. Craig Sharpe of Winnipeg began his attempt August 26. Sharpe said his goal is to break the Guinness World Record for most cinema productions attended — same film. The record is currently held by Australian woman Joanne Connor, who attended 108 screenings of Bohemian Rhapsody in early 2019. Sharpe said he expects his attempt to take about 30 days.

… The rules from Guinness are: You have from the time that it’s opened and it only counts when it’s a first-run movie. The rules also require Sharpe to stay for the entire movie, including the credits.

ED SHEERAN AND CHERRY SEABORN JUST WELCOMED A BABY _ Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn have welcomed their first child together. Ed hit up Instagram early in the morning Tuesday to share a sweet photo of a blanket and a pair of tiny socks, confirming that Cherry had given birth to a healthy baby girl named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. • IMAGE

CHRIS EVANS REPORTEDLY EYED FOR EXTRACTION SEQUEL _ Netflix delivered a blockbuster with Extraction, a movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Now there’s word that another Marvel superhero actor — Chris Evans — could star in the sequel.

NETFLIX CANCELS ANOTHER ORIGINAL SHOW AFTER JUST ONE SEASON _ Rumors that Netflix is in the midst of huge cutbacks continue to gather, with The Big Show Show being the latest to find itself being cancelled by the streaming site after just one season. The series only debuted in April, but now finds itself canned after eight episodes. In-house sitcoms have never really been regarded as the company’s most acclaimed output, and the cast will make their final bow in an upcoming Christmas episode before riding off into the sunset.

OF COURSE THERE ARE TIGER KING HALLOWEEN COSTUMES _ Who among us wasn’t glued to the couch watching Joe Exotic, lie, cheat, and steal his way into our hearts on Netflix earlier this year? certainly was, and the online lingerie and costume retailer evidently jumped at the chance to create some truly epic Tiger King-inspired Halloween looks.’s exclusive collection of officially licensed Tiger King costumes include options suitable for men and women. • LINKLINK

BRADLEY COOPER CARES FOR ELDERLY MOM AND RUNS ONE-MAN PRESCHOOL _ Bradley Cooper is keeping his family as safe as possible amid the coronavirus pandemic. The star told Interview magazine he’s holed up with his daughter Lea and his 80-year-old mother Gloria, who he’s striving to protect from the disease. Cooper told Interview: “I’m with my daughter and my mother and my two dogs, and we have not left the house. My mother is going to be 80, and she has a colostomy bag, so I can’t let anybody in the house. And I can’t leave the house, because if she gets it, it’s over.”

… The actor, who shares the three-year-old with ex Irina Shayk, joked, “We live in a little townhouse — thankfully there’s a backyard. I’m running a one-man preschool. We get up, we do swim class in the bathtub.”

… Although it’s not specified when the interview was conducted, Bradley has been spotted in Los Angeles over the last month catching up with friend Jennifer Garner and filming a new movie.

CHRIS O’DONNELL AND LL COOL J INVOLVED IN FAMILY DANCE COMPETITION FOR CBS _ You thought there were no fresh variations left on the TV dance competition? Think again. CBS on Tuesday gave the go-ahead to Come Dance With Me, a family dance competition series executive-produced by NCIS: Los Angeles co-stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.

… In the series, exceptionally talented young dancers from across the country will invite one inspirational — and untrained — family member (or other adult) who has supported their dance dreams to become their dance partner for a chance to strut their stuff for a grand prize. Each week, the kids will share their love of dance with their mother, father, grandparent or other hero “on an uplifting and emotional journey to learn and perform challenging routines, with the assistance of professional choreographers, in a competition with other duos.”

WHERE’S THE MANDALORIAN SEASON 2 TRAILER? _ That vague “October 2020” release date for The Mandalorian Season 2 is now only weeks away. While it’s exciting we only have a handful of weeks to wait for new Star Wars content, we’re still waiting on one big thing: a trailer. No trailer a month out is highly irregular, but some fan speculation could explain this glaring absence. Simply put, a Season 1 trailer was necessary to sell the show and the premise before Disney+ had its initial launch. Now the series is on its sophomore season, they can simply let the show speak for itself. Of course, there’s no ruling out a trailer reveal, but preparing yourself for the lack of one may be wise at this point.

CARRIE ANN INABA SHARES HEATBREAKING NEWS _ Carrie Ann Inaba shared news of a heartbreaking personal loss on Instagram. The veteran Dancing with the Stars judge posted a devastating update to her social media page as she said goodbye to her beloved cat, Mimi. Carrie Ann posted a throwback photo as she smiled widely while Mimi sat perched on her shoulder. A second photo was a close-up of her fluffy black kitty posing solo. Another photo show Mimi sitting comfortably on a towel in Carrie Ann’s shower.  In the caption to the post, Carrie Ann revealed that Mimi passed away and that she was having a hard time dealing with it.

USHER EXPECTING THIRD CHILD WITH JENNIFER GOICOECHEA _ Usher is about to be a father for a third time. According to Us Weekly, the singer is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea. The pair were recently spotted outside of a Los Angeles production studio and Goicoechea was visibly pregnant. Usher is already father to two boys — Usher, 12, and Naviyd, 11, whom he shares with ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

GAME OF THRONES PRODUCERS WILL ADAPT THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM INTO NETFLIX SERIES _ Game of Thrones producer David Benioff and Dan Weiss have announced their next TV series. Once again, they’re adapting an acclaimed series of novels — only this time in the realm of sci-fi. The duo will tackle Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem trilogy, which depicts humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization.

ADAM DRIVER WILL STAR IN SCI-FI THRILLER FROM THE WRITERS OF A QUIET PLACE _ Adam Driver has signed on for the lead role in the upcoming sci-fi thriller 65, which comes from the writing duo that gave us A Quiet Place.

… A Quiet Place also had John Krasinski on its writing team. He directed the film, which costarred wife Emily Blunt.



On September 3, 1995 eBay was founded — making it 25 years old.

… When it launched it was first called AuctionWeb.

… One of the first items sold on AuctionWeb was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. Astonished by its sale, AuctionWeb founder Pierre Omidyar contacted the winning bidder to ask if he understood that the laser pointer was broken. The buyer explained: “I’m a collector of broken laser pointers.”

… When eBay launched in the UK the first item sold was a CD by The Scorpions.

… The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a 405 foot super yacht for $170 million. A Russian billionaire was the lucky winner of the auction.

… Reportedly, eBay was simply a hobby for Omidyar until his Internet service provider informed him he would need to upgrade to a business account due to his high website traffic. The monthly price increase from $30 to $250 prompted him to start charging eBay users.

… Even though eBay launched as an auction site, the Buy It Now button accounts for most sales on the site.


The position in which you sleep at night reveals your personality (Britain’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service). The six basic sleeping positions and the personality traits are:

• Crouched in the fetal position: Shy and sensitive

• Soldier position flat on the back with arms at the sides: Quiet and reserved

• On the side with legs outstretched and arms down: Social and easy-going

• On the side with legs outstretched and arms outstretched: Suspicious

• Flat on the tummy with hands at the sides of the head: Brash and gregarious

• On the back with outstretched arms and legs: Unassuming and a good listener

… Crouched in the fetal position is most common way to sleep, assumed by fully 51% of women. The most unusual is on the stomach with only 6.5% of respondents saying they sleep this way. Once we adopt a preferred sleeping position, we rarely change it.


According to Real Simple magazine…

The Best Time of Day to Clean the House is 4PM. You’re more likely to whistle while you window wash (and not kick over the bucket) if you do it in the late afternoon. That’s when hand-eye coordination is at its peak and mood levels are high.

The Best Time of Day to Take a Nap is 1PM to 2:30PM. Doctors used to think afternoon sleepiness was the result of a big lunch. But they’ve found that in the early afternoon there’s a dip in body temperature, which causes sleepiness.

The Best Time of Day to Take a Multivitamin is breakfast time. Taking your supplements with a meal is important because vitamins are components of food, and whether water soluble or fat soluble, they are absorbed better with food.

The Best Time of Day to Take the Dog for a Walk is 8PM to 9PM. To you, walking the dog may be about exercise. To him, it’s all about the social life. Because owners have more time to stroll in the evening and to let their pets linger over exciting smells and sounds missed on the morning-rush walk, this is when Fido is happiest. And evening walks also let him avoid midday overheating, make himself comfortable before bedtime.

The Best Time of Day to Do Your Cardio Workout is 5PM to 6PM. At these times, he says, your lungs use oxygen more efficiently, you’re more coordinated, and your muscles are warmed up, so you’re less likely to suffer a sprain or strain. Finish exercising at least three hours before bed so that when your head hits the pillow the extra adrenaline will no longer be pumping through your bloodstream.

The Best Time of Day to Go to the Post Office is 7:30AM to 10AM. Find out when your post office opens (generally between 7AM and 9AM) and arrive a half hour or so later. You’ll hit a midmorning lull, missing the rush of early birds lined up at the door. Heavy traffic is more likely at lunch, at the end of the workday, and just before closing.

The Best Time of Day to Return Merchandise is 10AM. Workforces are leaner these days, but retailers still need enough staff to open up, so that may be when they have the best ratio of staff to customers. It may also be the only time all day when staff are at assigned posts. Also, the most experienced people get the best hours, so they will be working the day shift.

The Best Time of Day to Go to the Doctor is 8AM to 9AM, or 1PM to 2PM. You’ll spend less time in the waiting room if you book the first appointment of the morning or the first after lunch, says Patricia Carroll, R.N., author of What Nurses Know and Doctors Don’t Have Time to Tell You.

The Best Time of Day to Ask for a Raise is 5PM. The key is finding a moment when your boss is not rushed and has time to truly listen, and that’s most likely to be the end of the day.

The Best Time of Day to Get a Haircut is 8AM to 9AM. Booking the first appointment of the day will help you ease into the shampoo bowl on time. That’s because no latecomers will have thrown off the schedule.

The Best Time of Day to Fly is around noon. Although U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show that flights taking off between 6AM and 7AM have the best on-time record, those numbers are sometimes misleading, says Rally Caparas, an Atlanta-based air-traffic controller. “On time” refers to when the plane pushes back from the gate. You can wait on the tarmac for an hour because of weather problems, which cause the vast majority of air delays. Scheduling arrivals and departures between 11AM and 1PM local time, Caparas says, will help you avoid most delay-causing weather patterns.

The Best Time of Day to Read (and Retain) is 8AM or 10PM. If you’re going over notes for today’s presentation or memorizing the names of your child’s classmates’ parents before the school open house tonight, do it early in the morning, when your immediate recall is highest. For longer retention, evening is better.


When you step into a shower, which part of the body do you wash first? Which part you wash first says a lot about you.

CHEST: You are practical person. To you, convenience is of paramount importance.

FACE: Money is important to you.

ARMPITS: You are a dependable and hard working person.

HAIR: Artistic type. Daydreaming is your hobby but you can achieve what most other people cannot.

PRIVATES: Shy type. You lack self confidence and have a very small circle of friends.

SHOULDER: You really like to spend time alone and you see the world as difficult.

KNEES AND BELOW: You’re fun and are always up for new things.


TRIVIA: In a survey, 65 percent of us said this happened to us last summer. (We got sunburned!)

TRIVIA: The average office worker does this three times a week. (Reboots a computer because of problems)

TRIVIA: According to a survey, what is the food most craved by pregnant women? (Nachos)


Guess the word that’s missing from this real news headline: “Motorist Hands ______ to Deputy, Drives Off”

In Texas, some sheriff‘s deputies responded to a report of a vehicle stopped, possibly stalled, with flashers on. Upon contact, the driver was allegedly seen holding an open alcoholic beverage container. The sheriff’s report said an alcohol odor was coming from the vehicle and the man reportedly spoke with slurred speech. The deputy asked the man to hand over the suspected alcoholic beverage and step out of the vehicle. The man handed over the beverage — and drove off. The 54-year-old man was later charged with evading arrest or detention with a vehicle and driving while intoxicated with an open container.


OK (caller), I’m going to read you a story. Whenever you hear the bell you provide the sound effect for what I just described…

Dirk Edwards was a do-it-yourselfer — the kind of guy who had all the tools: a saw (sfx), a drill (sfx) a blender (sfx). OK, maybe not a blender, but he had all the tools a handyman needs. Well one day his brother-in-law, Dick, pulled up in an old, smoking jalopy of a car (sfx). This thing ran badly — really, really badly (sfx). It sounded like someone was choking a cow (sfx). Dick got out of his car (sfx) and said to Dirk, “You got any tools that can help me fix this old jalopy? I swear, I have half a mind to trade it in on a donkey (sfx). Or heck, maybe even an elephant (sfx).” “Sure!” Dirk told Dick, “let me get my tools after I open the garage door (sfx). By the way,” Dirk said, “Why don’t you just sell this old junker and buy yourself a new sports car (sfx)?” And Dick replied, “What, and give up a classic like this? You’re as crazy as a cuckoo bird (sfx)!”



• Former MTV VJ Adam Curry is 56. Curry’s been called the Podfather, who helped create ipodder, a tool that automates the process of downloading and listening to audio files.

• Costas Mandylor (Picket Fences) is 55

• Charlie Sheen is 55

• Ashley Jones (True Blood) is 44

• Garrett Hedlund (Tron, Mudbound) is 36


• 1939: World War II began when France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland, starting the Allies.

• 1944 : Diarist Anne Frank and her family were placed on the last transport train from Westerbork to Auschwitz, arriving three days later.

• 1989: Karen and Stan Sutton sailed back into San Francisco harbor 8½ years after leaving on their trip around the world. They made it in a 43-foot ship they built themselves. Along the way, the couple had two children.

• 1995: eBay was founded.

• 2017: 60,000 people were evacuated as a 1.4 ton World War II bomb was defused in Frankfurt, Germany.


• Skyscraper Day

• Baby Back Ribs Day

• Bowling League Day