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• Kyle MacLachlan is 62

• Rachel Dratch (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live) is 55

• Paul Lieberstein (The Office) is 54

• Jeri Ryan (Boston Public, Star Trek: Voyager) is 53

• TV co-host Clinton Kelly (The Chew, What Not to Wear) is 52

• Thomas Jane (The Sweetest Thing) is 52

• Drew Barrymore is 46


• 1924: Calvin Coolidge became the first President of the United States to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House.

• 1959: Lee Petty won the first Daytona 500.

• 1989: Aldo J. Jacuzzi died at age 67. He pioneered the whirlpool bath pump.

• 2008: A show week on Oprah dealt with shlumpadinkas. Oprah created that word to describe a woman who had completely given up on how she looks.

• 2008: A 70-year-old Iranian man was sentenced to four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking his dog. Owners of domestic animals are forbidden from taking them on the streets of the city because Islam considers dogs to be impure.

• 2015: At the 87th Academy Awards, Birdman was awarded Best Picture.

• 2019: Actor Jussie Smollett was suspended from the show Empire after it was revealed the actor made false claims about a racist and homophobic attack.


• George Washington’s birthday

• For The Love of Mike Day

• Margarita Day

• National Wildlife Day

• Play More Cards Day

• Single Tasking Day

• World Thinking Day

• Cook a Sweet Potato Day


10,000: Cost, in dollars, to build a parking space in a parking deck or parking garage. So a parking garage with 250 spaces would cost roughly $2.5 million.


A 139-year-old house was moved six blocks to a new location in San Francisco. [Imagine the shock an Amazon delivery driver would have if the address on an order wasn’t changed until moving day.]

Dr. Fauci says it’s possible we could still need to wear masks next year. [I’m trying to get (cohost) to change his paper mask. It’s so worn it’s now a tissue paper mask.]

Officials at a school in British Columbia had windows screwed shut or blocked from opening wider than a few inches after teachers began using them to compensate for poor ventilation. [Administrators would change their minds if they were required to share their office with 24 smelly sixth graders.]

Close to two-thirds of Americans who have not yet retired say that when the time comes they will work for pay after retiring. The reason given most often has nothing to do with money — they simply want to stay busy. [Why do you think there are so many senior citizens working as crossing guards? It ain’t the pay… it’s so they can keep busy slowing up traffic even when they’re not in a car.]

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans say they would choose to vote from their computer or mobile device in the next election if possible. [Preferably in an app called Candy Crush: Election 2024.]

A report found that farmers markets aren’t that great of a deal. [Unless you happen to go on a day when both the vegetables and the hippies have been washed.]

A woman in Brazil underwent routine cosmetic surgery for a tummy tuck and a breast job. But after surgery she mysteriously developed the compulsion to steal. [Mainly belts and bras.]  
A survey of drivers found that a majority of them talk to their cars regularly and 20% worry about its feelings. [I hear my neighbor talking to his SUV all the time. He says stuff like, “Why can’t you be like your older brother, the Honda Fit, and get more miles to the gallon?”]


WE COULD BE WEARING MASKS IN 2022 _ Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it’s “possible” Americans will still need to wear masks in 2022 to protect against the coronavirus. The good news he shared is that as we “get into the fall and the winter, by the end of the year, I agree with [President Biden] completely that we will be approaching a degree of normality.”

🎧  CHOIR SINGING IMPROVES BRAIN FUNCTION _ Here’s some research that’s sure to be music to the ears of folks who love to sing. Choir singing boosts brain function and creates a greater sense of togetherness, particularly in older people. The new study suggests that joining a choir could help fight age-related cognitive decline and “chronic loneliness,” which affects around one in 10 older people.

HEARING IMPAIRMENT ON THE RISE _ A survey of mostly middle-aged adults reveals that among people aged 45 to 54, one in nine shows signs of hearing impairment. The researchers tested hearing in more than 2,800 adults between the ages of 21 to 84. Over that large range, one in seven had lost some degree of hearing, and as expected, the rate of hearing loss increased with age. Almost all of those older than 80 — about 90 percent — had lost some hearing, but the rate had already reached one in nine among adults 45 to 54 years old, the largest age group in the population.

HANDS-OFF PARENTS _ The trouble with “kids these days” may be the parents. One in five US teens say they live with “hands-off” adults who seldom set rules and do little to monitor their behavior. Researchers (Columbia University) claim that “hands-off” teens are four times more likely to smoke, drink and use drugs than teens with “hands-on” parents. The message is “loud and clear” according to the study and it says that Moms and Dads should be parents to their kids instead of pals.

… Hands-off parents put their kids at risk by failing to monitor their activities or academic performance, failing to restrict TV, internet use and gaming, and failing to warn their kids against the use of drugs. Researchers estimate that more than 60% of US teens live in a “hands-off” household.

SCHOOL OFFICIALS ORDER WINDOWS SCREWED SHUT _ Officials at a school in British Columbia (Abbotsford) had windows in the building either screwed shut or blocked from opening wider than a few inches after teachers began using them to compensate for poor ventilation. Teachers at Godson Elementary School had assumed a proper ventilation system was installed throughout the entire school — to maintain airflow and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission — but they were shocked to learn that this wasn’t the case in an older wing of the building. After teachers began opening windows wide to increase airflow in the affected classrooms — despite cold temperatures outside — the school district responded by sending contractors to fix the issue. The move has outraged the teachers’ union, which says ventilation problems are widespread in schools across the province, making school staff anxious about the heightened risk of COVID-19 outbreaks.

U.S. COVID-19 DEATHS SURPASS 500,000 _ COVID-19 has claimed an astonishing number of American lives — surpassing half a million Sunday. The good news is the vaccines are going into arms at a rapid pace — lately around 1.5 million per day. Still, we are nowhere close to vaccinating enough people to achieve herd immunity. Around 70 percent of Americans — possibly even more — must be vaccinated to achieve that goal.

WOMEN DRESS LIKE GRANNIES TO SKIP COVID VACCINE LINE _ Watch out Florida Man, it looks like we’ve got Florida Grannies running around down there now. Two women dressed like grannies tried to skip the line and get the COVID vaccine. The Florida Department of Health in Orange County noticed that two women who showed up to get their second dose of the COVID vaccine “looked funny.” The women were apparently wearing bonnets and gloves, despite the 60-degree temperatures. And while they had vaccination cards showing that they had already received their first dose, employees noticed issues with their names and birth dates not matching up with their identifications. That’s when the police were called in, and it was discovered that the ladies were actually only 34 and 44 years old — and Florida is currently only vaccinating people who are 65 and older. Body camera footage shows police scolding the two wannabe-grannies for jumping the line, telling the women that they’ve “stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it” more than them, and giving the two not-so-golden girls a trespass warning from the premises. • VIDEO

POLICE SAY DRUNK DRIVER HAD .77 BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL _ There’s drunk driving and then there’s druuunk driving. An Oregon (Madras) driver and hit-and-run suspect crashed Friday afternoon and was found to have a blood alcohol level of .77, more than nine times the legal limit.

SAN FRANCISCO HOUSE MOVED TO NEW LOCATION _ After 139 years at 807 Franklin St. in San Francisco, a two-story Victorian house has a new address. The home was loaded onto giant dollies and moved Sunday to a location six blocks away — at 1 MPH.

… The house moving company had to secure permits from more than 15 city agencies. This particular move was tricky in part because the first part of the journey involved going downhill. Along the route, parking meters were ripped up, tree limbs were trimmed and traffic signs were relocated. The owner of the six-bedroom house paid about $400,000 in fees and moving costs.

ONE THOUSAND SNOWMEN BUILT IN POLAND TO RAISE MONEY FOR TODDLER _ Several dozen people gathered beside a frozen lake in eastern Poland over the weekend to build a thousand snowmen to raise money for a sick toddler. Organizers of the fundraising event (in Korycin) hope to help pay for life-saving treatment for a 21-month old (Bartek Bojarzyński), who has a serious heart defect. The boy needs specialist surgery that can only be performed at a hospital in the United States, and supporters hope to raise over $180,000 to enable him to have the operation, scheduled for April 2.

RESTAURANT OWNER SPENT $2,000 TO PROMOTE HIS COMPETITORS _ A Wisconsin restaurant owner is using his own money to help struggling local restaurants during the pandemic. Adolfo Melendez, owner of Tex-Mex restaurant El Mezcal in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, has purchased more than $2,000 in gift cards to restaurants in his community to raffle off to his customers. As of December 1, 2020, more than 110,000 eating and drinking establishments across the country have closed temporarily or for good as a result of the pandemic, according to the National Restaurant Association.

… Melendez says his restaurant got second place in a local contest for favorite restaurants and his ‘prize’ was having $300 in gift cards purchased from him. At that moment Melendez figured he needed to pay it forward. At the end of last year, he began to buy gift cards from local restaurants in his community and raffling them off to customers on his restaurant’s Facebook page. Winners received $20 gift card to a local restaurant.

PARTS FALL FROM SKY IN PLANE SCARE _ Passengers were settling back into their airplane seats and starting to relax when a huge explosion and flash of light interrupted an in-flight announcement. The Boeing 777-200, headed from Denver to Honolulu on Saturday with 231 passengers and 10 crew aboard, suffered a catastrophic failure in its right engine and flames erupted under the wing as the plane began to lose altitude. On the ground, people in a Denver suburb reacted in horror as huge pieces of the engine casing and chunks of fiberglass rained down on a sports field and on streets and lawns, just missing one home and crushing a truck. The explosion, visible from the ground, left a trail of black smoke in the sky, and tiny pieces of insulation filled the air like ash. The plane landed safely at Denver International Airport, and no one on board or on the ground was hurt. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the airplane experienced a right-engine failure shortly after takeoff.

… Video and images posted on Twitter showed the engine fully engulfed in flames as the plane flew through the air.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: HOW MUCH CAN YOU SPEND WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR SPOUSE? _ What’s the most amount of money one person in a marriage can spend without checking in with the other? Ameriprise Financial released a survey that found the average spending limit that necessitated a conversation was $400.

🗣 What’s the most you can spend without checking with yours spouse?


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAILMAN TOOK MONEY FROM RETURNED MAIL _ A German postman was busted for stealing about $15,000 out of undeliverable mail. The man took mail returned to the post office and went through it to steal any cash inside. The man worked at the lost mail distribution center and was arrested after police found envelopes from stolen mail inside his recycling bin. Money was recovered from the man’s residence.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN COLLECTED CASH, CIGS AT ILLEGAL TOLL _ In China, a guy wanted money. So he set up a makeshift roadblock and started charging a toll to truck drivers. For payment he accepted cash or cigarettes. The man was sentence to some prison time and one year of probation for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN GIVES FALSE NAME DESPITE HIS TATTOO _ Police in the UK began to suspect that the man they pulled over was lying when he identified himself as James — despite a tattoo with the name Pauly on the back of his neck. After being pulled over for driving erratically, Pauly had identified himself as his brother.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE FIND KITTENS IN ‘SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE’ _ The Butler County, Ohio, bomb squad was called to a church (in New Miami) on Thursday. When the responding officers heard purring instead of ticking in a black bag, they used their X-ray equipment to view what was inside. Six day-old kittens and their mother were found along with a note stating they had been born on Wednesday. The note said the mom’s name is “Sprinkles”. They are being cared for at a local humane society.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR TELLS UK WOMAN ‘IT’S NOT YOUR HOUSE’ _ In the UK a burglar reportedly told his victim that her house was not hers anymore after he spent quite a bit of time drinking and eating during the theft. A court heard that the thief tried to make himself feel at home by consuming food from the fridge. He also took a can of Foster’s lager when he felt the need to quench his thirst. When the owner came home she asked the man what he was doing. He replied, “It’s not your house because I’ve been here all day.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN’S SCHEME TO GET A DAY OFF ENDS IN ARREST _ An Arizona man found earlier this month near a water tower, his hands bound with a belt and a bandana stuffed in his mouth, had a harrowing tale for police. Brandon Soules told authorities that two masked men knocked him unconscious, put him in a vehicle, and drove him around before dumping him at the tower (in Coolidge). The kidnappers’ motive, he said, was a large amount of money his father had hidden around town. Investigators, however, determined that Soules story was false. As for Soule’s motive for lying: Police say he “made up the story as an excuse to get out of work.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CHICKEN FARMER VISITED BY ALIENS WHO LEFT PANCAKES _ This one’s from the Wacky-But-True Wayback Machine: In 1961 a farmer in Wisconsin said that he was visited by the aliens who left him a gift. The 60-year-old said he saw an object land on his farm. He shared that the metallic UFO was like two reversed bowls with “exhaust pipes” on the edge of it. The UFO didn’t land fully on the ground but when the door opened the farmer came in contact with three aliens wearing helmets who seemed to be of “Italian descent.” They gifted him with some pancakes.


THE NEIGHBORHOOD (8p ET, CBS) — New. Dave insists Calvin see a doctor after learning he hadn’t been in nearly a decade. Michael Gladis (Mad Men, and series star Beth Behrs’ husband) guest stars.

THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) — New. The final women’s loved ones arrive at the resort to meet Matt.


9-1-1 (8p ET, FOX) — New. The team believes their firehouse superstition has come true when they have the day from hell with a never-ending series of bizarre emergency calls.


BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA (8:30p ET, CBS) — New. After Tayo forbids Dele from dancing, Abishola enlists Bob’s help in talking to Dele about his feelings.


ALL RISE (9p ET, CBS) — New. Emily and Sam face off in a case that will determine the fate of a mentally ill young man who attacked his father.

9-1-1: LONESTAR (9p ET, FOX) — New. Owen and T.K. risk their lives to save two brothers trapped in a homemade minefield.


SEASON PREMIERE: SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP (9p ET, Food Network) — Eleven bakers begin season 7 by making farmstand breakfast treats, then they try to impress with a cake and dessert tribute to happy, dancing cows.

SERIES PREMIERE: BEARTOWN (9p ET, HBO) — This new imported drama series, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, explores the role a junior ice-hockey team has in a small community, the secrets that could tear the town apart, the courage it takes to go against the group and the consequences of how we raise our children.

BULL (10p ET, CBS) — New. Bull uses the First Amendment’s freedom of speech to defend a controversial news commentator blamed for a man’s suicide.

THE WALL (10p ET, NBC) — New.

THE GOOD DOCTOR (10p ET, ABC) — New. The hospital is hit with a cyberattack threatening to shut down life-saving machines.


BOX OFFICE _ The Croods: A New Age Was the No. 1 movie in North America again over the weekend, earning an additional $1.7 million. Coming in at No. 2 was The Little Things with $1.2 million, followed by Judas and the Black Messiah at No. 3 with $905,000, Wonder Woman 1984 at No. 4 with $805,000 and The Marksman at No. 5 with $775,000.

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Sonic The Hedgehog
… Five years ago this week: Deadpool
… Ten years ago this week: Unknown
… Twenty years ago this week: Hannibal

ARMY OF THE DEAD’ MOVIE TO DEBUT ON NETFLIX MAY 21 _ The zombie-apocalypse film Army of the Dead will debut on Netflix on May 21. Set in Las Vegas, the movie stars Dave Bautista. The story follows a group of mercenaries who “take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.” The project was written and directed by Zack Snyder. The first teaser for the film is coming Thursday. • IMAGE

A STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION REBOOT MOVIE _ There’s a lot of nostalgia for the ’90s going around the Star Trek franchise right now, with Lower Decks paying homage to that era of the franchise and the upcoming Prodigy animated series bringing back Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway. There’s also Picard, a continuation of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But could the movie series follow the trend of the TV shows and switch from rebooting ’60s Trek to TNG?

… That’s what Brent Spiner is expecting. The actor thinks it’s just a matter of time before Paramount gives the Next Generation cast the same treatment they gave Kirk and the rest of the original Enterprise crew and reboot them on the big screen.

SHAQ COLLABORATES WITH FROSTED FLAKES FLAVOR IS COMING _ If you were one of the people who felt cheated when Kellogg’s discontinued their Cinnamon Frosted Flakes release, then buckle up, because the ride isn’t over just yet. The iconic brand, which released Mashups, Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows, and cereal bars all in 2020, just announced the release of a new flavor: Frosted Flakes with Crispy Cinnamon Basketballs.

… Though the cinnamon-flavor aspect of the newest release may not quite be what you had in mind, what is new is the brand’s first collaborative effort with an athlete. Teaming up with superfan and Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, the one-of-a-kind collaboration marks the first time Tony the Tiger has shared the front of the box with someone else.

… They will be available in April.

JOHN TRAVOLTA LISTS COUNTRY MANOR FOR $5 MILLION _ John Travolta has listed his sprawling estate in Maine for $5 million. The 67-year-old actor has listed the 10,830-square-foot, 20-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom residence in Islesboro, Maine, following the death of his wife, actress Kelly Preston. Preston died of cancer in July of 2020, and according to Variety, Travolta and Preston had already begun to make some changes in their extensive portfolio of real estate holdings prior to her death.

… The massive mansion was built in 1904, but it’s been renovated and meticulously maintained over the years. It boasts a staggering 42 rooms, including a spacious living room with a fieldstone fireplace, a custom-built bar area, a dining room with a fireplace, an oversized kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator and extensive pantries. The first floor also includes an office and a laundry room. The second floor consists of a master bedroom suite that opens onto a private sun porch. That suite has a full bathroom with a claw-foot tub and separate shower. The second floor also features 14 other bedrooms and 4 additional full bathrooms. The entire third floor of the home is made up as a children’s wing, including four themed bedrooms and a full bathroom, a separate schoolhouse, a library, a diner and a built-in theater stage.



What do you put in your chili? February 25 is National Chili Day so here are a bunch of calls to help fire up your local phones.  👏  A big thank you to Jeff Roper for sharing the clips! Share your phoner audio here.


The Mars rover Perceverance has sent back color images, video and even audio.


A choir sings Stayin’ Alive. (2/22 News & Nuggets)


Robert De Niro


Snow. Anyone else tired of it? Sit back, relax and enjoy this 911 call made by a Canadian guy one year ago this month.


What are the snow shoveling rules for your kids? Here are a few calls to help with the phones.



TOPIC: What phrase or sentence are you sick of hearing? The internet says…

• In these unprecedented times.

• This is how we’ve always done it.

• It’s all part of God’s plan.

• Rules are meant to be broken.

• Time to put on your big boy/big girl pants.


via @SarahArcherM

Every chef right now: Today I’m going to show you how to make something simple with ingredients everyone has in their pantry, since you can’t go to the store. I’m starting with Madagascar vanilla, hemp milk, and a single feather from a dodo bird.


TOPIC: A survey of drivers found that a majority of them talk to their cars regularly and 20 percent worry about its feelings. Do you talk to your car? When and why?


Soon, hopefully, singles will be going on dates again. People shared their first date stories…

• We met at a Burger King. He walked in with velcro shoes, then kept smiling at an older woman who came in before me. Found out the woman was his mother and she was “supervising” our date.

• She came in, saw me, asked me if I am the person she was set up with and left after she said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

• The dude was running late and he came in his work outfit. He was wearing a pizza mascot costume.

• He asked me if I could take my shoes off at the restaurant table so he could see my feet.

• He introduced me to the waiter as his fiance, then he was trying to plan our life.


• About 25 percent of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

• In humans, the epidermal layer of skin, which consists of many layers of skin regenerates every 27 days.

• Eating dandelions can make you urinate more.

• Medical reports show that about 18 percent of the population are prone to sleepwalking.

• The aorta, which is largest artery located in the body, is about the diameter of a garden hose.

• You spend about three years of your life in the toilet.

• People whose mouth has a narrow roof are more likely to snore. This is because they have less oxygen going through their nose.

• There are more chickens in the world than people

• Every day, the average person swallows about a quart of snot.

• Manicuring the nails has been done by people for more than 4,000 years.

• The slowest growing finger nail is on the thumb nail and the fastest growing is the finger nail on the middle finger.


TRIVIA: Around the world the average amount of time a person spends on this each day is 1.1 hours. (Travel)

Head and tail are equal;
my middle is barely there.
Right side up or upside down,
the same I do appear.
But if you cut my head off,
nothing would be there.

What am I?

Answer: The number 8.


What do the following things have in common?

• The cost of living
• An escalator
• An umbrella
• Warm air
• A zipper

Answer: They all go up.


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: “MINNESOTA BUSINESS SELLING SELF-CLEANING ______!”

A) Underwear*
B) Microwaves
C) Dogs

A Minnesota company called HercLéon has created bed sheets and underwear that you don’t have to wash for months. HercLéon’s entire business model is based around things you don’t need to wash as often and they’ll still smell great. HercLéon sells shirts, socks, and a hat that can be worn over and over and still smell great.

… All of their products, including the underwear, are made with this fabric they call HercFiber, which they claim is a bacteria-fighting fabric. On their site, they talk about how the founder of the company spent years researching this fabric to perfect it. About the company’s underwear, they list out all of the benefits that HercFiber has. They say it fights bacteria, stays cool, stays dry, luxury soft, ultra-durable, and blocks UV waves.


• 1993: CHRIS LEDOUX roped in his first gold album, for Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy.

• 2007: BRAD PAISLEY and Kimberly Williams-Paisley become parents when she delivered the couple’s son, William Huckleberry Paisley.

• 2008: LITTLE BIG TOWN flew with the Blue Angels in El Centro, California.

• 2011: GARTH BROOKS was announced as a 2011 inductee to the Songwriters Hall of Fame along with Leon Russell, Allen Toussaint and John Bettis.

• 2015: TIM McGRAW performed I’m Not Gonna Miss You from the documentary Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me during the Oscar Awards.

• 2017: KENNY ROGERS received a Texas Medal of Arts Award at the Texas Performing Arts Center in Austin.

• 2020: GARTH BROOKS played for more than 70,000 fans in his first stadium show of the year at Detroit’s Ford Field. He wore a jersey honoring former NFL player Barry Sanders and was blasted by numerous fans online who believed he was campaigning for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


CARLY PEARCE dropped into a fan’s Zoom to raise her up after a devastating car accident. Danielle Sparkman shared a clip of the Zoom conversation on social media, explaining how the moment was “one of the coolest experiences to come out of one of the worst situations.” Sparkman says that a car accident happened as she was heading home to Memphis after Carly’s February 13 show at the Listening Room in Nashville. She swerved to avoid a car that stopped suddenly in front of her and crashed into a tree along the side of the highway. A broken shoulder and lacerations on her arms and face are the worst of her injuries. None should leave permanent damage. At at GoFundMe page for Sparkman the student says she waits tables and was not prepared to absorb the costs of medical bills, which included two ambulance rides and CT scans. Carly donated $1,000 to her goal of $10,000. • IMAGE

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE postponed their global album release livestream event until this Thursday (February 25). The change was due to the ice and snow storms affecting Nashville, as well as much of the rest of the country, last week. The party will start Thursday night at 7 Central on the Amazon Music Twitch channel and within the Amazon Music mobile app.

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for its new Nashville-based sitcom, Country Comfort. The show stars Katherine McPhee as Bailey, an aspiring country singer who basically gets tricked into becoming a nanny for a “rugged cowboy” named Beau, played by Eddie Cibrian (husband of LEANN RIMES) and his five children. • VIDEO

LUKE BRYAN was on hand at the 2021 Super Bowl to watch fellow country superstar ERIC CHURCH deliver the national anthem, and they exchanged texts after Eric’s performance. Right after the performance ended Luke says he texted Eric: “Dude, I know you’re glad it’s over. Congrats.” Eric replied, “Stressful.”

… Luke can relate to the stress of performing at the Super Bowl. He gave an a cappella rendition of the national anthem in Houston to help kick off a Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons in 2017, and he was especially nervous because he had earned widespread criticism after a poorly received performance of the anthem at the MLB All-Star Game in 2012. That performance caused a giant controversy online when fans criticized the singer for reading the lyrics to the anthem off his hand while he sang.


• 1957: PATSY CLINE made her chart debut with Walkin’ After Midnight.

• 1978: KENNY ROGERS won a Grammy for his song Lucille.

• 1999: GARTH BROOKS attended spring training camp with the San Diego Padres as a non-roster player. In lieu of salary, the Padres’ foundation contributed to Garth’s youth-oriented charity, The Touch ‘Em All Foundation.

• 2006: BRAD PAISLEY’s duet with DOLLY PARTON, When I Get Where I’m Going, topped the country charts. It was Dolly’s first number one hit in 15 years.

• 2015: A 1954 Chevy pickup with a “POSSUM” license plate was hoisted by crane into the George Jones Museum on 2nd Avenue in Nashville.

• 2019: RONNIE MILSAP’s 49-year-old son, Todd, was found dead on his houseboat in a marina in Nashville.

STEVE HOLY (Brand New Girlfriend) is 49.


• Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement) is 70

• Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) is 56

• Daymond John (Shark Tank) is 52

• Niecy Nash (Reno 911!) is 51

• Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire) is 45

• Josh Gad (Frozen, Jobs) is 40

• Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) is 38

• Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place, The Devil Wears Prada) is 38

• Dakota Fanning is 27


• 1991: President George H.W. Bush announced that the allied ground offensive against Iraqi forces had begun.

• 1997: Scientists in Scotland announced they had cloned an adult mammal, producing a lamb named Dolly.

• 2005: In Berlin, Germany, an unidentified man broke into a car. He was hard at work trying to pry the car’s radio out of the dash but it turned out to be an exhausting job and before long he was sound asleep. And that’s how the cops found him, still clutching his screwdriver.

• 2014: The Sochi Winter Olympics ended. On this last day of the competitions, Canada beat Sweden in men’s hockey.


• Curling is Cool Day

• Diesel Engine Day

• Tootsie Roll Day

• Play Tennis Day

• Banana Bread Day


• Carole King is 79

• Joe Pesci is 78

• Mia Farrow is 76

• Judith Light (Ugly Betty, Who’s the Boss) is 72

• Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is 45

• Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Marvel films) is 40

• Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) is 34

• Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) is 34


• 1870: The U.S. Weather Bureau was established.

• 1895: William G. Morgan invented volleyball.

• 1942: Daylight Saving Time went into effect for the first time in the United States.

• 1964: The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing for an estimated 73 million viewers.

• 1989: Witnesses at a New Jersey hearing on the deregulation of professional wrestling testified that the sport was a fake.

• 2008: A Jacksonville, Florida, mother forced her child to hold a sign outside his school that said he was sorry for his bad behavior. The second-grader held a sign that stated, “I was rude to my teacher. I can’t come to school. I’m sorry.” The boy’s mother, who stood nearby to ensure her child’s safety, said this was the only way she knew that she could get her son’s attention.

• 2014: Scientists from Australian National University observe the oldest star in the universe for the first time. The star, located 6,000 light years from Earth, served as a fingerprint of the first stars in the universe. It is believed to be 13.7 billion years old.

• 2020: At the 92nd Academy Awards Parasite became the first non-English film to win Best Picture.


• Cut The Cord Day

• Extraterrestrial Visitor Day

• Pizza Day

• Orange Day

• Read in the Bathtub Day

• Toothache Day

• Bagels and Lox Day


2 million: Farms in the U.S.


The ratings for the Super Bowl should be announced today. [However, grades were handed out yesterday and once again Tom Brady’s hair received an A.]

A survey found that Italy has the highest espresso consumption in the world. On the average, each Italian drinks about 600 shots of espresso a year. [If you look up the word ‘jump’ in the dictionary is says ‘Italians’.]

A British study showed that toddlers who have a diet high in processed foods may have a slightly lower IQ in later life. [So when your college grad fails the Bar Exam, don’t blame him — blame the Lunchables you gave him in grade school.]

As they prepare for his impeachment trial, Trump’s lawyers are twisting the facts. [For example, they claim Super Bowl points were brought in after the game and handed to Tampa Bay.]

Valentine’s Day is Sunday. [Help me out… is leftover Halloween candy romantic?]

Three escaped pigs in Russia went into a supermarket, knocked over a booze bottle and started drinking. [Which is the exact same way I like to start my weekends.]

A 9-year-old was caught driving in Italy. A couple of friends were in the car with him. [“Officer, will you let me go if I give you my Disney+ password?”]

Two-thirds of office workers say they are interrupted up to 20 times a day. [Sorry to bother you but I’m not feeling ‘worky’ today — could I borrow your Netflix login?]


SHARK ATTACKS IN 2020 _ Shark attacks were down in 2020. Maybe because much of the world was on lockdown? Live Science says there were 78 shark attacks in 2020, 12 of them fatal. Thirty-six of the attacks — three of them fatal — were reported in the United States, more than in any other country. Florida has the most recorded shark attacks in 2020 with 23.

… There were 101 shark attacks around the world in 2019.

… During an average person’s lifetime, their odds of being killed in a shark attack are about 1 in 3.75 million, compared with, say, dying from in a car accident, where the odds are 1 in 84.

QANON FOLLOWERS STILL THINK TRUMP WILL BE SWORN IN MARCH 4 _ QAnon’s most dedicated followers still believe that Donald Trump will soon be sworn in for a second term. They insist that Trump will return to power and be inaugurated in Washington, DC, on March 4. The latest clue, in the minds of QAnoners: The Trump International Hotel in DC has hiked the prices of suites around that day. Some room rates at the hotel, just blocks from the White House, have almost tripled for March 3 and 4.

… The importance of March 4 for QAnon supporters is rooted in the bizarre beliefs of the “sovereign citizen” movement. The basis for that conspiracy theory is that a law enacted in 1871 secretly turned the US into a corporation. It posits that some Americans are therefore not subject to a variety of federal laws. Supporters of the theory believe that every president who’s been inaugurated since then is illegitimate; they believe that Ulysses S. Grant was the last legitimate president. Grant, like other presidents in the 19th century, was inaugurated on March 4.

THIS IS WHO MAKES THE FIRST MOVE IN DATING _ A study (McGill University) found that women make “weak signals” during online dating, requiring men to make the first moves when they’re trying to court someone. Researchers believe this shows that traditional dating habits and social norms still persist. The study looked at 50,000 online dating accounts and found that women don’t like to share personal messages with their potential partner and will instead rely on “weak signals” to indicate that they’re interested, like a swipe or friend request acceptance.

… The offline ‘flirting’ equivalents would be, say, a suggestive look or a preening bodily gesture such as a hair toss to one side or an over-the-shoulder glance.

🎧  MECHANIC MAKES CHILLING DISCOVERY ON WOMAN’S CAR  _ A mechanic on TikTok has seen his three day old video go viral — and for a scary reason. @kaos_noe‘s video shows how a woman allegedly had a secret tracker installed on her car by an ex-boyfriend. In his video the mechanic says, “So a customer is scared there’s a tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend.” He then shows himself under the vehicle looking at the car’s underside, where he discovers a small device near the wheel. There have been no updates on the post and it’s unclear if the incident was reported or if any action was taken against anyone involved in the alleged incident.

MYSTERIOUS MONOLITH POPS UP IN TURKEY _ Turkish authorities are investigating the appearance of a mysterious monolith in southeastern Turkey. The metal block was found by a farmer on Friday with old Turkic script that reads “Look at the sky, see the moon.” The monolith, about 10 feet, was discovered near a UNESCO World Heritage site (Gobekli Tepe) which has megalithic structures dating as far back as 10,000 years.

… Other mysterious monoliths have popped up and some have disappeared in numerous countries in recent months.

TURKISH MAN STRIKES UP 37-YEAR FRIENDSHIP WITH SWAN _ A man in Turkey has had a friendship with a swan for 37 years. Retired postman Recep Mirzan found Garip, a female swan, 37 years ago. Mirzan and a group of friends were taking a shortcut in their car when they noticed the swan, with a broken wing, in an empty field. Mirzan immediately took the swan in to protect her from predators and kept her in the car until that afternoon, when he was able to take the swan to his home. Since then, Garip has lived on the man’s farm. Garip follows Mirzan whenever she is out of her pen, accompanying him when he is doing his chores around the farm or for his evening walks. Mirzan named the swan “Garip,” which translates as “bizarre” but is also used to describe those who are down on their luck. Garip spends most of her time out of her pen and has never tried to run away from Mirzan’s farmstead. A widower with no children, the 63-year-old Mirzan says Garip has been loyal to him and chose to stay at his side.

MAN SPENDS SEVEN DAYS STRANDED _ A man who became stranded for a week during heavy snow in the backcountry of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains was rescued alive after surviving on a small supply of food and melted snow. 29-year-old Harland Earls was traveling for a birthday party on January 24, a drive that would typically take less than two hours, when a heavy snowstorm shut down Interstate 80. Seeking an alternate route, Earls turned to his GPS. The device didn’t account for the alternate route being an unplowed mountain pass and Earls ended up being stuck for days in snow so deep he was unable turn his vehicle around. As the local sheriff put it: “The GPS doesn’t know if there’s six feet of snow on a road or if the road is clear and passable.”

… Stuck and unable to obtain a cell phone signal, Earls tried tying small branches to the tires of his pickup truck to gain some traction. In the process, his cell phone got wet and stopped working. The resourceful man found some dry spaghetti noodles and handwarmer packets in his truck, and popped them into a Ziploc bag with his phone. It took three days, but the phone finally dried out enough to for him to charge it and make a call. But finding cell service wasn’t as easy.

… While Earls survived on two cans of beans, some sausages and a few pieces of stale, moldy bread, the man’s family reported him missing and assembled search parties to hunt for him. Law enforcement was alerted and various agencies were on the lookout for Earls and his pickup truck. Earls’ pickup truck had a camper that provided some shelter and he had winter clothing and some propane for a camp stove, which he used to make a fire and melt snow. He tried hiking out a few times, but couldn’t make it far enough to find a cell phone signal as he kept sinking into the deep snow. He had now been stuck for seven days when, on Sunday, he took his 50 percent charged phone and hiked as high as he could to get a signal. A California Highway Patrol helicopter was launched and the crew located him almost immediately.

… TOPIC: What’s your getting lost story?

GORILLA GLUE GIRL UPDATE _ Last week, Tessica Brown, better known as Gorilla Glue Girl, went viral after she told the internet that when she learned she had run out of her normal Got2b Glue hairspray, she decided to use Gorilla Glue spray instead. As you might imagine, things didn’t end too well. Tessica figured after using the Gorilla Glue in her hair, she’d wash it out when she got home. As we all know now, that was not happening. Tessica says that by the second week, she realized that this might be a permanent problem.

… Did she try to shave her hair off? She says “You can’t even get a razor under there.”

… At the hospital a nurse tried to use nail polish remover but it burned — and it was going to take “at least 20 hours.” Tessica says, “I really don’t want to shave my hair off but that will be the end result.”

SPECIAL NIKE SHOES BEING AUCTIONED OFF _ Auction house Sotheby’s is taking the sneaker resale market to new heights with the listing of a pair of sneakers originally designed for Barack Obama. The Nike Hyperdunks are priced starting at $25,000. The shoes feature “patriotic graphics” like bald eagles, the Presidential Seal, and the year 1776. According to a press release on Sotheby’s website, the Hyperdunks are a callback to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, for which the brand designed the style of basketball shoes. Given Obama’s documented interest in the sport, Nike chose to gift basketball shoes to the then-president in 2009 with some America-themed modifications.

… Sotheby’s says that this pair on auction — one of only two — “have been kept in incredible condition over the last 12 years.” The sale launches at 4:44PM ET on February 12, presumably because Obama was the 44th U.S. President.

LOST WALLET FOUND INSIDE GEORGIA COTTAGE WALL 66 YEARS LATER _ A wallet found inside the wall of a cottage being renovated in Georgia was returned to the family of its owner 66 years after it was apparently lost. Mary Kay Andrews, a New York Times bestselling author, said crews renovating her cottage on Tybee Island looked inside a wall earlier this month and discovered a wallet that appeared to have been there for decades. The documents inside the billfold identified its owner as Melba Lanier, who lived in the home with her husband, Jack, when they were newlyweds in 1954. Andrews’ Facebook post about the discovery reached Jack and Melba’s children, Sheryl and Kevin Lanier. The siblings said the wallet will be kept as a family heirloom.

MARYLAND WOMAN COLLECTS FOURTH BIG SCRATCH-OFF LOTTERY JACKPOT _ A Maryland woman just collected a $50,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket — her fourth big lottery jackpot. The 71-year-old woman told Maryland Lottery officials the $50,000 prize she won from a Bankroll Buck$ ticket came just one month after she won $10,000 from another scratch-off ticket. The woman previously collected jackpots worth $100,000 and $50,000 from scratch-off tickets in 2019.

… The woman said her previous winnings went toward home repairs, including replacing her roof. She said her latest winnings will go toward helping others.

SKINNIEST HOUSE IN LONDON’ LISTED FOR $1.3 MILLION _ A 6-foot-wide home billed as “possibly the skinniest house in London” is being listed for sale with an asking price of $1.3 million. The listing agency says the 1,034-square-foot home, which boasts five stories, is comparable to the living quarters on a “luxury yacht.” The narrow home originally was a hat shop and converted into a home by a fashion photographer.

THE COAT HOOK THAT POURS YOU A SHOT WHEN YOU GET HOME _ Designer Matty Benedetto runs the website Unnecessary Invention and his latest doesn’t seem so unnecessary. It’s called HookShot: A hanger that pours you a stiff one as soon as you hang your coat. When you hang your jacket or coat on a hook, a lever tilts a small bottle of booze into a shot glass — which means from the time you close your door on the world to the time the shot hits the spot is likely less than 30 seconds. • VIDEO

… Sadly, Matty’s Useless Inventions aren’t for sale.

TO AVOID EATING BAD FOODS, SWAP THESE PHRASES _ When trying to avoid eating bad foods, trick your brain by saying you “don’t eat” what’s bad for you. A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that people who were prompted to use the words “I don’t” versus “I can’t” were nearly twice as likely to resist the temptation of choosing unhealthy foods. The researchers believed using “I don’t” rather than “I can’t” gave people greater “psychological empowerment” by removing the need to make a decision.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON NIGHTMARES THAT PEOPLE HAVE? _ Even as we sleep, our brains are still hard at work processing and going over the events of our lives. Nighttime brain activity often manifests itself as dreams, and every now and again we all experience the occasional bad dream. If you’ve ever woken up from a particularly odd nightmare and wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar, you’re in luck: a recent survey has compiled a list of the most common nightmares.

… The most common scary dream: the terrifying vision that we’re falling (64.7%).

… After that, dreaming of being chased (63.3%) came in as the second most common nightmare, followed by dreams of dying (54.9%), feeling lost (53.8%), and feeling trapped (52.4%). • FULL LIST


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NO JAIL IN CINNABON ROLL RAGE CASE _ A Florida man who threw a large rock through the window of a Wendy’s after discovering that the fast food joint was no longer selling one of his favorite treats has been convicted of two criminal charges, but has been spared jail. In a deal with prosecutors, 21-year-old Dustin Tyrrell pleaded no contest to criminal mischief and throwing a missile into an occupied building. While the felonies carried a combined statutory maximum of 20 years in prison, Tyrrell was sentenced to four years probation. Tyrrell was also ordered to stay away from the Wendy’s in Key West and have no contact with the restaurant’s owner or his family. He’ll also be paying $4,300 in restitution for damages caused to the eatery. As detailed in an arrest report, Tyrrell repeatedly threw a rock at the window until it passed through the glass into the crowded restaurant. When a passerby asked why he targeted Wendy’s, Tyrrell reportedly replied, “They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ONTARIO COUPLE FINED FOR POKÉMON GO OUTING _ Matthew Steeves and his wife haven’t had a moment alone in months, but when they stole away for a drive last week and stopped to play Pokémon GO, their brief getaway ended with a fine of hundreds of dollars. The couple, who live in the town of Kingsville, Ontario, had pulled into an empty church parking lot to capture some digital monsters. But a police cruiser drove up behind them and the officer asked what they were doing. After Steeves and his wife shared their impromptu game play the officer told them their trip wasn’t essential and handed the pair a fine for violating lockdown restrictions. With tax included, the fine is $880. Steeves said he plans to dispute the ticket.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIS FIGHT EVEN HAD THE KITCHEN SINK _ British police said no one was injured when a group of teens threw items at one another during a street fight. Police said the brawl involved about multiple youths armed with chains, a  bike, a shopping cart, a metal kitchen sink, and other items.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN RETURNS HANDCUFFS HE TOOK OVER 60 YEARS AGO _ Grandparents can pass along powerful life lessons to the next generation. One man is trying to do just that by teaching his grandchildren that it’s never too late to make amends. Last week the Los Angeles Police Department posted on social media that it received an interesting package: a pair of handcuffs, $100 and a heartfelt letter of apology. The package was sent by a 74-year-old grandfather in San Diego County. More than 60 years ago when the man was a teen, he was at a local restaurant (Bob’s Big Boy) when he witnessed a scuffle involving an LAPD officer. He ended up with the officer’s handcuffs after they flew off and slid toward him. He picked them up, took them home and held on to them for all this time.

… The man wrote in the letter: “I have felt a little guilty each time I saw the hand cuffs over the years, but did nothing about it.” Recently, his grandsons — ages 6 and 9 — visited him and were playing with plastic handcuffs. That’s when the grandfather showed him the handcuffs he had and shared the story of how he got them. They were surprised and asked why their grandpa stole the handcuffs. The man says he had no good explanation and admitted it was the wrong thing to do. Feeling guilty, he sent back the handcuffs to the LAPD, along with the donation and the apology that LAPD later posted on social media.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: “LUCKY” SHOPLIFTER _ An Italian shoplifter was caught after a store duped her into believing she’d won a prize. The meat market put up an image of the thief taken by security cameras under the heading ‘Lucky Shopper’. When a woman told the manager she was the lucky shopper in the photo, she was busted.


ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST (8p ET, NBC) — New. Simon wrestles with his future at SPRQ Point after calling out racial bias at the company.

NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — New.  NCIS investigates the murder of a Navy officer who was killed while driving home a recently released inmate.

TO TELL THE TRUTH (8p ET, ABC) — New. The celebrity panelists are Joel McHale, Cedric the Entertainer and Malin Åkerman.

THE RESIDENT (8p ET, FOX) — New. Conrad tries a last-ditch effort to save the hospital.


FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR. (8p ET, PBS) — New. Christopher Meloni and Tony Shalhoub investigate their family histories.

THIS IS US (9p ET, NBC) — New. Kevin embarks on a stressful road trip.

FBI (9p ET, CBS) — New. The team must infiltrate a drug trafficking gang after the robbery of a chemical plant leaves two customs agents dead.

BLACK-ISH (9p ET, ABC) — New. Bow makes history as the first Black female partner at her hospital.

PRODIGAL SON (9p ET, FOX) — New. Malcolm and Ainsley both race to find the killer in the so-called Debutante Slayings. Kate Burton (Scandal) guest stars.

TRICKSTER (9p ET, CW) — New.

BLACK ART: IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT (9p ET, HBO) — This new documentary surveys the works of contemporary African American visual artists including Theaster Gates, Faith Ringgold and Carrie Mae Weems.

MIXED-ISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Paul surprises the family by inviting one of his students to live with them.

FBI: MOST WANTED (10p ET, CBS) — New. After a robbery gone wrong ends with a murder and kidnapping, the team races to rescue a mother and daughter.

NURSES (10p ET, NBC) — New. Ashley receives an ultra-religious patient who is willing to put himself at peril to appease God.

BIG SKY (10p ET, ABC) — New. Ronald finds himself in a precarious situation thanks to a nosy paperboy.

THE FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA (10p ET, Food Network) — This new episode focuses on the rivalry between Domino’s and Pizza Hut.


ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE STAR BILLY BROWN DEAD AT 68 _ Billy Brown — the Brown family patriarch featured in 12 seasons of the hit series Alaskan Bush People — has died. Billy died Sunday following a seizure. His son, Bear, wrote on Instagram the family is “heartbroken to announce that our beloved patriarch Billy Brown passed away last night after suffering from a seizure.”

… Billy was an avid hunter and a pretty brilliant commercial fisherman in the North Pacific. He grew up in Texas and when he was 16 he suffered a tragedy: his mother, father and sister died in a plane crash. After meeting his wife Ami in Texas, they decided to move to Alaska where they raised their family of 5 sons and 2 daughters.

NATALIE PORTMAN HITS BACK AT PREGNANCY RUMORS _ Let the record show that Natalie Portman is not pregnant — and also that she doesn’t stand for people basing their guesses on the look of women’s bodies. The Oscar-winning actor responded to a report that said she “seemingly” had a baby bump. Natalie Portman both denied the pregnancy rumors and asked that the publication that reported them “do better.” She shared on Instagram: “Hey. So I’m totally not pregnant… But apparently it’s still OK in 2021  for anyone to speculate and comment on a woman’s body shape whenever they want? Do better. @nypost.”

… Portman is not pregnant now, but she does already have two children with her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

RYAN REYNOLDS AND WILL FERRELL JOINED BY OCTAVIA SPENCER _ Octavia Spencer has just signed on for the film Spirited, which will costar Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. Spirited is a musical inspired by A Christmas Carol. Academy Award winner Spencer will play a co-worker of Reynolds’ Scrooge surrogate, with Ferrell set to portray the Ghost of Christmas Present.

NEW AUSTIN POWERS MOVIE REPORTEDLY IN EARLY DEVELOPMENT _ A fourth movie in the Austin Powers franchise is reportedly in early development. No word if Mike Meyers will be back, but in a 2018 interview he said the prospect of a fourth movie was good.

🎧  INDIANA JONES 5 RUMORED TO INCLUDE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH _ How do you bring a 78-year-old Harrison Ford back for a fifth Indiana Jones movie? Include the Fountain of Youth in the plot and use computers to de-age your leading man. A source says Indiana Jones 5 will begin with the title hero retired and living a life of domestic bliss with Marion Ravenwood before he gets dragged into the race to discover the Fountain of Youth after learning that several vials of water said to be from the fabled monument are real.

… The rumored plot leak reveals that Indy will drink some of the water himself, making him the third and final member of the original Star Wars trio to be de-aged in a Lucasfilm project after Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher got the same treatment in The Rise of Skywalker.

LANA CONDOR IS A TEEN GHOST IN NETFLIX COMEDY _ (CAUTION) Lana Condor is trading boy trouble for supernatural trouble in Boo, Bit**, a new live-action comedy series from Netflix in which the To All the Boys star stars as a teenage girl who wakes up one morning to find herself a ghost.

AARON RODGERS’ FIANCÉE CONFIRMED TO BE SHAILENE WOODLEY _ It’s official: Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are getting married. A source close to the couple confirmed to People magazine Monday that Woodley, 29, is the fiancée of 37-year-old Rodgers just days after the Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed that he’s engaged. Rodgers revealed that he was engaged over the weekend while accepting this year’s Most Valuable Player award during NFL Honors, but didn’t confirm at the time who the lucky lady was. Rodgers broke things off with girlfriend Danica Patrick in July after two years of dating. He previously dated actress Olivia Munn from 2014 to 2017.

HOW MUCH DID SPRINGSTEEN GET PAID FOR HIS JEEP SUPER BOWL AD? _ Bruce Springsteen wants Americans to “meet in the middle.” The rocker made the case for unity and connection in his Super Bowl ad for Jeep, which aired during the big game on Sunday. The commercial was unusual for the legendary singer, who has typically been reluctant to use his celebrity to endorse products. In fact, it took years to convince Springsteen to appear in the ad. He was first contacted about doing a commercial in 2011, but Springsteen made it clear then and for many years after that he wasn’t interested. However, when an ad agency came up with the concept for “The Middle,” their pitch to The Boss was successful.

… It’s not totally clear how much Bruce Springsteen was paid for the Jeep commercial, but we know Jeep paid CBS around $22 million for the 2-minute ad.

… A source claims Bruce “likely” made around $1 million for the ad.



A mechanic on TikTok reads a work order about tracker on a customer’s car and… (2/9)


A classic Valentine’s Day parody from Saturday Night Live, edited for radio.


A rumor says Indiana Jones 5 is in the works and that Harrison Ford will be de-aged using computers. (2/9)


A Boston guy swallowed one of his earbuds as he slept. A couple of years ago a San Diego woman swallowed her ring as she slept. (2/8)


Unfinished home projects or projects gone bad. Three calls to help with the phones!


A $22,000 flute lost on a Chicago train turned up in a pawn shop. Here are a couple of flute cuts to add punch to the story. The second cut in the file is better than the first! (2/8)



Some tips for husbands from the guys at Fatherly.

• Take over for the evening, if you aren’t the one who normally handles it. That is, don’t announce it or plan it ahead. Once the kids are bathed, brushed, dressed, read to, and in bed, tell your spouse they’re ready for a goodnight kiss.

• Make an effort to interrupt her less. Chances are you do it more than you realize. A good tactic: If she seems like she’s in between two thoughts, give her five seconds. If she doesn’t say anything, then speak.

• Clean that thing you know she hates cleaning. You don’t even need to tell her you did it.

• Be nice to her friends. Because they’re her friends and for no other reason.

• If she seems like she wants to be left alone, don’t take it as a referendum on anything. Just leave her alone.

• Put. Your. Phone. Away. Phubbing, or phone snubbing, is when you completely ignore or only half-heartedly listen to someone else because you’re focused on your phone, instead. And it’s pretty destructive in a relationship, because it sends the signal to your partner that whatever they are saying is less important than anything happening on your phone

• When you introduce her to your friends or coworkers, mention one of her accomplishments. Be a fan of hers.

• Make an effort to look presentable. Shave or clean up your beard regularly. Dress nice. Don’t be a schlub. No one wants to be married to a schlub 24/7.

• If you make yourself something — tea, a sandwich, a stiff cocktail — offer to make her one, too.

• Call just to say hi. Don’t text. Don’t Facebook chat. Call her.

• When she asks you to go on a run with her, go. Even if you hate it.

• Be enthusiastic about her favorite TV shows, even if it’s bad reality TV. Get into it. Make fun of the contestants. Ask her who her favorite person on the show is. Root for someone.

• If you don’t know where something is in your house, actually look for it before you ask. You are not a clueless intern. You are her partner.

• Don’t ever stop trying to do better. Be generous. Be thoughtful. Say “thank you” more than you already are.


Women actually received the following!

• A vacuum

• Cleaning supplies

• A cordless drill

• A power steering hose

• Tooth whitening kit

• An exercise bike

• Roses, with a gift card for another woman


Names of some romantic-sounding places:

• Valentine, Nebraska

• Lovelady, Texas

• Valentine, Texas

• Loving County, Texas

• Lovejoy, Georgia

• Loving, New Mexico

• Lovelock, Nevada

• Love Valley, North Carolina

• Romeo, Colorado

• Romeo, Michigan


A fun back-and-forth bit to use with cohosts. Find the one you all agree would be fun to go deeper into and end with that.

(Co-host), I’ll give you some bad scenarios; your goal is to correctly guess which got more votes in an online survey.

Pick the worst:

• A restaurant meal with a hair in it – 81%
• A restaurant meal that’s cold – 19%

Pick the worst:

• Talking to someone who has food stuck in their braces – 39%
• Talking to someone who has food stuck in their beard – 61%

Pick the worst:

• Garlic breath – 26%
• Morning breath – 74%


TRIVIA: Spaghetti is the favorite pasta shape, with 38 percent favoring it over other pasta shapes. The second favorite shape is what? (Elbow macaroni, at 16 percent)

TRIVIA: This happens every 20 minutes in the U.S. (Someone robs a convenience store)

TRIVIA: Walt Disney World in Orlando has over 2.5 million of these in its inventory. (Costumes)

TRIVIA: The Pig Stand restaurant in Los Angeles was the first eatery in the world with what? (Curbside pick-up. The year was 1931 and the Pig Stand actually had a door you drove up to. Someone would come out and hand you your food. It was a door, but sort of a drive-thru. Jack in the Box introduced a true drive-through window in 1951.)


• Climax, Michigan

• Smells, Idaho*

• Crackpot, England


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: “MAN SWALLOWS ______ WHILE SLEEPING!”

A) Goldfish
B) Wife’s wedding ring
C) Earbud*

A man Boston man is warning people against using headphones while falling asleep after health care workers had to remove a wireless earbud from his esophagus. Brad Gauthier, who detailed his bizarre experience in a Facebook post, went to bed last Monday listening to music. He woke up Tuesday, shoveled snow for about an hour, and then went inside to take a sip of water. But the liquid wouldn’t go down, and he had to lean over to drain it from his throat. Gauthier also noticed he was missing one of his two wireless earbuds. Gauthier’s son suggested that perhaps his father had swallowed the earbud, which is exactly what an X-ray at a local emergency clinic revealed. The small plastic device was lodged in his lower esophagus.


• 1914: ERNEST TUBB was born. He went on to become the first country music artist to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall. He died September 6, 1984.

• 1975: WILLIE NELSON recorded his first number one hit, Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain

• 2000: The DIXIE CHICKS’ album Fly was certified quadruple platinum. Hits included Cowboy, Take Me Away, Some Days You Gotta Dance and Without You

• 2010: American Greetings unveiled the first 12 cards in its TAYLOR SWIFT collection of greeting cards and gift packaging.

• 2015: BIG & RICH performed Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy on ABC’s The Bachelor.

• 2019: LUKE BRYAN’s family applied to adopt an 18-year-old dog named Poochie.



MORGAN WALLEN’s sister has come to his defense days after the singer was caught using a racial slur. On Instagram Ashlyne Wallen thinks cancel culture is “getting out of control.” In her first Instagram slide of the post Ashlyne shared: “There are only 3 things you should ever do about a mistake: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.” Her post goes on to say: “Cancel culture is the worst thing that has come out of our digital world. It leaves no room for forgiveness and growth, in turn, leaving no opportunity for individuals who have made mistakes to learn from them.” • LINK

THOMAS RHETT has made a habit of teasing unreleased songs on social media, and his current single, What’s Your Country Song, will likely be included on an unannounced album on the horizon. In a new video posted to Instagram, Thomas reveals that he has “some new music coming pretty soon,” adding that he’s continued to work on new material during the pandemic. He then debuted an acoustic version of one new song called Your Momma’s Front Door, which he’d written just a couple weeks prior. It’s a song that looks back at his life and his relationship with wife Lauren, whom he first dated when they were teenagers. • LISTEN

MICKEY GUYTON is a mother for the first time. The singer delivered the news via social media: “The hardest and most beautiful thing I have ever done. Welcome to the world Grayson!” Mickey is married to Grant Savoy. The couple wed in June, 2017 in Hawaii.

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s creative resolve only strengthens when the duo work separately on outside projects, as the group’s Tyler Hubbard explains: “I was just with [Brian] yesterday, and we were doing a photoshoot and doing some press … there’s just a freedom that feels exhilarating, man, on both sides. And something about that really channels creativity. And so, now we’re getting to experience a really cool wave of creativity on our own and grow that and nurture that and be supportive of each other.”

MAREN MORRIS and her husband Ryan Hurd are joining forces for their duet Chasing After You. Though Maren has provided background vocals on Ryan’s previous singles Every Other Memory and To a T, Chasing After You marks the couple’s first official studio duet.

… Maren and Ryan met as songwriters in Nashville in 2013, co-writing Tim McGraw’s Last Turn Home. Ryan is also the co-writer behind LADY A’s hits What If I Never Get Over You and You Look Good, as well as LUKE BRYAN’s Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.

MIRANDA LAMBERT is getting back on stage. On Monday she announced on Instagram that she is performing three shows in April at Billy Bob’s Texas, marking her first concert in more than a year. Miranda will take the stage at the famous honky tonk in Fort Worth for three consecutive shows on April 22, 23 and 24. Pre-sale tickets for members of her fan club will be available on Wednesday and become available to the public Friday.

… Miranda’s announcement added a disclaimer that the shows would have reduced capacity, be socially-distanced, and follow “strict” COVID-19 protocols.

KELLIE PICKLER has been named the USO Global Ambassador in support of the organization’s 80th anniversary. Along with fellow ambassador, actor Wilmer Valderrama, Kellie will participate in events and engagements for service members, raise awareness of the needs of military personnel, and share ways Americans can help the USO give more than thanks through the organization’s Give More Than Thanks initiative.

KELSEA BALLERINI is glad she turned of comments on her Instagram. She explains: “I think for a long time, I was reading all the comments, and obviously I loved the good ones, but I would find the bad ones and they would just hurt my feelings. I didn’t want to get to a point where I wasn’t posting and sharing my life … I think it’s relatable and girls need to see that and so, I was like, ‘It’s either me not sharing, or me sharing and not caring about what people say,’ so I just turned [comments] off for awhile.”


• 1979: EDDIE RABBITT topped the country charts with Every Which Way But Loose.

• 2005: A Ronald Reagan stamp was unveiled during a ceremony at Washington D.C.’s Ronald Reagan Building. LEE GREENWOOD sang the national anthem and God Bless The U.S.A. during the event, while CRYSTAL GAYLE sang God Bless America.

• 2006: GARTH BROOKS and TRISHA YEARWOOD give their first joint interview as a married couple and performed Love Will Always Win during a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

• 2013: AARON TIPPIN played a free Valentine’s For Veterans concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

• 2015: A wax figure of TAYLOR SWIFT was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London. A short time later it was relocated in Orlando.

• 2019: An employee at the Stoney Creek Steakhouse in Nashville called police, reporting that MIRANDA LAMBERT was fighting with another customer.

• 2019: KACEY MUSGRAVES won four trophies during the 61st annual Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

• 2020: THOMAS RHETT and wife Lauren Akins welcomed a daughter, Lennon Love Akins.

LIONEL CARTWRIGHT is 61. He scored eight hits on the Billboard Country Singles Chart from 1989-1991, including Leap Of Faith, and Give Me His Last Chance.



• Robert Wagner is 91

• Roberta Flack is 84

• George Stephanopoulos is 60

• Laura Dern (Little Women, Jurassic Park films) is 54

• Elizabeth Banks (Man on a Ledge, 30 Rock) is 47

• Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) is 30

• Makenzie Vega (The Good Wife) is 27

• Chloe Grace Moretz (Shadow in the Cloud, Kick-Ass films) is 24


• 1949: “Jumping Joe” Fulks of the Philadelphia Warriors introduced the jump shot, scoring a then-NBA record 63 points against the Indianapolis Jets.

• 1957: The Styrofoam cooler was invented.

• 1987: At the Maritime Aquarium in Gothenburg, Sweden, 65-year-old Smiley became the oldest alligator ever to freeze to death when someone apparently turned off the electricity heating her pool.

• 1993: With 90-million Americans watching, Michael Jackson told Oprah Winfrey his light skin was caused by a disorder called Vitiligo. He admitted he had had “minor” plastic surgery on his nose.

• 2014: A report (from The Center for Responsive Politics) said that millionaires made up the majority of Congress.

• 2015: Comedian Jon Stewart announced he would leave The Daily Show at the end of the year.


• Cream Cheese Brownie Day

• Umbrella Day

• Flannel Day

• Teddy Day. Friends and significant others should exchange Teddy Bears with each other. Be sure the bears have masks.


• Composer-conductor John Williams is 89. Williams has composed for many critically acclaimed and popular movies, including the Star Wars saga, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Home Alone, the Indiana Jones films, and the first three Harry Potter films.

• Newsman Ted Koppel is 81

• Nick Nolte is 81

• Comedian Robert Klein is 79

• Mary Steenburgen (Back to the Future 3, Book Club) is 68

• Author John Grisham is 66

• Vince Neil of Motley Crue is 60

• Susan Misner (Billions, The Americans) is 50

• Seth Green (Austin Powers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) is 47

• William Jackson Harper (Chidi on The Good Place) is 41

• Cecily Strong (Saturday Night Live) is 37

• Surfer Bethany Hamilton is 31


• 1692: A doctor in Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony suggested that two girls in the family of the village minister may be suffering from bewitchment, leading to the Salem witch trials.

• 1910: The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated by William D. Boyce.

• 1922: President Warren G. Harding introduced the first radio in the White House.

• 1998: In the first female ice hockey game in Olympic history Finland beat Sweden 6-0.

• 2007: Model-actress Anna Nicole Smith was found unresponsive at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital a short time later. Her death was ruled an accidental drug overdose of a sedative.

• 2012: Elizabeth Taylor’s collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas sold for over $17 million at Christie’s in London.

• 2016: Mexico’s president announced the recapture of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

• 2019 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos accused The National Enquirer and its owner, American Media Inc, of blackmail over private messages detailing an extramarital affair.


• Boy Scout Anniversary Day

• Clean Out Your Computer Day

• Laugh and Get Rich Day

• Football Hangover Day

• Opera Day

• Kite Flying Day. In the middle of winter?

• Potato Lover’s Day


7 billion: Pennies that disappear every year.


The Super Bowl is over. [I know some of you were claiming your Christmas lights were Super Bowl decorations but now that football’s done, they gotta come down.]

Another Super Bowl has come to an end. The pre-game show for Super Bowl 56 begins on NBC this afternoon.

How about that halftime show yesterday (Sunday)? [The music was great, the dancing was incredible, and the heart burn was just plain breathtaking.]

What did you think of the Super Bowl? [Super Bowl Sunday is exactly like Thanksgiving Day — you eat too much and then you watch football. The only difference is that on Super Bowl Sunday you’re surrounded by people who you actually like.]

What did you think of the Super Bowl? [The Weeknd’s performance wasn’t to everyone’s taste. It was the first time that I’ve ever seen a coach throw a challenge flag in the middle of a halftime show.]

The big game is over. Tampa Bay added the 2021 Super Bowl to their list of accomplishments. [And I added 10 pounds to mine.]

According to a study, romantic comedies make women more likely to believe that being stalked is normal. [It also tends to make them believe that at key moments in their lives the perfect pop song will start playing.]

Angelina Jolie is selling a painting by Winston Churchill given to her by Brad Pitt. [Those are three names you will never see together in any history book.]


FINAL SCORE: BUCCANEERS OVER CHIEFS 31-9 _ The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, beating the Kansas City Chiefs. It was Tom Brady’s tenth Super Bowl and seventh Super Bowl win. His first nine Super Bowls and six wins came with the New England Patriots.

… It was Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ fourth season in the NFL and second Super Bowl. His team won last year against the San Francisco 49ers.

SUPER BOWL 56 _ Super Bowl 56 will play February 6, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California (next to L.A.). SoFi stadium is home to the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

SUPER BOWL ADS _ Did you miss an ad? USA Today has ’em all.

WHAT AD AGE THOUGHT OF THE SUPER BOWL ADS _ Ad Age rated the ads on a scale of 1 to 5. Note: Each ad review also incudes a link to the ad.

NFL 2020 BAD LIP READING IS HERE _ Bad Lip Reading never fails. They just released their most popular yearly video, the NFL season recap. • VIDEO

AMANDA GORMAN’S POEM _ Think about it: Without a Biden win, this amazing poem by Amanda Gorman woudn’t have been shared before the Super Bowl.

SUPERB OWL _ According to Google, searches for “Superb Owl” spike in February, “both as a misspelling of Super Bowl and as a popular meme.”

SATURDAY NIGHT SUPER BOWL? _ Last year a writer for USA Today suggested it’s time for the Super Bowl to be moved to Saturday night: “Having the Super Bowl on a Sunday night makes no sense anymore. Moving it to Saturday allows everyone to have more fun while watching the game, not having to worry about how they might feel [the] following Monday. … How glorious would that be?”

HOW THE SUPER BOWL GOT ITS NAME _ When it launched back in 1967, the Super Bowl was called the The American Football League-National Football League World Championship Game. That name was only chosen after a bunch of other suggestions didn’t make the cut. There was the Pro Bowl, The World Series of Football, and even The Big One.

… The NFL formed in 1920, but the idea for a championship game didn’t come to fruition until the 1960s when the AFL formed as an alternative league to the NFL. After a years-long rivalry, the owners of each league reached an agreement to merge entirely by 1970. They would be known as the NFL, but the end of each season would be marked by a championship game between an AFL team and an NFL team.

… At the meeting when the AFL-NFL World Championship Game was chosen, Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt — borrowing from a popular toys of the time, the Super Ball — suggested Super Bowl. The idea was passed over initially, but it stuck as a nickname and a couple of years later that’s the name the NFL adopted.

… “Super Bowl” became official beginning with the third annual game.

WIN A TRIP TO SPACE _ is an ecommerce website builder and its ad encouraged us to visit “for your chance to go to space.” The e-commerce platform is sponsoring SpaceX Inspiration4, a planned October low-orbit trip that will be the first all-civilian mission to space.

WIN A MILLION DOLLARS _ Mountain Dew has launched a flavor called Major Melon and had John Cena inviting us to count all the bottles of across the ads 30 seconds for a chance to win $1 million.

MORBID FACT OF THE GAME _ More than 700 million chickens are killed for Super Bowl Sunday alone.

JIMMY JOHNS — LONG VERSION _ The long version of the Jimmy John’s “Tony Balognavich” ad starring Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) is online.

SUPER BOWL AD QUIZ _ Quiz your co-hosts or turn it into a contest. Describe the ad, they have to guess the product.

• Jason Alexander on a sweatshirt. (Tide)

• Four Seasons Total Landscaping, site of a famous press conference. (Fiverr)

• It was raining lemons. (Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade)

• Tracy Morgan wants you to be certain, not pretty sure. (Rocket Mortgage)

• Timothee Chalamet and Winona Ryder in an Edward Scissorhands parody. (Cadillac)

• Flat Matthew McConaughey (Doritos 3D)

• Amy Schumer is the Fairy Godmayo. (Hellmann’s)

• Open pickle jars on the first try. (Dr. Squatch soap)

THE REAL SUPER BOWL WINNER WAS _ One could say the real Super Bowl winner was Weight Watchers and other diet plans. Americans pounded 27 billion calories and 1.8 billion grams of fat on Super Bowl Sunday.

ASTRONAUTS HAD ULTIMATE NOSEBLEED SEATS FOR SUPER BOWL _ The International Space Station passed over Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium on Sunday evening as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs played in the Super Bowl. The station was “within sighting range of Tampa” at 7:15PM ET. NASA said before the game Sunday: “Weather permitting, the sighting opportunity will be about the same time two NFL football teams will be competing to win the game at Raymond James Stadium.”


WEATHERMAN PULLS BODY OUT OF WATER AFTER LIVE BROADCAST _ An Australian weatherman helped recover a body from the Gold Coast sea during a live broadcast on Friday. Luke Bradnam, a reporter for Australia’s Channel Nine, had just finished reporting on the dangerous surfing conditions when a person on a boogie board attempted to alert him to a body in the water. Bradnam at first thought there was a swimmer in distress and jumped in the water. The rescue turned into a recovery mission. The victim was a 32-year-old male who’d gone missing the day before, along with a female companion.

MAN DIES AFTER EXPLOSION AT MICHIGAN BABY SHOWER _ Michigan State Police are investigating the death of a man at a baby shower. During the baby shower (in Genesee County) a small cannon-type device was fired in the back yard to celebrate the baby’s pending arrival. When the cannon was fired by the home owner, the cannon itself blew up causing metal shrapnel to strike three parked cars and the garage where the baby shower was being held. A 26-year-old man standing nearby was also struck by the shrapnel. News reports didn’t state if the cannon firing was tied to a gender reveal, but…

MAN SHOT AND KILLED DURING YOUTUBE ‘PRANK ROBBERY’ GONE WRONG _ A man in a Nashville suburb was shot and killed as he tried to enact a “prank robbery” for a YouTube video late Friday. Timothy Wilks died after David Starnes Jr. shot him. Wilks and a friend had been carrying butcher knives when they approached a group of people, including Starnes, in a parking lot. Starnes told police he fired in self-defense. Wilks and the other person were pretending to rob the group for a video, but Starnes was not in on the gag. No charges have been filed.

TINY CHAMELEON A CONTENDER FOR TITLE OF SMALLEST REPTILE _ Scientists from Madagascar and Germany say a newly discovered species of chameleon is a contender for the title of world’s smallest reptile.The new species, named Brookesia nana, has a body of just 13.5-millimeters — a little more than a 1/2-inch. That’s at least 1.5 millimeters smaller than the previous record holder, another member of the Brookesia family. The tiny male and a slightly larger female were spotted on a mountainside during an expedition. Confirming Brookesia nana as the smallest reptile species will require finding more of them, which might take several years.

🎧  $22,000 FLUTE LOST ON CHICAGO TRAIN TURNS UP IN PAWN SHOP _ Anyone who’s taken public transportation knows that whatever gets left behind is often gone forever. Except, apparently, a $22,000 gold and silver flute. Donald Rabin is once again holding — and playing — the flute left to him by his grandmother that he forgot on a Chicago train seat when he hopped off last week. Rabin was riding a train from O’Hare International Airport during a layover before his return to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. When he got off, he realized he’d left behind his flute. He said he rode the train for hours in hopes of finding the flute. When he came up empty, he reported the missing instrument to police and took to social media to tell people about what happened. A comment on Facebook about the flute said that it had showed up in a pawn shop. Apparently a homeless man had found it and used it as collateral for a $550 loan.

STRESS REACHES HIGHEST LEVELS SINCE START OF COVID-19 _ No matter where you live on this planet, it’s likely 2020 was a difficult year for you. It’s also fair to say 2020 was particularly disruptive in the United States. Between COVID-19, an election season and aftermath truly like no other, and ongoing civil unrest, last year was trying to say the least for Americans. A new survey finds U.S. adults are still feeling just as, if not more, stressed than at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

… Researchers with The Harris Poll surveyed 2,076 adults at the end of January 2021. A staggering 84 percent say the United States is facing serious societal issues that have yet to be properly addressed. On a more positive note, nine in 10 respondents hope that the country moves closer toward unity in 2021.

… When it comes to stress, Americans are averaging a 5.6 out of 10 (with one indicating little to no stress and 10 meaning super stressed). That 5.6 score is higher than any average stress level from prior surveys dating back to April 2020. In other words, Americans are feeling more stressed right now than at any time since COVID-19 began.

… Most say the general future of the nation (81%) is their biggest stressor. Many others still list the COVID-19 pandemic (80%) or the current combative state of U.S. politics (79%). Regarding politics, 66 percent say the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol continue to extract a toll on their mental health to this day.

SOME WOMEN PRETEND TO HATE VALENTINE’S DAY _ If you’re a guy in a new-ish relationship and she tells you she hates Valentine’s Day, know this: she could be telling you this in case you drop the ball. In a survey, 1 in 6 women say they’ve told a guy they didn’t care about Valentine’s Day so that way if he botched it the day wouldn’t be totally ruined.

VALENTINE’S DAY: HOW IT CAME ABOUT _ One legend has it that Valentine’s Day originated to commemorate the anniversary of the death of St. Valentine, a Roman clergyman who was executed on February 14, about 270 A.D., for secretly marrying couples in defiance of the emperor. According to another, the holiday began as a Roman fertility festival. Americans probably began exchanging handmade valentines in the early 1700s. In the 1840s, Esther Howland, a native of Massachusetts, began to sell the nation’s first mass-produced valentine cards.

A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: 1 IN 5 WOULD RATHER SPEND V-DAY WITH PET _ Rather than spending Valentine’s Day with their partner, one fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet. The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found 21 percent of adults would rather spend February 14 with their pet than their spouse, although the French were least likely to choose a furry friend over a human with only 10 percent taking that option. Men and women were evenly split over the question.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SCOTSMAN MADE JET SKI RIDE ACROSS IRISH SEA TO VISIT GIRLFRIEND _ A love-struck Scotsman — described by a friend as “thick as a brick” and unable to swim — rode a jet ski across the Irish Sea to spend some time with his girlfriend. 28-year-old Dale McLaughlan’s 25 mile journey from Scotland’s Isle of Whithorn to the Isle of Man was illegal since he landed during the pandemic, ignoring quarantine regulations. For his stunt he spent four weeks in jail (back in December).

… McLaughlan bought the jet ski the day before his trip. After arriving, the roofer walked to his girlfriend’s house. The girlfriend believed he was in town legally.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TEETH SAVE ICE-SKATER’S LIFE _ In Hungary, an ice-skater who fell through the ice and into a freezing lake managed to survive by holding on to the edge of the ice with her teeth for ten minutes. She had to use her teeth because hands were stiff from the cold.

🎧  WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SWALLOWS EARBUD WHILE SLEEPING _ A man Boston man is warning people against using headphones while falling asleep after health care workers had to remove a wireless earbud from his esophagus. Brad Gauthier, who detailed his bizarre experience in a Facebook post, went to bed last Monday listening to music. He woke up Tuesday, shoveled snow for about an hour, and then went inside to take a sip of water. But the liquid wouldn’t go down, and he had to lean over to drain it from his throat. Gauthier also noticed he was missing one of his two wireless earbuds. Gauthier’s son suggested that perhaps his father had swallowed the earbud, which is exactly what an X-ray at a local emergency clinic revealed. The small plastic device was lodged in his lower esophagus.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEF SWALLOWED JEWELS, BROKE HIP _ Police Scotland, responding to a reported break-in, found a man in the road with a broken hip. An x-ray of the man’s hip was wide enough to show some of his stomach contents: “thousands of dollars worth of loot.” Detectives theorize the unidentified suspect heard the police coming, swallowed the jewels he was stealing to hide the evidence, and then slipped as he escaped out a second-story window.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FAMILY USED AMBULANCE FOR QUICK TRIPS _ Police officers on patrol in Manchester, England, noticed an ambulance with its lights flashing pull in at a supermarket. But once parked, a family got out and went in to shop. Police pulled in to investigate and found the ambulance was bought used, and the driver was not only disqualified from driving, but had a warrant out for his arrest. He was jailed, and the ambulance impounded.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COVID-19 NOT AN EXCUSE TO SKIP DUI TEST _ Police in Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada, caught an alleged drunk driver and posted about him on their Facebook page. Cops say the man “provided breathalyzer samples in excess of 3.5 times the legal limit.” The reason the Facebook post was shared was that the driver “didn’t think we would breath test him” due to COVID-19. He was wrong. The man’s vehicle was impounded, his license was revoked, and he is facing criminal charges.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: RUNAWAY COW ESCAPES SLAUGHTER, ROAMS RHODE ISLAND _ An online petition has been started, asking that a steer that escaped Thursday in Rhode Island be sent to a sanctuary instead of a slaughterhouse, if found. The steer, which weighs about 1,500 pounds, has been on the loose since at least Thursday when it escaped a farmer who had brought the animal to a meat processing facility (in Johnston, Rhode Island). Victoria Ferruccio-Flores, who started the petition, said the steer has “earned the right to live out the rest of his days in peace, at a sanctuary.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PANTSLESS DRIVER _ A high-speed police chase in Germany when the driver lost control, ran off the road, and flipped his car. At times the driver was traveling more than 110 mph. Police noted after the car flipped that the man wasn’t wearing any pants.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR STEALS DIET PILLS, LEAVES HIS PANTS _ A woman in Spain came home to her apartment to find a burglar inside. The man ran off with some clothing and diet pills but left behind his own pants and jacket. Police are using them as part of their investigation.


THE NEIGHBORHOOD (8p ET, CBS) — New. Dave and Calvin team up to get Gemma’s stolen phone back.

THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) — New. Pieper and Matt take a break from the drama with a romantic carnival date and a performance by Temecula Road.


9-1-1 (8p ET, FOX) — New. Athena investigates a mysterious murder during a neighborhood block party.


BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA (8:30p ET, CBS) — New. After a chance encounter, Abishola and Christina unexpectedly hit it off as future sisters-in-law.

THE WALL (9p ET, NBC) — New.

ALL RISE (9p ET, CBS) — New. Mark is forced to prosecute his childhood icon (guest star Lesley Ann Warren), an ’80s Hollywood star accused of murdering her husband 30 years ago. Jere Burns (Dear John) also guest stars.

9-1-1: LONESTAR (9p ET, FOX) — New. Grace helps a dominatrix and her slave involved in a shocking situation.

SEASON PREMIERE: BLACK LIGHTNING (9p ET, CW) — The 4th and final season begins.

BULL (10p ET, CBS) — New. Bull represents a client in federal court who has been accused of stealing critical disease research from the company he works for.

INDEPENDENT LENS: WOMEN IN BLUE (10p ET, PBS) — In this new edition, female officers in Minneapolis speak candidly about police reform, workplace discrimination, the killing of George Floyd in May and the protests that followed.


BOX OFFICE _Denzel Washington’s latest crime drama, The Little Things, was the No. 1 film in theaters for a second weekend, earning an additional $2.1 million. The movie, which co-stars Rami Malek and Jared Leto, is also streaming on HBO Max.

… Coming in at No. 2 over the weekend was The Croods: A New Age with $1.8 million, followed by The Marksman at No. 3 with $1 million, Wonder Woman 1984 at No. 4 with $905,000 and Monster Hunter at No. 5 with $585,000.

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Birds of Prey
… Five years ago this week: Kung Fu Panda 3
… Ten years ago this week: The Roommate
… Twenty years ago this week: The Wedding Planner

THE BACHELORETTE SPOILERS _ A new season of ABC’s The Bachelorette is expected to begin filming this spring and spoiler king Reality Steve has revealed the network’s pick for the lead. The blogger shared the scoop via his Twitter page late Saturday night. The Women Tell All special taped a few days ago, and it seems that this big reveal was done as a part of that. Reality Steve says: “(SPOILER): At the Women Tell All taping this past Thursday, Katie Thurston was announced as the next Bachelorette. Katie gets eliminated on Monday’s episode during her 1-on-1 with Matt.”

YELLOWSTONE: A PREQUEL ORIGIN STORY IS IN THE WORKS _ There’s a reason Yellowstone is such a popular series. Taylor Sheridan’s western series following the Dutton family is incredibly captivating, led by an iconic cast including Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, and Kelly Reilly. Fans of the Paramount Network series can get excited because apparently, a new prequel series is in the works. A teaser debuted during the Super Bowl. The series will be titled Y: 1883 and will follow the Dutton family’s origin story when they first travel across the Great Plains to settle down in Montana. According to a press release, the new show will be “a stark retelling of Western expansion” and the Duttons settling down in an untouched area of America.

AARON RODGERS ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT AMID SHAILENE WOODLEY DATING RUMORS _ Are Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley engaged? The Green Bay Packers quarterback sparked such rumors after he announced he’s engaged when accepting the title of 2020 MVP at the NFL Honors broadcast ahead of the Super Bowl. During his acceptance speech Rodgers said, “I got engaged, and I played some of the best football of my career.” The announcement came only a few days after he was romantically linked to the Big Little Lies star.

WHY FANS ARE APOLOGIZING TO BRITNEY SPEARS ON TWITTER _ Britney Spears has been a legend in the music industry since she stepped onto the scene in the 1990s. The pop singer also faced a slew of criticism from the public and media for her actions when dealing with mental health struggles. In the new episode of the FX documentary series Framing Britney Spears, people dive deep into all the obstacles she encountered from media and paparazzi in the 2000s. In response to the new look into her life, fans have responded by apologizing to Spears on Twitter.

… The documentary episode shows interviews from Spears’ former assistant and the paparazzi, and recounts inappropriate jokes, behavior, and magazine headlines that Spears repeatedly endured for years. Fans took their thoughts to Twitter by apologizing to the singer after seeing her situation in a new light:

… “We are sorry Britney,” one fan wrote. “The world don’t deserve you. It did you wrong. You gave us your beautiful, humble, talented, loving self and we destroyed it.”

… Another said: “The world pushed her to her breaking point and then laughed at her misery. We are sorry Britney.”

DAISY RIDLEY DOESN’T WANT TO RETURN TO SOCIAL MEDIA _ Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley closed her Instagram page in 2016 following backlash from the fanbase, and after more than 4 years, she still has no intention of returning to social media platforms. Ridley says, “I have managed to separate my personal life well from my professional life, partly probably because I’m not on social media. The statistics that link them (social media sites) to anxiety are terrifying. I have friends completely addicted to their phone who have suffered with this problem.”

… The British actress also clearly stated that despite the temptation being there, she’ll definitely steer clear of it for the time being: “I don’t want to go back, but sometimes I think about it. But the truth is that no, I won’t be returning.”

NICK CANNON RETURNING TO WILD ‘N OUT AFTER VIACOMCBS FIRING _ ViacomCBS has made up with Nick Cannon after firing the TV host from Wild ‘N Out last summer for making anti-Semitic comments. Back in July, the media giant — which is parent company to VH1, MTV, BET Networks, Nickelodeon and CBS — ended its relationship with Cannon following remarks he made on his Cannon’s Class podcast. On Friday, the company announced the two sides had made up and the VH1 sketch series Wild ‘N Out will resume production with Cannon as host.



• A super national anthem.

• It has all led to this, voice by Brad Pitt.

• Jim Nance says Tampa Bay wins.


A Boston guy swallowed one of his earbuds as he slept. A couple of years ago a San Diego woman swallowed her ring as she slept.


Unfinished home projects or projects gone bad. Three calls to help with the phones!


A $22,000 flute lost on a Chicago train turned up in a pawn shop. Here are a couple of flute cuts to add punch to the story. The second cut in the file is better than the first!  😄


Did Plinko pick the winner of the Super Bowl? The Price is Right host Drew Carey dropped five chips on a special Plinko board — was it right? • VIDEO

NOTE: Audio clip has the full version and a tightly edited radio version.



In high school I was placed in the English bottom class where a teacher said to my face I’d NEVER make it as a writer. Today, 25 years later, after uncountable knock-backs from almost every publisher, I’m ecstatic to finally be able to announce that teacher has died. #NeverGiveUp – @MrDaveGibson


Today I walked to my kitchen and had leftover pizza for breakfast. Follow me for more health tips! – @ReeseW


I (you) installed a new ceiling fan and there’s this odd tick-tick-ticking sound. Could be worse, but until I figure out what I did wrong I won’t be turning it on. Got any home projects that didn’t turn out the way you expected?

… What about home projects that have gone on for way too long?


Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up on us. Here are some gifts to avoid:

• Perfume that comes in a pop-top can

• Any clothing that comes with assembly instructions

• Chocolate-covered beer

• A candlelight dinner at (local dive bar)

• A card whose last verse ends with “just like my Mom.”


Researchers (from the School of Dentistry at the University of Zurich) did a study of chewing gum, and here’s what they found:

• Worldwide, there are 560,000 tons of chewing gum sold each year.

• 374 trillion individual sticks of gum are sold each year.

• The estimated number of hours people spend chewing gum each year: 187 trillion.


Other people may frown on the things you do or like, but you know they’d like it if they just tried it. What’s your best “Don’t knock it till you try it”?

Some suggestions from the Internets:

• Sleeping naked

• Sushi

• Take your pants completely off when you use the bathroom

• Brussels sprouts

• Shot of whiskey chased by kosher dill pickle juice

• Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

• Chocolate covered potato chips

• Going to the movie theater by yourself

… Facebook it, open the phones: What’s your best “Don’t knock it till you try it!”


TRIVIA: Worldwide, 210 billion bottles per year are used for what? (Bottle water)

TRIVIA: Players of this sport cover about 4½ miles a game. (Basketball)

TRIVIA: During a 24-hour period, the average human will go through 4,800 of these. (Words)

TRIVIA: If you’re like the average person, you’ll eat about 26 pounds of these this year. (Bananas)


From the beginning of eternity to the end of time and space, I am in every place. What am I?

Answer: The letter E.


Guess the word that’s missing from this news headline: “WORLD’S FASTEST ______ WILL HIT SPEEDS OF 155MPH!”

A) Tire swing
B) Electric car
C) Roller coaster*

The world’s fastest roller coaster will soon take thrill seekers for a three-minute ride around a massive track while achieving unprecedented speeds of 155 miles per hour. Called Falcon’s Flight, the amusement ride is under development at the Six Flags Qiddiya in the Middle East, which is set to open in Saudi Arabia in 2023. The roller coaster is planned to have a 2.5 mile-long track that takes riders around curves, loops and a vertical cliff into a 525-foot deep valley. Six Flags Quiddiya will be home to 28 attractions — but Falcon’s Flight will be the centerpiece of the park.


• 1959: JOHNNY CASH made a guest appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

• 1998: GARTH BROOKS appeared on Oprah and pledged to donate his portion of the proceeds from sales of his album Sevens to Oprah’s Angel Network.

• 2012: MIRANDA LAMBERT played the role of an actress in danger on an episode of NBC’s Law And Order: SVU.

• 2014: KACEY MUSGRAVES performed Merry Go ‘Round and Follow Your Arrow on an episode of PBS’ Austin City Limits.

• 2017: RANDY TRAVIS was the subject of a tribute concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Guests included GARTH BROOKS, ALABAMA, CHRIS JANSON, JOSH TURNER, KENNY ROGERS, MONTGOMERY GENTRY and JAMEY JOHNSON.

• 2019: SHANIA TWAIN made a surprise on-stage appearance during a Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas.

• 2020: NEAL McCOY’s bus was destroyed by fire in Mansfield, Louisiana, as he traveled to a show. No one was hurt, though the band lost clothing, instruments and equipment in the blaze.


ERIC CHURCH had heard Jazmine Sullivan’s name, but until he was paired with her for a performance of the national anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl, he hadn’t heard her sing. In the days before the Super Bowl Eric said: “She may be the best singer … I was floored. … I’m a fan.”

CHRIS JANSON’s youngest son, Jesse Bo, was featured in a Super Bowl commercial from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Janson shared the exciting news on Instagram, calling it a “proud dad moment.” The young boy’s picture appears at about 30 seconds into the one-minute ad: He’s the redheaded cutie in the red hat, smiling has he holds a fishing rod in one hand and his catch in the other. Chris has a line of hats available at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s locations in Tennessee, the proceeds from which support conservation efforts in the state. • VIDEO

MATT STELL says that his new song, That Ain’t Me No More, hit him immediately because it’s a new take on an the typical country music breakup song. • LISTEN

JASON ALDEAN’s latest song, Blame It On You, is turning out to be another big hit for him, and he can thank his band for it. Jason explains: So Blame It On You was a song that I got, it was actually written by a couple of guys in my band, Kurt Alison and Tully Kennedy, my guitar player and bass player. … It kind of reminded me a lot of a song Girl Like You that we had where it kind of starts off down and you almost wonder is it going to be a ballad and then the chorus kicks in and it turns into rock and roll. … That kind of grabbed me right off the bat and I’m really glad we cut it…” • VIDEO

Before she became a country music icon, a Hollywood star, and an entrepreneur, DOLLY PARTON was a teenage dreamer in East Tennessee. Thanks to Knoxville-area film archivist Matthew Reeves, we can now see 14-year-old Dolly perform at an outdoor event. The silent 8mm home movie footage was shot by Haroldine Worthington in Fountain City, Tennessee, at the gas station parking lot. The film’s discovery predates most things associated with Dolly’s early career. • VIDEO


• 1914: ERNEST TUBB was born. He went on to become the first country music artist to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall. He died September 6, 1984.

• 1975: WILLIE NELSON recorded his first number one hit, Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain

• 2000: The DIXIE CHICKS’ album Fly was certified quadruple platinum. Hits included Cowboy, Take Me Away, Some Days You Gotta Dance and Without You

• 2010: American Greetings unveiled the first 12 cards in its TAYLOR SWIFT collection of greeting cards and gift packaging.

• 2015: BIG & RICH performed Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy on ABC’s The Bachelor.

• 2019: LUKE BRYAN’s family applied to adopt an 18-year-old dog named Poochie.



• Carole King is 79

• Joe Pesci is 78

• Mia Farrow is 76

• Judith Light (Ugly Betty, Who’s the Boss) is 72

• Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is 45

• Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Marvel films) is 40

• Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) is 34

• Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) is 34


• 1870: The U.S. Weather Bureau was established.

• 1895: William G. Morgan invented volleyball.

• 1942: Daylight Saving Time went into effect for the first time in the United States.

• 1964: The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing for an estimated 73 million viewers.

• 1989: Witnesses at a New Jersey hearing on the deregulation of professional wrestling testified that the sport was a fake.

• 2008: A Jacksonville, Florida, mother forced her child to hold a sign outside his school that said he was sorry for his bad behavior. The second-grader held a sign that stated, “I was rude to my teacher. I can’t come to school. I’m sorry.” The boy’s mother, who stood nearby to ensure her child’s safety, said this was the only way she knew that she could get her son’s attention.

• 2014: Scientists from Australian National University observe the oldest star in the universe for the first time. The star, located 6,000 light years from Earth, served as a fingerprint of the first stars in the universe. It is believed to be 13.7 billion years old.

• 2020: At the 92nd Academy Awards Parasite became the first non-English film to win Best Picture.


• Cut The Cord Day

• Extraterrestrial Visitor Day

• Pizza Day

• Orange Day

• Read in the Bathtub Day

• Toothache Day

• Bagels and Lox Day