Crazy Bar Gamez

$24 — Format: PDF

Turn your next boring bar event or remote into something fun. With Crazy Bar Gamez you get dozens of fun, crazy contests and games. Each game or contest takes just a prop or two and can be set up in minutes.


• Cheetos Darts: In this game one half of a two-person team slathers shaving cream on their face. The other half of the team throws Cheetos at their partner, trying to make them stick to their face. The team which sticks the most Cheetos wins!

• Two Minute Drill: Solicit for as many players as you like to play the “Two Minute Drill.” The only catch is that the participants cannot know each other prior to playing the game. Break players into couples and give them two minutes to answer a list of questions you provide. Examples: Where are you from? Where do you work? What do you drive? What’s your mom’s name? Bring each couple back and have them answer questions about each other to win prizes.

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