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Over 700 hilarious, radio-ready one-liners covering every topic: Academy Awards, wrestling, relatives, cars, airplanes, autumn, neighbors, wives, kids, and more!

Each joke is alphabetized by subject.


• Halloween [Halloween] — Low budget Halloween. I’m carving an orange.

• Hot [Summer] — Weatherman says there’s a chance of your fillings melting today.

• Loser [Jock Cut Down] — Loser? Some men carry a $100 bill to impress women. He carries an Arby’s coupon.

• Newsy [Banks] — Hear about this? A guy in a small town in Utah tried to hold up a bank. Employees say they think he was a little nervous though. Apparently he went up to the teller and said, “All right, this is a screw-up – don’t stick around.”

• Restaurant [Food] — Their motto is: “Where there’s smoke, there’s dinner.”

• Thanksgiving [Family] — I’m really looking forward to our Thanksgiving. Mom says I don’t have to sit at the card table this year.

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