Things for Wives to Love About Their Husbands Being Out of Town

CafeMom had a story on an interesting topic: the perks of about having your husband go on a business trip.

business trip 1) Whole bed to yourself: It’s so nice to stretch out all night long without the big man hogging all the covers and rolling over on top of you in the night. Sleeping with your man is the best, but one can also can appreciate the few days a year when you get to completely hog the bed with no repercussions.

2) Watching chick flicks all night: TV time often means watching with the hubs — and making compromises. Not when he’s away.

3) No one forcing you to share your dessert: If you decide to save on the calories and share a dessert, hubby often ends up with two-thirds — or more. But not when he’s away!

4) No extra dishes or laundry: How do men produce so much dirty laundry?

5) No one bugging you for sex: Women like sex — but sometimes they don’t want it every day!

6) Pie for dinner: No need to worry about creating a “meal” for him, or us. The kids have their meals and you get to eat whatever.