Train Your Brain: Radio Show Prep is Everywhere

As I said in Episode 2 of the InterPrep Podcast (featuring WQDR’s Mike and Janie), today’s radio professionals shouldn’t struggle to find show content — the difficult task is deciding what not to use.

Radio show prep is everywhere. Recently, while listening to the awesome M*A*S*H Matters podcast, I was reminded that my cohost, Melissa, doesn’t like her food to touch. The guys in M*A*S*H Matters played a clip of Major Burns scolding Private Igor for not keeping the mess tent food compartmentalized. Touching food comes up on my show now and again and I’m glad — it’s one of those personal, recurring everyone can relate to; either you hate your food to touch, or you’re married to someone who’s food can’t touch.

A good radio pro borrows and makes it their own — and that’s what I did: borrowed the audio from the podcast to reboot a great conversation with my cohost.