Is Slack the Ulimate Morning Show Tool?

The best morning shows are always planning and communicating. But after the show ends and everyone’s gone their separate ways, what’s the best tool for sharing ideas and planning with the rest of the team?

The new ultimate morning show tool could be Slack.

Slack logoSlack was built for small teams who are always communicating, planning, and sharing. It’s a central hub designed to replace back-and-forth emails and text conversations, which can become hard to follow. And because it connects to popular services like Dropbox and Google Drive, sharing documents and files within Slack is a snap.

Slack works in your web browser — keep it open in a tab to be instantly notified of team updates. And be sure everyone involved in the planning of your show installs the Slack app on their smartphones and tablets so ideas can be shared when inspiration strikes.

The best way to see the power of Slack is to put your team on it. Create a Slack account then ask all team members to join. Tell them that for 10 days you won’t be doing anything by email. I bet by the end of the 10 days you’ll find it’s your favorite new tool.