Upgrade Your Radio Show with 3 Questions

Remember when on-air talent and Program Directors frequently met to evaluate the content and structure of radio shows? Some of these meetings were simple and vitally important aircheck sessions; others were quarterly (hopefully) top-to-bottom reviews of every element of the show.

Today, with nearly every programmer juggling two or three additional titles, finding time for a basic aircheck session is tough — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get valuable feedback about your show. All you need is a short email with three questions.

Radio Show Feedback Welcome

Write your email (or create a free Google Form) and ask:

1. What should the show continue to do?

2. What should the show stop doing?

3. What should the show start doing?

You’ll share the questions with each member of your show, your Program Director, and anyone on the radio station staff who regularly listens. Collect the responses and carve out some time to discuss them.

The responses to the questions won’t — and shouldn’t — create huge changes to your show, but they will encourage conversation about what’s working and what needs to be freshened up.