You Need the InterPrep PRO Upgrade!

15X the prep found in our free service.
• Get it up to 8 hours earlier than our free service.
• A weekend edition on Fridays.
• Daily audio and tons of archived audio.
• No more dead phones: Over 150 ‘real caller’ phone starter packages.
• A private sharing Facebook group.
• Thousands of back issues… every issue ever created!
• Country radio pros get a page of country news at no extra charge.
You are in control. Pause, cancel, and restart your subscription any time.
• You pay for it so there’s no need ask the boss for purchase approval.
• Awesome customer support. Email any time.

30 Day Trial

Two subscription options:

1. Credit card: Cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

2. Barter: AM and FM stations in most U.S. markets can air barter ads in exchange for the service.

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