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• Pages and pages of top quality show prep for ALL formats.
• Clean. But you can dirty it up if you need to.
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• Bonus audio. A little bit for every show.
• Country radio hosts get a page of country news + country audio at no extra charge.
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• Awesome customer support. You can reach the owner/editor of InterPrep directly: steve@interprep.com.

Real Comments from People Who Buy It

• “InterPrep always has awesome content that our listeners love!” -Jason Hill, WHOU-FM, Houlton, Maine
• “It more than pays for itself!” -Lisa Barry, KTIS-FM, Minneapolis
• “You guys are at the top of your game.” -Bruce Murdock, KKCW Portland, Oregon
• “Very impressive prep.” -Carl Ward, Island FM, Guernsey, Great Britain
• “Your prep is absolutely second to nobody!” -Bo Matthews, WIL-FM, St. Louis
• “Perfect for all day parts. Great job!” -Michael Raffety, KWSV, Simi Valley, CA

Cancel within 30 Days and Get a 100% Refund

There are two ways to get InterPrep PRO and InterPrep COUNTRY:

• $95 monthly. Cancel within your first month and you get your money back. After that, cancel any time with 30 days notice.
• Barter. Air barter ads in exchange for the service.