When Radio Show Prep Services Have Lists

Radio Show Prep - Do the Work

When Radio Show Prep Services Have Lists

When your radio show prep service provides a list you have two choices:

  1. Read it as-is
  2. Do the work by finding the real content

Did you see “Women Reveal the Worst Gifts Their Partners Have Given Them for Christmas”? It’s from popular radio show prep source The Daily Mail and a number of radio show prep services picked it up.

Where I live I heard three local radio hosts and a satellite format jock use the list. All of them delivered it basically the same way — as a list.

A long, drawn-out list.

Two of the four did every item on the list.

  • Not one shared their own worst gift experience.
  • Not one asked women to share their worst gift experiences.
  • Not one broke the list into to two shorter breaks, using the first break to tease the second.
  • Not one encouraged listeners to “see the complete list” on their blog or their Facebook page.
  • Not one encouraged men to check out their own gift guide on their station website or show blog.
  • Not one created their own list from listener suggestions of “sure-fire gifts for women.”
  • Not one made a competition out of “acting excited” about a gift when you’re really not.
  • Not one used Jimmy Fallon audio from the night before where Jimmy read “worst gift ever” tweets.
  • Only one used a festive Christmas bed.

Radio show prep services should almost never be used “as-is”. Even the best-written services should be edited and customized for your audience, localized for your market, and personalized to fit your style.