World’s Best Lasagna

John Chandler is the creator of the World’s Best Lasagna, an artery-clogging tower of sweet Italian sausage, ground beef and ricotta cheese that has reigned as one of the most popular recipes on for many years.

It has earned over 14,450 ratings.

In 2001, his then-girlfriend, an avid AllRecipes user, urged him to put the lasagna recipe online, where others could make and review it. The dish quickly earned many five-star reviews and climbed to the top of AllRecipes’ rankings.


Start with a quick post on social media asking what the secret to a great lasagna is. (The image in this post is from AllRecipes and can be used in your post.) Then, gather up the best comments to discuss on-air.

Or, talk about it on-air and use the best comments as a follow-up the next day. Recycling and repurposing your best content is always encouraged.

Who’s the famous cook in your building? Interview them! Ask them about their lasagna recipe. (Bringing non-air staff on-air brings a “family” feel to your station or podcast.)