It’s official: You can lose this word

Writers are very often paid by the word. Hire someone on Fiverr to bang out a blog post about ghosts or barbecue sauce or running and the first decision you’ll have to make is word count.

This is probably why so many stories written for the web are so damn wordy. To see what I mean, google a hot topic and find an article. Then open up InterPrep PRO and see how we wrote it up.

We write for real people, not for word count. Which is why I encourage you to officially drop the word “officially” before sharing a story on-air.

“Hollywood mega-star Jane Doe is officially engaged…”

“October has officially begun…”

“Apple officially unveiled its new iPhones…”

“Rascal Flatts officially announces a reunion tour…”

Try out each of those sentences without the offending word. Bottom line: ‘officially’ is a filler word that screams “I’m reading this story direct from a blog post or gossip website.”

And so I am officially declaring the word “officially” to be overused.

Official by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

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